Makita miter saw blade replacement

A circular saw

In a circular saw, the cutting mechanism is a serrated disc. It serves for slitting, although with the help of additional rails, you can unfold the fabric at different angles and get cross and oblique cuts. The quality of the cut is influenced by the type of disc, its diameter, the shape of the teeth and the sharpening angle. The more teeth. the lower the speed, but the quality of the cuts is better. The power of circular saws varies from one to two and a half kilowatts. Some of these tools are very difficult to handle.

What is the Difference Between a Circular Saw and a Saw

How to replace a disk with Trimming saw Einhell TH-SM 2131

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Mithras. it is a saw designed for repeated fastening of short lengths. It is a small mechanism with a moving electrical device that descends at different angles and slopes.
The circular saw is a circular hand saw for cutting boards, both lengthwise and crosswise, can be fixed to the machine.
A circular saw is more powerful than a miter saw with a same blade diameter because the miter saw is designed for short cross-cuts and the circular saw is for ripping.
The miter saw speed is almost always around 4500 rpm.
Speed ​​vary from 3000 to 4500 rpm.
The cutting depth of the miter saw, depending on the size of the disc, is from 40 to 130 mm, and the width is from 70 to 363 mm, respectively.
The depth of the saw blade, depending on the size of the blade, is from 40 to 100 mm, and the width of the cut is from 65 to 700 mm, respectively. Another useful feature of the miter saw. you can work like a conventional circular saw, that is, make longitudinal cuts. This saw is called a combination saw.

Due to the competition in the market, the choice of electrical tools is constantly increasing, and are becoming more affordable. Now women are happy to give them to men on February 23rd, or relatives and friends for their birthday. Almost every second household man has his own circular circular saw.

Over time, the circles fail (dull or break), they must be replaced depending on the material with which you need to work. For example, you cannot cut wood with a metal cutting blade. Therefore, the ability to correctly and quickly remove the disc, put a new one is necessary for everyone.

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Do not confuse discs, there are miter wheels and there are for ripping. well, if you don’t know.

who cares ? I thought if something was cut roughly, for example, a board, then there are fewer teeth, if the chipboard then there are more teeth, it seems to cut normally

there is a difference, I did not know myself. Miter saws have a bunch of teeth. and longitudinal, after the teeth, the protrusion goes on which there is no tooth. technologies. eh

I now have a disk with 80 teeth, it is written in aluminum wood, just as I indicated in the subject, only 80 and size 210. It normally cuts both chipboard on the sawing table and the butt and aluminum. Maybe, of course, if they work from morning to evening, they will quickly cover

If the hinge has been cut, you can move the stop bar forward just a couple of millimeters, no?
My Bosch 8c also didn’t finish the box out of the box, I moved the stop bar and that’s all.

I will look, but I doubt whether it moves, perhaps it is simple itself cannot cut, did not cut in length at an angle of 45. everything else cuts

Most likely it will do, but maybe something will need to be corrected from the elements. I’m on a Metabo 216, I put the 230 disc, but the plastic protective cover had to be removed.

How did the saw work? Worth taking?

Look at the analogue from Interskol (if the budget for Makitu / DeWalt does not allow) When I chose Interskol PTK 216 for trimming, I also liked it and the repeatability of the cut is normal there, just the woodworking machine is separate and only trimming with a broach was needed.

How did the saw work? Worth taking?

For not frequent use in the garage, I am completely satisfied, earlier which bar to saw off so much time spent, marked and one fig crooked and chipped, but now well, that’s a nice thing))

How did the saw work? Worth taking?

for quality saws I recommend the inexpensive Bosch PCM 8S. I have been using it for 5 years, only I change the circles for more accurate and sharpened ones or for specialized ones when cutting plastics or aluminum. A table stand with extension cords on the sides was also a positive discovery for me.

There are drawbacks. I have a remark on a faulty clamp and a laser that is clogged with resin from trees.

No beating, mechanics. super.

Corner drift for complex structures (polyhedral frames) can be compensated for on the last segment by sawing its ends at certain micro-angles until the entire polygonal frame converges.

The guide rails are not stored in the garage. chrome begins to corrode from the dripping condensate. Sorry.

Do not take very cheap ones, the mechanics are lame there!

How to change a miter saw blade

I bought a combined miter saw
Bison ZPTK-210-1500

Miter saw ZPT-255-1800 LM2 (Bison). Disk replacement.

The miter saw is designed for straight, bevel, inclined and combined sawing of workpieces.

With this cut, the canvas can be deployed in different planes using the guides on the desktop, the net is fed without deviating from the specified parameters. These properties make the saw popular and in demand during renovation work, it can be cut from wood tiles, metal profiles.
In addition, there are combo miter saws, in which the cutting blade can rotate 180 degrees in multiple movements, and a full circular saw can be obtained. Rotation of the disc allows you to work with more complex workpieces.

