Modernization of the rotary mower for the tiller

Mower for power tiller. step by step instructions for making

In order to make a properly working homemade mower home masters, as a rule, use all available means. The equipment for the tiller made by the hands allows to save much money and at the same time to get the moral satisfaction from the made. The mower can be made by yourself and it is easy to find detailed descriptions on the internet, including drawings and video instructions on the subject.

As a rule, the mower on a single-axle tractor, created with their own hands, is the equipment of the front type, and which has the following types of construction:

Rotary mower Segmental mower Platform mower often than not, self-made mowers are created on the basis of ready-made factory-assembled attachments. Blueprints of such designs can be easily found on the Internet, as well as viewed on numerous videos.

The base for the equipment is the chassis of the steel angle 40×40 mm or any available. On the chassis set bearings for the wheel axle, and then mounted directly to the main unit of the equipment.

The variety of mowers for the tiller

Mowers for power tillers are available in stores or can be made by your own. There is no need to rush and start making the equipment yourself. To begin with, you need to compare for mowers in stores, they are not as small as you would like, but also not exorbitant.

Masters who decide to make their own mower, attracted by the fact that you can save on equipment.

In addition, the process is not very complicated, there are enough different drawings of ready-made mower models on the Internet, and the thing created with your own hands helps to experience delight and pride.

The choice of mower varieties depends on the type of site. The land differs in relief, the grass in volume, size, composition. It is based on these parameters that you need to choose equipment. There are only three types of mowers on a single axle tractor:


The model is suitable for an area with low vegetation and small bushes, grain crops. The mower is quite productive, used on a relatively flat area with slight slopes (10-20 degrees).

The side slope on these models is never more than 8 degrees. A significant disadvantage of a mower to a power tiller is the high chance of injury. After mowing, the grass is stacked in rows, so you don’t have to worry about it in the future. The rotary models have a very simple design, which reduces the risk of breakage.

In a separate article you can read about the attachments for the Neva power tiller.


The blades of this model move in reciprocating direction thanks to the motor system shaft. The design features of the segment mower for power tillers are more complex than similar models, making them more difficult to maintain. But the models have a number of advantages: lateral equipment equipment eliminates the possibility of working with already mowed grass, unlike rotary variants. Movable cutting parts move along the ground contours when mowing, thus following the landscape. This design enables you to mow plants close to the root.

The mower works with a deflection of the knife part by 20 degrees, it allows you to process even the most uneven areas of land. The mechanism for activating and deactivating the equipment is not at all connected with the power unit drive. This solution allows you to easily disengage the mower in dangerous situations.

The balance of knives in the segment versions is adjusted as much as possible, that allows to reduce vibrations in the construction to a minimum.

Mower wagon (drum mower)

The design is similar to the rotary model, but the mechanism is a bit more complicated. The mower is made of drums, which are fastened to the frame and belt clamps.

single axle tractor with haymaker

So, as a result of a long choice and searching for compromise:

There were already reports on this mower, I will not repeat them. The engine is excellent, the build quality of everything else is Soviet. In particular, after 5 minutes of work the bolt that fastens the pulley on the shaft of the engine flew out with a whistle. The good thing is that there was a shield. And after 10 minutes of work the knob from the gear shifter was lost, it was unscrewed in spite of found traces of glue. In general, you need to glue and tighten everything. The most important claim is the bolt that fixes the handlebar to the power tiller itself, according to the designers’ idea it should provide the easy rearrangement of it on the side to go sideways from the power tiller. In fact, the whole handlebar is fastened to the base with a bolt that has a nut screwed to the middle, t.е. just pressed down. I have to tighten it all the time. I’m thinking of re-cutting the thread on the bolt to pull it through the node and tighten the nut on the bottom. Of course, it will be more difficult to rearrange the wheel, but it is not necessary to tighten it permanently.

