Makita battery coffee makeup how much charging is enough. Comparative characteristics…

Makita 18 volt battery circuit

It is convenient to work with a power tool where there is no electric network, or in places, if you use a technique that has an autonomous power supply. battery. However, for different tools, you need to select batteries of a certain type with specific technical characteristics. For example, the Makita 18 V battery is suitable for peorators, shirts, garden sprayers, nuts, blacksmiths, bells, blows, jigsaws, lawn mowers, metal scissors and for grass, pistols for sealant, multitules, blasting, milling, deer, trimmers (electric Kos) and grinder.

Makita batteries, whose supply voltage is 18 volts, are nickel-metallhydrid, nickel-cadmium and lithium-ionic. Each of them has its own distinctive features.

Ni-Mh аккумуляторные батареи отличаются достаточно большой емкостью (2,5-3 ампер/час) и возможностью эффективной эксплуатации в условиях низких температур. Они выдерживают значительное количество циклов зарядки и разрядки (до 1,0 тыс.). Кроме того, эти устройства можно достаточно быстро зарядить даже после длительного хранения.

Less preferred characteristics have Ni-CD batteries. For example, the capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries varies within 1.3-1.9 amperes/hour, which is half as compared to metal hydride devices.

Among the batteries with a voltage of 18 volts, the most common are Makita lithium batteries. They have the highest capacity (up to 5 amperes/h), low self.discharge (not more than 5 percent per month), a quick charging process (about 40 minutes) and a high resource (at least 1 thousand. charging cycles/discharge). Choosing a battery for an electric screwdriver Makita 18 volts, professionals prefer Li-Ion to batteries.

You think to buy a Makita 18 volt battery? As an official dealer of Makita Corporation, our online store sells different batteries at affordable prices. The characteristics of the models can be found in our catalog.

Makita takes to the market a new series of lithium-ion batteries to nutrition of its instruments-Makita G-Series. Budget price, professional quality! The product line of this series includes:

  • BL1413G and BL1813G batteries with a voltage of 14.4 and 18 volts, respectively and with a capacity of 1.3 A-hour;
  • adapted charger DC18WA;
  • power tool designed for the installation of Makita G-Series batteries.

It should be borne in mind that structurally new blocks are not compatible with Makita manufactured by LXT technology with lithium-ion batteries, so when purchasing a tool, you need to pay attention to the characterization of the Battle Type.

Comparison of Makita G series batteries and LXT

In appearance to distinguish them is very simple. The batteries of the G series are distinguished by design, and their upper section is painted white or gray. Compared to NI-MH and Ni-CD, they have the same advantages of lithium-ionic technology. This is many times superior energy density, low level of self.discharge, the possibility of long.term storage and low weight with a comparable capacity. You can charge the Makita G-Series blocks at any time without caring about the “memory effect”, they are also protected from strokes.

Slider type blocks, the battery for installation sizes is compatible only with the G series tool

Slider type blocks, the battery for installation sizes is compatible only with the LXT series tool

Only for voltage 14.4 and 18 V, capacity from 1.1 to 1.5 A-hour

Stress 7.2, 10.8, 14.4, 18, 36 V, capacity from 1.1 to 6 A-hour

It is charged only by a special charger, the minimum charge time is 1 hour

It is charged only by a special charger, the minimum charge time is 22 minutes

Thus, Makita has significantly expanded its market niche, making a high.quality power tool more accessible to a wide range of consumers. Its assortment is also extensive. The line of products Makita G-Series presents drills, screwdrivers, a universal set of Combo Kit, percussion tool. There are also garden units in this nomenclature. a bureau and a trimmer for grass, as well as a vacuum cleaner. It can be expected that this proposal of Makita will be in demand in other solutions.

The catalog of the online store presents the Makita battery tool for wholesale and retail customers.

You can buy equipment for professional and domestic use with an official guarantee of 12 months.

Обзор аккумуляторной кофе-машины Makita DCM501


220 min

120 min

60 min

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Batter BC angular grinder (corner grinder) under the AKB Makita 18V

Then we clean and cover with matte paint. In the first photo, you can pay attention to the old wired corner grinder with a grinding circle. Why did not use the battery? It was trite lazy to rearrange the discs.

