Miter Saws Selection And Comparison

15 best miter saws


The JET JSMS-8L model opens our rating of the best miter saws. The Chinese Jet miter saws, despite their origin, have earned a good reputation. they are well assembled and do not bother with breakdowns, so you can often find them in small workshops. This particular model with a 1.5-kilowatt motor uses 216 mm discs and is equipped with a pull mechanism, so it is quite versatile: cutting depth up to 62 mm, width up to 305 mm. Tilt and swivel angles can be adjusted up to 45 degrees.

A laser is provided for aiming, but it quickly becomes clogged with dust, even if a vacuum cleaner is connected. a noticeable amount of sawdust passes by it due to a single-point fence. The engine is connected directly, without a soft start, although this is not a problem for a handy master: a budget tool is often chosen with the expectation of further refinement “for himself”.

  • Reliability and build quality
  • Sufficient cutting accuracy
  • Average dust extraction efficiency

Woodworking Tips: Selecting a Blade for a Sliding Miter Saw

  • JET JSMS-8L. 1500 W, blade 216 mm, cut 62 mm, max. 5000 rpm
  • JET JSMS-10L. 1500 W, blade 254 mm, cut 90 mm, max. 4500 rpm
  • JET JSMS-12L. 1800 W, blade 305 mm, cut 105 mm, max. 3800 rpm

Ranking of the best miter saws of 2021

Category Place Name Rating Price
Best inexpensive miter saws one JET JSMS-8L 9.6 / 10 13 800
2 Hyundai M 2000-255 9.5 / 10 12,990
3 Metabo KGS 216 M 9.4 / 10 14787
four BOSCH PCM 8 9.4 / 10 13325
five BISON ZPTK-255-1800 9.1 / 10 10,225
Best feed miter saws one Metabo KGS 315 Plus 9.8 / 10 50922
2 DeWALT DWS778 9.5 / 10 56,500
3 DeWALT DWS777 9.4 / 10 40,900
four BOSCH GCM 8 SJL 9.1 / 10 39400
Best miter saws without broach one BOSCH GTM 12 9.8 / 10 47,429
2 Makita LH1201FL 9.6 / 10 35300
3 Makita LF1000 9.5 / 10 70850
Best cordless miter saws one DeWALT DHS780N 9.7 / 10 66,945
2 Makita DLS714Z 9.5 / 10 39661
3 Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216 0 9.4 / 10 18182

Best inexpensive miter saws

We look carefully. we will definitely win

  • Best inexpensive miter saws
  • Best feed miter saws
  • The best miter saws without broaching
  • Best cordless miter saws

The topic of our today’s ranking is the best miter saws. Faced with the need to frequently cut long workpieces, you will inevitably think about choosing the appropriate tool. Reciprocating Saw? It is difficult to set a uniform cut, especially if you have to cut the same boards at an angle, and you need an accurate docking. A jigsaw with a square? Uncomfortable, slow, especially for difficult cuts.

In industrial conditions, long workpieces are usually cut with pendulum saws: a disc swinging on a lever cuts quickly and, most importantly, with a minimum of effort to ensure repeatability of the result. We add to it the ability to adjust the cutting angle and a desktop mount instead of a heavy bed. and now we have a ready-made miter saw that can find work both in the workshop and at the construction site.

Hyundai M 2000-255

The 1800-watt saw and blade uses a diameter corresponding to the motor power. 255 mm, so that the cutting depth is all right: up to 75 mm with a 90-degree cut, while the cutting length is up to 135 mm. For jobs that usually use a budget-class tool, this should be fine. The build quality, like that of the stock drive itself, is good, although there are some minor miscalculations. If you do not plan to use the hood, confining yourself to a standard dust-collecting bag, then stock up on a budget. the built-in “laser sight” will quickly become clogged with dust, since there is no forced extraction in the bag. Although the bag itself is made with decent care for the future owner. for shaving out the shavings, it has a zipper, for example.

The layout of the rotary table is accurate, allowing you to get the exact joints of the sawn workpieces right out of the box. At “standard” corners, it locks into place with a click (9 positions from 45 to 45 degrees). However, the manufacturer has not forgotten the exact adjustment of the angles in the design either. Vertical tilt. left only, up to 45 degrees.

Criteria for selecting a broached facing

In order for the money to purchase a saw for wood to be spent for good reason, you should consider:

miter, saws, selection, comparison

Appointment of the tool. The feed saw is essential for professionals who often work with wide workpieces. If the tool is used from time to time, ordinary trimming without bells and whistles, household class will be enough. Professionals are skeptical about combination tools that combine crosscutting and circular sawing capabilities. Typically, the performance of one of the functions (or both) suffers. Therefore, combination saws are not bad for hobbyists, they will save space by getting two tools in one case. The rotational speed of a professional saw blade is the same as that of a household saw. But the power of the first is higher, so more power consumption.

Security. A protective cover is a must, even for the cheapest device. The function of blocking accidental start is also useful.

Saw weight and dimensions. Professional, powerful tools are bigger and heavier. But trimming is a portable device, so its weight should be within reasonable limits. In addition, you should pay attention to the maximum free movement of the working head.