Saws Makita

All types of electric saws are produced under the Makita brand. Among them there are not only well-known and widely used by professional builders and home craftsmen, chain and disc, saber, tape, crosscut saws, as well as drywall and so-called diamond saws. At the same time, the model range of each type is very wide, it is possible to choose a tool with the technical characteristics that are optimal for specific working conditions, powered by an AC mains or rechargeable batteries. The Makita electric saw has long been the epitome of quality workmanship, reliability and ease of use, the tool of this brand is deservedly popular and trusted by everyone whose hands grow from the right place.

Makita saws. the tool for all sawing tasks!

The Makita electric chain saw is a classic of the genre and is used wherever rough cutting of wood is required. For example, when logging wood. It is also convenient when performing carpentry work: the longitudinal groove in the log is selected with much less labor costs and with greater accuracy than when using traditional technology. chipping with an ax. If you think the electrical cord is too dangerous when working on a scaffold, opt for a cordless model. The design and ergonomics of electric chainsaws are similar to those of chainsaws, you don’t have to change habits and learn new skills.

Circular saws can be both hand-held and table-top. The first ones are mobile and are used for fairly accurate cutting. longitudinal or transverse sawing. of various materials: wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals. The latter can become the basis for personal woodworking production. The tool with a saw blade of this brand is reliable and safe to work. Most models are equipped with a soft start system, an electromagnetic brake and a vacuum cleaner connection.

Band saws are characterized by increased productivity and cutting accuracy. Their working body is a saw band in the form of a ring, which is tensioned by a special mechanism. High cutting speed is achieved by lubricating the blade. In stationary models, ordinary water can be used for this. Having a band machine, you can organize a small sawmill for cutting wood waste into boards. top and off-grade balance.

Reciprocating saws will change the way you think about what a hacksaw can do. Having several replaceable blades, you can cut not only wood, but also metal, aerated concrete, ceramics. Dismantling old wooden structures, in the array of which there are a lot of foreign inclusions. nails, screws and other fasteners, with this tool turns from dusty monotonous and unproductive work into a kind of attraction. For those who do not have access to an outlet, the manufacturer offers rechargeable models that are no less powerful and functional than a network tool.

Makita trimming

Parquet saw: advantages

The main advantages of the equipment:

  • the ability to set multiple angles to make the cut. For this, the device is equipped with a special lock;
  • modern models are equipped with illumination of the cut point using a special pointer. This improves the quality of work and makes it easier for the operator to perform the work task;
  • the ability to vary the stops, which allows you to process workpieces of various sizes;
  • automated function of keeping the workplace clean (it is possible to connect a construction vacuum cleaner, with which you can remove sawdust and pieces of wood);
  • motor with soft start function. This minimizes the load on the power unit and makes working with the tool safer;
  • models with a brushless motor are 20% more powerful than analogs, and the noise level from them is much lower. The risk associated with motor overload is also reduced;
  • the ability to automatically maintain the specified speed and power level, which increases the accuracy of work.

In addition to network modifications, the Makita line includes models that run on rechargeable batteries. If the facility is not electrified, they are irreplaceable.

Makita Miter Saws

Miter saw (end, parquet). a tool that provides high accuracy of cuts: inclined or at an angle. It is used for the manufacture of door frames and in furniture production. Trimming allows you to cut parquet, laminate and other types of flooring. You can also use a miter saw for working with plastic or non-hard metals (if you use special cutting discs and choose the right tool for engine power).

A special feature of Makita equipment is that it is designed to operate efficiently in a variety of conditions. The compact tool can be mounted on a workbench surface. Makita products, related to both household and professional class, are made in accordance with international standards and in terms of their performance characteristics are not inferior to counterparts from the most famous European companies. Lightweight metal alloys and high-strength plastics are used in the production. The advantage of Makita saws is convenience and safety of work. Each tool has an overcurrent limiter, blade quick stop function and soft start function. Professional models are equipped with electronic circuits that independently regulate the speed of the working blade if the load on the unit has changed.

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Criterias of choice

When choosing a miter saw, you should consider the following factors:

  • the diameter of the disc, the depth of the cut;
  • the size of the available cutting angles;
  • maximum permissible power. for trimming equipment, this indicator varies from 1 to 2.2 kW;
  • disk rotation speed. according to this indicator, network models hold the lead (the number of revolutions per minute reaches 3 thousand).

It is also important to consider the parameters of the disk. The strength of the working tool depends on the material of manufacture. The cutting accuracy depends on the thickness of the disc. An important characteristic is the number of teeth. The more of them, the better the quality of the cut, but at the same time the load on the power unit increases.