Product for writing a review is provided with a store. The review is published in accordance with P.18 Rules of the site.

And how much is real? Something is not believed in the ability of such a motor, wires and batteries to “digest” the current of 45 amperes.

According to my estimates, about 600, in its review, I had a power from the power supply, so that it consumes no more than 22A (so that the PSU does not go into current limitation) has not to be very much pressed during cutting.

It cuts, by the way, very actively, while for subtle work it can be used with the mode of authorization of revolutions.

Everything works for “old” users

Here is cheaper, 2,796.93, but as already said. without a screen https: // according to the description. it seems the same. There are many reviews.

Damn, what a while, “the same, only without a screen”?! either the same or not. There can be no “but”. and if it is different, then the price is different. and the point of comparing the observed corner grinder with the unknown?!

No need to swear, someone may well be interested-the same, but with pearl buttons)) Let there be more different options))

According to the description, the same 800 Chinese watts, a brilliant motor, Makita batteries. Three speeds. The “car” mode in the description did not see.

no way?! In one indicator there are two speed modes, in the other indicator, but there are three speeds and without a car. what else can differ there, let’s think?! Yes, about everything

exactly the same? where such confidence? And that other electronics. it definitely works fine? exactly the turns holds the same as in this corner grinder?

Something confidently one can only make sure that the components are the same (this can be done from the photo, and this is clearly not the case), or by checking the corresponding characteristics. Everything else is assumptions.

Something you are the right to aggressive. As if I am belittling your Bulgarian production company))) Yes, figs with them. Let them be different. What difference does it matter to me?

I am always aggressive when I see incorrect comparisons. Very similar tools can be completely different in fact.

The Chinese manage even with relatively normal components to constant all, for example, thin wires.

In the corner grinder from the review on the engine there is a speed sensor to control the speed. This is a serious difference. It significantly distinguishes an angular grinder from the review from others by links.

A familiar crook (in the past), working at a construction site and looking at a self.loading and a modern manual power tool said with sadness: “What prospects could open up. “”

Comrades, but do not tell me what optimal to take the battery now? I wanted to update the screwdriver and at the same time start collecting a battery set. For the future, it will be a pair of screwdrivers, gaykovyrt, corner grinder, lawn mower. Thanks!

Makita. SC Makita is in any village. Full spare parts. And the Chinese, the campaign, took it for themselves for the standard. If you want Dorokha/Bagata, then the Dight/Milka.

often does not “break”, but “break”. I don’t like Makita. offer your option. I’m not a makitophile. I have a lot of different tools. There is also Makita, there is Bosch, there is Dexter, there is Stanley.

I haven’t written anywhere that I don’t like Makita. Just the main argument is usually cheap spare parts for Makita, then the price. Makita makes good milling mills, shirts, otherwise, competitors are better. Everyone decides which tool to collect it, if it is easier with network solutions, then the battery technique is already worth good money, and no one has ideal in everything.

Well, the presence of spare parts is a very important point. Well, take, for example, Mafel. Cool? Cool. But if it happened, where to look for some gear on him? And how much to wait for her while she was brought to the country.

Makita is a shirpotreb. This is not highland. This is a normal working equipment. Tested for years. And it can be fixed easily, quickly and cheaply.

And this is one of the reasons for the very popularity in our country, and not only Makits. Plus they were one of the first to leave normal manufacturers to our market.

Makita LXT not only is there a full of the original and Chinese, but the starting sets also cost sane money.

Starting sets cost sane money, because in relative to competitors these are all outdated models or very cheapened.

But they are. And the quality is noticeably higher than the Chinese analogues, but the price is comparable (I took an angular grinder in a case with fast charging and a 3Ach battery per 10k (~ 140)), the Chinese will also cost more than 100 bucks, but there will be a case on which you can’t breathe, Battery collected from garbage and empty dead charging. And competitors have no such proposals.

Here everything that is around the corner grinder is almost as a gift. To be indignant that a simple case instead of l-box is funny. 🙂 I don’t like something-go from Miluoka buy a tool to work And you have to work Otherwise, you will give it off a loan later? 🙂

Miluoka has the same set, angular grinder charging5 ah battery costs 200 bucks.

And of course, it is better to take a corporate instrument than Chinese one.time, albeit cheaper.