Now for the mower. I just found out that the shaft on which the tensioner is installed is not parallel to the main structure, as a result, after installing the tensioner it turns out that the roller distorts the trajectory of the belt. Fixed it by bending the tensioner part where the roller is mounted. Let’s go the first belt was killed in about 15 minutes The worst thing is that even little belt looseness caused by overheat leads to the fact that it is already impossible to use it, because its tension is performed by roller-tensioner or by changing the mower itself on one “hole” on the console. As a result, the belt is stretched and the tensioner is not enough and resetting the mower leads to the fact that even with the tensioner lever lowered the belt is still stretched and start the engine with the “connected” load I something I did not want to try, in my opinion it is wrong. Change the belt, try number 2 It works like a tank, it chops everything and everyone, but if the grass is dense or dead, it’s better to mow in small squares, t.к. on a frame of a mower the whole pile of tangled grass which firstly interferes with rotation of blades, secondly it rolls and crushes the grass from the side of mowing. I’ve got used to it this way. I make cuts, like “glades” every 5-7 meters, then I reverse and mow perpendicular to these cuts in order to cut down what has got on the frame. As a result, with such an approach, with a very uneasy bumpy plot, dense grass and in some places already fallen in 2 hours, managed to cut about 6 hectares, with pauses on cooling the belt (it was the last, and to the city 150 km) and scattering of mowed grass.

Summary: overall, I’m satisfied, despite the aforementioned drawbacks. If I had mowed two weeks earlier, it would have been a lot easier.

Principle of the rotary mower

The mower is triggered by the transmission of a power tiller, as well as by the wheels of these machines. The rotary mower is constructed with a support wheel and one or more discs attached to a metal frame. As the ground wheel starts moving, the cutting units are set in motion, and the machine mows.

Different models have from one to three cutting units on the metal frame. They can be attached in various ways, but the main advantage of having more of them is that the overall performance of the machine is improved.

Rotary mower, equipped with two or three blades, works on a tractor or motor-block, and quite a large area of agricultural land is cultivated. Several cutting devices also have a positive effect on the speed of agro-technical processing.

The characteristics of the machine are formed by several main indicators:

  • the height of the vegetation cut;
  • productivity (this figure is formed by calculating the area of cultivated land during the implementation of works);
  • the rotation speed of the cutting element.


Segmental mower for a power tiller is a frame mounted on a wheel base and fitted with a cutting element made of multiple knives, which perform reciprocating motion during the operation. Adjustment of the cutting height is performed by the side skids.

Segment mowers are not only more productive but also safer than their rotary counterparts thanks to the protective cover over the working part. A single-axle tractor equipped with such a mower cuts the grass evenly, regardless of the relief and density of the thickets.

For specific specifications of power tillers segment mowers with the function of neat laying of grass in rows for ease of subsequent cleaning have been developed.

Below are the technical characteristics of the segment mowers KN 1.1 for power tillers “Neva”. Today they are produced only in Russia. Such mowers weigh about 45 kg, mow grass in 110 centimeters wide stripes, the height of mowing. starting from 40 millimeters. In one hour of operation it is possible to process an area of about 0.35 hectares with an average speed of 5 km/h.

Today in the public domain there are quite a few instructions describing the process of making a mower for a power tiller with their own hands. As a rule, the main motive for making a mower yourself is the desire to save money. Such an aspiration is normal, but expedient only if the necessary materials and welding equipment.

If you need to buy or rent anything of this, the meaning of mower masters with their own hands is lost. And to spend 10-15 thousand for a reliable device designed to work in almost any conditions does not seem such a rash decision anymore. Keep in mind that a homemade machine is several times more dangerous than a factory-made one. even for the simple reason that old farming machine parts are usually used to assemble it.

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Single axle tractor Neva Rotary mower in action.Rotary mower “Zarya”. total weed annihilator!

The rotary mower Zarya for power tillers Oka / purchase, test, review and testThe rotary mower Zarya for power tillers “Oka” is intended for cutting of vegetation and herbage.


Segmental mower for a power tiller is a frame mounted on a wheel base and equipped with a cutting element made of many knives, which perform reciprocating movements during the operation. Mowing height adjustment is made via side skids.

Segment mowers are not only more productive but also safer than their rotary counterparts due to the safety guard above the mowing head. a single-axle tractor equipped with such a mower cuts the grass evenly, regardless of relief and density of overgrowth.

For specific specifications of power tillers segment mowers with the function of the neat stacking of grass in rows for easy cleaning afterwards are developed.

Technical characteristics of segment mowers KN 1,1 for “Neva” power tillers are listed below. Today they are produced only in Russia. These mowers weigh about 45 Kg, mow in 110 cm wide stripes, and cut at least 40 cm high. Approximately 0.35 hectares of land can be mowed in one hour’s work with an average forward speed of 5 km/h.