  • Saw blade
  • guides
  • dust collector
  • screw clamp
  • socket wrench
  • saw unit

Why you need to take from us

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Miter Saw Makita LS1013



Idling frequency, rpm 3700 Weight, kg 21
Power cord, m 2.5 Power, W 1430
Cutting edge diameter, mm 255-260 Cutting depth at 45 °, mm 91×215
Cutting depth at 90 °, mm 91×305 Overall dimensions, mm 760x625x520

Produced by

  • Japan is the birthplace of the brand
  • China. country of origin
  • Manufacturer Information Makita is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and gas powered tools. He began his journey in Japan in 1915, today it supplies products to 160 countries. The activity combines centuries-old traditions and modern technologies. The tool is highly reliable and affordable. The company has 8 factories, including in Europe. Products have been supplied to Russia since 1935. There are service centers throughout the country.

Buy it

Japanese quality Makita

For almost a century of its existence, the Japanese company Makita has perfectly established itself in the world market. Power tools, generators and garden equipment from this manufacturer are popular with professionals and hobbyists who prefer reliability, high efficiency and maximum comfort in work.

For example, it is useless to look for a Makita HR2450 rotary hammer made in Germany or the UK on sale. This tool comes off only from the conveyors of one of the two Chinese factories, as evidenced by the letters “Y” or “K” at the end of the serial number on the nameplate of the tool itself (packaging and some accessories may be from another manufacturer).

The fact that this information is open confirms once again the transparency of the economic policy of the Makita Group and the responsibility for quality. All new technologies are developed in the homeland of the brand. in Japan, and are improved at the plant in Okazaki, and only after that, under the vigilant supervision of qualified specialists, are they introduced into production at other enterprises, including Chinese.

As for the quality standards, they are the same for all Makita products, regardless of the manufacturer’s geography. All factories have certificates confirming the compliance of the existing quality management system with the ISO 9000: 2000 standards, aimed at satisfying the interests of consumers.

Thus, the quality of the Chinese Makita, unless it is a cheap fake, is on a par with Japanese, English or, for example, German. And to exclude a fake, it is enough to use the services of an authorized Makita dealer. For example, the services of MakitaPro.

The Makita LS1013 face saw is an indispensable tool for carpentry work. It is designed for oblique, oblique and combined (oblique at an angle) sawing wood blanks and the device of rectangular grooves. With the appropriate working attachments, the saw can be used for sawing plastics and soft metals. Equipped with a powerful motor (1430 W) and a 260 mm diameter saw blade, the saw enables high-quality sawing of workpieces up to 91 mm thick. At the same time, the maximum workpiece width can reach 310mm, which became possible due to the large rotary work table and design features.

The saw mechanism moves on two guide rods on linear bearings, which increases the path of the blade up to 310 mm (standard is 95 mm). The saw is very maneuverable: the saw blade can take different positions in relation to the workpiece. So in the vertical plane, it can tilt within 45 degrees in both directions, and in the horizontal plane, it can turn up to 52 degrees to the right and up to 45 degrees to the left. To protect the mechanism from premature wear in the Makita LS1013 face saw, an electronic starting current system is provided.

Since certain manipulations with the tool can be performed only when the engine is completely stopped, to speed up the work process, the developers used an engine braking system in the Makita LS1013 end saw, thanks to which the disc stops in a matter of seconds. The working part of the saw is covered with a reliable casing with a pendulum mechanism that automatically exposes the cutting attachment as the blade approaches the workpiece. The sawdust is removed through a special hole in the housing. The scope of delivery of the end saw Makita LS 1013 includes a dust bag. Since its volume is very limited, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner for intensive work. A spindle lock is provided for a simple and safe change of working attachments. Locking button on start switch prevents the risk of the tool starting up.

Miter Saw Makita LS1040
1650 W, disc 255x30mm, 4600 rpm, tilt, 11 kg

  • Motor housing for miter saw Makita LS1040 (154561-3)
  • for miter saw Makita LS0714
  • for miter saw Makita LS0714F
  • for miter saw Makita LS0714FL
  • for miter saw Makita LS1013
  • for miter saw Makita LS1030
  • for miter saw Makita LS1040
  • for miter saw Makita LS1040F
  • for miter saw Makita LS1214
  • Description
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Description Miter saw Makita LS1040

Makita LS1040 Specifications

Parameter Value
Manufacturer Makita
The country Japan
Classification Miter saw
Engine power, W. 1650 Wt
The number of revolutions of the disk, about 4600 rpm
Saw blade diameter, mm 255 mm
Bore diameter, mm thirty
Tilt angle horizontal (right / left) 52 ° / 45 °
Rotation angle vertical (right / left) 45 ° / 45 °
Max. cutting depth 45 ° / 90 ° mm 93×67 / 93×95
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 530x476x532
Equipment Saw blade 225 mm, guide rails, dust collector, screw clamp, socket wrench
Weight, kg. eleven
Class Professional tool
Guarantee 36 months

