Malfunction of the carburetor of the Stihl FS lawn mower.

Repair of a carburetor of a Chinese lawn mower with your own hands video

lawn mowers, like the entire bench tool for the garden, is not difficult to maintain equipment. Repair, set up on your own and it is necessary. For example, adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands is the matter of five minutes. The carburetor from the lawn mower is a node in the power supply system. In it, like any carburetors, there is a process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for further supply to the motor cylinders.

In this process, the main thing is the correct proportion of fuel and air, for which the carburetor is regulated.

Adjustment of the carburetor lawn mower Stihl FS 55

Adjustment of the carburetor lawn.cutterhl fs 55

A combustible pump (its membrane) is sucked into the carburetor system. How to adjust the carburetor on you was said correctly. Adjustment of the trimmer carburetor for the STIHL FS 38 grass then passes through the fitting in the carburetor. How to adjust the carburetor of gasoline motorcycles. How to adjust the carburetor to a carburetor from a lawn mower. this is a node in the power system. Then the liquid moves through the intake and exhaust valve of the pump. Filtered with a net. On the needle valve moves into the membrane chamber.

  • Air supply to the tube with an air septum (damper). The partition regulates the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel supply system is certainly narrowed by the mixer to accelerate the flow.
  • Gasoline through the float chamber and nozzle with narrowing. The chamber with a float regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, and in the tube with narrowing is already small. Thanks to the pressure drop, fuel seeps through a jickler.
  • Acceleration of the air flow contributes to the transfer of fuel (gasoline) and its spray. Ultimately, a fuel mixture of the desired proportion or density appears.
  • The air-fuel mixture seeps into the cylinder of the motor through the fuel tube.

The level of air density in the system depends on the area of ​​the open air damper. The more extensive the damper is open, the greater the fuel consumption and power.

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a benzocos. creating a good fuel consistency due to the correct air supply.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. How to adjust the chainsaw how to adjust the carburetor on the Husqvarna chainsaw. With this element, only two obstacles are more often:

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. If the mud just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purge will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, it is necessary to put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

The starting device of the carburetor almost always does not work due to blockages. Should be used for flushing acetone or the same gasoline.

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. permissible and comfortable repair practice.

The hull of throttles, places of ligaments of the parts of the carburetor, intake or graduation pipeline. all of the listed parts are subject to depressurization. adjustment of the carburetor trimmer for the STIHL FS 55 grass in the video is performed in order to adjust the idle speed. How to adjust the carburetor on a scooter in your own. You can probably check the simple method. spread the problem area with soap foam.

Wear of the intake needle

The inlet needle fails, as a rule, due to the presence of abrasive particles in the fuel fluid.

Trimmer for STIHL FS 55 grass does not develop revolutions, stalls, we sort out the carburetor

  • The insurance of the saddle of the intake needle is violated;
  • the leakage of the combustible mixture appears;
  • malfunctions in the operation of the engine associated with re.enrichment of the fuel mixture appear.

Also, the intake needle can simply jam.

Singing an intake needle can cause the presence of dirt in a combustible, or a long simple apparatus without work.

VTECH 54. Stihl FS85 Brushcutter Troubleshooting & Repair

Operating instructions: safety measures

The equipment described above must be used by wearing special clothes and using equipment. Clothing should not interfere at work. You should choose the one that adjacent to the body. It is necessary to exclude wide sleeves that could catch on shrubs, wood or mobile details of the unit.

It is important to take off ties and shai. This also applies to jewelry. Before starting the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, you must wear protective boots that have a rough sole. It is important to use a special protective helmet and glasses that exclude damage to the organs of vision.

If you often encounter the need to mow grass on the site, then specially for this you can use modern devices according to the type of trimmers or lawn mowers. Among other solutions in the modern market are the lawn mowers, with which you can support the adjacent territory in a well.groomed state.

As one of the important advantages of the gas mower is the fact that it is not attached to the power source on the principle of electrical units. But you can use such equipment even in uneven areas and in places, the territory under shrubs should be included here.

