Muffler For Tiller

When the hassle-free tiller begins to junk, the owner falls into a stupor and begins to look for the cause of the problems. The appearance of such a situation is doubly annoying when the work is full and there is no time for idle time.

Often, troubles arise precisely with a muffler, which for some reason starts to make strange sounds or even behave suspiciously. The main thing is not to panic, but to deal with everything with a cold mind. We will get acquainted with several problems that are most common.

Tiller shoots silencer: what to do?

The owner of such a useful and multifunctional technique needs to know that the appearance of interruptions in the operation of the muffler can happen due to:

  • Thin and low-quality metal;
  • Frequent bumps;
  • Excessive loads;
  • Difficult work;
  • Ill-conceived fixtures.

Often the cause of popping in the muffler is a gap in the process of supplying sparks and candles. To get rid of trouble, you need to unscrew the candle, combine its body and mass, by scrolling the crankshaft using the existing start handle.

In parallel, you should pay attention to whether a spark has appeared. If even after these manipulations the situation does not change, it is advisable to carefully clean the candle.

Tiller silencer flame and black smoke: looking for a cause and solution

Many experts are sure that such problems appear due to incomplete combustion in the fuel unit. The detection of a misfire in the ignition, the use of an excessively saturated mixture, a drop in power, or overheating is not ruled out.

If, after trying to start work, not only a flame but also black smoke appears, then we are talking about using low-quality oil or serious contamination of nozzles. Naturally, it is advisable to purchase a better lubricating fluid and thoroughly clean the nozzles from all that is unnecessary.

When the muffler, in addition to the indicated moments, also makes a serious noise, and the person wants to make it quiet, then it is necessary to increase the weight of the parts, because such problems often arise due to the lightness of the components.

You can get acquainted with other problems that arise with silencers Neva, Centaur, Garden Scout, etc., as well as their solution, thanks to the below, where the specialist presents everything and gives answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How to make a silencer on a tiller with your own hands?

If the factory part is out of order and cannot be repaired, and there is no money to buy a new one, then the best solution may be a home-made silencer for a tiller with low noise.

What is needed for this?

  • Vise
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Drill of impressive power;
  • Adjustable wrench;
  • Welding machine.

It should be noted that the mounting of the flange is considered the most vulnerable and weak point in the structure, therefore, it is necessary to use material of increased strength and thickness for it. As a basis for creating a quiet silencer on a tiller, we use the scheme below.

Muffler For Tiller

To form the fastening of the flange, it is advisable to take a workpiece with a thickness of 12 mm. In order for the flange plate to fit as tightly as possible, it is necessary to make a part similar to that which is placed on the exhaust pipe of the motor.

Then it is important to take care of the expansion chamber. We are talking about a thickening with several partitions, which significantly reduce the speed of movement of the flow of used gases and noise. It is important not to overdo it with the number of barriers, otherwise the unit will not be able to start up the first time.

For the manufacture of the final part. The exhaust pipe, it is important to take a part of the same size as the exhaust pipe. The pipe must be strong and reliable.

To make sure once again that creating a quiet muffler for a tiller is real, you should watch the in which ordinary people demonstrate the results of their efforts and share the “recipes” for success.