Miter saw for wood which is better

Enkor Corvette-35

One of the best choices for wood cutting equipment. The power of the device. 1000 watts is sufficient for cutting aluminum and plastic. The device is equipped with an asynchronous motor, two modes of operation (15 and 7.3 meters per second). The tape of the device moves at a speed of 900 meters per minute. The set includes: a protractor for oblique cutting; a branch pipe for removing sawdust with a vacuum cleaner; stabilizer; hex key; working table with the ability to tilt up to 45 degrees; rip saw fence.

The table has dimensions: height 1 meter. 150 centimeters, width 37 centimeters, length 52 centimeters. The device is equipped with rollers to prevent breakage or jamming, a magnetic starter to prevent unintentional start-up. The width of the tape is 19 millimeters, the length is 2490 millimeters. The maximum cutting is done to a depth of 20 centimeters and a width of 30 centimeters. Upper frame has a canted position for lifting material to great heights and making difficult cuts.

  • Convenient work desk;
  • reliable engine operation;
  • high power;
  • works very quietly;
  • convenient shutdown;
  • 2 working speeds;
  • large set;
  • systems for safe work and sawdust removal.
  • It is necessary to frequently clean the pulleys from sawdust
  • ;
  • weight 65 kg;
  • the belt drive needs to be repositioned, which takes time;
  • pulleys without being connected to a vacuum cleaner quickly become clogged with sawdust.

Milwaukee HD18 BS-402C

The compact device “Milwaukee HD18 BS-402CO” is designed for cutting metal and plastic. Powered by a 4 Ampere / hr Redlithium Ion battery. The weight of the machine is 4.8 kilograms. The stop column is adjustable without keys. The equipment can be used in places with limited access, in a canopy position. With the help of a special button, a quick and easy blade change is made.

The device has: “Redlink” intellectual protection against overloads of the battery and machine units; LED backlight; suitcase; battery charge indicator; 2 batteries; Charger. The cutting is done at a speed of 146 meters per minute. The length of the tape is 898.52 millimeters. The maximum cutting section is 8.5 centimeters, the depth is 8.5 centimeters, and the width is 8.5 centimeters. The set comes with a saw band.

  • The versatility of the device;
  • good equipment;
  • convenient equipment for hard-to-reach places.
  • Slightly overpriced;
  • batteries take a long time to charge;
  • small width and depth of cut.


One of the best options for equipment from a Swiss brand for wood cutting workshops, small businesses. The equipment has certificates of conformity and quality from the company and the dealer. The machine can be used in everyday life for large volumes of work.

The power consumption of the motor is 1000 watts, it works at 220 volts. The wood is cut at a speed of 800 meters per minute. The working table can be tilted and the material can be processed at angles in the range of 10 to 45 degrees. The device has: 1 working speed; parallel and angular roller stops to prevent material displacement; sawing blade size 10×0.65.

The tape is 25 millimeters wide and 2560 millimeters long. The maximum cutting is carried out to a depth of 20 and a width of 35 centimeters. The pulleys have a diameter of 35 centimeters. The table has dimensions: height 1 meter 89 centimeters, width 52 centimeters, length 70 centimeters. Equipment weight is 120 kilograms.

  • Convenient work desk;
  • works quietly;
  • reliable engine operation;
  • high power.
  • The presence of one speed;
  • high price;
  • heavy weight.

Best Band Saw for Wood in 2021

Band saws have long been used in workshops and private households. With these tools, you can quickly cut wood and metal in a straight line and at an angle. Today, stationary machines for large volumes and compact portable tools for enterprises and private households are produced.

The machines are mainly powered by 220 volts. Portable versions draw power from rechargeable batteries. Band tools are categorized by material type: for wood; metal; universal. The article will consider: the best band saw in 2020; types and classes of instruments; appointment; advantages and disadvantages.

Bosch GCB 18 VL-I 0

The lightweight battery-powered machine “Bosch GCB 18 VL-I 0” is designed for cutting: metal; wood; plastic; aluminum. The device weighs 3.8 kilograms. The maximum speed of the band saw is 162 meters per minute. Smooth shifting is performed using two speed modes.

The equipment has: brush type motor; LED backlight; protective shutdown in conditions of overload and overheating; anti-vibration pads; one speed; speed control; blocking button from involuntary start; protective cover for the motor; tension adjustment mechanism.

