Metabo 10 8 Screwdriver Review

Metabo screwdriver. Is the golden mean when choosing a power tool, both for home use and for professional activities.

Metabo screwdrivers deserve this characteristic for a successful combination of functionality, quality and price.

The stylistics of the famous German brand can be traced in the entire line of tools.

Regardless of the battery. The battery or the network, the devices are ergonomic and light in weight.

Professional and household screwdrivers of the oldest European manufacturer deserved popularity.

Overview of Metabo screwdrivers

Metabo forms the assortment taking into account a scope.

The corporation creates screwdrivers with optimal parameters for each type of activity.

Metabo 10 8 Screwdriver Review

Systematically expands multifunctional capabilities.

This significantly increases the market.

In the territory of the Russian Federation models of the German and Chinese assembly are offered.

Along with power tools, cordless models with battery power from 1.3 to 8.0 Ah are widely represented.

The company is a leader in the development, implementation of innovative system solutions, is consistently introducing a range of stand-alone wireless technologies.

Regardless of the power, Metabo-branded screwdrivers support drilling options.

For powerful versions, a shock function is provided.

Safety, a comfortable workflow are characteristics that are characteristic of household and professional appliances of the brand.

It is noteworthy that the warranty provided by the company is supported by service centers in the Russian Federation and is 3 years.

What is the reason for the confidence in the quality of products from German manufacturers?

Such a long service life and a serious warranty period in combination with performance is ensured by the introduction of our own technical developments.

So, network devices are lightweight, equipped with a powerful and reliable Marathon engine from 400 to 600 watts.

Their productivity is enough for an apartment and for industrial construction.

Additional winding protection ensures operation in the event of a power failure or unstable voltage. The maximum torque is from 7 to 11 Nm.

The range of cordless tools from miniature to super powerful 18V class. The introduction of brushless motors in the LT and LTX class allowed:

Lighten the weight of screwdrivers; increase speed and power up to 30%; ensure efficient battery operation.

A separate line in the Metabo line is cordless and cordless drywall screwdrivers.

Ergonomic tools for dry construction with an idle of 2500, 4000 or 6000 rpm are suitable for various materials.

They are lightweight and ergonomic. The control switches are most convenient for long-term operation in one position, and are designed for a long period of operation without fatigue.

General characteristics of Metabo screwdrivers

Any product of a brand is developed taking into account specifics of application.

Among the common parameters are the compact dimensions of the Metabo screwdriver, quick choice of speeds, and convenient control.

They have the following features:

Equipped with quick-clamping chucks and backlight; use protection of the mechanism against dust particles; aluminum gear housing effectively removes heat; The gear selector is located in a comfortable working area.

The molded case is made of polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass.

According to the manufacturer, he protects the mechanism from shock and falling from a height of up to two meters.

Functions and Features

One of the distinguishing features of Metabo screwdrivers is its versatility.

A number of models support pulse mode.

Short-term impulses make it possible to remove a stuck self-tapping screw or a screw with a ripped off head; drill tile and kermogranit at the first stage.

This feature is useful in dry construction, furniture assembly, and chores.

The shock option in some cases replaces the hammer drill, used for drilling brick or concrete surfaces.

Spot lighting is a useful invention of Metabo engineers.

The LED turns on automatically, it has a minimum power consumption.

The directional beam power is enough to illuminate a dark area.

Among other useful options is the adjustment of the screwing depth.


Autonomous screwdrivers are equipped with three types of battery:

Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd). Work stably at low temperatures, hold a charge for a long time; Lithium-ion (Li-Ion). Are compact in size, highly environmentally friendly, and quickly charge. Lihd is a new Metabo development. The electrochemical cell with capacities from 4.0 to 8.0 Ah is an innovative technology. The battery has a capacity ranging from 400 to 3200W.

Charges the batteries of a screwdriver standard complex.

Depending on the configuration, it is supplied or sold separately.

Most models support charging of all types of power supplies and operate on 230-240 V.

The charger is universal and commutes with batteries from other types of stand-alone Metabo tools.

Using the adapter allows you to charge the elements of all old and new blocks.

Metabo uses its own development of Ultra-M, designed for efficient communication between important nodes.

The technology controls the balance of interaction between the battery, engine, gearbox and controls the charging / discharging process.

As a result, the optimal power consumption of the battery packs, delicate charging, the maximum output power of the screwdriver and a longer service life.


The screwdrivers equipped with the Metabo Quick system allow you to replace the keyless chuck, angle nozzle and any equipment in seconds from any position.

The function is convenient for working in hard-to-reach places when it is necessary to perform several different operations in a row: for example, twist and drill.

Quick Technology

Quick technology differs in the way the holder is mounted on the spindle.

The device does not have a fixing screw, this allows you to freely operate the nozzles of the right and left rotation, quickly remove the cartridge and insert the nozzle directly into the rod.

