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Miter saw manufacturers rating

Miter saws, like other electric tools, are produced in many countries of the world by all well-known brands operating in this equipment market. In our country, the most popular are:

  • From foreign manufacturing companies: “Bosch” (Germany), “Makita” (Japan) and “Metabo” (Germany).
  • From domestic: “Zubr” and “Enkor-Corvette”.

miter, laser

Miter saw model “Enkor Corvette-4-430”

For obvious reasons, domestic models are most popular in the budget segment of equipment, and more expensive foreign counterparts in the class of professional tools. Which manufacturers’ models are the most popular is difficult to determine, because they are similar in basic parameters, and the choice of users in this case is based on personal preferences for the brand of the instrument based on previous experience with a particular brand.

Device and principle of operation

The principle of operation of the miter, circular and pendulum saws is the same, their differences are only in the design, expressed in the method of use (mobile or stationary), as well as the types of discs used. The main elements of a miter saw for wood are shown in the following figure.

Design and main elements of the product

The work of trimming is carried out as follows:

  • when voltage is applied to an electric motor, it begins to rotate, and its rotational motion is transmitted to a mechanical gearbox;
  • there is a seat on the gearbox shaft on which the saw blade is installed;
  • the disk starts to rotate together with the gearbox shaft after the voltage is applied to the electric motor;
  • for safety of use, the saw blade is covered with a protective cover;
  • a handle is used to bring it into contact with the workpiece, and a return spring is used to return it to its original state;
  • the reliability of fixation on the working surface is ensured by the bed, on which the elements for fixing the workpiece are located (rotary table, stops, insert, etc.);
  • switching on and off the device is carried out using the control buttons (not shown in the figure), as well as protective equipment (from jamming and short-circuit current, overheating and other emergencies).

Sawing down molded wooden products using a miter saw significantly increases labor productivity in this operation, especially on the scale of a large construction site

Applications for handheld and stationary models

A miter saw is an electric hand-held tool designed for sawing and processing a variety of materials (wood, metal and plastic). Depending on the purpose, such equipment is classified as follows: miter and miter-miter, pendulum and circular saw (electric miter box).

A hand-held circular saw differs from a miter saw only in that it does not have a bed with a rotary table, which makes it more mobile, and this is especially important for domestic use.

Wood miter saws are used for sawing wood blanks, as well as products made from woodworking products (laminate, chipboard, MDF and other board materials). Sawing is carried out at a right or other predetermined angle or inclination, which is necessary in the manufacture of joinery and furniture. In addition, similar equipment is used when performing construction, installation and finishing works.

Using a hand-held circular saw when processing wood balance

Hand-held models are used on construction sites and at home, and stationary models are used in workshops or workshops of various types of industries. Pendulum saws are used when working with metal, which is necessary in the manufacture of metal structures in various fields of production. Such equipment is installed permanently, and special saw blades are used for work.

Review of popular models

“ZUBR ZPT-210-1400 L”

“Metabo KGS 315 Plus”

Choosing a miter saw is a crucial moment for the inexperienced

Main technical characteristics

For any electric tool and technological equipment, the main indicators of use are the declared technical characteristics. For miter saws, these are:

  • Electric power.
    One of the important characteristics that determines the performance, the permissible diameter of the saw blades, as well as the overall dimensions and weight.
  • Spindle speed.
    The cleanliness of the cut of the workpiece depends on this parameter.
  • Used disc diameter.
    This characteristic is based on the design features of the device, which determine this parameter both by the size of the case and by the power of the electric motor. On household models, as a rule, discs with an outer diameter of 250 mm and landing discs are used. 30 mm; for professional equipment, the outer diameter may be larger.
  • The kerf depends on the size of the saw blade, due to the design of a particular model
  • Cutting parameters.
    This indicator depends on the diameter of the saw blade, as well as the presence of a broach function that allows you to process wide workpieces, which is achieved by the presence of a special rack and a disc feed mechanism along the mowing line of the cut.
  • engine’s type.
    Equipment of this type is completed with two types of electric motors (asynchronous and collector), differing in the frequency of maintenance and warranty periods.
  • Transfer type.
    The considered devices can be equipped with a gear or belt drive. The second option is used on permanently installed models and has a low noise level, but requires control of the belt tension. The gear train is reliable in use and eliminates the possibility of slipping during operation, but has an increased noise level and the possibility of vibration.
  • Rotary system parameters.
    These characteristics are determined by the capabilities of the rotary table and the stops available on it.
  • Security systems.
    Safety systems on such devices provide shutdown of the electric motor in case of overheating or jamming of the saw blade, provide smooth start-up and blocking when replacing the blade, as well as protection against short-circuit currents and rigid fixation of the workpieces being processed.
  • Additional options.
    This category may offer functions such as illumination of the working area and a laser pointer, limiting the cutting depth and maintaining the set speed of the saw blade under load.