Specifically this suitcase in all, but when I was looking for the options in Petrovich and in my opinion in online.

Battery angular grinder (angular grinder) 800W 18V (under the Makita battery)

A small overview (comparison) of the battery corner grinder (angular grinder). All the charm of wireless compact Bulgarians-you can cut something out without troubles without troubles. And no need to unwind the extension cord, and you do not need to balance at a height with a large wired angular grinder. VZZHZHIK. and all. And in this case, the price is also excellent (37).

As a matter of fact, I have already mentioned this corner grinder (link to a share for 36). We will talk about a specific model of corner grinder, which works from a Makita type 18V battery.

Characteristics: Type: Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder Features: Adapted to 18v Makita Battery Power: 18V Power: 800W speed xx: 10,000 RPM spindle diameter: 14mm disk diameter: 100mm: 100mm diameter: 100mm

I am a little distracted, tools. Chinese, of course, well done. Released a series of tools that do not copy, but complement the well.known brands. You can find carcasses for a battery of type Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, and so on. Batteries leave old ones, and an additional tool can be ordered any. Specific example: I bought on sale set Makita Electric screwdriver two batteries Case charger. I have little electrical screwdriver, I bought a gaykovert to it. A review on the Gaikovert was an excellent instrument, a 1/2.seating place, a inaccurate engine, 100nm makes! There is a charger and batteries (non.original) by reference to the gaykowert in the lot in the lot in the lot!) Battery: battery jigsaws, circular and saber saws, blower and penetrators, shock drills and much more.

So, as for the angular grinder itself, the usual wireless (battery) compact corner grinder.

The length is comfortable, only 320 mm. Light. With battery for 5.0 ah, however, heavier, but not the point.

The kit included a casing, nuts, key. The battery is already looking for separately.

Battery ordinary makita type DGA504Z on 18V. Please note that there is an indicator in the sole, and two operating modes (more revolutions. less revolutions). It is convenient to work at small speeds with storage facilities. The battery looks somewhat bulky, but the balance is more or less observed. The inclusion button, or rather a slider, is a standard. This moment is realized as well as others, there is no discomfort during work. Metallic gearbox, there is a marking of the direction of rotation, shaft blocking. The spindle is small, M10, under small discs.

Yes, the key included. For comparison. a corner grinder from Wosai. These are twin brothers, work from the same type of battery, can be rearranged with Makita on Wosai.

About this corner grinder I also made a review

And also corner grinder Worx

The constructive is the same, more or less similar dimensions. For comparison. the casing of the Bulgarians Wosai, Worx. I bought a separate casing for 125 mm under Worx. Native from the sightseeing corner grinder goes to 115. Examples of links: cheap, lot to choose from. Diameter of the seat 42. 44 mm.

Now about the seat for disk. Originally intended for a 100/16mm disk, a thin spindle. In principle, 115/16mm climbs maximum. This is what it looks like with your native nuts for a large disc you will need to install rings-products or “modernized” nuts and a puck of 125/22mm. The disk on such “modernized” sits down normally, works with an enlarged casing, there is no beat when working. I do not recommend working without a casing.

Yes, there was still a pen in the kit

This is what I rarely use with a pen, as it becomes uncomfortable and more overall. The pen can be rearranged to the other side.

makita, battery, much, charging, enough

Just in case, we carry out the gearbox check. A closed bearing is installed, lubrication is present.

So, the corner grinder is equipped and ready for work. Against the background of home strip grinder))))

What can I say based on the results of the work (I tried a 4mm strip, corners, pipe, etc.P.). or less saws. Suitable for short.term work on thin.walled metal. Rods and trifles saws without problems. But under a strong load, the IMHO, this is the fault of a cheap battery. He simply does not give out the desired current and goes into a (battery from an electric screwdriver). If you have original Makita 18B batteries, especially 5 models.0 ah (high.speed), then this corner grinder is your choice. For funny money, you get a useful tool. But if you need to bite the charger and batteries, I would think. On the other hand, the corner grinder copes with small tasks (for example, sawn off the bar, small corner, clean the rust). If you compare a small corner grinder with a large one, then, of course, it loses in power, and will not replace a full.sized network corner grinder. But it will complement it wonderful.