Today there are quite a few instructions in the public domain, describing the process of making a mower for a power tiller with their own hands. As a rule, the main motive for a self-made mower is the desire to save money. Such an aspiration is normal, but it is reasonable only if the necessary materials and welding equipment are available.

If you need to buy or rent any of these, the point of making a mower with your own hands is lost. And spending 10-15 thousand for a reliable device designed to work in almost any conditions doesn’t seem such a rash decision. It should be taken into account that a self-made device is several times more dangerous than a factory-made one, even for the simple reason that old parts from agricultural machinery are usually used for its assembly.

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Neva single axle tractor Rotary mower in action.Rotary mower “Zarya”. Total weed killer!

The rotary mower Zarya for power tillers Oka / purchase, test, review and testThe rotary mower Zarya for power tillers “Oka” is intended for cutting of rough vegetation and grassy crops.

General rules and recommendations for connecting to a power tiller

To assemble a power take-off mower for your power tiller yourself is a demanding task that requires a certain amount of care. But even a successfully assembled machine can fail to work as expected if the correct assembly to the power unit is not performed.

Recommendations on how to make a proper connection:

  • Switch the power unit to reverse mode;
  • Connect the mower to the PTO through the connection in the coupling socket;
  • The trailing mechanism must be secured with a spring pin;
  • The mower blades must be protected by guards;
  • The mowing process should be started at low rpm;
  • When driving during mower operation avoid any sudden manoeuvres and turn the machine smoothly without jerking.

When choosing to make by yourself any of the presented types of mowers should be guided primarily by the safety of use. these devices are high-risk and can cause irreparable harm to health if used improperly or not respecting safety precautions. Also check the technical condition of all components during operation.

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Segment mower

For making a homemade segment mower for your power tiller, you need a rectangular metal plate 120x5x1,5 cm. Drill 12 10 mm holes at regular distances from each other for M8 bolts.

It is necessary for fixing the rail, the length of which is 89 centimeters. knives and tines are mounted on it. There must be two of these guides on both sides of the plate. Before fitting the guides, on which the blades are riveted, the skids must be fitted.

The guides will move along them. Next secure the guides with clips, which are needed to hold the guides and blades together on the metal plate.

Important. The blades should be guided to the left or right side of the mower, so that they are centered at the point of the apex. In other words, they should find exactly one-to-one without displacement. If this condition is met, the grass mowing will be of higher quality.

It is necessary to install the support wheel on the machine’s chassis. The mower is driven by the PTO.

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How to connect a homemade mower to a power tiller

A mower assembled by hand may not produce the cutter bar you need if it is not attached to your power tool correctly. There are certain rules that must be observed when mounting the mower.

The first thing to do is to put the single axle tractor into reverse. Before attaching it to the PTO, a coupling unit is placed in the hitch socket. When using a pin with a spring the connection should be blocked. The lack of a spring will lead to a malfunction of the trailing mechanism.

For more safety, you need to cover the mower blades with a protective cover. The wheels of your power tiller are loaded with weights to help you work the soil. As they are not needed for mowing, they should be put out of the way. Start mowing grass with the mower at the lowest rpm. On the turns you do not need to rush and make them smoothly. If you assemble a mower for a power tiller with your own hands, first of all its work must be safe.

When the homemade mower is connected to the tiller and it works, the rotation speed of the discs with blades is quite high. If the mount breaks, you or the people around you may be injured. So first think about whether you have enough skill to make such a device. After all, it is much cheaper to buy a ready-made mower for a power tiller than it is to buy medicine and treat crippled organs or nerves.

How to mount mower on single axle tractor. details for beginners

Before mowing you prepare your power tiller by mounting the mower of your choice on it.

Mount the attachment in the following order:

  • First, you need to attach the attachment device from the mower kit;
  • Next you need to put the pulley of the device on the upper friction so that the front part of the hub “looks” at the flange of the tensioning device;
  • Then you need to fasten all the parts you have installed with a screw;
  • Then you need to install the mower and put the belt on, then fix the mower with the pins;
  • The next step is to put on an apron that prevents grass from getting on the operator, and put the protective shield back on the single-axle tractor. This video will tell you about mounting the mower on a single axle tractor in more detail.

After installing the mower it is required to adjust the belt tension. This is done by twisting the handle in the direction of travel of the walking tractor. Then the grass on the property can be mowed.