The higher the electrical power, the greater the weight of the miter saw, as well as its cost.

The presence of a laser pointer simplifies the implementation of the intended operations

Why you need a miter saw for wood: A serious tool in the hands of a craftsman!

Last Updated on 02 February 2021

The use of trimming greatly simplifies the manufacture of wooden products

How to choose a miter saw

Miter saws differ in technical characteristics and can be of a simple (conventional) or combined type, which somewhat expands their functionality.

The difference between the combined models and the usual ones is that their design assumes the possibility of transforming an end saw into a circular one by performing simple movements of the main elements of the saw.

Model “Zubr ZPT-255-1800” with belt drive and broach

In addition, an important functional feature is the presence of a broach, which also expands the capabilities of the equipment used.

Miter saw with broach.

For a stationary installation, it is better to use models that have a broaching function that allows you to process wide wooden blanks.

Universal miter saw “Makita Lh1040” model

Tips for choosing conventional and combined models

In order to make the right choice and take into account all the nuances associated with the peculiarities of using such equipment, it is necessary to heed the advice of experienced users, which can be formulated as follows:

  • The tool must correspond to its purpose. you should not buy an expensive and powerful model if you intend to use it periodically and for personal purposes.
  • In the same vein, one should consider the presence of additional options that increase the cost of the model, but are not used for small volumes of work.
  • Safety and security equipment is an important consideration when choosing a miter saw. if used improperly, it is easy to get injured while operating such equipment.
  • Due to the fact that power and weight are directly related to each other, then if it is necessary to perform work of a traveling nature, it is better to choose a less powerful model, but with a lower mass.
  • The size of the saw blade and the presence of a broach determine the technical capabilities of the tool for processing the material used.
  • The bed must be heavy enough to hold the saw in place, and the turntable and stops must be able to securely hold the material to be cut.

Features Hitachi C12 LSH

  • Compact: the new design retains the 930 mm tool width at any stroke of the saw head
  • Laser guide
  • Digital display for indicating the angle of rotation and tilt
  • Precise Pan / Tilt Angle Adjustment
  • Push cutting capacity (HxW): 107x107mm
  • Rubberized handle
  • Optional 120mm high right and left swivel flap to support large workpieces
  • Highly efficient dust extraction

Hitachi C 12LSH delivery set

  • Hex key;
  • Disk;
  • Dust collector

For more information about the Hitachi C 12LSH miter saw, call (044) 223-52-67, in consultation with our managers.

Delivery throughout Ukraine: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa, Donetsk, Simferopol, Poltava, Sumy, Ternopil, Rovno, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Lutsk, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, ​​Chernigov, Chernivtsi, Nikolaev. Uzhgorod, Kherson, Khmelnitsky and other cities of Ukraine.

Miter saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut

  • Miter saw
  • power 1350 W
  • Modification 619216000
  • disc diameter 216 mm
  • weight 9.4 kg

Best deals for Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut Miter Saw

Reviews of Miter saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut

Advantages: Made with high quality, no backlash, disc included. It is very convenient to work with a laser.

Comment: In general, I liked the facing, and the disadvantages. trifle. Took to install the doors. Cuts accurately and quickly.

Advantages: The saw is very comfortable, lightweight, precise and suitable for door installation. There is a laser backlight. Table expander.

Disadvantages: I didn’t see. You can find fault with Mercedes and BMW

Mitre Saw / Miter Saw Laser Alignment Guide (US Models)

Commentary: I advise. To install super doors. Cut through a box 8 cm.