Features of Makita LS1040

  • Engine stop device;
  • Ability to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Die-cast aluminum sawing table with rotary rule;
  • Additional U-shaped brackets serve as an emphasis when working with long workpieces;
  • Transparent cover that covers the saw blade;
  • To keep the working area clean, a branch pipe is provided for removing dust into a special dust collector;
  • Inclination of the saw in the vertical plane at an angle of 0-45

Makita LS1040 delivery set

  • Saw blade 225 mm;
  • Dust collector;
  • Guides;
  • Screw clamp;
  • Socket wrench.

For more information about the Makita LS1040 miter saw, call (044) 223-52-67, in consultation with our managers.

Delivery throughout Ukraine: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa, Donetsk, Simferopol, Poltava, Sumy, Ternopil, Rovno, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Lutsk, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, ​​Chernigov, Chernivtsi, Nikolaev. Uzhgorod, Kherson, Khmelnytsky and other cities of Ukraine.

Changing the Blade on a Makita LS1030 Miter Saw

Advantages and disadvantages

Miter saw Makita LS1040F is characterized by high quality materials, the use of the most modern production and assembly technologies.

Model of the average power and price range:

  • by working capacity;
  • security;
  • resource reliability reserve, not inferior to the characteristics of the best developments of European manufacturers.

Makita miter saw owners praise:

  • English build quality;
  • the minimum indicators of the working noise background and vibration;
  • full and low-cost operation.

In the list of design flaws, the most often mentioned is the not clear operation of the electronic brake and fluorescent backlight.

Average. A real opportunity to save money. buying an instrument during stock and seasonal sales.

On the secondary sawing equipment market, there are offers for the sale of miter saws of this model. The negotiated price depends on the appearance of the tool, the configuration and the remaining resource.

Structural properties

Lightweight and easy-to-use saw Makita LS1040F is completed with additional equipment, the list of which includes. a clamp for reliable fastening of workpieces to be processed and retractable stops for working with long materials.

The tool distinguishes from similar models of other brands:

  • reasonable price;
  • small size;
  • optimal indicator of specific power;
  • convenient arrangement of equipment;
  • free access for service and repair.
makita, miter, blade, replacement


In one price group there are miter saws of the same type for use of other brands. In the list of proposals of the model Caliber Master PTE-2100 / 305PRm 00000050316, Jet JSMS-10L 10000826M and Metabo KGS 254 M 602540000. In terms of cost savings, availability and cost of services, models of domestic brands are preferable.

Makita LS1040F Miter Saw. Compact Tool with Powerful Motor

The range of household and professional saws of the Makita brand is famous for its modern ergonomic design, wide functionality, productivity and reliability in work. Miter saw Makita LS1040F represents in the domestic market the category of tools of the middle price range, which have a number of professional functions.

The development of this model is based on the experience of multidisciplinary operation of proprietary developments of the previous years, wishes and recommendations of users from many countries of the world. Units and individual parts of the product have been improved to improve reliability and resistance to external factors.

In particular, the working advantages were used:

  • additional insulation and electronic protection of an electric motor equipped with a useful braking function;
  • more advanced desktop cleaning system;
  • simplified tilt angle adjustment;
  • full illumination of the cutting area with a fluorescent lamp.


A tool weighing only 11.6 kg with a 1650 watt brushed motor can be used with equal success for longitudinal, cross and corner cuts:

  • any types of industrial wood;
  • facing and floor panels;
  • plastic and profile aluminum.

A saw blade with a size of 260 mm is used as a replaceable working attachment.

The universal fitting diameter of 30 mm, allows you to complete the tool with alternative saw nozzles with a diameter of 255-260 mm. The standard locking function is designed for quick and safe disk replacement when switching to another material.

The maximum possible depth of cut at standard angles of 45 and 90 ° is at the level of 67 and 93 mm, the width is between 95 and 135 mm. The design of the saw blade allows you to get a clean and even cut without chips or burrs. For safety reasons, the disc is covered with a light protective cover.

Scope of application

The saw has proven itself in all respects:

  • in home construction;
  • in the manufacture of furniture;
  • in the independent manufacture of other elements of the interior interior, such as interior doors and bar counters.

In accordance with the wishes of the owners, the last batches of this model are equipped with soft start systems, the stability of the engine operating speed in the range of operating loads has been increased, as well as with voltage drops of up to 5%.