Working disc diameter. Discs smaller than 0.2 m in diameter are only suitable for children’s play. The wider the saw blade, the more comfortable it will work.

The purpose of the miter saw

Often, during finishing work, it is necessary to perform diagonal cutting of materials with great accuracy. This is a rather difficult task in the absence of a special tool. A special device will cope with wood of various species, soft metals, polymers, laminate. The miter saw helps you get the job done quickly and cleanly, such as when laying out baguettes, skirting boards or working with clapboard.

The miter saw belongs to the category of highly specialized tools. She can cut narrow bars, boards, slats. With its help, it will not work to dissolve along the board. The presence of a broach somewhat expands the capabilities of the tool, allowing you to cut wider workpieces.

Additional functions

Dust removal. The miter saw generates a lot of wood dust and sawdust, which is harmful to the operator. Modern models of the tool are equipped with a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Garbage is removed directly from the place of discharge and does not have time to spread throughout the room.

Expansion of the table top. A useful option when working with long bars, laminate flooring. Most often, the table is attached to the bed and held on two legs. Most tables are 50 cm long, you can find longer.

Electronic and laser equipment

A feed miter saw rarely contains electronic components. But there are models with electronic speed control. This option allows you to more accurately control the progress of work, as well as adjust the mechanism for cutting various materials.

Individual manufacturers have gone further and equipped their mechanisms with the ability to maintain a stable speed. A useful option if you need to quickly cut a lot of workpieces, because when pressing, the speed of rotation of the blade usually decreases significantly. On modified saws, the electronic controller will return the speed to the required range. This will ensure a fast and even cut.

Laser aiming is another expensive, useful, but optional option. The laser clearly indicates the line to be cut, this is very convenient for inexperienced craftsmen who have not yet developed automaticity.

The choice of a miter saw with a broach, its device and features

The miter saw is designed for sawing wooden blocks at any desired angle, inclination or cutting wood. Broaching tools have a number of advantages over conventional trimming. Leading manufacturers offer many options, and economical home craftsmen design it themselves.

Broach Miter Saw Design

The device for trimming wood is simple: it is a functional module consisting of an electric motor with a gearbox, a handle with a start switch and a working circle. The whole module is attached to the base.

The electric motor can be of the asynchronous or collector type. Collector brushes need periodic replacement of brushes, but they give out high revolutions. Asynchronous are quieter and more durable.

Typically, the motor is mounted to the right hand of the saw blade. But there are models with a motor behind the disc. It does not block the view, which is especially important if the design allows you to tilt the working element.

Through the gearbox, the movement is transmitted from the motor to the saw blade. The transmission can be belt or toothed. The toothed gear works without slipping even at maximum speed. But the belt reduces vibration and is quieter, which is also very important for accurate cutting. Periodically, the belt wears out and requires replacement; during a sharp change in speed, it can come off. There are also models with direct transmission. They are the most reliable, but their torque is lower.

To expand the possibilities of the saw, a broaching mechanism has been created. The functional module is located on two guides along which it moves during cutting. The feed-through miter saw will cut wider boards. During operation, the operator pulls the wheel towards himself, the working edges rotate away from the operator, so sawdust fly by, and the circle presses the part against the stop.

The functional unit is installed on a base. a bed. It consists of a movable round part that moves during the setting of the angle and stop. The best bases are made from strong and light metals: aluminum or magnesium alloys.

The saw is a dangerous cutting tool, therefore a protective cover is provided to prevent injury. During downtime, the folding part covers the circle; during operation, the cover is removed using a special lever or automatically when the console is moved to the working position. Additional safety is provided by an electrodynamic brake, when the power supply is interrupted, it smoothly stops the electric motor.

Devices of increased power are equipped with a soft start, during a wheel replacement, the torsion mechanism is blocked, and when the wheel is stopped, the engine stops. Any model is equipped with protection against breakdown of electricity to the case.

Consumables selection

Cutting quality depends on the characteristics of the tool and the tool, in this case the saw blade. All miter saw blades for wood are different:

  • outer diameter;
  • inner diameter;
  • tooth shape.

The inner diameter of the disc or the bore is available in two sizes, 25 or 30 millimeters. The size is indicated on the face of the circle and in the saw specifications. The outer diameter is also selected depending on the capabilities of the tool. It is more difficult to understand the geometry of the cutting surfaces:

  • the more teeth on the wheel, the coarser the part is processed. For example, you should not choose such a consumable for cutting laminate, painted or varnished wood. Fine-toothed circles will do. There is a classification of saw wheels for miter saws with a broach: for cross cuts, longitudinal and for finishing (universal);
  • slotted discs are good for long run. Slots prevent the wheel from deforming during heating, and also reduce noise during operation.

The main manufacturers of professional saws with a broach on wood Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Metabo, DeWalt.

Number of revolutions

The number of revolutions, or idle speed, is another important characteristic that determines the efficiency of a tool. For different models, this figure ranges from 3200 to 6000 rpm. The higher the idle speed, the better the cut the miter saw.