A double-muffle cartridge is included with some models, it can also be purchased separately.

The two-sleeve design is complemented by a snap ring and is considered a more reliable attachment of equipment.

But most of the products are sold with a single-event mechanism.

Mini-versions of screwdrivers are available without a chuck. A magnetic clamp with a 1/4 ″ hexagonal recess allows you to insert the cue ball directly into the spindle.

Additional devices

Metabo is one of the market leaders for additional options in the design of screwdrivers.

Some models are made with an additional handle, like a drill.

Among other useful devices:

Metabo offers dust removal nozzles, dust collectors, carbon brushes, chargers and adapters for all types of batteries, including old NiMH.

Testing screwdrivers “Metabo”

Metabo drill drivers with advanced functionality, such as a percussion mechanism, work with hard materials such as concrete and brick.

Shock mechanism

Impact screwdriver with letters BS in the marking, characterized by increased power.

The hammer drilling mode facilitates interaction with metal, wood, brick, and tile.

But for a couple of holes, a depth of 5-6 mm, Metabo’s power will be enough.

Maximum drilling diameter

Drilling diameter in everyday life is an important indicator, since this tool often replaces a drill.

The value depends on the type of product.

The largest diameter in the LTX class.

The smallest. With compact screwdrivers and type L.

General maximum range values:

For steel: 10, 13, 20 mm; for wood: 18, 20, 35, 38, 65 mm.

For similar results, power models with a torque of 95 Nm or more are used when using a drill with a diameter of 100-130 mm.

Pros and cons of Metabo screwdrivers

Whatever the original and useful technology, the technique has its drawbacks and advantages.

For an objective assessment of German-made screwdrivers, it is worth systematizing the opinions of Metabo users.

So, among the pluses:

Stable work in a professional mode during the service life. The tool adequately withstands loads in accordance with the characteristics. The handle is conveniently shaped to the cartridge, which, in combination with an engine shifted to the wrist area, determines ideal ergonomics. Due to these factors, the increased mass of the cordless screwdriver is leveled. The position of the reverse switch prevents accidental operation. Compactness and light weight of powerful network screwdrivers. From 1.1 to 1.2 kg. Using the Variospeed (V) system, speeds are quickly and safely switched, and the amount of torque is regulated. The rugged housing and metal gearbox guarantee safety in adverse operating conditions. The cue ball changes easily and quickly thanks to the keyless chuck. Powerful Metabo engines define functionality within a single tool and allow you to: drill, use pulse and shock options. The batteries of the new series are charged within 30-40 minutes. Charge level indicator on the surface of the battery case.

Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting:

In hot weather, charging problems may occur. The problem is solved by moving the charger to a cool place. The play of the keyless chuck, which has the property of increasing. Fragile plastic gear teeth. Weak battery. Short term “life” of batteries. They die within a year. Poor build quality in Chinese models.

Before purchasing a screwdriver, please note that household versions are not intended for intensive use.

The policy of the Metabo company. Equipment of the corresponding capacity and functionality is designed for each task.

Popular models of screwdrivers “Metabo”

Of the compact ones, it is worth highlighting the Metabo PowerMaxx BS screwdrivers. With a length of 162 mm, it is the shortest of the existing ones.

The battery is placed in the handle; two-speed gearbox and max revolutions up to 1400 rpm. Battery capacity 2 Ah.

One of the expensive and powerful versions is Metabo BS-18 / LTX-3 BLI. Model advantages:

The gearbox operates in three positions; rotation speed. Up to 3800 rpm.; pulse and shock mode; battery –5.5 Ah.

Use 8. An electric screwdriver with the number of idle speeds in the range from 0. 900 per minute.

Internal hexagon 6.35 mm; direct installation of frame dowels; dust protection; limitation of screwing depth; 10 torque adjustment options.

For dry construction, universal screwdrivers are popular: the network SE 4000 and the cordless SE 18 LTX 4000.

They combine power and speed, suitable for fastening GVL plates to metal, wood and other materials.


As a rule, the complete set of screwdrivers is an individual matter.

Metabo simplifies the task and delivers tools both without kits and in a minimal set with original consumables.

Some models are packaged in a roomy case, which is designed for the device itself, charger, spare batteries and working nozzles.

In the territory of the Russian Federation, the products of the Metabo concern are widely represented by authorized centers, therefore it is not difficult to assemble the necessary set.

Instructions for working with a screwdriver “Metabo”

Proper operation determines the period of use of the screwdriver.

Metabo products are accompanied by detailed instructions for using the equipment.

Read the documentation carefully before starting work.

Common mistakes include switching gears while the engine is running, improper charging and storage of batteries.

Remember that the warranty period directly depends on the implementation of the manufacturer’s recommendations.