I have been using the Japanese one and a half kilowatt saw Makita for more than 2 years. The main work is the installation of entrance and interior doors. The tool worked out its value in almost six months, I have no problems with repairs. The disk is in excellent condition; it has not changed during the entire operation. The backlight turned off, the reason is in the fuse, soldered to a higher value. everything was restored.
Leonid Kirillovich

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I bought a Makita trimmer for the bulkhead of an oak floor in an old country house. An excellent car, oak boards petrified from time to time cuts a forty without load, the engine does not heat up, vibration is almost not felt. Through an oversight, I sawed off an old forged nail, but it turned out that there were no traces left on the disc. The backlight went out on the second day, I worked with a headlamp, it’s even more convenient. An acquaintance bought Makita LS1040F with a smooth start, it turns out that budget models have such bells and whistles. In general, I recommend.


The Makita LS 1040 miter saw is a mini-function. Scope of the machine: longitudinal-cross-cutting of parts made of wood, laminate and plastic material. Such a wide material coverage makes the combination of elements unique: the cantilever miter saw is connected at the top of the cantilever to a small sawing table.

Makita LS 1040 Miter Saw Technical Parameters

  • Power consumption 1650 W.
  • Idle speed 4600 rpm.
  • Disc: spindle bore 30mm, outer diameter 255mm.
  • Maximum vertical cut 95 mm.
  • Maximum cut on hypotenuse 67 mm.
  • Overall dimensions: 530 x 467 x 532 mm.
  • Total weight 11 kg.

Miter saw Makita LS1040. functional features

  • The Makita LS 1040 saw, due to its compact dimensions, does not replace a stationary sawing machine. The functionality is intended for installation in small rooms and for working with small parts, for the manufacture of parquet or small cladding parts.
  • The tool is equipped with a 1650 Wt motor and a carbide-tipped saw blade with a diameter of 260 mm, creating optimal conditions for deep cuts up to 67 mm.
  • The work table is equipped with a swivel ruler, a parallel stop. A guard is provided to cover the saw blade. There is a splitting knife to prevent the disc from jamming.
  • Secure attachment of a small part to the worktop.
  • For processing long workpieces, U-shaped staples are additionally installed. The presence of an auxiliary mount is provided in the kit for the tool. The miter saw locks in the lower position for this case, ensuring the table is correctly level.
  • The saw blade assumes various positions in relation to the position of the workpiece. This function is provided by a high-precision rotary mechanism.
  • Corrects horizontal rotation to the right to 52 and to the left to 45 degrees. One left oblique cut is made vertically at 45 degrees.
  • Lightweight and durable material for the sawing table is die-cast aluminum. Metal amorphous to the action of acid, alkali, solvent, glue.
  • Provides protection of the tool from spontaneous, unintentional start.
  • The cutting tool is protected by a special wear-resistant cover.
  • Simple shaft locking mechanism allows mobile change of working attachments.
  • The installation of a brake system affects the productivity of the working process, reduces the time that the saw blade stops. The arm rises faster after cutting, saving machine downtime.
  • Dust-free tool. Sawdust is removed from the work platform by a special pipe at the base of the saw and fed into the dust collector.

Makita LS 1040 Miter Saw Manual

  • Carry out the transfer of the saw with the handle lowered, fixing it in the lower position. Use a locking pin for fastening.
  • Clamp the swivel base.
  • Convenient transportation with a portable clip.
  • Use the locking pin as a transfer part, not as a cutting part.

Attaching the Miter Saw to the Table:

  • Mount the unit with two bolts on a flat, stable surface.
  • For these purposes, there are two holes in the base of the saw.

Removing and installing the Makita saw blade:

  • Loosen the hex bolt with a socket wrench.
  • Hold the central cover, make 2-3 turns against the clock.
  • Raise the guard and center guard.
  • Press down on the latch, preventing the rotation of the disc.
  • Tighten the hexagon bolt with a socket wrench. Twist around the clock.
  • Remove the bolt, flange and saw blade.
  • Install a new cutting disc. Place the disc support on the spindle.
  • Check the alignment of the arrow on the disc with the direction of the arrow on the cover.

Miter Saw Makita (Makita)

The Makita Miter Saw is one of the most sought after tools among builders, carpenters and fitters. The Makita miter saw belongs to the category of stationary power tools. It is used if you need to cut down wooden or aluminum parts accurately, accurately, with minimal errors. In this case, the saw can be done at the required angle, in the transverse or longitudinal direction.

In the process of repair work, it is often necessary to cut the elements at some angle. These can be door frames, plinths, window sills, cornices, boards, decorative details. At the same time, the drink must be of high quality. smooth and accurate. For such work, the Makita miter saw is used. one of the varieties of circular saws. Any user prefers to use an inexpensive, but reliable and unpretentious tool in their activities.

