Makita cordless angle grinder with adjustable speed

Cordless angle grinders. What it is and why

The change from cordless to cordless chainsaws is gaining momentum. In modern construction, cordless angle grinder is used widely and intensively enough. Cordless angle grinder is a convenience and the ability to work away from the AC source.

Features, advantages

Angle grinder can perform a variety of work related to the processing of wood, plywood, concrete, metal, tile, stone.

The cordless angle grinder can also be used for tool sharpening: knives, chamfering, chamfering before threading (e.g., on the end of a pipe).

The price of a cordless angle grinder is higher than that of a corded tool. above all due to the high price of high-capacity batteries;. The battery-powered angle grinder is a tool that is extremely advantageous for the user. Cordless grinders mainly use lithium-ion batteries, which have a number of significant advantages:

  • Significant reserve of operating cycles (over 1000);
  • absence of “memory effect”;
  • high energy density;
  • high service life.
  • a wide range of operating temperatures (-20, 50 ยฐC).
  • Minimum percentage of self-discharge, for a year it will be only 10-20%.

Angle grinder cordless device price is not so fundamental when it comes to purchase. Other criteria should be followed:

Inexpensive devices with battery 10.8 or 12V are used for small cuts or sanding in t.ั‡. in hard-to-reach places. They cannot replace a “full-fledged” angle grinder, but the convenience of no wires is obvious. The most powerful cordless angle grinder with a supply voltage of 18V or 36V are close to the capabilities of network models. They are very convenient to use on large construction sites or on non-electrified objects

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, configuration and place of production without notice to the dealer. This site is not a commercial product

How to choose a cordless angle grinder

To choose a good cordless angle grinder, you need to consider not only common technical characteristics, but also specific ones:

  • Diameter of the disc. it determines the maximum depth of cut and is the basic parameter for selecting any angle grinder, even a chain grinder.
  • Speed of rotation of the disc. Professional models accelerate from 8,500-900 rpm to 11,000, which is comparable to the capabilities of a chain sander. Domestic are less productive. up to 8 000 rpm, therefore, the cutting speed and overall efficiency is lower.
  • Battery capacity is the tool’s operating time. Experts recommend taking models from 4 Ah, but for infrequent use or when working on wood, plastic suitable and smaller parameters.
  • Battery voltage is the power of the angle grinder. For a professional-class device 18V is enough, the overall performance will allow a large amount of work. When buying a household tool is better to take more powerful. from 20V.

What cordless angle grinder is better to buy

If the angle grinder performs the main workload, it is better to take a professional model. When a wireless angle grinder is purchased in conjunction with a network grinder, as an auxiliary tool, you can get by with the household.

It is also worth considering that professional equipment is equipped with various auxiliary and protective functions. soft start, automatic brake when the disc jams in the workpiece, maintaining power under load. And other options. light indication, more convenient design. Household appliances, in most cases, are deprived of such technical solutions, due to which they win in price.

When choosing which grinder is better, experts do not recommend relying on someone else’s experience of use, and be guided only by operating conditions and the volume of tasks to be performed. After all, when rarely used, even the most budgetary tool will show itself with a good side, while in the professional sphere will be useless. Independent TOP of the best cordless angle grinders in a combination of price and quality will help to understand the features of technology and make a successful purchase.

What is the best cordless angle grinder to buy

If the angle grinder performs the main workload, it is better to take a professional model. When wireless angle grinder is purchased in conjunction with a networked, as an auxiliary tool, you can get by with household.

It is also worth considering that professional equipment is equipped with various auxiliary and protective functions. soft start, automatic brake when the disc jams in the workpiece, maintaining power under load. As well as other options. light indication, more convenient design. Household devices, in most cases, are deprived of such technical solutions, due to which they win in price.

Choosing which grinder is better, the experts do not recommend relying on someone else’s experience of use, and be guided only by operating conditions and the amount of forthcoming tasks. After all, when used rarely, even the most budget tool will show itself in a good way, while in the professional field will be useless. Independent TOP of the best cordless angle grinders in combination of price and quality will help to understand the features of the technique and make a successful purchase.

Cordless BC angle grinder (angle grinder) under the battery Makita 18V

After that we brush and put a matte paint on it. In the first photo you can pay attention to the old wire angle grinder with a grinding wheel. Why didn’t you use a cordless tool?? I was too lazy to change the disks.