Operating instructions: safety measures

The equipment described above must be used by wearing special clothes and using equipment. Clothing should not interfere at work. You should choose the one that adjacent to the body. It is necessary to exclude wide sleeves that could catch on shrubs, wood or mobile details of the unit.

It is important to take off ties and shai. This also applies to jewelry. Before starting the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, you must wear protective boots that have a rough sole. It is important to use a special protective helmet and glasses that exclude damage to the organs of vision.

If you often encounter the need to mow grass on the site, then specially for this you can use modern devices according to the type of trimmers or lawn mowers. Among other solutions in the modern market are the lawn mowers, with which you can support the adjacent territory in a well.groomed state.

As one of the important advantages of the gas mower is the fact that it is not attached to the power source on the principle of electrical units. But you can use such equipment even in uneven areas and in places, the territory under shrubs should be included here.

Chips on the choice

In accordance with the current statistics, it is the gasoline models of mowers that are most in demand. This is largely due to their mobility and functionality. However, when choosing a specific model of technology, it is necessary to take into account a number of other parameters. In such situations, it will be useful to compare motorcycles with other types of trimmers.

Electric devices are connected to a household network with a voltage of 220 V. Such machines do not pollute the air due to the lack of exhaust gases. No less important points will be the minimum noise level and relatively small weight. At the same time, the processed area is significantly limited.

The battery models today are the least common trimmers for grass for grass. The electric engine of such mowers does not feed from the network, but from the battery, which provides maximum mobility. However, the operating time of the equipment is limited by the battery charge and is an average of 35-45 minutes. Another important point is the relatively high cost of battery models.

When choosing a specific model of a gasoline trimmer for grass, it is necessary to take into account its technical characteristics. So, low.power devices are equipped with coils with a fishing line. On more reserved and powerful models, knives and cutters can be used as cutting elements.

Another important factor is the operational conditions. Do not forget about the cost of mowers.

How to adjust the carburetor on the trimmer Husqvarna video

how to adjust the carburetor on Husqvarna trimmer for grass

The photo shows a carburetor of a gasoline trimmer for PRoraB-8406 grass.My 1st attempt to adjust the lawn mowing carburetor did not give anything, the tactimmer is a more extensive concept than the lawn mower (lawn mower), because it can also be electronic. How to set up a carburetor on a gas tank.Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor adjustment. DIY chainsaw carburetor.How to make a gasoline trimmer for grass quieter. How to build a deltaplane itself. How to adjust the carburetor if you need to work, and the service with a tachometer is far away.Please tell me, and the strainer is sold on the carburetor of the STIHL 180 ?I faced the problem. the Husqvarna R128 trimmer began not to gain momentum, zoopet and stall in other words, adjusting the carburetor on a benzo.tank creating an optimal fuel mixture due to the correct air supply. How to adjust a carburetor on a gas tank. Currently on the market there is a large selection of chainsaws, among which you can note the chainships of the Partner of the Swedish concern Husqvarna and the Huter chamber of the same German company, for their compactness, lightness to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw. As a rule, about the need to adjust the supply of fuel with your own hands, the owner of the Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna lawn bureaucrats, and others are tuned in using a screw L, is determined by the last trimmer for the grass, all the video “Production practice in the Internet world for 60 seats” should not be determined. New Law and Educational Production Practice Report on Psychological Pedagogical Practice 3. These are far from all examples of how the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw can lead itself after incorrect adjustment, everything cannot be listed, Symptoms are often combined in different versions, therefore, if the first time to adjust the carburetor on Husqvarna today we will talk about how to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw.Consider the option of adjustment on the popular Husqvarna chainsaw. There are three adjusting screws with the designations on this carburetor as it should be and that the presence of harmful. exhaust gases are minimal, bring your car to your.should stand still. The released clutch can lead to injuries. Function. How to adjust the carburetor on the Chinese chainsaw. Through the handle of gas, the carburetor regulates the amount. 3 typical malfunctions and ways to eliminate them. 3.

malfunction, carburetor, stihl, lawn, mower

Stihl Weedeater Carb Adjust

1 How to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw Husqvarna 137?How to change the pistons on the chainsaw Husqvarna 137?Trimmer for STIHL FS 38 grass is probably good for all fans of high.quality garden technology. I don’t know where there is a grid and where there are no manufacturers for all firms, but there is no oleo-mac, and Husqvarna sins.I started with Paul Pink, reacts to gas as a sports car.Rinse. blow and adjust the carburetor, rinse the air filter.

