Medium-sized power tillers with a universal joint shaft

Clutch for power tiller with your own hands

Regular work of the clutch system means a constant friction of its parts that sooner or later makes even the most reliable mechanism get out of order. After that, you can buy a new device, or try to make a homemade clutch for an agricultural machine.

Before you make a clutch on a single-axle tractor, you will need to prepare certain parts. For the work you will need:

Drive shaft velocity

  • Flywheel and primary shaft, taken from the transmission from a Soviet Moskvich;
  • A knuckle and a serviceable hub from a Tavria car;
  • Slave pulley, complete with two knobs;
  • Crankshaft from the car GAZ-69;
  • B-profile.

In addition to preparing spare parts, we advise you to study the drawings of the clutch system beforehand. They indicate the location of parts and the order in which they are assembled.

The making of the clutch mechanism is done in this order:

  • First, grind the used crankshaft so that it does not touch the other internal elements of the device;
  • Next, put on the shaft on the regular hub of your motoblock;
  • Flatten a place in the surface of the shaft for installing a bearing. As a result, the hub should be installed without the slightest play, and the pulley itself should rotate freely around its axis;
  • After that, turn the crankshaft over and do the above steps on the back side of it;
  • Then make six holes in the pulley using a drill with a 5mm bit. The holes must be the same distance apart. Note that 10mm bolts will be screwed into the holes, so you need to drill holes on the back side of the pulley as well;
  • Put the pulley on top of the flywheel, and fasten the two parts with a bolt. Next, mark the places where you need to drill holes. Note that they must match the holes previously drilled in the pulley;
  • Pull out the pulley and drill small holes in the flywheel;
  • Flatten the surface inside the flywheel and shaft so that the parts are not touching each other;
  • The clutch handle on the single axle tractor must fit into the mechanism. To make it, take a tube that is 30 mm long and about 10 mm in diameter, and mount it on the pulley;
  • You can take the clutch cable from an old chainsaw, or buy new cord, and wind it on the spool.

Distinguishing features

The power take-off shaft is the mechanism that enables steady transfer of engine power to the working elements of the attachment.

Most modern models are equipped with this element. It is located at the rear of the machine. Sometimes there is a differential at the front of the PTO.

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The main tasks of the PTO are as follows:

  • Starts the mechanical components in the attachment. It is connected to the agricultural machine directly or through additional elements, among which the gearbox, PTO shaft and V-belt drives. This is the main function of the PTO, because it enables the implement to perform additional functions.
  • Starts the hydraulic system of the attached implement. PTO acts on the implement pump. For this purpose, the shaft is used less often, because farmers do not often use motor blocks in conjunction with the hydraulic system.


PTO shafts are divided into classes according to their operating principle. If we take into account this nuance, it is possible to divide all mechanisms into several types.

  • Shafts that work directly from the engine of the power tiller are called dependent. If there is no connection between the clutch and the engine, the PTO stops rotating.
  • In the independent version, the PTO operates in a more gentle mode due to an even distribution of the load. This type of drive makes it possible to use the mechanism when the clutch is off.
  • If non-stop operation of the PTO is provided by rotation of the wheels, then such a shaft is called a synchronous shaft.
  • Asynchronous shafts, according to their operating principle, are the opposite of the mechanism of the previous class. This type of unit is generally designed for machines that must work without stopping and at low speeds.
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This kind of subdivision into classes will allow the owner to choose a single-axle tractor with PTO of a suitable type. Although, if necessary, you can buy the shaft of another type separately and install it yourself.

How to choose a single-axle tractor?

Before purchasing a unit, it is necessary to focus on the set of operations that the single-axle tractor will have to perform. You should not buy the most expensive modifications of units that have in their arsenal a full set of functions. Not every model can cope with the task.

For example, on large plots with dense soil, the purchase of a heavy machine will be optimal, while a small country house will require a light class power tiller.

As well as the choice must be determined with the type of fuel on which the farm machine will work. Units with a gasoline engine run quieter, have less weight, are easy to maintain. Diesel motor tractors are noisier, but they take up their high power. The disadvantage of diesel is its high price.

It should be taken into account that additional attachments can often be represented by another manufacturer. In this case, you will need an adapter to connect the implement to the purchased power tiller. This can lead to malfunction of the unit or problems in performing the work.

The range of power tillers on the market today is quite diverse. Models of such companies as Husqvarna, Profi, Hyundai are in great demand. In our country and neighboring countries such machines as “Belarus”, “Neva”, “Salyut-100” are presented. Of course, do not ignore the Chinese companies Forte, Wiema, because their products are also quite popular.

