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best electric lawn mowers

Review of the best, according to the editors of About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to buy. Before buying, you need a consultation with a specialist.

It is impossible to maintain the lawn on the personal plot in perfect condition without special equipment. If the grass takes no more than 1000 kV. m of the area, and there are buildings nearby, then an excellent option would be the choice of an electric lawn mower. These models do not emit strong noise, so during operation the unit will not annoy the residents of the house and neighbors. Do not forget about the environmental component, the electric motor does not throw harmful substances into the atmosphere. Well, the decisive factor for many domestic homeowners is the affordable price of this garden equipment. A rich assortment of electric lawn mowers is presented on sale, so the ordinary consumer cannot do without the help of experts.

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How to choose a lawn mower

We selected the 17 best electric lawners into our review. Places in the ranking were distributed taking into account the opinions of the expert community and consumer reviews.

best electric lawn mowers in 2022

A neat site. the dream of any owner of a country house. The appearance of the territory largely depends on the state of the lawn. Previously, people used a hand tool to care for the house territory, but it had to spend a lot of time with it, and the result of the work was far from perfect. Therefore, today a hand tool has given way to garden technology. You can now cut the grass quickly with the help of trimmers, motorcycle and, of course, lawn mowers. Such equipment is electric and gasoline. We devoted a separate review by the second type of lawn mower, and today’s top will help you choose a high.quality electric model.

Method of nutrition

Electric models are network and battery. The former are well suited for small areas, which is due to a limited radius of their action. Of course, you can always buy a larger extension cord, but excess fuss with cables will certainly not make it easier. If you need to serve a large lawn or cut grass in several zones of the house site, then it is better to choose a battery technique. But keep in mind that for cutting vast lawns it is better to immediately buy several spare batteries.

type of drive

It is most convenient to use self.propelled lawn mowers. Such models perform work almost independently, and a person can only set the direction of movement of technology. Self.propelled units are divided into three subspecies:

  • Rear.wheel drive. Very stable, which allows them to be used to work on slopes and uneven areas.
  • Front.wheel drive. Easily controlled, characterized by excellent maneuverability. It is recommended to use front.wheel drive models on even lawns.
  • All.wheel drive. A universal option that combines both stability and maneuverability. Such mowers are suitable for operation on any relief.

Non.self.propelled models are simpler, and therefore cheaper and easier. But they require the application of efforts to move equipment around the site. Non.self.propelled lawn mowers should be used on small, mainly even lawns.

Side leaflet

As a rule, in lawn mowers, mowed grass is thrown back. But this is inconvenient in large territories, because periodically, the work has to be interrupted to devastate the grass collector. Speeded mowers with lateral emissions leave mowed grass on the ground.

Rating of electric lawn mowers for 2022

The most reliable Bosch Rotak 43 Li electric lawnies

Why we liked: Bosch lawn mower is made of durable plastic, which provides the device lightness, impact resistance and protection against corrosion. Ergonomic Ergoflex handles, which are equipped with Rotak 43 LI, can be tuned to the growth of the user and are suitable for left.handed and right. Braids of mowers are also reliable and are distinguished by good autonomy.

Main characteristics

  • Self.propelled: no
  • Speasing width: 43 cm
  • Moving height: 20–70 mm
  • Recommended area: 600 m 2
  • Travos collector type: hard
  • The volume of the grass collector: 50 l

Modern battery lawn mower from the legendary German company. Rotak 43 LI is produced at Bosch branded plants in the UK, where quality control at all stages of assembly of products has been debugged. The company provides customers with 2 years of warranty, and when buying an official dealer, the support period expands to 3 years.

The lawn mower is supplied with two lithium-ion batteries of 4 A h (36 c). The full charge of the batteries is enough to work in areas with an area of ​​up to 600 m 2. At the same time, it takes only 140 minutes to fully charge the battery, so you do not have to postpone the lawn cut in the event of untimely discharge of the battery.

In the manufacture of Bosch nutrition elements, Efficient Energy Management technology is used, which provides a more effective energy consumption. Due to this, Rotak 43 LI operates on average 15% more than other batteries with similar parameters. The service life of the new Bosch lithium-ion batteries is also higher: even after six-month downtime, the batteries will save up to 80% of the original capacity.

The inclusion buttons are located symmetrically. on the right and left side. Thanks to this, you can manage the lawn mower by any hand. Positively on the ergonomics of Rotak 43 LI, the adjustable handle is also affected, the length of which is adjusted to the growth of the user.

In the Bosch mower you can also configure the height of the bevel. from 20 to 70 mm. In total, 6 haircut ranges are available. The height adjustment is very simple: one movement of the lever located on the case is enough.