Miter saws Makita (Makita)

Miter saw Makita (Makita). quality and reliability

An example of such a technique is the Makita ls 1040 miter saw. Due to its low price and good quality, this model has become one of the most popular in the Makita range of saws. This is a great option for those who work in small workshops or in the country. The Makita ls 1040 saw cannot replace a full-fledged woodworking machine, but it can cope with the usual work of cross-cutting materials at the highest level. you will certainly be satisfied with the work of this tool.

The range of Makita saws is rich: it includes not only such democratic models as the Makita ls 1040, but also other tools with advanced functions. For example, the Makita LH1040 and LF1000 saws differ from their counterparts in that they can be used to saw parts both in the transverse and longitudinal directions. As mentioned above, a modern miter saw, including a Makita (Makita) saw, can be used in wood and aluminum. You just need to take into account that you need special discs to cut aluminum blanks. Makita is known as a supplier of high quality, reliable construction and renovation equipment. Saw Makita, in particular. Makita miter saw is no exception, because it has a full set of valuable consumer qualities.

Makita LS1040F

The tool is a modified Makita LS1040 model in terms of working comfort. The saw design is complemented by powerful illumination of the working area, allowing you to work in low light conditions.

The 1650 Watt Miter Saw is designed for efficient and precise sawing of wood, plastic materials and metal profiles. The cutting disc blade with a diameter of 260 mm provides cutting depths of 67 and 93 mm. Width 93 and 95 mm, respectively.

Makita LH1200FL

The functionality of a combination saw combines the capabilities of a miter saw and a high-performance sawing machine. The design uses proprietary equipment, which ensures the proper level of safety when performing complex and voluminous work.

In the working set:

  • powerful 1650-watt collector electric drive with improved insulation;
  • 305. disc-type millimeter saw blade;
  • laser module and illumination of the working area;
  • cutting depth adjustment mechanism.

The range of use of the saw has been expanded due to its small weight, within 21 kg and compact dimensions.

Makita LS 1440

The 34 kg multifunctional saw is recommended for straight and angle cutting of all types of wood materials, plastic and metal profiles to a depth of 122 mm. The cutting disc has an increased diameter of 305 mm and is activated by a 1380 watt motor. The safety of sawing operations is increased by the presence of a blocking shaft.

The list of advantages of the LS 1440 model:

  • double insulation, allowing you to work without mandatory grounding;
  • the possibility of processing long wood;
  • the presence of additional stops and reliable fixation of workpieces;
  • easy access to adjustment devices.


Makita LS0714

Small-sized and productive saw with a power of 1010 watts is focused on woodworking, but with replaceable blades it can be used for sawing plastics and non-ferrous metals.

The design of the tool provides the ability to perform bevel, inclined and combined cuts at an angle of 45 °. Working disc with a diameter of 19 cm produces a cut with a depth of 40 and 52 mm, respectively.

Sawing widths at 45/90 ° are 212 and 300 mm. The tool weighing only 12.7 kg is convenient for moving inside the production area and for moving by any means of transport Average.

Makita LS1018L

The saw is identical in power, performance and other performance characteristics to the previous model. The design of the tool, equipped with a 1430 watt motor, is completed with standard equipment, which includes:

makita, miter, blade, replacement
  • system of smooth engine start and electric braking;
  • speed stabilizer;
  • laser marker and double electrical insulation of live parts.

Maximum cutting depth at standard angles of 50 and 91 mm, width. 220 and 310 mm. The tool weighing 20 kg received the function of movement in the horizontal plane.

Operational advantages

  • efficiency of readjustment of working equipment;
  • easy access to control units;
  • high level of safety when performing complex work.

Designed in accordance with the requirements of the current regulations, the Makita miter saw for amateur or professional grade for the quality of the materials used, operational reliability and durability is not inferior to identical models of leading European manufacturers.

How To Change Makita Miter Saw Blade. Sliding 10″

The use of light alloys and wear-resistant plastics keeps the main range of household and professional miter saws in a moderate weight category in the range from 13 to 34 kg.

Makita LS1040

The design features of this model are a combination of a powerful 1650 watt electric motor and the minimum weight in its category, within 11 kg. The drive rod allows you to take advantage of the 260 mm diameter saw blade. Sawing capacity at different angles 35 and 53 mm, widths 95 and 135 mm.

Comfort of operation is improved due to modern ergonomics of the handle, convenient location of the start button and locking device, the presence of a rotary ruler on the table.

In the vertical plane, the saw can be tilted in the range from 0 to 45 °, in the horizontal plane. turn to the left up to 45 ° inclusive. Average.

Makita LS1216

The professional-grade table saw LS1216 series enables high-precision double-sided and double-sided cutting of workpieces. The 1650 watt electric drive is equipped with a soft start system and an electric braking device.

The circuit has a built-in circuit that stabilizes the speed of the drive under load. The saw is equipped with double guides for smooth and even carriage travel. A disc with a diameter of 305 mm copes with cutting work material to a depth of 107 mm.