Advantages: There are no other options for this money

Disadvantages: Made from foil. Aluminum crumbles.

Pluses: Not a bad package bundle

Disadvantages: There is no smooth start, the laser marker is very difficult to adjust accurately (it constantly gets lost), the dust collector for beauty, in general, is because the sawdust scatters in different directions and it is impossible to work without glasses

Commentary: It would not be so sad, no matter how much the price for this miracle desktop trimming. Turnovers were clearly attributed to more in the passport in order to sell more expensive. Its maximum ability is to cut loose wood. Larch, birch, oak will not take. heats up and the disc gets stuck in the workpiece. At the same time, at idle, the whistle is already worth.
Another problem is a laser marker, which cannot be set up for long and constant work. The settings go astray after 2-3 blanks, and after a few hours it just goes out. I did not connect the vacuum cleaner, I was counting on a regular dust collector, but apparently in vain. You still have to connect, since sawdust settles everywhere except the dust collector.

Commentary: the cutting line does not match the laser.

Disadvantages: 1. Out of the box, the corners are not adjusted. Not only are the horizontal angles not adjusted, there is also no 90 in the vertical angle. I had to set up according to the instructions from the YouTube channel HeARTwood.
2. No soft start. If you integrate the soft starter into an extension cord, then the soft start will not work for this saw. The block must be built into the saw itself.

Commentary: Overall experience with the saw is good.

Pluses: The build quality is very decent. Convenient location of the laser, not clogged with dust. Clean cut, no scoring.

Disadvantages: Not identified.

Commentary: First use on assembly of veneer door frame and casings. Emotions from using this model are only positive!

Pluses: Good collection of sawdust. The illumination, located at the top of the laser is very good, it is not clogged with sawdust

Disadvantages: Lots of marriage, you have to choose. The adjustment range of the horizontal cutting angle is small. I have it at the limit of what is possible.

27 replies to “Metabo KS 216 m miter saw review, laser setting”

Good machine, congratulations on the purchase, I also have this one very much, it makes me happy

First ). Thanks for setting up the laser! Let’s build a splinterproof liner!

Good machine! I have been using this for a year now. It is necessary to tighten the contacts to turn on the laser and backlight, I had poorly tightened.

I have two of them. only with a broach. The degrees are not correct. the light does not work, nor does the laser. Bullshit

The fact that the tank expander can be used separately did not know, it was interesting to come up with))

A good review, I also look at Metabo, and precisely because of the laser, one question is what was guided by when I took it without a broach?

saw good disc-shit buy more expensive

Thanks for setting up the laser! I have a METABO KGS 216 M with a broach

Hello, congratulations, tell me the angles are holding normally?

Good machine. I’ve been using this for a couple of years. Corresponds to its price.
Immediately put cardboard washers between the saw and the flanges (so as not to kill the gearbox when the blade wedges in the part).

Seemingly good-quality thing! the reviewer is good. We will wait for a verdict based on the results of operation.

How to Attach a Miter Saw Laser

Hi! And angles 45 °, 90 ° checked for accuracy?

Damn with a laser, you are great for noticing this. I was a pancake with a tambourine running around my saw and could not understand what was wrong)))) thank you

Good unit and good visibility. I didn’t even know some details. I have been using it for almost a year. But I was very annoyed that there was no soft start. I spat on the guarantee and put it on my own. There was even a place for it in the handle.

I have one with a broach. I don’t use a laser at all, because I have to get used to it :). But the backlight always works

For two years I had such a drink. I kept thinking why these extra holes)

Thanks for your review! The same works for me. For over a year now. It turns out that I did not know a lot about it)) Only I put the disk cmt. Not very dear.

bought such a saw. the laser died on the 6th day, the backlight on the 12th.

handed over repairs, they did it for almost a month. after repair, the laser died for 3 days, the backlight for 4. I do not recommend this saw to anyone.

and the control board is dead!

The most detailed and competent review. thank.

There are some problems with this saw. Watch a video about this on my channel.

It is unnecessary to leave the product under warranty and the box.

Good afternoon! And how to adjust the angle of the saw?

Miter saw Metabo KS 216 m overview, laser setting


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