The blade can be changed without keys. The equipment is powered by an ECP Li-Ion battery with a voltage of 18 volts (2.6 amperes per hour) and a charge indicator. The battery does not discharge when it is idle. No battery included. The maximum saw depth is 6.4 cm. The size of the tape is 733×12.7×0.5 mm. Product size. 343×160 mm.

  • The optimal ratio of quality and cost;
  • automatic speed control;
  • power;
  • the start button on the handle has a safety lock against accidental start;
  • almost complete absence of vibration;
  • the presence of illumination of the working area;
  • lightness of the device;
  • comfortable pads on the handles;
  • the ability to work in inconvenient places;
  • built-in protection of the battery against absolute discharge.
  • Small width and depth of cut;
  • no battery included;
  • no cooling channel.


Another high-quality representative of equipment from a Swiss brand. It is a small-sized convenient device for cutting wood and plastic. Suitable for small to medium-sized workshops. The machine has certificates of conformity and quality from the company and the dealer. The device can be used in everyday life for large volumes of work.

The wood is cut at a speed of 800 meters per minute. The work table can be tilted and the material can be processed at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The power consumption of the motor is 800 watts, it operates at 220 volts. The device has: 2 working speeds; support posts; parallel and angular roller stops to prevent material displacement; protractor scale; a branch pipe for removal of sawdust; tension adjustment knob; sawing blade size 10×0.65.

The maximum cutting is carried out to a depth of 20 and a width of 35 centimeters. The pulleys have a diameter of 30.5 centimeters. The table has dimensions: height 1 meter 11 centimeters, width 37 centimeters, length 64 centimeters. The equipment weighs 72 kilograms. The cutting depth is 180 millimeters, the width is 300 millimeters.

The machine cuts at an angle. You can adjust the height of the guide of the device. Rubber feet of the machine provide vibration damping and quieter operation, eliminate slipping on the floor. Two speeds provide cutting 370 meters per minute and 800 meters per minute.

  • Large completeness;
  • good value for money;
  • quality of construction;
  • works very quietly;
  • lack of significant vibration;
  • the presence of an adjustable parallel and angular stop;
  • tilting table (cast iron);
  • optimal power;
  • 2 working speeds.
  • There is no tension indicator;
  • assembly complexity.

JET J-349V

The compact high-quality machine from the Swiss brand “JET J-349V” is designed for cutting metal and plastic. Sawing is done to a depth of 12.5 centimeters. Suitable for small businesses and workshops. The unit weighs 19 kilograms. The device can be carried, placed on a table. The machine has certificates of conformity and quality from the dealer and the company.

The power consumption of the motor is 1000 watts, it works at 220 volts. The tape is 13 millimeters wide and 2240 millimeters long. The device has a smooth automatic speed control. The device can cut in the following parameters: with a maximum material diameter of 80 millimeters. 45; 125 mm. 90; 50 mm. 60.

Machine dimensions: length. 65 centimeters; height. 45 centimeters; width. 31 centimeters. The belt speed ranges from 30 to 80 meters per minute. Cooling is not provided in the design. The device has an adjustable end stop and a TPI 10-14 M42 bimetallic band saw.

miter, wood, which, better
  • Good value for money;
  • the drive has a lot of power;
  • compactness;
  • good completeness.
  • No backlighting and cooling;
  • unit noise.

CMT 272.190.42M (190×30 / 20 / 16×1.7 / 1.1 mm; Z42). clean thin kerf

For particularly thin cuts with a clean edge, thin blades with a large number of teeth are required. Such tooling is used in the production of furniture, where accurate precise cuts and rational consumption of material are needed. But the payment for this is the thin section of the metal, which leads to biting or deformation. This disc should be handled more carefully than others.

CMT 272.190.42M (190×30 / 20 / 16×1.7 / 1.1 mm; Z42). extra thin disc with a thickness of 1.1 mm. Has 42 teeth and leaves a cut 1.7 mm wide. Manufactured directly in Italy and designed for finishing.

Pluses CMT 272.190.42M (190×30 / 20 / 16×1.7 / 1.1 mm; Z42)

  • Suitable for circular saws up to 8000 rpm.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • With it, it is easy to make longitudinal and transverse cuts in materials of various densities.
  • Does not leave lumpy fibers at the edges.
  • The price is much higher than analogues.
  • Sophisticated sharpening that is not easy to restore at home.
  • For installation on some circular saws, adapter rings are needed. those that are included in the kit are thicker than the blade itself, so the latter is not clamped to the end.
  • You can’t rush to make a cut, otherwise it will be chipped.

