Mini circular saws electric overview


These types of saws are used to cut fairly hard materials such as wood or plastic.

For different types of circular saws, you can change the cutting angle and depth. They can be used to perform longitudinal, cross, and inclined cuts.

The cut will be the better, the more teeth are located on the disc. However, these drives degrade the performance of circulars. Therefore, carbide-tipped discs are now used.

Circular saws are more accurate than a jigsaw, but they are heavier.

The types of circular saws are distinguished depending on the blades used. So, disks with carbide taps are used when it is necessary to perform sawing of hard wood, nails, thin metal, plastic. When using discs without soldering, clean (unlike the previous type) and even cuts are obtained, however, such discs are intended only with soft wood.

Stationary circular saws can be with a closed cast base, lightweight and hybrid. Lightweight circular saws are mainly used at home. The bed can be made of steel and cast iron, but it is always open, unlike professional models. A lightweight suspension is also used here. Professional models allow cutting up to 250 mm, and lightweight ones. up to 90 mm. Vibration in the latter species is much higher, power is supplied from a 220 V network, while in professional ones. mainly from 380 V.

Hybrid circular saws have a closed frame, they are low cost and operate on household electrical networks. The maximum workpiece depth for basic saw models does not exceed 75 cm. Hybrid and lightweight circular saws have a power of up to 2 kW, and professional ones. over this value.


The band saw is an extension of the jigsaw. Its web is represented by a tape with teeth, which is closed and driven by an electric motor. Compared to a jigsaw, it provides greater accuracy and cleanliness of the cut. The cutting depth can be 8-50 cm.Neither a circular saw nor a jigsaw is able to achieve the maximum cutting depth with a band saw.

mini, circular, saws, electric, overview

There are the following types of band saws:

  • By material of manufacture. carbon and alloy saws. The latter are characterized by increased wear resistance.
  • According to the manufacturing technology and hardening of the teeth, the bands are classified into saw blades with notched unhardened and cut hardened teeth.

The first saws have a low cost and allow you to cut wood with various inclusions. It is logical that low speeds and small amounts of work are used here. Second saws have a high cost, but also high wear resistance.

For curly cutting, use 3/8 inch blades for normal woodworking. 1/2 inch.

There are band saws for cutting metal, similar in design to a woodworking band saw, but allowing only cross-cutting of rolled steel. This cut can be made at various angles.

Hand saw classification

Hand saws with rip or cross cut are called hacksaws. They are divided into tools for metal and wood.

By appointment, the following types of hand saws are distinguished:

  • classic. with a longitudinal or cross section,
  • spike. used for cutting out connecting pins,
  • external. used for cutting holes.

By the size of the saw blade, hand saws are classified:

  • for mini-hacksaws (with a blade length of up to 350 mm, with frequent fine teeth, mainly intended for carpentry work);
  • universal (blade length up to 550 mm, medium teeth, intended for both joinery and carpentry work);
  • wide (blade length. more than 600 mm, large teeth, used for carpentry work).

In addition to hacksaws, the types of saws for hand use include:

  • Bow saws that are designed to make point cuts because their blade is thin and flexible. If large cuts are made with hacksaws, then with bow saws. small.
  • Circular, designed for making cuts in any direction, chamfering, making blanks, making cuts.

Circular saws are characterized by a long, narrow blade.

Thornsaws (award saws) are like a two-handled plane. Designed for cutting thorns and grooves.

Among the hand saws, there are also butt saws (with a rectangular blade, limited from above by a backing, limiting the cut by the width of the blade, the handle is located at an angle of 45 o), folding (with a folding blade and fine teeth) and garden (blade in the form of a saber, used to trim trees in garden).

For the purpose of metal processing, only one type of hacksaw is used with a blade of various widths and fine teeth. The canvas is fixed in a bow holder and fixed with a screw.


For a very fast movement of the blade up and down, an electric jigsaw is used, with the help of which flat curved workpieces are cut. With this tool, you can cut porcelain, wood, metal, OSB, plastic using special files that differ in frequency and inclination of the teeth. These types of jigsaws are characterized by stroke frequency, cutting depth and power.