The item was provided for writing the review by the store. The review is published in accordance with p.18 Rules of the site.

Took a similar one, only without display, like. But the price with shipping from. 2,796.93

And how much is real? Something do not believe in the ability of such a motor, wires and battery “digest” current of 45 amps.

I estimate about 600, in my review powered from a power supply, so that it does not consume more than 22A (so that the PSU does not go into current limitation) had not very hard to press during cutting.

Cuts very vigorously, by the way, and you can use it with auto speed control mode for finer jobs.

makita, cordless, angle, grinder, adjustable

Everything works for “old” users as well

makita, cordless, angle, grinder, adjustable

Here’s cheaper, 2,796.93, but like I said. without the screen According to the description, it seems to be the same. Testimonials. a lot.

Man, what’s with the “same, but without the screen” approach??! Either it is the same or it isn’t. there can’t be any “buts.”. and if it is different, then the price is different. and the sense of comparing the scrutinized angle grinder with the unknown what the other?!

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don’t argue, someone may well be interested. the same, but with mother of pearl buttons))) let there be more different options)))

According to the description, the same 800 Chinese watts, brushless motor, Makita batteries. Three speeds. I didn’t see “Auto” mode in the description.

please?! One has an indicator and two speed modes, the other has no indicator, but three speeds and no auto. What else could be different, let’s think about it?! Yes, just about EVERYTHING

makita, cordless, angle, grinder, adjustable

exactly the same? How can you be so sure?? but the other electronics definitely work fine? RPM is exactly the same as in this angle grinder?

Something confidently asserted you can only make sure that the components are the same (it can be done by photo, and this is clearly not the case), or by checking the appropriate characteristics. Everything else is speculation.

You’re right to be aggressive. As if I am belittling your company which produces saw blades)))) Whatever. Let them be different. What do I care??

I am always aggressive when I see unfair comparisons. Very similar tools can be completely different in fact.

The Chinese manage even with a relatively normal components screw up everything, for example, thin wires.

In the angle grinder from the review on the motor is a sensor for speed control. This is a major difference. It significantly distinguishes the angle grinder from the other reference.

An acquaintance of a crook (in the past), working at a construction site and looking at a self-loader and modern hand-held power tools, sadly said: “What prospects could have opened up. “

Comrades, can you tell me what is the best platform to take a cordless? I wanted to upgrade my screwdriver and at the same time start building a set of cordless tools. In the long term it will be a pair of screwdrivers, a screwdriver, an angle grinder, a lawnmower. Thanks!

Makita. There is a Makita shop in any village. Plenty of parts. And the Chinese, it seems, have taken it for themselves as a standard. If you want an “expensive/buggy” tool, there’s a Divolt/Milka.

Most often, it’s not “broken”, but “broken”. If you do not like Makita, offer your own option. I’m not a Makitophile. I have a lot of different tools. There’s Makita, there’s Bosch, there’s Dexter, there’s Stanley.

I didn’t write anywhere that I don’t like the Makita. The main argument for a Makita is usually cheap parts, then the price. Makita makes good routers, planers, otherwise, competitors are better. Everyone decides for himself which tool he collects, if the network solutions are easier, the cordless technique is already worth good money, and ideal in all things no one.

Well, parts availability is a very important thing. Let’s take the Mafel, for example. Cool? Cool. But if anything happens, where to look for some gear on it? And how long do they have to wait before it arrives in the country?

Makita is a mass-produced machine. It’s not a high end. They are normal working equipment. Proven over the years. And it can be easily, quickly and cheaply repaired.

And it’s one of the reasons for its popularity in our country, and not only for Makita. Plus they were one of the first normal manufacturers to enter our market.

Makita LXT Not only are there plenty of original and Chinese tools, but starter kits are also reasonably priced.

Starter kits are a reasonable amount of money, because relatively to competitors they are all outdated models or much cheaper.

But they are there. And the quality is noticeably higher than Chinese counterparts, but the price is comparable (took an angle grinder in a case with quick charge and a 3Ah battery for 10K (~140)). The Chinese such a set would also cost over 100 bucks, but there will be a case that you can not breathe on, a battery assembled from trash and empty dead charger. And the competitors don’t really have any such offers.