Output. Ideal for a furniture workshop. It will allow you to cut through OSB and similar materials as cleanly and accurately as possible. Eight slots inside the disc provide good vibration damping and promote quiet operation.

CMT 292.216.64M (216x30x2.8 / 1.8 mm; Z64). specially for cross cut

Cross-cutting wood is not easy for every blade. The reason lies in the perpendicular arrangement of the fibers, which creates increased resistance. To understand which saw blade for wood is better in this case, you need to remember that it must have alternately beveled teeth. This provides a soft impact and allows you to cut without severe scoring and chips.

CMT 292.216.64M (216x30x2.8 / 1.8 mm; Z64). excellent disc from the brand CMT of Italian origin. Has a diameter of 216 mm and 64 teeth, which are effective especially for cross cuts.

Pluses CMT 292.216.64M (216x30x2.8 / 1.8 mm; Z64)

  • Soldering on the teeth facilitates fast cuts even in hardwoods.
  • Suitable for all brands of circular saws with a 30 mm seating shaft.
  • The soldering lasts a long time despite the intensive use of the circular.
  • When sawing down the platband, there are no explosions.
  • Applied designations for which types of wood it is best suited.
  • Four hook cutouts to compensate for expansion.
  • Some users received a crooked disc (with lateral runout), although there were no signs of damage on the packaging.
  • So that there are no chips at all, it is necessary to add a zero liner as well.
  • After it is blunt, it is very difficult to sharpen it correctly.
  • If used on hard wood, it may burn the butt a little.

Output. An excellent choice for making a large volume of cross cuts, which then do not have to be processed additionally. all ends can be made to size the first time.

DeWALT DT1957 CONSTRUCT (250×30 mm; 48 ATB). raw wood cut with nails

Sometimes there is a need to use especially durable saw blades that can easily cope with the load and will not lose sharpness from collision with nails. For such purposes, the DeWALT DT1957 CONSTRUCT saw blade is well suited. It contains 48 teeth with a 10 degree sharpening angle. Has a thick solder on the tips of the teeth, providing a wide cut of 3 mm.

Pros of DeWALT DT1957 CONSTRUCT (250×30 mm; 48 ATB)

  • Cuts quickly and without jamming. 80×80 mm timber cuts in 1 second.
  • Excellent balancing. almost no vibration is felt despite the tool diameter of 250 mm.
  • Keeps sharpening well.
  • Due to the thickness of the disc, it does not drift to the side.
  • On the disc itself, clear instructions for sharpening teeth.
  • Four large slots to compensate for thermal expansion.
  • Due to the thick cut, there is a lot of dust in the air and a lot of shavings are left on the floor.
  • A sharpening angle of 10 degrees will have a worse effect on finished products.
  • Poor for end cuts when you need to make an exact size, and not just saw a bar in two.
miter, wood, which, better

Output. It will not be difficult to disassemble building structures with nails remaining in them with such equipment. The owner will be able to work for more than a year without a significant loss of sharpness.

Our top of the best band saws for wood includes the following models:

  • Bison ZPL-350-190;
  • PROMA PP-312;
  • Bison ZPL-305 750 W;
  • JET JWBS-8-M (10000480M) 250W;
  • Makita 2107FK;
  • Einhell TC-SB 200/1;
  • Makita LB1200F 900W.

The model of a domestic manufacturer is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures high quality wood sawing. It is aimed at home use in a small workshop. The design provides a scale with a protractor that allows you to work with the smallest accuracy. The saw reaches a speed of 15 m per second. The lower base has special holes for easy attachment of the tool to the table. Control is carried out using buttons conveniently located on the body of the product.


  • Power consumption 800 W
  • Number of speeds 2
  • Projection 310 mm
  • Speed ​​13 m / s
  • Dimensions 1060x400x480 mm
  • Weight 73 kg

The tool is more suitable for installation in large production. The machine has two speeds, which are selected depending on the characteristics of the tree. The difference is the high power, it has a positive effect on the performance of the device. The stability of the structure is ensured by the reliable installation of the machine on a platform with four legs. The saw is equipped with swivel guides designed for sawing at an angle of 45 degrees.

The machine perfectly cuts, cuts and performs curly cutting of various types of wood. The tool is distinguished by its reliability and comfortable operation. Safety is achieved by installing a special fuse. It prevents the instrument from turning on after the mains voltage is restored. The model has two high-speed modes of movement of the working blade. The manufacturer provides the ability to attach a vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust and other small particles.