Characteristics of hand saws

Slitting is designed to cut wood along the grain. The teeth of these saws are sharpened on both sides, so they saw the same forward and backward.
Cross cut is used to cut wood across the grain. Their sharpening is similar to longitudinal saws, so cutting is carried out both forward and backward.

There are the following types of saw teeth: small, medium and large, they are marked according to the TPI standard. The finer the teeth, the better the cut they provide.

Wood saws can be cross-cut, rip-cut or universal. Today on the market you can find saws with gaps between teeth. This type of hand saw is designed for cutting raw wood.

The hacksaw is designed for rough cuts. If you use a miter box, it can be used to cut at a certain angle.

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These types of saws are distinguished by their quiet operation, lightness, absence of gases (unlike chainsaws), the ability to start in any room in the presence of electricity. These are their positive qualities, but there are also negative ones. These include, first of all, the need for an electrical network, which is uncharacteristic for absolutely any conditions. In addition, these saws can be used at a certain voltage power, and their service life is limited to 5 years.

There are the following types of electric saws: circular, circulating, miter saws (characteristics are given below), chain, reciprocating, and electric hacksaw.

Chainsaws can be used in the garden, wood harvesting. There are longitudinal and transverse.

The reciprocating saw fits snugly against the material to be cut. Carpentry, joinery and roofing works are performed with it.

The blade of the electric hacker moves along two guides. It features good safety and cutting precision.

Carbide-tipped discs are used for working with hard wood, plastic, thin metal.


Here, the reciprocating movements of hand saws are replaced by circular ones, mainly due to the use of not manual power, but the power of an electric motor.

The following types of circular saws are distinguished by design: geared (the motor operates at the expense of a gearbox, on the shaft of which there is a disk) and gearless (the disk is fixed on the rotor shaft of the engine).

Gear saws are characterized by deep cuts compared to gearless saws. In the latter, the disc can have teeth having a direction that coincides with the direction of movement. In this case, the disk is called active. Otherwise, it is called passive (inclination of the teeth against the direction of movement). The first discs are used for sawing wood, the second. metal.

A small number of manufacturers produce hand-held circular saws that can be mounted upside-down on a table and used as circular saws.

Some circular saws have a handle for comfortable operation, and some are table-mounted and do not have a handle. The fixed part can rotate up to 60 °. This allows you to use these saws in the manufacture of battens, lining, skirting boards.

Rulers should be included with circular saws to ensure the most accurate cut.

Electric circular saw allows you to prepare tenons and cut out quarters from wood products.

Miter saws

With these saws, you can cut at various angles in the vertical and horizontal planes. Used for cutting wood, plastic, metal.

There are two types of miter saws: conventional with functions inherent in miter saws, and combined, which combine the functions of circular and miter saws. In the latter type of saws, a sawing table is located under the disc. These tools are characterized by the presence of a broach, with the help of which the cutting depth is increased. The disc is protected from jamming by a splitting knife.

Mini circular saw design

Outwardly, this processing tool resembles an angle grinder. an angle grinder. The difference lies in the mounting unit, which is designed for the installation of special circular saws.

The design of an electric mini-saw consists of a power unit (electric motor), a torque transmission unit and a mounting element for installing a blade. The body is made of durable plastic, which can withstand not only significant loads, but also constant vibration.

Additionally, to increase the comfort of use, the following components can be installed:

  • cutting depth adjustment. For this, the possibility of displacement of the cutting part relative to the thrust plane of the tool is provided;
  • removal of shavings and dust. Many models have a branch pipe for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. This is especially true when carrying out repair work, when it is necessary to minimize the deposition of dust on objects in the room;
  • protection against accidental activation. Often, to initiate a mini circular saw for wood, you must press two buttons in sequence;
  • continuous operation. This is necessary if you plan to make long cuts.

The choice of disc model depends on the type of material being processed. For woodwork, you should choose special cutting discs that do not leave chips or nicks during work.

For convenience, a laser marker can be included in the package. With its help, you can make an even cut without preliminary marking, which is important when processing hard surfaces made of concrete or stone.

Design and selection parameters of a mini circular saw

Currently, there are many types of cut-off hand tools. They differ in design, technical and operational parameters. But a special place is occupied by a mini circular saw. Despite its small size, it has wide functionality.