Ensuring a safe workflow:

  • Wear hearing and eye protection when using the miter saw.
  • Check the integrity of the mains cable and protective cover before starting work.
  • Check the disc regularly for cracks or other damage, if found, replace the disc immediately.
  • Use discs with the correct fit and diameter.
  • Do not touch the disc while working.
  • When ripping, use the special stops and guides.
  • If the disc is stuck, release the start button immediately. Do the same for an unplanned disk stop.
  • Do not cut workpieces with nails, make sure they are not there in advance.
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Buying a miter saw or combination saw from an authorized Makita dealer provides two main benefits to the customer. guaranteed product quality and guaranteed quality of service.

Makita Miter Saws

The Japanese brand Makita is known all over the world and occupies one of the leading places in the global power tool market. Makita products. it is a guarantee of one hundred percent quality, reliability and long service life.

The company, which has existed since 1915, has won international recognition over several decades of its existence and has steadily retained its position to this day. Makita’s production facilities are located in several countries, and a successfully growing dealer network has spread across all continents. The wide geography of representative offices is explained by the fact that Makita power tools can be used in various climatic zones and under extreme loads.

The peculiarity of the Makita power tool is also that each electric motor is created taking into account the distinctive features of each separate type of equipment. In addition, the company uses only proven and reliable materials for the manufacture of tools and focuses on its own quality standards, which are much stricter than those adopted in the industry as a whole.

Miter (end) saw Makita. This is an electric tool designed for repeated precise sawing of workpieces at an angle and at various angles (straight or predetermined oblique angle). It can be considered a modernized version of the classic miter box (see Fig. 1), which is still widespread, but absolutely unsuitable for continuous work, since sawing is carried out using a conventional hacksaw. The miter saw also allows you to connect parts “in a mustache”, that is, an oblique connection, for which it received such names as “miter”, “miter saw” or “miter saw”. But still “miter saw” or “trimming”. a more general and common variant of the name.

The Makita miter saw is indispensable in the manufacture of window frames, door frames, various pieces of furniture, interior details and decorative frames. It is also effective when carrying out construction, installation and finishing works, in particular when laying parquet and laminate boards, installing skirting boards, platbands, when decorating walls with clapboard. With its help, you can saw not only wooden blanks, but also plastic, drywall and some types of non-ferrous metals (aluminum).

Virtually Makita miter saw. This is a circular saw, fixed on the base (desktop) and therefore has slightly different functions. In other words. It is a small-sized sawing machine consisting of a motor with a gearbox, a saw blade, a handle with controls and a base. It can be installed on the floor, on a table or on a special stand. The swivel part of the working table is equipped with a longitudinal stop, and for working with large and non-standard workpieces, all Makita trims are equipped with an additional stop, which is fixed in special holes on the sides of the bed, allowing you to increase the size of the work table and conveniently fix the workpiece on it. The base is usually made of magnesium alloy or die-cast aluminum. These materials are not only durable, but also lightweight, which significantly reduces the overall weight of the structure.

To fulfill its main purpose. oblique cut, the working base is rotated in different directions at a given angle. To set the exact angle, Makita miter saws are equipped with a non-erasable and easy-to-read digital scale, and fixed most commonly used values ​​are provided for quick adjustment of the cutting angle. 0º, 15º, 22.5º, 30º and 45º.

Combined miter saws (Makita LH1040, Makita LH1040F, Makita LF1000) occupy a special place in the range of miter saws, which are a universal tool that allows you to perform both transverse and longitudinal sawing of wood and other materials (plastic, aluminum) on the same equipment. They are most effective for working with small-sized workpieces (for example, making parquet), as well as for performing standard work that does not require perfect accuracy, but speed. The peculiarity of the Makita combination saw device is the presence of a saw table placed on top of the disk and designed to implement the function of a circular saw. Converting a tool from a miter saw to a sawing one and vice versa is quick and easy, and the machine itself is compact and does not take up much space. For rip cuts, the saw arm locks in the lower position, thus keeping the table horizontally.

The main characteristics that determine the operation of Makita miter saws are: power, tool weight, speed, width and depth of cut.

Power indicator. fundamental for any type of electric tool, since it is he who is responsible for the smoothness of the working process and for the ability to cut more dense material. However, power is directly proportional to the weight of the product, which is important if the miter saw is used on the road. In this regard, Makita specialists have chosen the optimal ratio of these two indicators. Most Makita miter saws have a power of 1.65 kW (Makita LS1040) and weights range from 11 to 34 kg.