  • Power consumption 250 W
  • Number of speeds 1
  • Projection 80 mm
  • Speed ​​15 m / s
  • Dimensions 405x440x690 mm
  • Weight 20 kg

The band saw is designed for periodic work with wood in the country, country house, garage. The model is distinguished by its compactness and high belt speed. Simple design and maximum functionality create favorable conditions during operation. The drive pulley is located directly on the motor shaft without a reduction gear. The machine is connected to the aspiration system through a branch pipe located in the lower part of the body.

The instrument is of a portable type. Thanks to its two speeds, it works well with wood of different densities. Support rollers on the structure contribute to the smooth movement of the belt and ensure high quality material processing without chipping and chipping. The saw has a quick blade change system. It is enough to actuate the clamping lever. A distinctive feature is the presence of LED lighting aimed at the cutting area.

  • Power consumption 250 W
  • Number of speeds 1
  • Projection 80 mm
  • Speed ​​15 m / s
  • Dimensions 522x302x729mm
  • Weight 19.5 kg

An excellent option for basic stationary equipment in a small production. It is focused on sawing wood blanks. The powerful motor is reliable and extends the service life of the device. The blade is equipped with a height-adjustable protective guard. It is usually adjusted to the size of the work piece. Safety is achieved with a special pusher. Massive body stands firmly on the surface and does not take up much space.

The model is focused on large-scale production. It copes well with straight and curved cuts. The package includes a set of four tape blades. The tool is equipped with a powerful motor and has two working speeds, adjustable depending on the density of the material. The design has a graduated scale with a magnifying glass. Anti-accidental start-up function ensures safe operation of the device.

Selection Tips

  • class (household, semi-professional, professional);
  • motor power (this parameter affects the speed and comfort of sawing);
  • depth (a value that determines how thick a bar can be cut);
  • width (indicates the largest allowable width of the processed board);
  • the number of teeth (180 and 210 teeth are considered optimal);
  • functionality (stops, illumination of the working area, swivel mechanism, tilt device);
  • modes (several speeds allow you to work better with material of different hardness).

Bison ZPT-255-1800 PL

Good feed-through miter saw for precise cutting of workpieces. It is made by a Russian company, so it is very easy to find parts for it. The trouble-free service life is at least 5 years, and with proper care it will be several decades. It is a reliable, durable rig that can be used for working with metal, wood, plastic. The multi-tooth saw blade is thicker for a wider range of applications.

The laser pointer ensures accurate cutting, allows you to draw a straight, clear line. The incision is carried out at any angle; for this, the table can be rotated, the possibility of fixing in an arbitrary position. The workpiece is fastened with a clamp.

  • Automatic protective cover.
  • Keeping the workplace clean by connecting a vacuum cleaner.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Good build quality, materials.

Bosch PCM 8 S

An excellent wire feed miter saw with a robust deformation-resistant aluminum body. The lightweight and compact device provides accurate cutting, it is used even for large-sized products. The immobility is due to the use of a special clamp. Also in the process of cutting, table expanders, lasers, depth gauge are used.

For working with wide workpieces, there is a broaching function. The laser pointer provides maximum sawing precision and is not clogged with sawdust, so the line and direction remain visible in all conditions.

  • Grooves are sawn using a depth gauge.
  • Dust bag included.
  • Compact size, light weight and handle for easy portability.
  • Spindle lock for disc replacement.
  • Carbide saw blade included.

Hyundai M 2500-255S

Compared to previous models, this trimmer stands out for its improved performance characteristics. With its help, you can work with denser materials, use large workpieces. This allows you to effectively use the device in a carpentry or furniture workshop. To maintain cleanliness during a large amount of work, it is possible to connect a bag and a vacuum cleaner.

The device does not make much noise during use, which provides acoustic comfort for the operator. Long-term performance of the motor is due to the presence of protection against voltage surges. A special safety button prevents accidentally starting the saw.

  • Availability of special mounts for stationary installation.
  • Rubberized feet to reduce vibration.
  • Robust load-bearing part, resistant to damage.
  • Light weight, so the device is easy to move from place to place.
  • High engine power.

STAVR PT-210/1800

An inexpensive miter saw that is used in everyday life and in small production. This is due to the use of quality components that are resistant to wear and tear. The “Professional” series is equipped with guides that allow you to cut wide products while maintaining accuracy. The composition also includes a large aluminum table, on which the workpiece is easily and securely fixed.