The width of the bevel in the observed model is 43 cm. And the special guides Rotak 43 Li allow you to cut the grass close to the edges of lawns, walls and other obstacles. All cut grass is thrown into a 30 liter grass sheet.

Among other useful features of the lawn mower, we note the Leafcollect function. Thanks to her, the mower copes with the collection of foliage on the site, which simplifies subsequent cleaning. The high.speed PowerDrive LI engine, which retains maximum power even with a low battery charge, deserves the highest praise.

The best electric lawn mower with a stiga Combi 40 e hard.cut

Why we liked it: a powerful and maneuverable device with a convenient grass collector. Due to the enlarged wheels Combi 40 E, it has good ability. The folding structure allows you to conveniently store the mitch, and the adjustable handle can choose the right height under the growth of the operator. The technical equipment is equipped with a 3 in 1: rear emission, collection and mulching.

Main characteristics

  • Self.propelled: no
  • Speasing width: 38 cm
  • Moving height: 25–75 mm
  • Recommended area: 600 m 2
  • Travos collector type: hard
  • The volume of the grass collector: 40 l

The products of the Swedish brand Stiga are in no less demand than the Bosch technique. The COMBI 40 E model also boasts a reliable design and a long guarantee. The amount of height adjustments here is similar to Rotak 43 Li, but their range is shifted by 5 mm: from 25 to 75. STIGA is also hard, 40 liters.

COMBI 40 E refers to the garden technique of the elite class. It combines good ergonomics, modern design and reliable components. The housing of the lawn mower is made of high.strength polypropylene. a material that is not susceptible to deformation. The width of processing in this model is 38 cm, which is convenient for cutting narrow areas.

The mowing handle can be adjusted in one movement by the height of the operator. Its design provides for symmetry, so Stiga technique is suitable for left.handed and right.handed. Increased rear wheels increase the maneuverability of COMBI 40 E, and the corrugated surface eliminates the possibility of slipping and sliding on wet soil.

1 electric motor with a capacity of 1.6 kW is equipped with a belt gear, which allows you to get a large torque on a knife. The “dead zone” has a small mower, which is important for haircuts near obstacles. In front of Combi 40 E is the guide of the comb, aligning the grass and increasing the quality of the mowing.

STIGA mowing is short, so it does not interfere with the rapid movement of equipment on the lawn. The well.thought.out design of the container allows you to effectively fill it with grass without user intervention. It is also convenient to monitor the filling of the grass collector: a special observation window will indicate the need for devastation.

Buyers include the quality of the knife quality to the disadvantages of COMBI 40 E. Firstly, it is quickly stupid and poorly suitable for hard vegetation. Secondly, the metal from which the braid knife is produced is too soft, and any pebble can leave a dent on it. Therefore, Stiga is primarily suitable for cutting even and neat lawn without garbage.

The best electric lawn mower with the Daewoo Power Products DLM 5580LI battery

Why did we like it: a mower with an ecological Daewoo engine operating from a couple of branded batteries. The device is characterized by a low level of vibrations and noise, is equipped with a spacious grass collector and allows you to quickly adjust the height of the cut (7 provisions).

Stiga SCM 440 FS

The mechanical garden apparatus has 40 cm width width, which provides excellent performance. The spindle system works like scissors, carefully cutting off the stems and making a minimum noise. Five blades are made of hardened steel and keep sharpening for a long time. During mowing, the cut material is discarded in advance, so your legs will remain clean. You can attach a grass collector to the lawn mower, but it is purchased separately. Loves garden device 17.2 kg, so it is possible to transfer it through an obstacle, but hard. It is convenient to hold the frame with the help of a P-shaped handle with a rubber coating. It is adjusted to the growth of the operator by clipping rods with “lambs”. According to reviews, the mechanical model is valued for a strong aluminum corps, resistant to corrosion, and light cutting of the stems.

narrow, lawn, mowers, electric, comfort

We allocated the lawn mower for the possibility of adjusting the height of the haircut in 9 positions. You can install a size of 25 to 76 mm using a centralized lever. Such a variety of values ​​allows you to more accurately choose the parameter, depending on the grade of grass and growth rate, so that the lawn does not look “bald”, but also does not overgrow after a couple of days.


  • Cuts a 40 cm strip at a time;
  • excellent spindle system of scissors;
  • deck and a casing made of aluminum, so they do not rust;
  • hard steel knives;
  • Cut grass is thrown forward.