Everything around the angle grinder is practically a gift. It’s funny to complain about the simple case instead of the L-box. ๐Ÿ™‚ Something you do not like. go to Milwaukee buy tools to work and work will have to otherwise how to pay back the loan then? ๐Ÿ™‚

Milwaukee the same set, angle grinder charger5 Ah battery costs 200 bucks.

But of course it’s better to buy brand-name tools than a disposable Chinese one, even if it’s cheaper.

This particular case to all the tools.But when I was looking for slipped through the options and in petrovich and I think in online trading.

Cordless angle grinder 125 mm 800 Watt under battery Makita

Today briefly consider a budget angle grinder (angle grinder) working on a battery compatible with batteries “Makita”. Wireless tools are getting more and more popular. This model is designed for a 125 mm diameter blade and has a peak power of 800 W.

Let’s start with the packaging and the features. There is just a cardboard box: There is no additional packing material inside. Product Features: Voltage: 18V Battery: Makita 18V Lithium Power Peak: 800W No-load RPM: 10000 Spindle: 14mm Blade: 125mm

The appearance of the tool There is a marking: BL Motor. The gear housing is made of aluminum alloy, the body material is plastic. And the quality of plastic is not high, there are some flaws. Handle is repositionable on both sides, the protective cover is also rotatable. Spindle lockable with button. Battery compatibility list: BL1850B(197285-8), BL1840B(197270-1), BL1830B(197602-2), BL1430B(197618-7), BL1820B(197487-6), BL1850, BL1840, BL1440(196391-6), BL1415(194560-3), BL1815N(196781-3). With battery: The LED indicator can be read during operation: Internal device. Removing the bevel gear: Fitting surfaces are well machined. Gears helical, hardened by appearance. Lubricant in ample supply. Main body screwed together: Motor half the size of a conventional 900-watt angle grinder. The plastic pull rod of the button is not a very reliable solution. Rotor with balancing marks: Rotor bearing with metal protection ring. Power section is encapsulated:

Assembling the tool for the job: Mass assembly with 6 Chinese Ah battery: Compact and graspable in the hand:

Let us now proceed to testing. First let’s check the objective data. Idle current consumption (but PSU goes into protection at 10 amps):

RPM at idle: Cutting sheet metal: Cutting a car door:

Done: Can cut and grind in the household volume: All limited by battery life: Noise and heat during operation are present, but there is not much vibration.

Similar tool is only suitable for occasional domestic use. Can perform cutting and grinding work on thin-walled profiles, but not for a long time, it all depends on the battery. In the next review I will tell you about the battery for it and the charger.

This product has a BGCBP3 coupon for price of 42.89, through March 18, 21. Thank you for your attention. Have a nice shopping experience!

Item was submitted for writing the review by the store. This review is published in accordance with p.18 Site Rules.

What to look for when choosing a Makita cordless angle grinder?

Disc diameter. With this, I think everything is clear. Currently available in Makita cordless angle grinder for 115mm, 125mm, 180mm and 230mm disc.

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RPM control. This characteristic is also unquestionable. RPM adjustment broadens the scope of the tool by adapting it to different types of work (metal cutting, metal grinding, stone grinding, etc.) and to different types of work.ะด.).

Motor type. brush or brushless. The main advantage of a brushless motor is its greater efficiency, which leads to a more economical use of battery power. Today, almost all Makita cordless angle grinders are equipped with a brushless motor. Exception. model DGA452 for 115mm disc.

Switch type. Some models, such as the DGA506 and DGA508 differ only in the type of the switch, all other characteristics are identical. The DGA506 is equipped with a slider switch and is activated by sliding a slide. To turn this angle grinder off you need to slide the slide back. On the DGA508 (and other models with paddle switch) the trigger must be kept pressed at all times. This may seem less convenient (especially if you need to do long sanding jobs), but increases safety.

Paddle type switch Slider type switch

XPT. Makita proprietary technology for extra protection of the motor against dust. Extends tool life. Today, almost all Makita cordless angle grinders have this “feature

ADT. this function automatically adjusts speed and torque during work depending on the load. Allows for adjustment to the type of work being performed.

AFT. Active Feedback Sensing. automatic shutoff of the angle grinder in case of sudden slowdown or stop (jamming) of the disc. Protects the tool and your hands. Note that this function is implemented electronically in Makita cordless angle grinders, and should not be confused with the Super Joint System, which is used in cordless models and operates at the mechanical level.

protection against restart. Available in all modern cordless angle grinders. If the battery is dead when the switch is on and locked, and you replace it with a new one, the angle grinder will not turn on immediately, which eliminates the possibility of injury.