In the models of the professional category, the speed control function is provided. It makes sense to pay attention to it, first of all, cabinetmakers and everyone who uses trimming for carpentry needs. Adjusting the saw blade speed allows you to tailor the sawing process to the characteristics of a particular material: different types of wood, chipboard, etc. When “streaming” sawing, they work at high speeds, achieving greater speed and productivity. By lowering the RPM, you gain more control over the sawing, which is important when cutting critical parts.

Disc diameter. Landing hole. Sharpening angle

The diameters of the saw blades of most cross-cut edges are from 165 to 355 mm. The larger the blade, the greater the depth of cut the saw has. By the diameter of the tooling, you can immediately judge the power and class of the power tool. When choosing a facing, the maximum disk size is correlated with the amount of work that is planned to be performed. This optimizes time and reduces tool wear. The dimensions of the entire tool are directly related to the size of the disc: the larger it is, the more massive the support platform, the larger and higher the saw unit.

Rim diameter. Most disc bore diameters range from 16 to 30 mm. In some cases, the problem of a tooling that does not fit the spindle can be solved with an adapter. Using blades that are not suitable for the saw attachment may cause runout during rotation and loss of control of the tool.

Sharpening angle. The saw blade teeth have a positive or negative rake angle. For cross-cut sliders. saws with a broach, which we will talk about below. discs are selected whose teeth have a negative rake angle. No-feed saws work best with tooling that has a positive angle. Of course, any saw blade will work on every type of trimming, but observing the described nuances will ensure the cleanest and most accurate cut.

What is the difference between a miter saw and a circular saw?

This question often arises for those who are thinking about purchasing a saw power tool. To begin with, trimming is a subspecies of circular saws. The family of circulars is usually divided into three groups: stationary (table) models, disk manual and, directly, miter.

For saw tables, miter saws benefit, first of all, in matters of compactness and mobility: the average weight of a miter saw is about 16 kg, while for its stationary counterpart, this figure can reach up to 100 kg or more. The second objective advantage is work safety. In general, on the saw table, you can perform all the same sawing operations as with trimming, but this turns out to be many times slower. in terms of convenience and speed of settings, trimming is far ahead.

The main disadvantage of miter saws is working with workpieces of limited width. Well, for obvious reasons, they are not suitable for longitudinal cutting of wood. A stationary circular saw or a hand-held circular saw is still indispensable here. At the same time, some trimmer manufacturers decided not to give up, and tried to solve this problem by creating combined models that combine the capabilities of a trimmer and a sawing machine.

Of course, due to the limited size of the top cover, such a hybrid is not fully capable of replacing the sawing table. Nevertheless, such equipment has proven itself well in the economy and home carpentry.

Power. Engine. Transfer type

Power is one of the main characteristics that determines the performance of a power tool. For modern miter saws, this figure ranges from 850 to 2200 W. Power factor reflects the amount of energy consumed to keep the device running.

Semi-professional and professional models are saws with a power of 1400.2200 watts. They are designed for large diameter discs and are able to last longer without interruption, eliminating the risk of critical loads. At the same time, they significantly lose in weight and dimensions to their household counterparts (850-1500 W). For comparison, disks with a diameter of 254 or 305 mm are selected for powerful cross-sections (2000-2200 W); the weight of the entire installation can be up to 25 kg or more. 1200 W trims weigh 13-15 kg and are designed for 210 or 216 mm discs.

In order not to miss the power when choosing a facing, we recommend answering a few questions:

  • how often and how intensively you will use the tool?
  • what material will you mainly have to work with: its structure, density, thickness? It is obvious that, for example, cutting pine lining will create incomparably lower loads on the apparatus than working with oak boards, beech, larch and other hard species.
  • How important is portability and compact dimensions to you??

Practice shows that the optimal saw power for a home workshop is in the range of 1600-1800 W.

Engine. Miter saws are equipped with two types of electric motors: brush (collector) and brushless (asynchronous).

  • Brush motors are an attribute of the vast majority of models. Compared to brushless counterparts, they have lower efficiency, require periodic maintenance (replacement of brushes), are noisier and are less adapted to intensive use. But they are less vulnerable to overloads and surges. Also, collector motors provide high torque, cheaper and not so large. The overwhelming percentage of miter saws for household and semi-professional saws are equipped with just such systems.
  • Asynchronous motors are more efficient and do not require replacement of consumables. They provide a smooth ride without the typical jerks inherent in brush counterparts, which also affects the quality of the cut. Brushless motors are quieter, but it should be understood that other factors, such as the type of drive, determine the noise level from the tool. Asynchronous miter cutters are larger and more expensive.

Transfer type. The transmission of torque from the motor to the saw blade is carried out through a gearbox or belt drive. Gear models are more accurate in transferring speed and rotation. the possibility of disc slipping is excluded, but it can give a small backlash. The belt drive is less noisy, it significantly reduces the vibrations of the disc, better protects the engine. The disadvantage of such systems is slippage during tool operation, which can occur as the belt wears out. The latter is a consumable that requires periodic replacement.

With or without broach?