Take it or not. you decide. The quality corresponds to the cost. Of the more expensive ones, I can recommend something like Milwaukee 2780-20 or DEWALT DCG412. A little more expensive, but also more powerful.

Now that we know how exactly the capacity of the battery affects the power of the tool, everything looks just. When performing lighter tasks, the larger battery has no particular advantage, so save on weight and take a smaller battery. In medium and difficult conditions, the difference will be significant, and the use of a larger battery will be justified.

Source: https: // remont/. repair of electric tools Makita.

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Makita BL1850 battery is not worse than the original

Good day, readers of Muska! Today I will tell you how to independently assemble a battery for the Makita 18V system no worse than the original. To get started, let’s figure out why it all needs it:

On the one hand, all the manufacturers of the VTV and Makita sell batteries for their tools. Everything is in order with quality and capacity, but the price bites For any manufacturer, profit from batteries is a rather large income article. (Sometimes the tool itself is sold with a small margin, so that later it is to discourage the profit on the sale of batteries)

On the other hand, there are Chinese infamous batteries for economical ones. But the Chinese they are such Chinese branded banks in their products do not want to apparently fundamentally! Put something their own. And there either the container does not correspond, or banks with great internal resistance or all at once.

Samsung 25r RU batteries.NKON.NL/RECHARGEABLE/LI-ION/18650-SIZE/Samsung-18650-inr18650-250.HTML purchase

Corps. https: // here is not so simple like Dewalt. At the Makita 18V system, the original controller is blocked in the case and without business, therefore, users of this system often face a blocked battery purely on the charging counter At the same time, the batteries themselves may well be still alive And here the Chinese offer us several compatible boards for assembling new batteries or for it or for replacement of the board in the original. So the Chinese have at least 4 boards for Makita 18V. The review of the review in my opinion is the best It has pagan control as an original and also works without problems with original Makita charges. over, the scheme has its own board and it is built on a completely different microcontroller than the original. In this case, the fee is not blocked in the case and idle as the original. Yes, and the payment itself has been made in my opinion no worse than the original. Cheaper boards have only one banks control and some of them refuse to work with original Makita charges, only with stupid cheap non.originals Therefore, my advice when assembling a new battery or when replacing an original controller, choose a couple of dollars! I will also dwell on the question of balancing. There is no balancer in the Makita 18V system! Makita does not go out all the intermediate points on the comb like Dewalt, so there can be no balancer in the charging of the Makita Makita. On the boards of original Makita batteries, I personally do not see a balancer (the photo will be lower in the review). If someone does not agree with my conclusions regarding the balancer in the Makita system, I ask you to argue the opposite to prove the opposite. The Chinese fee from the review as well as the original has no balancer. I also note that the Makita 18V BMS system is in the tool carcass and if you connect an original or home.made battery to a light bulb or to a non.original board without BMS (and not original carcasses of the “Mashchit” type, unfortunately a lot. There is a risk of deep discharge. Buying a payment of a corps (bought for your own)

The assembly first I stick the gaskets on the positive contact of the cans. The case board I collect banks in the Nickel case in the kit and everything is the same as in the original and the board for nickel has the same wiring. I cook the battery with contact welding. Check what happened. 39.5 million is very good!

I put a fee I solder the nickel to the board we go to the tests. For comparison, I took the original battery on 3ah (BL1830) from a set of corner grinder. The battery has passed no more than 10 cycles, stored correctly. It can be seen that the boards have completely the same sizes, but a different circuitry. Also, the original board is partially filled with a transparent compound. Back to the topic of the balancer. Someone sees a balancer on the original board? I do not see! The reverse side of the original board is easier to google than to solder. There is no balancer too. Self.made battery of internal resistance test The original VS: a home.made battery wins with a gap of 20 million! I collect the case case body in quality is not at all inferior to the original! I did not find differences, except the inscriptions.

The charge indicator on the original charging is charged! The test on the corner grinder of the battery was successful!

At the end, we calculate the economic feasibility of independent manufacture of the battery: housing payment (full set) 10.99 banks Samsung 25r Original € 1.8910 = € 18.90 Delivery of Banks (€ 18.50/104) 10 = € 1.78 Total: 10.99 € 20.68

Protection system

For additional protection, the Star Protection Computer Controls /Strong> technology has been developed for additional protection. It is designed to control the conditions of using the tool.