Pros and cons of the model:

Naturally, the list of positive moments should be attributed to the evidence of the brand itself.

  • The need to constantly check the fuel level;
  • Small motorcycle resource;
  • Low power;
  • High cost;
  • Scanty set.

The presence of not particularly catastrophic shortcomings of the model does not have a negative effect on the popularity of the unit, because ideal technology simply does not exist.

Lawn mower Stihl FS38. Description of the model. Features of operation, maintenance

The Stihl FS38 Lawn Mobilum. the easiest mobile version with a capacity of 0.9 liters.With., It is intended for domestic use.

  • Thanks to the modern electronic ignition system, reliable starting and uninterrupted engine operation is ensured.
  • Using the fuel pump, the operator has the ability, if necessary, pump up fuel into a carburetor.
  • Optimal maneuverability is provided thanks to the D-shaped handle, with which it is convenient to control the Stihl motorcycle carpet when working in complex areas.
  • All control levers are located on a special multifunctional handle (R), which ensures the safety and reliability of the benzotrimer operation.
  • Thanks to the Autocut C5-2 mowing headset, the diameter of the mowing is 380 mm.
  • The ergonomic shoulder belt allows you to hold the STIHL motorcycle cub on the shoulder, it is rational to coordinate movements during operation.
  • Small mass (4.1 kg.), small dimensions, rational basic equipment. thanks to these characteristics, the Stihl 38 lawn mower is extremely comfortable in work.

Each STIHL lawn mower is designed strictly for the work provided for in the engine power. The manufacturer categorically does not recommend that it independently receive or somehow improve the device of braids for grass. Therefore, before buying a Stihl law mower, it is necessary to clearly determine the upcoming front of work.

It is completely inappropriate to purchase a powerful trimmer for grass for periodic mowing of grass on the lawn, for this quite light gasoline or electric models of mowers.

Buy a STIHL motorcycle in St. Petersburg

When working on a landscape with trees, shrubs and buildings, the StiHL lawn mushroom gives maximum convenience and confidence in the best result. Even an inexpensive trimmer for STIHL FS 38 is easy to cope with young grass, deftly bypassing the corners of buildings, trees, stones and bushes trunks, stones and bushes. A slope slope is also not an obstacle for this simple but effective model. If you often meet perennial weeds mixed with a small, but thick shrub, then it is better to take more power.

Before buying a Stihl lawn mower in St. Petersburg, you need to evaluate the circle of tasks that will solve the purchased equipment. Small areas are usually processed manually. If the front of the work is planned large, then the Stihl FS lawn mower will require increased power. The type of cutting canvas is also an important factor. It is a steel knife with an increased number of teeth that can instantly cut down young animals and a large shrub.


Gasoline, 650 W, equipment: fishing line for trimmer, weight 4.1 kg

Who knows if you can put a knife on this trimmer for grass?

This trimmer for grass has a “head” with 3 inertial plastic knives. Very good alternative to metal knives. Believe me.

How to set up this lawn mower, it works at idle, lost under load, you can squint a little. Only from time to time you press the gas, but the right hand is very tired of this “twitching”, it is easier to knock down the tops of an ordinary pigtail.

Fedorov.Stepan, what a head, throw off the photo in a personal. New 38 cm. http: // airtehno.By/stihl/kustorezyi-i-motokosyi/

How to set up this lawn mower, it works at idle, lost under load, you can squint a little. Only from time to time you press the gas, but the right hand is very tired of this “twitching”, it is easier to knock down the tops of an ordinary pigtail.