To create longer cuts, they choose models with a broach, also known as cross-cutters, in which the saw unit not only drops down and turns to the sides, but also moves horizontally. forward and backward. In addition to the increased kerf, the push-through trimmer offers a number of additional benefits, such as the ability to make double cuts in a single pass.

Cross-cut without broaching, despite their seeming obsolescence, are no less popular. The ratio of sliders and conventional end faces on the power tool market is about 60 to 40. this is a rather rough statistic, which, nevertheless, clearly shows that old-style systems are not going to give up their positions.

Cut length limitations are compensated by the stability of the adjustments and the reliability of the system, which are achieved due to the simplified design and fewer moving parts. Models without broaching are much lighter. the difference in weight is 25-50%. this is a powerful argument if the machine is often moved or transported to different objects. And, finally, the price issue, in which everything is obvious. trimming without broaching costs an order of magnitude less than saws of the same class, but with a broaching.

For saws of different classes, discs with different rake angles are used, as we talked about above. For sliders, discs are selected whose teeth have a negative rake angle. For saws without feed. positive angle discs.

In modern models, the developers have successfully solved this problem. So, for example, in Bosch cross-cut saws of the Glide family, the saw unit does not move along the guides, but using the articulated linkage mechanism. Festool uses an even more beautiful engineering solution in its KAPEX KS 60 saws: the guide rods are turned towards the operator and do not protrude from the body during feeding.

Does the household even need a miter saw?

Summing up the introductory part of our conversation, let’s try to answer the most burning question: when is it generally advisable to buy this tool?

Definitely worth it: when carpentry is your active hobby, and even more so a business; when your work involves sawing a large number of molded products. laminate, lining, skirting boards, etc.; if you are engaged in the manufacture of baguette frames.

It will not be superfluous: in a private household, if permanent construction is your meaning of life, and you like to work with your hands.

It makes little sense: if the need for sawing is very rare. In this case, it is more appropriate for home and summer cottages to purchase a hand-held circular saw. the most “popular” version of the power tool. And to someday install a cornice, plinth or platband, a simple miter box will be enough for you.

Choosing a miter saw. Answers to the most important questions

How not to get confused in the characteristics and choose a trimmer that will become the workhorse in your workshop? All these and other important questions are discussed in detail in today’s article.

Miter saw device

Trimming is not too complicated. The main structural elements of this tool are the saw unit (tilting head with a cutting disc) and the base. a bed with a rotary table, which allows you to change the cutting angle in the horizontal plane. The cutting disc is driven by an electric motor: more often it is located on the side of the saw unit, less often at the back. When not in operation, the blade is completely covered by a protective cover, which automatically retracts as the saw unit is lowered. This is one of the key elements of safety, its malfunction is a reason to stop using the tool until the problem is fixed.

Buying a trimmer is always preceded by an understanding of what you need it for. Then the immersion into the technical part begins and the search for compromises: optimal power, the required blade diameter, drive, reliable bed and many other nuances, on which the quality of the cut and the overall performance of the tool will depend.

Miter saws are divided into household, semi-professional and professional. This is a conditional classification, which, nevertheless, has taken root well in our realities. The class of the tool is determined by the type of engine and its power, the diameter of the saw blade, the type of transmission, the accuracy of the mechanics and other technical aspects. We will talk about them further.

AEG PS 254 L

This powerful miter saw is originally from Romania. Industrial class, purpose. large-scale production. The two-kilowatt motor is built for tough, daily work. It is a brush type, well protected from voltage surges, overloads and overheating. The built-in feed allows you to cut 30 cm wide ends. The cutting depth is 9 cm. When the cutting head is tilted, the parameter decreases to 5 cm. The saw wheel is large, with frequent teeth. Easily handles solid, bulky workpieces. The frame is cast, reinforced. The manufacturer has expanded the possibilities and range of rotation, installed clamps, clamps, comfortable handles for fixing indicators. In addition to the laser, there is also an LED illumination of the working area. Together with a convenient scale, they enable extremely precise sawing. The cutting height limiter makes it possible to make grooves in parts. Built-in professional dust extraction system


  • The dust suction turbine draws in 80% of the swarf and dust;
  • Convenient lock for corner sawing;
  • 48-tooth disc included for extremely clean trimming.


  • Table diameter is not large.

Scheppach MST254

The miter saw from the German company Shepach has an undeniable advantage. it has an upper working table. Its presence means that this tool is multifunctional. It is used not only for cross-cutting, but also for longitudinal and transverse sawing of bars. We recommend purchasing for small carpentry and furniture workshops. In such rooms, two different devices take up too much space, and one, combined, just to the point. And the cost is for the price of one. According to the characteristics, they are excellent indicators. Power. 1, 6 kW, the disc is increased, the cut is deep and wide: 70 height, 110 width. Both work surfaces are aluminum, comfortable and well thought out. There are side clamping clamps. The lower bed is rotatable and equipped with an accurate scale. On the upper table there is a parallel stop and a regulator for limiting the cutting height.


  • Universal, combined tool;
  • Large cutting depth;
  • Functional circular table with stops;
  • The kit includes a large number of accessories.


  • Cheap cloth dust collector. User tips. replace with a denser one.