Tips for choosing a circular saw

First of all, you should decide on the type of work to be carried out, for which you need an electric mini circular saw. For wood processing, it is recommended to purchase special models with a dust extractor. But besides this factor, other factors should be taken into account.

An important point is the power of the tool. The maximum permissible thickness of the processed surface depends on this. You also need to pay attention to the density of the material. Oak or walnut boards have an increased density of fibers, which affects the laboriousness of their cutting.

In addition to power, when choosing a mini circular saw model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

When cutting with a mini circular saw on wood, the number of revolutions may decrease due to the load. This will affect the quality of the cut. Some types of tools automatically maintain a constant speed value, regardless of the load.

The average length of the power cord for connecting to the mains is 1.5 m.If you plan to work outdoors, you will additionally need a power strip.

Mini circular saw manufacturers overview

An important point when choosing the optimal model is the analysis of the current offers from the manufacturer. Despite their functionality, mini saws have not yet become widespread. This is due to their relatively high cost.

Currently, several models of this type of equipment can be distinguished, which differ from similar ones in quality, well-thought-out functionality and ergonomics:

  • Bosh PKS16 Multi. Refers to the middle price category. It has a comfortable soft grip and includes an adapter for a vacuum cleaner. Quick disc replacement is possible thanks to the spindle locking system;
  • STURM CS5060MS. The advantage of this model is the ability to purchase a cordless mini wood saw. This will allow you to perform work regardless of the degree of remoteness of the power grid;
  • Vector VDMP-810. An example of a quality product from a domestic manufacturer. The tool belongs to the category of semi-professional. There is a laser pointer for basting a straight cut.
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Average. The price depends on its rated power and a set of functions.

The video review shows the possibilities and areas of application of the STURM model:

Best mini saws

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Mini circular saws electric overview

The circular saw is designed for sawing wood and materials based on it with a given cutting angle from 0 ° to 45 °. Parallel guide allows parallel cutting of a workpiece with a predetermined width.

Power, W 1300
Disc diameter, mm 160
Rim diameter, mm 20
Number of disc teeth, pcs eighteen
Disc thickness, mm 2.6

The circular saw is designed for sawing wood and materials based on it with a given cutting angle from 0 ° to 45 °. Parallel guide allows parallel cutting of a workpiece with a predetermined width.

Power, W 1600
Disc diameter, mm 190
Rim diameter, mm thirty
Number of disc teeth, pcs 24
Disc thickness, mm 2.6

The circular saw is designed for sawing wood and materials based on it with a maximum thickness of 85 mm with a given cutting angle from 0 ° to 45 °. Parallel guide allows parallel sawing of a workpiece with a given width.

Power, W 2000
Disc diameter, mm 235
Rim diameter, mm thirty
Number of disc teeth, pcs 36
Disc thickness, mm 2.8

Product tests

Teach your wife. to cook a fence! Test of welding inverters (conducted by the “Consumer” editorial office in the summer of 2010).

Test of welding inverters (conducted by the “Consumer” editorial office in the summer of 2010).
Materials on the forum

06/03/2010 performance tests of welding machines were carried out.

The following welding machines were involved in the test:
1) Fubag IN 160
2) Tecnoweld Monster 170
3) Elitech AIS-160 CA The supply voltage was measured with a voltmeter, it was 222 Volts.
The maximum current produced by the welding inverter was measured with a special device designed for this purpose.
Ambient temperature 28 ° С, with an error of 2 ° С.


In this review we will get acquainted with chargers and starting-chargers. Consider general concepts with examples of the current model range.

Review of mini diesel power plants Elitech DES 5500 EMK | DES 8000 EMK. The main feature of these models is the performance in a soundproof casing that reduces sound pressure and protects the engine and operating components from precipitation and dust.

Elitech BM 52 ЕН is a model designed for drilling soft, hard and frozen soils, as well as ice, if required. One or two operators can work as a drill.

Specifications Mini circular saw Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit

Specialization and opportunities

With the help of a power tool, it is convenient to carry out carpentry and repair work. It will help you cut through materials such as wood, tiles, plastic and laminate. The maximum immersion depth is 23 mm, which is sufficient for processing thick chipboard or OSB boards.

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On the left side there is a saw depth limiter, as well as a blocking of the lowering of the cutting part in relation to the sole. Thanks to these settings, you can precisely control the immersion of the knife in the blade.