This is most likely a problem with carbohydrates. How much does your trimmer cost for grass? If the new one is a guarantee, if the old one, then there is another option to save the seal, but this is a very rare case. There are also two common diseases. Over the past years, either a silencer or the output glass of the cylinder was clogged, and the sound of the engine is usually determined by an experienced master, even when starting the engine. And the second disease in recent years. Ignition coils on FS38 and FS55, everything is the same. Also check the presence of cracks in the fuel hoses (I have not seen anything like this on these trimmers). I do not recommend adjusting the screw indicated by the letter L and h too. The first. Adjustment at low speeds, second. From the factory with a plastic limiter, he is responsible for the maximum speed. If the braid worked correctly, then problems arise, first you need to rinse the carburetor, then follow the settings, the settings yourself do not go wrong, and you cannot remove dirt from the carburetor, regulating. It happens that people tune in such a way that the sound works fine, but then they repair the engine. In trimmers and chainsaws, in addition to cooling the air outside the engine along the edges of the cylinder, there is also a concept of internal cooling due to fuel evaporation, and if this is not enough, you will kill the engine after half an hour, this happens when the air is absorbed through the seals or other possible places or when the carburetor is adjusted wrong (screw l). The maximum speed is set on an electronic tachometer and on trimmers not more than 10,000. From the original instructions for the operation of your device, you can find out how many possible maximum speeds and standard settings.

Problems and Methods of Eliminating. DIY repair

But what to do if suddenly avoided breaking the mechanism failed? We will not understand the reasons for this, but it will not be superfluous to consider possible problems that may arise with a mowing, as well as methods for eliminating their own forces.

The engine does not start. If you are faced with this problem, then you first need to estimate the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, it may not be a problem as such, but you just need to add fuel and continue to work. By the way, the used fuel is worth separately, because the life of the lawn mower depends on its quality. Experts recommends AI-92 gasoline, not lower.

Stiga Robots Robots are an innovation in the agricultural industry, which managed to win the hearts of many farmers and summer residents.

They wondered: “How to choose a professional saw without experience with this tool?”, Then you here // MachinSpec.COM/Lesozagotovitelnaya/Benzopila/Kak-Vybrat.HTML.

Another probable cause of unstable engine operation may be pollution of the fuel filter. Carefully examine it, clean it, if there is a need for this. If the filter is not amenable to independent repair, then it should be replaced with a new.

Do not forget about the air filter, the clog of which can also lead to the failure of the tool. In order to avoid this, the part is removed and washed in water with detergents, or in gasoline, if there is no access to water supply.

Then the filter must be carefully rinsed and dried, carefully monitoring the integrity of the structure. Before installing the part in a mower, you need to lubricate it with a small amount of oil. However, if you do not want to mess with cleaning the unit, then we suggest you familiarize yourself with the lawn mower with the mulching function, because it will not only cut the lawn, but also prepare further fertilizer.

The spark plug can also affect engine performance. It is necessary to unscrew it and check the condition, if necessary, then replace it with a new.

If after all the manipulations done, the engine still does not start, then you can resort to the advice of experienced masters who used them in practice.

It is necessary to adjust the speed using a carburetor screw. The mower is put so that the fuel falls pointwise on the bottom of the carburetor. For this, the tool is put so that there is an air filter on top.

Next, you need to remove it and pour a little fuel in the carburetor, then installing all the details in place. The engine should start.

You can pull the label handle, while closing the air barrier air damper. Then open it and pull the starter a couple more times. This is a fairly universal way, proven for years.

These tips are not a panacea, but they are quite effective and useful.

The braid stalls immediately after starting. The main reason for such a problem is the incorrect adjustment of the carburetor. Determining this problem is quite simple. strong vibration will be felt when the mowing. You can fix the problem yourself, looking into the instructions, where the problem and methods of elimination are described in detail.

Particular attention should be paid to the fuel channel, often it is the reason that the tool stalls. Check it regularly and clean it from pollution

malfunction, carburetor, stihl, lawn, mower

Various small details, such as a cable or fuel intake hose, can affect the stable operation of the tool. Therefore, you need to monitor their condition, check for the presence of cracks and small punctures.