The best miter saws for the home. TOP 5

Furniture, doors and windows look beautiful only when their parts are perfectly matched. Even the slightest gap at the joint spoils the appearance of the product. Only a special tool. a miter saw. can adjust the ends of the workpieces at the desired angle. In order to make the cut extremely accurately and accurately, the facing must be:

  • Convenient in work: light and small;
  • Have a reliable engine with a modern protection system;
  • Possess good technical parameters of the cutting depth and width;
  • Have a sharpened disc of at least 200 mm in diameter in the kit;
  • Be equipped with additional functions: broach, laser, clamps, dust bag.

Metabo KGS 216 M

The best trimmer preferred by most buyers. The manufacturer is Metabo from Germany, which is distinguished by excellent build quality. The motor is 1.5 kW synchronous type, completely immune to voltage drops in the network. In case of overload and overheating, it switches off automatically. The large 216 mm disc with 40 teeth cleanly cuts not only soft woods, but also oak and aluminum profiles. Penetrates to a depth of 65 mm for straight cuts and 36 mm for head tilt at 45 degrees. For safety, it is covered with a casing. There is a laser marker to improve the accuracy of the cut. For wide workpieces, the broach is designed in the form of two strips. The table is aluminum, comfortable, easily rotated, firmly fixed in the desired position. Lightweight, compact dimensions.


  • Durable and convenient extension rails;
  • The presence of laser marking;
  • Side clamp included;
  • Leading in the parameters of the gouge height;
  • Comfortable carry handle.


  • Insignificant errors in cutting accuracy are noted.

Hyundai M 2500-255 S EXPERT

A miter saw from the famous South Korean brand Hyundai costs a little less, and develops more power: by 2.1 kW. This means that the pressure when sawing is stronger, therefore the hardest and most combined materials are “in the teeth”. The speed of the disc is electronically controlled, depending on the hardness of the workpiece. The engine is protected against accidental starting by the lock button. Its start is smooth, without unnecessary jerking at the beginning of work. The diamond wheel is increased to 255 mm. The design of the cutting unit is swivel-tilt-pendulum. Penetration depth for vertical cuts is 75 mm, for oblique cuts. 42. When cutting large parts, a broaching mechanism is used. The bed is cast, stable, with stops on the sides. There is an electric brake for increased safety.


  • Better performance-to-price ratio;
  • High console stroke rate;
  • Clear fixation on the metric scale.


  • Inconvenient side clamps.

Makita LS1216L

Japanese miter saws are, of course, the best you can find on the market. If you are not afraid of the price of Makita, which is 5 times higher than that of German and Korean models, then feel free to buy. This is a professional tool. It has the largest disc at 30.5 cm in diameter, impressive width and depth of facing. The engine develops a power of 1650 W. Such an indicator in a Japanese engine is almost 2 kW in models from other manufacturers. Installed at an angle, which increases the view of the work surface. A fluorescent lamp is built in for lighting. The table is cast, comfortable, with vertical guides and a broach. It is comfortable to turn it. It is possible to fix the most accurate intermediate values ​​using two knobs. Double protective insulation allows connecting to the network without grounding. When the cutting head is lifted, it is locked and the saw blade is covered with a cover. This is the best security system. An uninformed user will not be able to turn on the machine without knowing where the release lever is.


  • The highest parameters of the cutting width: at 90 degrees. 38 cm, at 45.25.5;
  • The electric motor is installed at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • Convenient vertical guides;
  • High additional side broaches.


  • High price.

Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut

at a price of 9 342 rubles.

Inexpensive, compact and ergonomic Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut tool for the DIYer from a German manufacturer. Designed for work with small section workpieces. Has a one-piece durable silumin body and at the same time is lightweight, which makes it easy to move the tool from place to place.

A detailed video review with a demonstration of all the positive properties of the tool:

14. Metabo KGS 254 Plus

at a price of 44 690 rubles.

Metabo KGS 254 Plus tool from a German manufacturer, with great power. Includes a speed control function that allows you to work with parts from different materials. In addition, the saw is equipped with a function for adjusting the cutting depth, for processing workpieces of complex shapes. Smooth start-up and load-hold function ensure maximum precision when cutting parts. The tool is ergonomic and easy to use, all parameters for processing workpieces are set using simple, intuitive adjustments for the user.

Watch a video with a quick overview of the tool’s features:

Editor’s Choice

The most attractive tool in the “middle” category is the Ryobi EMS254L, which at a relatively low price is equipped with many functions that maximize the quality of processing parts.

13. Makita LS 1216

at the price of 49 390 rubles.

miter, saws, selection, comparison

Makita LS 1216 tool from a Japanese developer. Differs in the presence of the function of maintaining the speed under load, which guarantees high quality of the cut. The broach and the large disc diameter allow cutting workpieces with a width of more than 350 mm. Double guides on linear ball bearings ensure perfect cutting precision of wide workpieces when pulling. Cutting parameters are set using locking screws. The angles of rotation of the working table and tilt of the working head are fixed with an accuracy of half a degree. Electrodynamic motor brake, protection against accidental activation, a cover on the working disc guarantee safe work.