If you compare foreign models with domestic analogues, you can see that not always their cost is justified by reliability and convenience in operation. In addition, imported models will require expensive consumables and the presence of experienced professionals to carry out maintenance. Both can be very difficult to find.

Domestic companies focus on ease of use, low cost. The decisive factor is the possibility of repairing the power tiller by your own forces.

The key features that distinguish a professional single-axle tractor with PTO from units designed for home use lie in the engineering solution of the design of a power tiller. The PTO in such machines is used not only for the active linkage, but also for the tillers.

Quality of materials

Professional equipment (not only motor equipment, but also any other equipment) assumes significantly higher loads and working hours, that is, a single-axle tractor can be used daily for a full working day, while ordinary domestic models are taken out of the garage only with the onset of the season and are limited to a few hours of work. Accordingly, the requirements for quality and durability of all major assemblies in units for professionals are much higher, which the manufacturers necessarily pay attention to.

Engine power

Also, this class of power tillers is often equipped with a more powerful engine. While the power of inexpensive household units rarely exceeds 8 L.с., In professional models it often goes up to 13 liters.с. And the more power, the more complex and resource-intensive work can be performed by a single-axle tractor (for example, to transport heavy loads or to plow virgin lands).

Ergonomics and build quality

As for ergonomics, this question is quite complicated and is based on personal experience of the tractor’s operator. But when designing professional models it is taken seriously that allows to get a machine the work with which will result in less fatigue, and will not be accompanied by rattle and knocking of separate structural elements.

Also power tillers with PTO have a different configuration of attachments, including milling machines. These motor blocks “pull” them instead of using pneumatic wheels, placing the cutters under the engine, which facilitates the operator’s work by 70%.

Engine power takeoff system

The PTO is one of the most important differences. Its primary function is to transfer shaft rotation to the active attachment. Put simply, it not only keeps the single axle tractor running, but also turns the tillers or blades of the mower. 80% of all domestic machines are equipped with belt power take-off, 20% are equipped with PTO, but it is used only for connection of active attachments. Professional power tillers with PTO also use it for transferring torque to the tillers.

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Single-axle tractor with power take-off shaft KADVI single-axle tractor UGRA NMB-1N15 (engine Lifan 177FD 9,0 l.с. with el. spare parts.) NMB-1H15

The strong and heavy single axle tractor is well suited for large and medium sized plots, and can easily handle impressive amounts of work and heavy loads. This machine will be indispensable in a large private vegetable garden or in a medium-sized farm field. Big weight allows using this machine for tillage.

Description and parameters of the Ugra NMB-1H15 single-axle tractor (Lifan 177FD engine 9,0 l).с. with el. spare.) NMB-1H15

UGRA NMB-1H17 single-axle tractor with power take-off shaft (Lifan 170F 7,0 l engine).с.) НМБ-1Н17

Ugra NMB-1H17 single-axle tractor with power take-off shaft (Lifan 170F engine 7,0 L).с.) НМБ-1Н17

Engine Lifan 170F Type of engine Gasoline Engine power 7 liters.с. Engine capacity 170 cc Maximum working depth 300 mm Direction of rotation of the cutters straight Forward/Reverse speed 3 / 1 Fuel tank capacity 3.6 l Power take-off shaft Packaging (WxHxW) 820x710x600mm Net weight 85kg Gross weight 120kg Features Directional switch.

Description and parameters of the single-axle tractor UGRA NMB-1H17 (engine Lifan 170F 7,0 l.с.) NMB-1H17

UGRA NMB-1H7 NMB-1H7 UGRA single axle tractor with power take-off shaft

UGRA NMB-1H7 UGRA single axle tractor with power take-off shaft

Engine model Lifan 168F-2 Maximum power (l).с.) 6.5 Engine start Mechanical (recoil starter) Wheel size 4×10 Engine displacement (cc).cm.) 196 Gear type Gear type Engine manufacturer Lifan (China) Engine type Gasoline engine Country of assembly Russia Number of speeds 3 forward / 1 reverse Stump processing depth.

Description and parameters single axle tractor UGRA NMB-1H7 NMB-1H7

To work with additional attachments it is recommended to buy a single-axle tractor with a PTO. This will allow you to use the base unit to connect the brush, snowplow rotor, mower. In our range we offer universal models from leading manufacturers at an affordable price.

Other advantages of power tillers with PTO:

  • good cross-country ability
  • simple ergonomic controls
  • low maintenance
  • economical engines
  • long lifetime

Gardeners and gardeners can buy machinery with power units designed for intensive high load. We offer attractive for all products.