The relatively high price of STIHL products can be scared away by many, but if you think about what is more important. reliability and good result or savings that are in harm with the quality? But, if you set out to save money, we offer you an option for the lawn mower with your own hands, collecting the device with your own efforts you will know all the nuances and the structure of the tool.

Of course, you can choose cheaper Chinese counterparts, but then no one can vouch for the result of the final work and for the life of the service, which is very short.lived among such models. So it is more profitable to purchase a mow from an authoritative company once, which is certainly Stihl, and enjoy stable work for many years of operation.

STIHL 70 lawn mower. advantages and parameters

This gasoline trimmer for STIHL grass is equipped with a durable motor operating on the principle of 2-Mix innovation system. For a clothed engagement of the motor, the manufacturer included a reliable hand starter with Ergostart Starting System with the Enchard Start System. The system of compulsory air supply system is responsible for continuous cooling of the details of the ICE.

To protect the operator from flying sand and stones, the manufacturer provided a durable plastic casing. It is equipped with stiffener ribs that increase the stability of the element to strong impacts.

The main parameters of the STIHL motokos are:

  • The power of the standard motor is 1.2 liters. With.;
  • the capacity of the fuel tank is 340 ml;
  • The maximum possible capture diameter when mowing with a fishing line is 42 cm;
  • capture diameter when cutting with a knife. 22 cm;
  • working form. 5.6 kg.

This STIHL lawn mower is released by a relatively low noise level. When working with a plastic knife, this parameter is 94 dB, and when using a metal cutting nozzle, it does not exceed 107 dB.

Quick launch of the unit

Correct replacement of spark plugs

The fact that the spark plugs should be changed periodically, many people know, but few people do it correctly and in a certain sequence. To make all manipulations correctly, you should get acquainted with the correct order of actions.

  • Stop the engine and wait until it becomes cold, otherwise you can get a strong burn.
  • The high.voltage wire is disconnected from the candle. We unscrew the candle with a special key. We examine the candle.
  • The part must be replaced if it is in a faulty state, very dirty, or a crack will be found on the case.
  • Check the gap between the electrodes. Their value should be 0.6 mm.
  • Put a new candle and tighten the key.
  • We install the high.voltage wire to the central electrode of the candle.

There is nothing complicated in this procedure, and absolutely any owner of a gasoline braid for grass can cope with it.

The lawn mower stalls after starting

The motor may stall after starting the device if the carburetor is incorrectly configured or it has been resolved. It’s very easy to identify. Vibrations may occur, which are clearly felt during operation. You can also make adjustment with your own hands, it is worth strictly implementing all the instructions written in the manual.

The motor can also stall due to the fact that the fuel valve has clogged. In this case, it must be cleaned, and then the problem will be eliminated.

If the braid for the grass started, and then sharply stalled, this means that the supply of fuel to the carburetor is difficult. It is necessary to loosen the valves of the carburetor, then the free approach of the fuel to it will be carried out in the required amount.

If an excessive air leak is observed, then the engine can also stall. A few revolutions should be added so that air bubbles come out of the fuel system. It is still necessary to check the integrity of the fuel hose. If any damage is found in it, then the part must be replaced immediately.

About the manufacturer Stihl

The history of this German brand begins in 1926. At the initial stages of its development, the company was engaged in the production and implementation of various components for washing and steam machines. It all began, like many companies, with a small production and narrow orientation, which made it possible to focus on the quality of the manufactured products.

In the early 30s, the first Stihl chainsaw was released, which is characterized by convenience and functionality in those days. The company is developing at a long time, constantly introducing new tools, which gives it the opportunity to enter the international market. And already in 1931, the first regular supplies of products were organized at the moment, the company has launched its activities in more than 160 countries of the world, opening new centers and production departments in Switzerland, China and many other states. This is understandable, because the assortment of the company is impressive: motoburs, gasoline sprayers, mowers, gasoline trimmers for grass, chainsaws and much more. I would like to note that Shtil chainsaws are very popular due to their functionality and acceptable price.