Watch a video with a detailed analysis of the tool’s features:

12. Dewalt DWS 780

at a price of 57 940 rubles.

Dewalt DWS 780 tool from an American developer. The main function that greatly facilitates the work with parts made of different materials is the speed control. The broaching function and the diameter of the disc allow processing of large width parts, and the function of adjusting the cutting depth makes it possible to work with workpieces of complex shapes. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to adjust the mowing line of the cut using the XPS system, which provides higher accuracy compared to laser marking.

Watch a detailed video overview of the properties and characteristics of the tool with a demonstration of it in action:

Makita LS 1018 L

at a price of 26 399 rubles.

Makita LS 1018 L tool is equipped with all the functions for high-quality processing of parts. The broach allows you to work with large workpieces. Setting the parameters for processing parts is carried out using convenient buttons that fix the desired position of the working table and the working head at certain angles. The tool has additional options for convenience of work. worktable extensions for long parts, a sliding removable ruler-lock, a clamp for clamping parts. Cutting depth adjustment allows you to machine complex parts.

Watch a video with a detailed demonstration of its capabilities and positive properties:

15. Hitachi C10FSH

at a price of 47 999 rubles.

Hitachi C10FSH tool from a Japanese manufacturer, equipped with a full range of functions for high-quality processing of parts in the construction or furniture manufacturing. The broaching function and the disc diameter allow the processing of workpieces over 300 mm wide. Smooth starting, which reduces the force of recoil when starting the engine, and the function of maintaining the speed under load guarantee a high quality cut. The tool is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Watch a video with a quick overview of the tool characteristics:

Miter saws Makita (Makita)

Miter Saw Makita (Makita)

The Makita Miter Saw is one of the most requested tools among builders, carpenters and finishers. The Makita miter saw belongs to the stationary power tool category. It is used if you need to cut down wooden or aluminum parts accurately, accurately, with minimal errors. In this case, the saw can be done at the required angle, in the transverse or longitudinal direction.

In the process of repair work, it is often necessary to cut the elements at some angle. It can be door trims, plinths, window sills, cornices, boards, decorative details. At the same time, the drink must be of high quality. smooth and accurate. For such work, the Makita miter saw is used. one of the varieties of circular saws. Any user prefers to use an inexpensive, but reliable and unpretentious tool in their activities.

Miter saw Makita (Makita). quality and reliability

An example of such a technique is the Makita ls 1040 miter saw. Due to its low price and good quality, this model has become one of the most popular in the Makita range of saws. This is a great option for those who work in small workshops or in the country. The Makita ls 1040 saw cannot replace a full-fledged woodworking machine, but it can cope with the usual work of cross-cutting materials at the highest level. you will certainly be satisfied with the work of this tool.

The range of Makita saws is rich: it contains not only such democratic models as the Makita ls 1040, but also other tools with advanced functions. For example, the Makita LH1040 and LF1000 saws differ from their counterparts in that they can be used to saw parts both in the transverse and longitudinal directions. As mentioned above, a modern miter saw, including a Makita (Makita) saw, can be used in wood and aluminum. You just need to take into account that you need special discs to cut aluminum blanks. Makita is known as a supplier of high quality, reliable construction and renovation equipment. Saw Makita, in particular. Makita miter saw is no exception, because it has a full set of valuable consumer qualities.

Miter saws

Reliable, mobile and safe: the Metabo miter saws

With a powerful engine and low weight, our miter and miter saws offer uncompromising performance and mobility on site and in the workshop. This is why professionals have trusted Metabo semi-stationary saws for decades. As the European market leader for miter saws, we know exactly what it depends on.

Our miter saws are practical and versatile in use

In terms of depth and width of cut, our M miter and miter saws are the lightest of the competition. The ergonomic carrying handle and transport lock of the saw head and feed mechanism allow the saw to be carried comfortably and safely with one hand. The robust die-cast aluminum construction meets the highest demands. The KGS 305 M model weighs, for example, only 19.6 kg, and at the same time allows you to easily saw a 10×10 beam. All machines are equipped with bright LED illumination and laser for precise guidance of the mowing line. For wide workpieces, our miter saws with a feed function are suitable: laminate and parquet boards with a width of 195 mm can be sawed with mobile saws of the M class, also at an angle of 45 degrees, in one motion. On the KS Plus, the saw head is directly mounted on the bearing, tilts to both sides and offers the highest precision when sawing bevel, tilted, tilt and bevel. The KGS Plus models are distinguished by their traction function, infinitely variable speed control and a powerful motor allowing high cutting speeds.

Miter saws Metabo

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Miter saws from Metabo. powerful, also battery-powered

Metabo cordless miter saws, thanks to Ultra-M technology and robust batteries, offer high performance and ensure user independence from the mains supply. Regardless of the traction function, the cutting performance is comparable to network counterparts. The remaining battery charge can be easily checked by pressing the button on the battery pack.

Metabo.BEL offers a wide range of stands and saw blades for all miter and miter saws.

Miter saws selection and comparison

Saw blade. the “weapon” of your miter saw. And it depends on its quality, efficiency and purpose what kind of material you can work with with your miter saw.