The second class. “medium” motor blocks from 80 to 100 kg

In principle, “light to medium” is a rather arbitrary division, and you can use “medium” in tasks for “light” and vice versa. It’s just more convenient to use a single-axle tractor of its class for your tasks. So when choosing, you need to decide what your unit will do more. If you work with power tillers, the light models are the best. If you have to work with tractive forces, where weight is important, the “medium” models are better.д. And everyone can drive an ordinary cart.

In the middle class the most popular of course is “Neva” with the series MB-2. Inside the series “MB-2” there are different subclasses: the simplest “MB-2KS” with the most accessible engines and without axle release (so-called differential), the usual most popular and proven “MB-2”, and the most advanced and convenient “MB-2 Multi-Agro” with professional engines.

The “Neva” company is competing with the “KADVI” motor-blocks “OKA” and “UGRA”. Well, “Mobil K” from the light class, as functionally it is similar to the “MB-2” series, despite the lower weight. “Mobil K” we have already considered, so let’s move on to other manufacturers.

“Oka” is very similar to the “Neva MB-2″ classic design, but has a number of drawbacks: the cheapest (and consequently, the most popular models) have the gear shifting through the metal rods, but not ropes; the gear shift is inconvenient, without any lever at all; there is no axle release. But the machine bribes by the price, and reliability, all other things being equal, is not worse. Again, there are 9L models.с. Neva” already has such models on a heavier frame “MB-23.

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“Ugra” is probably the most ambiguous single-axle tractor among those presented. Its active attachments are connected via a slotted shaft (PTO). This carries both a plus and a minus. Plus. no belts, better torque transfer, which, for example, when working with a snow blower is a big plus. You can attach a proprietary adapter with a torque transfer to the adapter axle, which turns the whole structure into a kind of buggy 4×4. Disadvantages are the continuation of the pluses. Few active attachments. in fact, only “Zarya” mower and snow blower. It is necessary to pay attention not to overload the PTO, because if it breaks, you won’t need to replace the belt.

A great five of the “middle” class (the division is conditional)

  • Neva MB2-BS CR950 6 single axle tractor.5. The most popular single-axle tractor with a classic gearbox, wheel release and an American engine
  • Neva MB2-CS single axle tractor: GO. the most affordable single axle tractor of MB-2 series. Now comes with a Zongshen GB225 7cm engine.5. In 2020, there were variants with 6 engine.5 л.с.
  • single axle tractor OKA MB-1D1M10 Lifan 168F-2 6.5. the cheapest single axle tractor in the middle class.
  • single axle tractor Neva MB2 Multi-AGRO BS Vanguard 6.5 Professional engine, ergonomic handles, 3-speed gearbox “Multi-Agro. The best single axle tractor in this class. But also the most expensive.
  • Ugra NMB-1H7 Lifan 168F-2 6.5. the most affordable version of power tillers with PTO.

Top of the best power tillers for light, medium and heavy classes

unlike a cultivator, a single-axle tractor works with mounted and trailed implements (mowers, tillers, snow plows, crop diggers, planters, etc.).д.). It necessarily has a PTO mechanism), it is possible to hitch a cart to transport goods. It also has wheels to which the torque is transmitted.

Choosing a good single-axle tractor, it is important to rely not so much on its technical characteristics, but rather on the tasks that will be assigned to it. So, for example, to serve a small plot of land near the cottage the best model will be one, and when carrying out agricultural work on an area of several hectares quite another. Then let’s analyze which single-axle tractor is better to buy and for what purpose let’s define the engine power (and the engine itself, Chinese, American or European), transmission, gearbox, and the location of the center of mass.

The variety of functions performed, as well as the criteria that are taken into account when evaluating power tillers, does not allow you to choose from them one, the best unit. To organize your power tillers in terms of what they can do, consider them in light, medium and heavy classes.

After determining the list of works, for which you need a good single-axle tractor, begin to study and analyze the characteristics of existing models. For example:

  • A heavy single-axle tractor with a powerful motor is not necessary for a summer cottage or a garden, where the soil is annually cultivated. It is enough to choose a single-axle tractor of light (“Neva MK100P-DM163”) or medium (“Neva MB2-BS”) class, equipped with quality cutters and sets of attachments;
  • If you intend to frequently use rear attachments, then you need to choose a single-axle tractor for the garden weighing about 100130 kg (Huter MK-8000). If a single-axle tractor is lighter, the tool will not be able to go into the ground to the required depth. A heavier single-axle tractor will lurch and the rear equipment will not provide the desired productivity;
  • When cultivating virgin land, you need a reliable heavy single-axle tractor with a powerful engine and the ability to capture up to one meter of cultivated land (Champion BC1193).