Making This Zero Clearance Miter Saw Fence. Woodworking. Workshop

The ergonomic handle does not cause fatigue, even with prolonged use. The system for removing dust from the workplace in a timely manner cleans it from sawdust, you can also attach a vacuum cleaner or a bag, which will keep it clean more efficiently. The brush assembly is directly accessible to the user, so it can be quickly cleaned or brushes replaced.

  • Lock against accidental start.
  • The possibility of increasing the length of the working table.
  • Light weight. 12 kg.
  • Stationary installation.
  • The cutting angle is up to 45 degrees in both directions.

Rating of miter saws with a broach on wood: TOP 10 best models for price and quality

The advantages of miter saws are ease of use and convenience when working with wood. It can be used to cut non-ferrous metals, plastics, laminates. Users have highlighted the top 10 models in the broach miter saw ranking. They are reliable, durable, unpretentious in maintenance, retain the declared technical characteristics for a long period of operation.


With this miter saw, you can create inclined and combined cuts, sawing materials at an angle. It includes a system for positioning the mowing line of the cut on the shade of the disc, which provides more accurate and faster placement of the workpiece. The composition also includes a backlight.

The engine is suitable for working with various types of materials, including wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics. Sliding rails in the housing expand the range of applications and allow you to work with large workpieces.

  • Quality build for reliability and durability.
  • Included sharp disc that does not chip away effectively handles a variety of materials.
  • Compact folded size.
  • No backlash.
  • In the absence of a soft start function, the start is quite soft, the saw does not tear from its place.

Sturm! MS5525S

This model is characterized by the ability to process workpieces up to 430 mm wide, which is not possible with previous models. It is widely used in furniture making workshops. The saw is reliable, easy to use, does not require special maintenance, performs a full range of tasks. creates inclined, straight, combined cuts.

The use of special discs allows you to work with laminate, non-ferrous metals. Due to the technical characteristics, a smooth cut without chips and cracks is ensured. Laser pointer makes work easier and increases productivity.

  • Protecting the operator from dust by installing a bag.
  • Steel sliding rails for increased flexibility.
  • Expanders for long products.
  • Powerful fixing clamp.
  • Stability due to special fastenings on the base.

From an angle grinder on a metal stand

The angle grinder is a unique tool from which you can make any cutting attachments and devices, including a miter saw. The simplest trimming design will allow you to saw boards and other material at an angle of 90 °

Such a tool is quite simple to build. This requires:

  • Make a frame from a metal sheet and corners, and weld (bolt) a stand to it from a 50×50 corner.
  • For the lever, use a pipe on which to weld two brackets for attaching an angle grinder. The angle grinder is bolted to the casing, which must be of sufficient rigidity and thickness. Everyone can, showing imagination, come up with their own version of fastening.
  • The attachment of the lever to the vertical rack of the machine can be done with a conventional bolt, providing stops to fix it in a vertical position, or simply using a self-clamping structure, as done in the video below 1.
  • After attaching an angle grinder to the pipe, you need to make a slot in the bed so that the saw blade can freely pass into it, ensuring a complete cut of the workpiece.
  • The side stop can be rotated by providing the markings on the bed at the desired angles and turning the workpiece itself on the table, as is done in video 2.

Transfer type

In order not to have the hassle of having to provide frequent lubrication of the gears of the gearbox and monitor the condition of the bearings, it is best to purchase a sawing tool with a belt drive. It will work more silently, and in case of failure (belt breakage or stretching), it will be enough just to remove the gear case and replace the belt.

Security systems and additional functions

When choosing a miter saw, you should pay attention to some of the nuances of its design, which ensure the safety and convenience of sawing work, namely the presence of such elements and assemblies as:

  • electronic system of soft start and braking, as well as a system that stabilizes the speed of rotation of the disk under load;
  • protective transparent casing;
  • mechanism of broaching the cutting head of the tool;
  • table extension, with special, sliding along guide supports, for more reliable fixing of the workpiece;
  • illumination of the working area, if cutting is supposed to be performed in rooms with poor lighting;
  • laser guidance, to ensure accurate cutting along the intended mowing line.

The best miter saw DeWalt makes! And why I’m getting rid of it!!

Motor power and disc size

Both of these parameters are interrelated. Only a disc of a specific size should be used for an engine of a certain power. Today on the market you can find miter saws from 800 to 2500 watts. The most in demand is a tool with 1.6-1.8 kW motors, because such a saw power will be enough for both a home workshop and for running a small business related to woodworking. powerful saws are already classified as professional ones, and will be quite appropriate for large volumes of sawing timber.