Naturally, the main material for which miter saws are used is wood of various species (soft and hard), as well as woodworking products. veneer, plywood, chipboard, etc. However, modern miter saws are increasingly used for processing other materials: plastic, plastics, laminate and even soft metals.

With all the variety of choices, the main characteristics of saw blades intended for use specifically on end saws are the dimensions of the diameters. landing and external.

The classic rim for most miter saws is 30 mm.

This characteristic varies greatly between saw blade manufacturers. Of course, there are the most common disc sizes. It. 210 mm, 216 mm, 255 mm, 305 mm.

miter, saws, selection, comparison

Important! All manufacturers of miter saws describe in the instructions for use of the equipment, which saw blade diameter is standard for a particular saw. Do not risk using discs of a non-standard diameter on your trimming! Its mechanism is designed to work with specific disc sizes, and the use of non-standard consumables can provoke severe beating, the appearance of chips and burrs along the mowing line of the cut (which is often mistakenly attributed to the low quality of the saw blade), the curvature of the mowing line of the cut, as well as rapid overheating of the end motor. saws. The parameters of the protective cover on the unit are also designed for this, which do not just do not allow the use of enlarged saw blades.

However, there are far more serious and less obvious differences between saw blades from different manufacturers. It. the method of their manufacture, the material of the saw blades, as well as the sharpening and geometric shape of the cutting teeth.

Solid saw blades are not suitable even for semi-professional use. They become blunt faster, require a set of teeth, give a cut of the worst quality. Yes, practically no one produces them.

There is also a way in which discs are made in production. For example, the highest quality discs (consider the example of Bosch) are cut from blanks exclusively using a laser. This allows for the highest possible alignment of the saw blades on the miter saw shaft, as well as the best possible balancing of the blades and, accordingly, their increased durability in use. The cutting edges of the discs are also specially processed to increase their service life without the need for additional sharpening.

Thicker teeth withstand side loads better!

The angle of the cutting teeth is specially selected for the material to be cut.

In particular, for cutting metal tiles, plastic and aluminum, saw blades with cutting teeth are used, which have a negative angle of inclination of 5 degrees. Here it is important that the teeth have a different sharpening shape: odd. trapezoidal (for rough sawing), even. straight (for fine cutting of thin materials). Discs with the above configuration are perfect for, for example, thin laminate sheets. And for thicker ones, you will need discs with teeth of the same shape, but with a positive angle of inclination of about 15 degrees.

For sawing wood and materials containing wood, you need blades with a positive angle of inclination and one-sided sharpening with an alternating direction. This is the most versatile type of sharpening, used for fast cutting of wood across and along the grain, cutting multi-layer composite materials or plywood. These blades give clean cuts and sharp edges in wood.

Also, do not forget about the number of teeth on the disc.!

For coarse sawing of construction timber, formwork with adhered residues of concrete, aerated concrete, etc., saw blades with 12-16 teeth are required (for example, the Bosch Construct Wood series) and a special profile with increased resistance to foreign bodies in the wood, i.e. concrete, nails, etc.
For high-speed longitudinal cutting of wood, a saw blade with 20-24 teeth is sufficient. It will effectively remove sawdust and perform well on soft wood.
Blades with 36-48 teeth are better for cross cuts and hardwood and wood-containing materials.
If you are dealing with laminated chipboard, you need even more: 40-64 teeth. The cutting speed will decrease, the load on the saw will increase, but the cutting line will be clean.

Remember: the more teeth a saw blade with carbide teeth has, the higher its cost, because the bulk of the price of a blade is formed just from the amount of carbide taps.

If you have noticed, most of the saw blades in the professional category are also “decorated” with through-point slots or wavy lines. These patterns are usually created with a high-precision laser and have nothing to do with embellishment. Their functional purpose. compensate for thermal deformation in heated discs and reduce the noise level emitted by the miter saw during operation.

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Miter saws for wood. Comparison of manufacturers

Miter saws can handle cutting wood fairly quickly. They can also work successfully with aluminum profiles. The peculiarity of this power tool lies in an interesting design that allows you to change the position of the disc. As a result, the cutting angle can be adjusted. At the same time, the parameters of the tilt of the disk for the models may differ greatly. The power of this instrument is controlled by a regulator. To remove dust during operation, the device has a bag.

Additionally, various functions should be noted, and one of them is soft start. As a result, the comfort from work can significantly increase. Today manufacturers can offer many saw options. According to their characteristics, they should be divided into budget, medium and professional models. The characteristics of the power tool, as well as its price, will depend on the buyer’s choice.

New models of the brand “Interskol

Due to the high power, Interskol miter saws for wood are capable of gaining good speed. The average frequency of the devices fluctuates around 50 Hz. The mains voltage of many models is 220 V. Electric motors in the saws are collector. Of the features, you can additionally highlight reliable protection systems. The maximum tilt angle for saw blades is 50 degrees. They are regulated quite smoothly, which is good.

The excellent stability of the device is ensured by the rubber feet. The lower frames are made of steel and are capable of withstanding significant loads. This company produces professional models with great success, and a table miter saw for wood costs an average of 16 thousand rubles on the market.