During operation, the battery and power tool transmit information to each other to protect against overheating, overload and deep discharge. If the voltage on banks falls below the safe level, then the power tool stops, and the user can charge the battery. The power tool also stops working if the battery is heated above the safe temperature.

The Star Protection Computer Controls protection system is equipped with power tools and batteries with a Star symbol or a yellow terminal.

Modern Li-Ion Battery models

Compact Makita type batteries are equipped with a flat metal case, which is attached to the guides on the tool. Devices with a voltage of 18 V have a container from 1.3 to 5.0 Ah.

The most popular models

194204-5 Makita BL1830. This is a compact device in size 115x75x65 mm and weighing 0.65 kg. Its voltage is 18 V, the capacity is 3.0 ah, power. 54 watts. Designed for a powerful power tool. The device can be charged regardless of the charging level, since it does not have a memory effect. Charging time. only 22 minutes. Easy to use and has an increased service life.

197282-4 Makita BL1850B. This is a powerful battery with a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 5.0 Ah. It has small dimensions 115x75x65 mm and weight 0.65 kg. Its capacity is 90 watts. The device is equipped with a charge indicator and additional protection of Star Protection Computer Controls. Battery charging time is only 60 minutes.

Review: chain battery saw Makita Duc 302 RF2. Convenient and reliable electric saw on the battery

Hello. To destroy the residues of building materials from the construction of the house, an electric saw was purchased on the battery Makita. Why Makita? This is a brand that has earned trust and confirms it for years, despite the fact that it is this product that is assembled in China.

I did not consider the options for chainsaws and power plants with power from the outlet, since I believe that this is not practical.

The kit includes the electric drain itself, the tire and chain, instructions and the cover for the saw. Here we must pay attention to the fact that batteries and charger must be bought separately, this is indicated in the description, but I looked at.

The instructions do not describe the assembly stage at all. Therefore, at this moment we will dwell in more detail.

makita, battery, much, charging, enough

First you need to press on a locking nut and unscrew it.

Лучшие аккумуляторы для шуруповерта Makita на Алиэкспресс. Рейтинг

After that, you can remove the lid and set the tire, and the chain on it.

It is important to install the chain in the right direction, on the chain there are arrows showing the direction and there are also tips on the saw building.

After that, put the chain cover in place, trying that the chain tension mechanism falls into our seats. Before tightening the locking nut, we carry out the chain tension. There is a tensioner for this.

Where plus pull and weaken the minus. The tension is considered normal if the chain is pulled by 1. 2 millimeters.

And now we tighten the locking nut.Everything, the mechanical part of the assembly is over.But before use, you need to pour special oil for electric saws. Since if this is not done, then the effectiveness and durability of the saw becomes much less.The oil is poured into the hole closed with a sealed cork, it is equipped with a flexible mount and even accidentally can fall out of the saw.

And the oil level can be viewed in a special window where the minimum level is indicated.

The oil consumption is large enough and you need to constantly monitor it, but I still use Makita branded oil. Oil tank volume 85 ml. Lubrication occurs automatically.Oil consumption can be configured by adjusting screw.The saw from below.

The saw has traditionally installed rubberized and anti.slip pens into which the saw control is mounted.

That is, until you clamp the button of the lock, you can not turn on the saw.There is still an inertial brake in case the saw jerks in his hands, then it will automatically snap and the saw will be turned off, before starting the saw it must also be transferred to the working position. The saw is applied to the saw that will help to understand what position the inertial brake is located.

There is a mechanical granular that will not allow harm to the hands, but drop the chain down.

For the operation of the electric saw, two batteries of 18 watts are required.

Actually the power of the saw is determined by them. They are lithium-ionic, thanks to this, a fairly fast charging occurs: about 20 minutes for each. The volume of each 3 amperes per hour, this is enough for a continuous mode of operation of a saw of about 40 minutes. There is a charge indicator on the battery.

By clicking on it, regardless, it is installed on the saw or not you can see what percentage of the charge remains. In this case, the battery is fully charged. This is a very convenient function.Also, batteries are equipped with reliable mounts with convenient fasteners.

Which allow them very quickly to remove and put them in place. If you buy two more batteries, then you can provide a generally uninterrupted operation of the saw.