Rotary mower Zarya

Since a large number of different attachments are suitable for the Neva motoblock, it is not only produced by Krasny Oktyabr.

The plant “Kaluga Engine” offers its own model of rotary mower. Zarya.

rotary, mower, tiller

It has a slightly different design. There are two discs with blades on the frame.

From the manufacturer Neva you can even buy separate couplings to install a mower Zarya, they look like this:

So it looks like a segment mower. But instead of two rows of blades it has two discs of blades. They are spaced far enough apart so that the blades can work the whole surface.

This model has the same disadvantage as the segmented model. It is not designed for use on an uneven surface.

Here’s how the Zarya mower works:


  • The maximum working speed is 2 to 4 km/h.
  • The discs rotate at 2,000 to 2,400 revolutions per minute.
  • The maximum height of the grass to be mowed must not exceed 1 meter.

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How to install?

Attachment of the most popular rotary mowers to the power tiller “Salut” is carried out by means of a special suspension element, included in the package. To install the equipment you need to do the following.

  • Fix the suspension element with bolts, nuts and cotter pins.
  • Check the fasteners for reliable connection.
  • Check the drive unit for smooth running by turning it manually.
  • Carry out a test drive by moving the transmission lever to the operating position. After tensioning the belt the cutting elements should start turning. At the beginning the work should be done at low revolutions.

When installing attachments on the frame of the power tiller, it is very important to take care to use only standard components and parts of the structure. If the mower “Zarya” is put on the motoblock model “Salyut 100”, it is put on a special pin in the front of the construction.

Homemade mower-truck with their own hands

With a self-propelled mower, you can easily get rid of grass that has a wide stem. Let’s look at the specifics of making a machine.

Materials and tools

To assemble the haymower you will need:

rotary, mower, tiller
  • Frame made of metal corners;
  • 4 wheels;
  • metal sheet or plywood (size 80x40cm);
  • 2 cans of canned food
  • 8 metal discs;
  • 4 blades;
  • hub;
  • drum;
  • bolts;
  • conveyor belt.

Did you know? The wider and bigger the wheels on the mower, the less they damage the lawn and leave no marks.

With the materials listed above in hand, you can begin to assemble the device using a standard set of tools.

List of steps

Read the instructions on how to assemble the mower:

  • Place the sheet metal on the frame.
  • Put the two cans without lids and bottoms on the frame. Fit the metal discs in place of the bottom, the outer ones have a diameter of 20 cm and the inner ones 17 cm.
  • Join the discs together in pairs: screw them together with bolts.
  • Fix the blades to the discs so that the distance between them is the same to allow them to rotate freely.
  • Insert the sleeve into the drum part, fastening it firmly to the frame.
  • Put a sheet made of steel corners on the frame.
  • Join the drums together. You will need a transport strap for this.
  • Carry out the fixing of the lower sleeve of the drum, and to the latter attach the corners.

The final step is to make sure that there is a protective element on the blade, after which the assembled structure can be mounted on the single-axle tractor.

How to mount a mower on a single axle tractor

The newly purchased product must be properly installed on the machine to provide the desired performance and quality of performance. Let us consider the approximate order of assembly and installation by the example of the rotor version:

  • Check the delivery set (the set may differ from model to model, but, as a rule, it includes drive belt, frame, pipe fitting, fasteners, rotary cover, hydraulic hose, support skids, hydraulic cylinder, drive belt tension system, rotors with blades, spares);

Mount the frame to the mounts of the power harvester so that it makes 45 degrees with the vertical plane and so that the spline parts look up;

Read How to impregnate plywood for moisture resistance

Install the rotors on the frame, so that their blades are positioned at the bottom. It is important that they are fully seated on the spline;

We attach the rotary cover on the same slot;

Fix it with cotter pins and nuts;

Assemble the tensioning system by removing the cotter pin and unscrewing the lock nut on the pulley. Next step is to carefully knock out the pulley so that the key is not lost. When the system is properly installed, its handle will point upward and be secured with bolts from the spares;

Then fix the skids on the frame with bolts from the spare parts kit, so that their concave part is facing inward;

Unfold the frame rings so they are on the outside of the frame of the power harvester. After that, finally connect the mower to the second mower;

Put the drive belt on the pulley in the direction of travel. It is important that the single axle tractor and the mower remain in alignment;

Assemble hydraulic cylinder-hydraulic hose system (if it is planned on your power tiller).