What is Makita ready to offer??

Miter saws for wood from this company are most suitable for professionals. Their limiting frequency is on average about 55 Hz. The rated power of the electric motor fluctuates around 2 kW. The protection system is installed class “IP 26”. Thus, short circuits are rare. Another advantage of the saws of this brand is high-quality handles along with frames. They are fully rubberized and stand out for their good stability.

As a result, working with a power tool is quite comfortable. The saw blade picks up speed very smoothly. Compared to Bosch models, the tilt angles are better and are maximum 70 degrees. In terms of dimensions, the models of this company are at an average level, and the saw usually weighs about 10 kg. Of the shortcomings, only high can be noted. The professional model will cost the buyer in the market 30 thousand rubles.

Saws of the company “Metabo

Miter saws for wood “Metabo” in characteristics are significantly inferior to the models “Bosch”. This is especially true for the strength of the structure. Therefore, stability is not sufficient when using the power tool. There are also certain adjustment problems. The maximum tilt angle of the disc is only 45 degrees. The fixation system, in turn, looks unreliable.

Among the advantages are powerful motors that are installed with a safety switch. As a result, the saw blade stops quite quickly. Models of the specified brand can be connected to a vacuum cleaner. At idle, the disc is capable of approximately 3800 rpm. The voltage of the device is standard and is 220 V. The frequency of many models is at around 45 Hz. Sawing capacity at low angle is max. 90 mm. The model of the above company will cost on average 15 thousand rubles.

Comparison of models: “Bison

Miter saws for wood “Zubr” are able to boast of compact dimensions. The average weight of a power tool is around 14 kg. The disc is capable of over 4000 revolutions per minute. At the same time, the frequency is kept stable. The average power of miter saws fluctuates around 2 kW, and the maximum voltage is 230 V. The diameter of the saw blade of the device depends on the modification. For the most part, the manufacturer indicates the dimensions of 254 by 30 mm. The maximum angle of inclination of the disc. 47 degrees. A professional saw model will cost the buyer 30 thousand rubles.

Saws from the manufacturer “Hyundai

Wood miter saws from this company are best suited for complex tasks. Convenient regulation is a feature of many models. The angles of the disc can be set differently. Many models have a dust extraction system. Thanks to the powerful electric motor, the rpm is over 4200.

Electricity consumption of saws is acceptable, and weak frames can be noted among the disadvantages. Thus, the stability of the instrument is not very good due to the small feet. The average saw blade diameter is 254 mm. As a result, we can say that the saws of this company are inferior to the leaders in this area, but they are not in last place. On average, a non-professional model will cost 20 thousand rubles.

Saws from the company “Bosch

Bosch has always stood out for its quality on the market. Most of the models are comfortable and practical. At the same time, the handles are rubberized and hold well in the hand. Miter saws for wood “Bosch” have a dust extraction system. This process takes place using a special pipe, where air is sucked into the bag. Thanks to the built-in supports, the stability of the tool is at a height. In turn, the legs are rubberized at the base. The accuracy of the work can be controlled on a special scale. There is a convenient adjuster on the side of the power tool for adjusting the angle of inclination. A soft start system is provided by the manufacturer in all models. As a result, the flaws in the saws of the “Bosch” company are quite difficult to find.

Features for maximum cutting comfort

In all miter saws, the swivel disc can be rotated on both sides. The tilt of the saw head is also a standard feature, in some models even to the right and to the left. Bevel cuts, curved cuts and combined cuts / cuts are possible without any problem. With a variable speed miter saw, aluminum and plastic can be sawed without problems at the appropriate speed. The integrated cutting laser and extendable table extensions are standard equipment at Metabo, as well as the chip suction option. Other properties are indicated in the description of individual products.

Reliable miter saws for the construction site and workshop

The miter saws from Metabo are built on the basis of many years of experience. The program includes over 10 saws for a wide variety of applications. Rated power consumption varies from 1350 W to 2200 W depending on the model. You can choose saw blades with diameters from 216 mm to 315 mm, this determines the maximum width and height of the part. The large miter and miter saw KGS 315 Plus provides a cutting width of 320 mm at a cutting depth of 120 mm when the saw blade is set at a 90 ° angle. Of course, using the feed function, which is integrated into almost all miter saw models. For mobile use, we recommend a compact lightweight with a carry handle, which hardly weighs more than 10 kg. The KGSV 72 Xact SYM saw is one of a kind, which is a combination of a panel saw and a rack saw with a symmetrically adjustable stop system. Real Progress in Precision Sawing Operations with Time Saving for Floor Installers.

Miter saws

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Miter saws / Miter and miter saws

Large range of miter saw blades

From rough cuts of construction timber to precise, clean cuts in complex workpieces, saw blades are available in all required diameters and tooth systems. Special blades for plastic and aluminum round off the comprehensive range of accessories for miter saws. Stands can be used for sawing while standing. A lightweight and sturdy stand, possibly with castors, for mobile use. a valuable companion on site. For sawing long workpieces, the miter saw holder KSU 401 can be extended to a width of up to 4 meters.