Electronic brake (BRAKE). Ensures that the tool stops almost instantly when the motor is turned off. This functionality also increases the safety of working with the tool

Bluetooth. Why the angle grinder needs Bluetooth wireless communication? To control the vacuum cleaner! When using a corded tool, the vacuum cleaner automatically turns on when the tool is plugged into the socket on the vacuum cleaner. And if there are no wires? That is why some models of angle grinder have Bluetooth support and can control a vacuum cleaner (which must also support this technology).

The angle grinder is an electric tool, which in professional parlance is called an angle grinder. Sometimes you can see the abbreviation angle grinder on the box of the tool, but in the world it is called “flex”. after the name of the first company that developed the device. Our name came from the name of the country Bulgaria, where the first samples were brought back to the USSR. It is used for grinding, sanding and cutting products made of stone, wood and metal. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” tells about the best angle grinder for the home, which can be found on sale in 2022.

Top 10 Rating by KP

Makita GA5030 (from 3.4 ths. rubles)

The device is in high demand, and you can find it on the shelves of most major construction stores and equipment centers. Japanese manufacturer, but production is located in China. Sometimes there are models from Romania. Renowned for its mid-priced tools. Largely thanks to its good price, it has managed to win the lion’s share of the market. This angle grinder is used for cleaning and grinding surfaces, as well as cutting various parts and materials. The engine here at 720 W. not a record, but in everyday life and when repairing the house will saw off anything. Side handle. indispensable for precise working. The diameter of the housing can safely be called compact. There is a spindle lock. at the touch of a button the mechanism stops and the disc can be replaced without disconnecting the device from the mains. The manufacturer added a power button lock, which means there’s no need to constantly squeeze it out while you’re working. The pluses can include the system of protection of bearings, so as not to clog construction debris, double insulation of the body. in the interest of safety.


Despite the rather democratic price of this angle grinder for home, it has a lever to adjust the speed of rotation. In 2022, manufacturers of more expensive models often save on this function, but the German company did not skimp on an additional mechanism. The angle grinder differs from competitors by its thin housing. only 19 cm. Customers praise this feature in customer reviews. It weighs a little less than two kilograms, and in comparison with others, seems like a feather. Like other grinders of this class will take wood, ceramics and metal. The main thing is to choose the drive. From the pluses we will allocate the spindle lock, for fast change of tooling, convenient grip and casing, for protection of the operator. Though it is better to wear glasses. By the way, unlike the previous participant of our rating of the best, here the cover can be adjusted without a key. On the chassis there are a few ventilation holes, through which the heat is removed. According to reviews, it is a necessary thing, but not quite finished, because there are a lot of complaints about overheating during long hours of work. The claimed power of 900 W is a decent value.


For some reason the manufacturers of angle grinder liked the color of the sea wave, so we again in our ranking device in this range. This time from another German tool manufacturer. This model has all the qualities of a good grinder: quick disc change due to the locking mechanism, additional handle, which can be located on the left and right side. By the way, you can insert the tool for marking, the so-called scribe. But you have to buy it separately. The power button can be locked and you do not have to keep your finger on it. Nodes integrated into the mechanism that are responsible for the soft start. an important nuance for grinders, which had not previously been present in the mentioned models. The electronic stuffing of this device is generally praised: in case of emergency situations in the work, it simply turns off and then quietly resumes work. The rpm is adjustable, so you can adjust it to different materials. The cover rotates at the touch of a finger, without the need to use a screwdriver.


If you don’t need the caliber of 1100 Watt, you can save 1000 Watt and buy one of the models from the same company with 200 Watt less. It’s pretty much the same except for this one. The tool from the Russian company promises long hours of work to its owner. Exactly how much. I could not find in the technical papers of this angle grinder. But among the reviews of users complaints about overheating have not found. There is RPM adjustment and smooth taste. A cool feature. maintaining revolutions under load. For those who at least slightly worked with the angle grinder, the situation is familiar, when at a long grinding of hard material begin to sag revolutions. The appliance simply can’t handle it. Theoretically, this should not be the case with this tool. Additional handle can be adjusted in two positions. The hood rotates without a wrench. The manufacturer recommends using this product for deburring welds, abrasive metal cutting, when working with petal discs and taps (rust removal).