Mini circular saw Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit

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Protective functions

When the load is exceeded, a locking mechanism is triggered, which blocks further rotation of the disk. To continue working, you must restart the saw with the reset button. This function will help to avoid the failure of important parts and eliminate jamming of the blade.

Power and performance

  • power. 450 W. the optimal indicator for a tool in this price category;
  • 6000 rpm is enough to quickly cut the maximum possible material thickness;
  • the seat of the disk is 10 mm, which is a standard parameter for such modifications;
  • the weight of the device is 2 kg, so it is convenient to hold it even with one hand.

Description Mini circular saw Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit

The Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit is a hand-held circular saw for use in the home workshop. Simplicity of settings and a minimal set of control buttons make the model easy to learn. even a beginner can use it. The saw features high build quality and reliable internal parts, most of which are made of special durable metal.


There is a plastic case for storing the saw, which contains the following additional components:

  • three discs. with 20 teeth for wood and plastic, with 80 for hard wood, as well as one diamond disc designed for cutting ceramic tiles;
  • parallel metal stop;
  • a branch pipe for mounting a vacuum cleaner;
  • two hexagons for installing and removing discs.

Einhel TC-CS 860 Kit will be an excellent assistant to the carpenter and home craftsman, providing a smooth, neat cut and easy maintenance. The affordable price of a power tool, its ergonomics and equipment make the model popular and in demand.

Circular saws are very compact and allow you to cut wood at a fairly high speed. In addition, consider the power of these power tools. On average, this figure is at the level of 4 kW. Saw boards allow you to saw up and down. On some models, the cutting angle can be adjusted. There are also devices that have a height controller. Of the main parameters for circular saws, it is worth noting the stroke frequency and the limit stress. In addition, for many, the indicator of electricity consumption plays an important role.

Electric Mini Circular Saw Review

How to choose the right model?

At the same time, for domestic use, it is more expedient to give preference to devices with a more modest parameter. It is also important to inspect the main components of the model. In particular, experts advise evaluating the diameter of the web. A separate outlet must be provided for the discharge of sawdust in the power tool. A shutdown lock is also welcome. In some models, the controller is installed rather small, and it is inconvenient to use it.

It is also important to select a circular saw with special stops. All modern models are equipped with such elements. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the handle as well as the governor as a last resort. It should not swing to the sides, and shifting should be done with little effort. A high-quality model of a circular saw today will cost around 9 thousand rubles.

What they say about the “Makita 570R”?

Saw repair

As a rule, the main problem of devices is considered to be overheating of the electric motor. In this case, it is important to start repairing the power tool by removing the locking cover. Only then can the user disconnect the saw blade. Next, you need to remove the top cover, which is fastened with bolts. After that, you can directly inspect the electric motor. If its shaft begins to wear out, then you can simply lubricate it.

In case of more serious malfunctions of parts, the electric motor cannot be repaired. Another common problem with devices is considered to be rotor burnout. In this case, it is important to start repairing a power tool by removing the electric motor. In almost all models, it is located next to the stator. After removing it, the rotor must be completely cleaned. If its upper part with a clear defect, then the part will have to be replaced.

Saws of the company “Makita

Circular saws of this brand are ideal for cutting wood. Many models differ primarily in their stabilization. At the same time, the frames in them are installed with an anti-vibration system. There are many versions on the market today with one and two handles. Their maximum power parameter is on average 4 kW. All this makes it possible for the circular saw at idle to make more than 5 thousand revolutions per minute.

The good performance of the power tools should also be considered. Their protection system is well thought out. Given this, they are safe for human health. On average, a good hand-held electric (disc) saw of this brand costs around 7 thousand rubles.

Features of the model “Makita 402R

This hand saw (circular) for wood is well suited for domestic use. However, in workshops, it can also be in demand. The speed parameter is at around 5 thousand rpm. The saw blade in this case is of a carbide type. It is capable of handling an aluminum surface. In this case, the wood is cut at a very high speed. The anti-vibration system is of high quality. The start of work is very smooth, the user will not feel any sharp jerks in the handle. The protection system deserves special attention. The blocker for the presented model is installed. This modification costs about 7200 rubles on the market.

Review of the model “Interskol DP210