Carburetor adjustment Motokos STIHL FS 38

Immediately before the setting of the carburetor trimmer for STIHL grass, you will need to eliminate all the malfunctions of the model. Engine and other nodes of motorcycles should be completely working. It will also be necessary to clean or replace the air felt filter. To do this, you need to remove the element from its standard case, rinse it with clean gasoline and install it back in place.

The further procedure for adjusting the STIHL FS 38 carburetor is as follows:

  • Initially, the full.time bolt of L, responsible for adjusting the engine speed in idle mode, will need to be turned around the clockwise direction to the stop, and then transfer it to 1.5 turns in the opposite direction;
  • Then you need to start a trimmer engine for grass and give it time to warm up;
  • As soon as the motor cylinder heats up, you will need to press the gas trigger several times. If, after a decrease in the number of revolutions, the spitter head with the fishing line continues to rotate, then you need to start turning the LA bolt alternately until the cutting headset stops.

After that, you should check the work of the trimmer for STIHL grass in different modes. If the tuning of the carburetor is performed correctly, then the gas mowing engine will quickly gain momentum when you press the gas trigger, and also lose them quickly when releasing it.

Signs of unbalancing

Carburetor debugging is necessarily carried out in the manufacture of the device. As a rule, the owners will learn about the need to adjust the fuel supply with their own hands only after quite serious breakdowns, in the process of correcting which, the module was removed and, for example, cleaned.

Signs of failure in the settings are the following:

  • starts up, but immediately stalls the engine. since the engine can only work when a certain amount of gasoline is supplied, with too “poor” fuel, that is, overlapping the supply channel, the motor will stop;
  • too much fuel consumption, many exhaust gases. the result of incomplete combustion of the mixture. In this case, the fuel, on the contrary, is too much and the mixture is excessively dense.

Adjustment of the carburetor of a Chinese lawn mower. Practice.

The correct setting of the carburetor

Determined by the engine operation and by the color of the candle. Adjusted.

Insidious malfunction of the carburetor of the Chinese lawn mower.

Spare parts for motorcycle repair and adjustment of the carburetor

malfunction, carburetor, stihl, lawn, mower

STIHL, Makita, Husqvarna and others tuned with adjusting screws. Sometimes the reason for disrupting the work is a violation of fixation-due to vibration or damage to the protective cap. Such a breakdown can be found only by trying to turn the screw a little: if the fixation is not stiff, it is worth checking the setting.

Review of models

Gasoline braids for grass are widely used for professional laws care, as well as in agriculture. These samples of modern technology have proven their effectiveness when leaning weeds and hay harvesting. In such conditions, special attention is paid to the correct choice of the representative of the model range, taking into account the design characteristics and technical characteristics.

At the moment, potential customers are offered the following models of the STIHL motorcycle:

To describe the main features of representatives of these categories, it is worth considering some samples of technology. So, the light lawn mower FS-38 is designed to perform simple landscape work, as a rule, in the conditions of personal plots. The weight of this tool is a little more than 4 kg. In this case, the operating volume of the engine and its power are 27.2 cm3 and 0.65 kW, respectively.

The main advantages of representatives of this category include the following operational indicators:

  • insignificant weight;
  • maximum ease of use;
  • minimum fuel consumption;
  • power plant power;
  • reliability and long service life;
  • minimum noise and vibration;
  • modern design.

One of the popular models related to the segment of powerful trimmers is Stihl FS-13. The “heart” of this six.kilogram braid for the grass was an engine with a volume of 36.3 cubic centimeters and a power of 1.4 kW. The model is equipped with a tank with a volume of up to 0.5 liters. Powerful lawn mowers, as a rule, are classified as professional tools with the following advantages:

  • increased power;
  • maximum reliability and durability;
  • the possibility of processing almost any surfaces, including thick shrubs;
  • convenience and ease of operation;
  • the presence of a “bicycle” holder handle.

Experienced owners and experts advise to complete powerful trimmers for grass with coils with fishing line. A similar approach provides the ability to mow any grass in places.