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This is quite a high-quality and reliable device, which is actually positioned not as a tool for home use, but with a serious claim to professional use. The engine power of 1.3 kW is enough! The number of revolutions per minute, in comparison with other participants of the top, this grinder has not added. But it has a noticeable impact on the comfort of work. Takes bricks, rebar and concrete at a cutting depth of up to 40 mm. When you take it in your hands, you understand that the engineers worked hard on this tool. Everything is accurate, butt to butt, the plastic is durable. The handle is equipped with vibration protection. There is protection against overheating, which turns off the device at a critical temperature without consequences for the technique, as well as speed control. The cable length of four meters. the dream of many home masters. It’s not uncommon for buyers to have to make their own replacements. With this model, you can not take any more risks.


If you do not spare money, then you can consider buying this model, which, incidentally, is assembled in Russia. If you compare its characteristics with other participants of the rating of the best Bulgarian machines, there is nothing outstanding. Same power, 900 W, handle position and RPM adjustment. But take a closer look at the nuances. First, the grip is without blemish. Works for a long time without overheating. No complaints of the angle grinder’s quick failure have been found. Those who have been working in the construction industry for a long time can remember this tool from long ago. However, the motor in the 2021 model has been changed: its efficiency increased and the winding has been improved. Redesigned safety system. Six speeds are available to the operator. On the first you can go over the walls to remove paint or treat parts from rust. It is easy to cut rebar with the latter. Local carbon brushes have a long lifespan. If you need the grinder only occasionally in everyday life, you can forget about replacing this consumable at all.

What is the speed control for?

Speed regulator on angle grinder allows you to use it for a wide range of works. Thanks to its variable speed, it can be used for a wide range of tasks, even in the most inaccessible areas.

Spindle speed varies depending on the technical characteristics of the angle grinder. The larger the radius, the higher the linear speed of the cutting or grinding wheel. This explains a characteristic of smaller angle grinders (115 and 125 mm).). This is reflected in their high spindle speed: 12,000 rpm). In most cases, such characteristics are inherent in low-power angle grinders designed for household use.

important! This tool cannot be used in heavy-duty applications. Take a break every 5 to 6 minutes to allow the cutting wheel to cool down. of work.

On an angle grinder with a 150 mm disc, the speed of the cutting element can range from 2,300 to 9,000 revolutions per minute. On the 180 mm. does not exceed 8,000 rpm. Continuous work time depends on the intended use of the tool. Professional power tools can run non-stop for hours, stationary power tools with short breaks, like power grinders with smaller discs.

Rotation speed and application

As already mentioned, the disc speed controller on the angle grinder makes it a multifunctional tool. One angle grinder is able to cope with a whole range of different works, depending on the installed disc and the exposed speed of its rotation:

  • 2 000-3 000. grinding of metal products.
  • 2 000-4 000. woodworking.
  • 5 000-7 000. cutting of natural and artificial stone.
  • 7 000-12 000. cutting of metal workpieces.

Important! The speed regulator on the disc makes the angle grinder a universal tool.

How to choose an angle grinder for the home?

Considering the option of acquiring a grinder, it is recommended, first of all, to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • power. The amount of work performed depends on it, the productivity;
  • the ability to adjust the speed, so that for each type of work to select the optimal speed of the disc;
  • power cable length;
  • installation of the handle in different positions (two, three), so it was more convenient to grind or cut the material;
  • availability of the cover that protects the user from splinters, dust, sparks;
  • the ability to change the tooling without the use of keys;
  • availability of additional functions, such as locking accidental pressing of the tool button, anti-vibration system, protection against jamming of discs.
makita, cordless, angle, grinder, adjustable

How to work properly?

When working with an angle grinder is necessary to observe safety precautions, as this tool is quite traumatic. The basic rules for using the grinder are:

  • Hold the tool firmly so that it does not fall out of your hands, does not bounce off the material you are working on;
  • Only fit grinding wheels for which the angle grinder is designed;
  • Make sure that the mains cable is not caught by the rotating disc;
  • stand on your feet as steadily as possible to avoid losing your balance;
  • only operate the angle grinder when you are fully charged and ready to work
  • only change accessories when the angle grinder is switched off and unplugged;
  • Be sure to turn off the unit after performing certain work, do not move around the room, the room with the included tool;
  • After turning off the angle grinder, turn on the accidental start button lock, if the model has such a function.

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