The higher the power of the tool, the larger the diameter of the disc can be used, naturally, suitable for the bore diameter. For household purposes, if you do not plan a large amount of sawing work, the best option would be a saw blade with a diameter of 200-215 mm, for professional use you need to buy a tool designed for discs from 250 mm in diameter.

How to choose a desktop tool for your home

To choose the right miter saw, you need to have a good idea of ​​what kind of work you are going to use it for. The material of sawing, and its density, and thickness also matter here. It depends on which parameters the tool suits you best. What are the criteria, first of all, you should pay attention to when choosing a miter saw?

What can you make an electric saw with your own hands?

If in the process of work it becomes necessary to cut boards or other material for the subsequent joining of the blanks with the ends, and the pendulum saw is not at hand, you can do it yourself from the tool you already have. For this, any electric tool in which a saw blade is the working element is suitable.

engine’s type

The most practical and affordable option is the commutator motor miter saw. Such a motor will provide a sufficient number of disc revolutions per minute without weighing the entire tool. Indeed, in most cases, miter saws should be able to be carried closer to the place where construction or finishing work is carried out. A pendulum saw with an asynchronous motor can come in handy for a home workshop. It has large dimensions, and it is best to install it permanently on a specially made workbench.

Bison ZPT-210-1600PL

  • Laser marker;
  • Adjustment without backlash;
  • Accuracy and productivity for any sawing of all types of material;
  • The kerf width is set;
  • Fasteners for workpieces;
  • Functionality.
  • Dust extraction system.

Mobile trimming with 1600 W power and a movable arm Weight 10.1 kg. Disc size 210mm x 30mm. Standard cutting angles give a depth of 36 mm. 70 mm and a width of about 220 mm. There is an additional protective cover, clamps, stops and a laser marker.

Bosch GCM 8 SJL

  • Dust extraction system
  • Good accuracy
  • Functionality
  • Sustainability
  • Good angles
  • Saw depth
  • Smooth start
  • Laser
  • Miter saw
  • power 1600 W
  • Modification 0 601 B19 100
  • disc diameter 216 mm
  • weight 17.3 kg

Cutting disc

When choosing a saw, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the saw blade, especially the diameter of the bore. Most models are available with a diameter of 30 mm. Most common outside diameters are 10 and 12 inches. The first standard includes discs of 300 mm and 305 mm, and the second. 250 mm, 255 mm and 260 mm. There are larger and smaller discs.

Working with a large disc requires more torque, but this increases the section of workpieces that can be cut. The design features of almost all saws do not allow the use of discs whose diameter exceeds the parameters specified in the passport. Smaller cutting element sizes reduce productivity.


  • Power. 1650 W.
  • Cutting parameters: depth. 93 mm (on the upper table. 40 mm), width. 130 mm.
  • Disc parameters: diameter. 260 mm, bore. 30 mm.
  • Weight. 14 kg.

Wert MS 1321

  • Power 1.3 kW;
  • Smooth, no roar cutting.
  • No laser marker and broach.

A high-quality model for home and summer cottages with a weight of 7.1 kg. She lends itself to wood, plastic and other materials. Saw blade 210 mm tiltable up to 45 °. Sawing depth 60 mm, width 120 mm. Cutter adjustment required.

Bison ZPTK-210-1500

  • The depth and width of the cut is adjusted;
  • Fixing the workpiece;
  • Durability of materials of manufacture;
  • Start button block;
  • Equipment.
  • Noisy and bad without an external vacuum cleaner collects dust.

A mobile power tool with a 1.5 kW motor weighs 9 kg. Easy transformation of a table saw into a miter saw. Disc disc 210 mm, with a revolution of 5000, easily changed with the spindle unit. All types of cuts are available on wood materials, incl. coated with plastic. Tilt / Swivel Angle. 45 ° / 47 °.

Bosch PCM 8 S

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Performance;
  • The laser beam turns on from either side.
  • Dimness of the laser;
  • Dust container volume.

The power of the tool is 1200 W with a weight of 11.4 kg. Broaching function for sawing long wood, aluminum and plastic workpieces. 216 mm disc with 4800 rpm. 48 ° bevel and 45 ° tilt available. In addition to detailed instructions, the complete set includes a dust collector, 4 side extensions, a clamp for work, a sharp-toothed disc.


  • Acceptable cutting quality with a native 20-tooth disc.
  • Horizontal clamping of workpieces with a clamp.
  • Vacuum cleaner connection.
  • Spindle lock.
  • Affordable price segment.