The number of revolutions. the characteristic on which the speed and cleanliness of the cut depend. For Makita miter saws, its maximum value reaches 6,000 rpm (Makita LS0714FLB). Some models have an electronic speed control. Despite the fact that this function is of little importance, it still allows you to control the cutting process to some extent and adjust the tool to work with the corresponding material. Another option related to the RPM metric is even less common. It is about maintaining a constant number of revolutions at different loads, the meaning of which is that the built-in electronics will independently correct the speed when the pressure is increased or decreased. The accuracy of the cut and the duration of the work process depend on this. However, such a function is not necessary for an experienced craftsman, since he, feeling the saw, can compensate for the drop in revolutions with an additional feed.

The indicators of the width and depth of cut reflect the functionality of the tool, serve as the main criterion for selection and depend on the size of the blade. The cutting width is also influenced by the design of the working base. As a rule, miter saws have a relatively small cutting width, and especially when working in a slope or at an angle. To increase this indicator, the manufacturer Makita has equipped some of its models (Makita LS0714) with a traction function. In this case, the working unit is installed on two guide rods, as a result of which it is able to move along the mowing line of the cut, increasing its range of motion and providing a cutting width of up to 310 mm (instead of the standard 95 mm) with a working disc diameter of 190 mm. The “traction” function is called because the operator pulls the disc towards himself. In this case, the cutting edge of the disk rotates in the opposite direction from the user, so that the sawdust flow moves to the side, and the disk itself also presses the workpiece against the stop.

As for the cutting depth, it is in the miter saws in the range from 52 mm (Makita LS0714FLB) to 122 mm (Makita LS1440) when sawing at an angle of 90º.

In addition to the main characteristics, each model of Makita miter saws has its own set of additional functions and settings, the presence of which is designed to ensure greater productivity, increase the life of the product and reduce the risk of injury during the working process.

Firstly, most models (Makita LS1040) are equipped with an engine braking system. Such an electrodynamic brake stops the saw blade smoothly and almost instantly, which speeds up the work process (since all manipulations with changing the cutting angle and other changes in the position of the equipment are carried out only with the engine off), and at the same time acts as a kind of means of protecting the operator from possible industrial injuries.

Secondly, for a safe change of saw blades on all models, there is a button for fixing the shaft, and to prevent accidental starting of the saw. special locking system.

Thirdly, the working part of the Makita miter saw is covered with a strong cover and is equipped with a pendulum mechanism, due to which the sharp teeth of the equipment are exposed only as the saw blade approaches the workpiece.

Fourthly, on the case of most models there is a built-in hole for removing sawdust, debris and dust into a linen bag specially designed for this purpose (included in the delivery set). This is due to both the need to keep the workplace clean and to reduce the amount of wood or other dust, which poses a significant hazard to human health. When carrying out intensive and prolonged work, a vacuum cleaner (Makita LS1013) can be connected to the same hole using a branch pipe.

Fifth, some Makita miter saws (Makita LS1040F) are equipped with a fluorescent illumination lamp (denoted by the letter F in the name) to improve the view of the working area, and some also have a laser marker, the so-called “precision aiming system” (Makita LS0714FLB), which allows you to clearly follow the markings. Both the first and second options improve the quality of work and provide additional comfort.

Makita miter saws use a saw blade as a working tool. As a rule, it comes with each product, but sometimes, as, for example, in the case of the Makita LS1440 model, you have to purchase it separately. It should also be remembered that different types of material, cutting methods and the desired result require different discs.

They can differ in outer and bore diameters, geometry and sharpening of teeth, as well as material of manufacture. The landing diameter differs only with rare exceptions, usually it is 30 mm (Makita LF1000), while the outer diameter varies significantly from 190 mm / 20 mm (Makita LS0714) to 355 mm / 25 mm (Makita LS1440). However, the most common are discs with a diameter of 255 and 260 mm.

As for other parameters of disks, all of them also, to a greater or lesser extent, affect the quality and result of work.

Makita miter saws, like any other tool with cutting attachments, require extra care. The Makita manufacturer accompanies each of its tools with instructions for use, which spell out the basic safety rules. You should definitely familiarize yourself with them before starting work, remember them and re-read them from time to time to refresh your memory.

The guaranteed product quality is confirmed by the following:

  • from one to three years factory warranty;
  • post-warranty service;
  • an exclusively new tool;
  • a full set of accompanying documentation;
  • the ability to replace the tool upon detection of a factory defect;
  • compliance with the rules of transportation and storage.

Only the purchase of Makita miter and combination saws from an authorized dealer is a guarantee of its compliance with international and Russian standards, which in turn guarantees the durability and safety of a technical product.

The guaranteed quality of service is provided by the qualified personnel of the company who undergo regular training and confirmation of their qualifications, and who have specialized technical literature available. In addition, the clients of the official dealer can always get advice on all issues of interest from the company’s specialists by phone, icq or in person.