There is a equipment of the charger with two batteries in the case, this is much more convenient, I wear the charger and batteries in the bag, so I regret that I did not buy.

It is also worth noting that Makita batteries are universal and are suitable for more than 270 batteries of 18 volt devices.

Proper operation and care for LI-Ion batteries

Modern battery power tools, garden and other equipment, as a rule, is based on lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery is not as picky as their nickel-cadmium and metal-hydride predecessors, which had to be “trained” and discharge to the end before putting it up. Previously, the lantern was often included in the supply of electric screwdriver, so it was needed, according to the manufacturer, not so much as a light source, but as a tool for complete discharge of battery with a small current.

Nevertheless, even a modern Li-Ion battery has a limited number of charges. For good batteries, the number of cycles is measured by several thousand, but with improper operation and absence of battery care, their life cycle can be significantly reduced. And if until the battery is completely out of order, a decrease in the capacity and operating time of devices without recharging can become noticeable soon.

makita, battery, much, charging, enough

So, 5 Rules how to extend the service life of LI-Ion Battery

Keep the batteries charged. If you use the tool rarely or only in a certain season (which is relevant for garden technology), it is important to charge it up to at least 50% of the capacity before sending the battery for storage (by 2-3 divisions according to the built-in indicator Makita). Any battery is characterized by self.discharge. loss of battery capacity of the battery during its long.term storage without operation. The self.discharge for 180 days can reach 30%, which with a low initial charge level will lead to a deep category of battery, which will adversely affect its further operation (the battery capacity will fall and will not recover to 100% level).

Do not leave the battery storage in unheated rooms. Optimum storage temperature of the battery. 15-20 degrees. Therefore, for example, if nothing will happen with the battery in the garage or housekeeper itself, then the batteries lose their capacity in the cold, and their self.discharge is accelerated. As a result, after a couple of winter, you can notice a significant reduction in the time of the tool on one charge. It is better to pick up the battery home where it is useful, for example, for a vacuum cleaner (and even a robot permit), an electric screwdriver, a lantern or radio receiver.

Do not allow overheating. Overheating-an even more terrible enemy of lithium-ion batteries than frost. The temperature of more than 55 is destructive for the battery. The modern tool and the batteries themselves are usually equipped with electronics that protects in t.h. from overheating. Nevertheless, it is necessary to protect the battery from direct sunlight, not to store them near electric heaters or furnaces. The battery is warming both the process of intense discharge, and when charging with high current. Therefore, the original “fast” charging devices are equipped with a fan for blowing charged batteries. In addition, if, after intensive operation, a battery, a chain saw or other energy.intensive tools, the discharged AKB is tangibly warm, we recommend let them cool before putting it again for charging.

Avoid deep discharge. For Li-Ion Tool Tools, a deep discharge is certainly not as fatal as for a car battery. Nevertheless, the deep category negatively affects the battery capacity of the battery in the future. A significant part of the modern battery in the Makita tool has a charge control and will not allow the battery to be planted “to zero” even if you want it. At the same time, an energy.intensive tool such as mowers or chain saws during operation “signals” the imminent exhaustion of the battery capacity with flashing indicators. It has a reason when indicators flashing do not wait for the tool to stop, but to take a break and put the battery charge. The battery will gain the initial container faster and in the end you will not spend too much time. In this case, this mode will be more sparing for the battery and extend its service life.

Use original batteries and charger. For such a popular brand as Makita, you can easily find “compatible” batteries and charger devices. You need to understand that it is to a certain extent “a cat in a bag”. Bought non.original equipment, although it will be significantly cheaper, but not the fact that it will meet the declared characteristics. For example, cheap “banks” of the LR1865BE2 type can be installed inside the battery, and if you find a specification on them, you can see that Max. The capacity falls from 100% to 75% after 200 charge cycles It also applies to charging devices: how current will you charge your battery non.original charging, whether it will control the temperature of the battery, etc.D remains on the conscience of an unknown manufacturer.

Unfortunately, the batteries are not eternal and sooner or later they will have to be changed. Perhaps this is one of the few flaws of the battery tool and garden equipment. However, the implementation of the above recommendations will extend the battery life cycle and save on their purchase. Remember: in some types of battery tools there are more than half of its value. it is the cost of batteries, so you should treat them carefully!