Gardena 400 with Comfort

The lawn mower from the premium brand Gardena is made of steel, which provides increased strength of the deck and body. But the manufacturer tried to use thin metal so that the mechanical apparatus did not turn out to be very heavy. As a result, the mass of the device came out 9.4 kg, which means that it will be easy to manage such a mower even to a woman. But in terms of the number of stages of adjustments, the goods are inferior to the above leader. here instead of 9 positions only 4. In one pass, the lawn mower cuts a strip 40 cm wide. According to reviews, the lawn mower is very quiet and it can work even at night when everyone is sleeping. Because of the lightweight, a child 7 years old copes with her. But with a wet lawn, the knives begin to slip, so in the early morning, when the dew, or after the rain, it is better not to mow.

In our opinion, the mechanical apparatus is notable for the possibility of mowing high vegetation. Although the manufacturer has a indicator up to 42 mm, but in practice the device confidently cuts even 120 mm. Of course, this will need to make efforts, but other mechanical competitors will simply be confused in such a grass, and with this lawn mower it will be possible to clean the groomed lawn.


  • 2 years warranty;
  • handles are adjustable in height;
  • Lighted steel structure 9.4 kg;
  • gathering in the Czech Republic;
  • Fat anti.slip pads on the frame.

Husqvarna 540

The lawn mower is designed to work with a vegetation with a height of 12-38 mm, which is regulated by a 4-position switch. All key elements are made of steel, which means they will not bend or crack under load. But the weight of the mechanical apparatus is 9.1 kg, which makes it convenient for people of all ages. The spindle system of knives is implemented inside. From the reviews it is clear that with a good physical shape of the mower, it takes 5-10 minutes to cut one hundredth of the lawn (depending on the neglect of the grass). Buyers distinguish sharp blades and ease of cut, but warn that vegetation over 20 cm the lawn mower cuts worse. At this moment, the wheels lose their clutch, which does not allow knives to crank up and passes begin.

Experts highlight the mechanical model by the handle of an interesting shape. It is located perpendicular to the stands and made in the form of a large loop. Unlike classic P-shaped or Y-shaped handles, you can keep the lawn mower both behind the crossbar and side arcs. The latter option is especially convenient for better control of the position of the angle of inclination.


  • Perfectly cuts the stems with sharp blades;
  • can be used with a grass collector;
  • Small weight 9.1 kg;
  • Completely rubberized handle.

Wolf-Garten TT 380 DL

A mechanical.type lawn mower is designed for an area of ​​up to 200 m². With its help, you can simulate the height of the lawn from 13 to 38 mm. It has a steel deck and a casing, as well as a P-shaped handle. The rubber lining on its horizontal part makes the grip more reliable. It will be possible to quickly change the height of the frame with two “lambs”. A flat shield over the working part provides a directed departure of the cut material down, which means that you can work with a lawn mower without protective glasses. A 25 liter of a grass collector was developed for this mechanical model to immediately collect garbage in a container, but such an accessory is purchased separately. Small weight of 9 kg makes it easier to work with the unit, especially when it has to be pushed under the slope. For one passage, such a mechanical technique will be able to mow a strip 38 cm wide.

TOP 5 budget options

The expensive model with a high level of power is far from always needed. If the area of ​​the lawn is small, and the site is used as a cottage, then it makes no sense to purchase the most expensive units. The inexpensive model will fully cope with the duties assigned to it. The rating of the best electric lawn mowers that can be purchased inexpensively will help to decide on the choice of the right model.

1600 watts engine was designed specifically for lawn mowers. The height of the cut is adjustable from 2.5 cm to 6.5 cm, the width is 34 cm. Volumetric plastic grass collector allows you to accumulate up to 40 liters of waste, and the material from which it is made easily washed from the remnants of grass and juice. A good balance of the knife and engine, and the orientation of the air flow into the ground, allows the unit to work almost silently.

a power of 1.8 kW of power, the device weighs no more than 12.5 kg due to the plastic case. The speed of revolutions per minute reaches 3200. Grass collector volume 50 liters. The height of the mowing is regulated from 2.5 to 8.5 cm, and the width of the mowing is 43 cm. The device does not have a mulching function, and cannot work autonomously, since it does not have a battery.

A small model is easy to manage and maneuverability. She works very quietly and productive. The engine has the ability to 1100 watts. The bevel width reaches 34 centimeters, and the height can be adjusted from 2.8 to 6 cm. It is possible to release grass back, but for waste a travate is provided with a volume of 28 liters made of plastic. The only negative is the power cord, and the impossibility of autonomous work.

This is a great option for private use. A 1200 W engine has protection against damage to garden garbage. The device has a folding handle, which simplifies transportation or storage. The height of the haircut is adjustable from 3 to 8.5 cm, the width of the mowing is 40 cm. The braid has a soft grass collector with a volume of 50 liters, equipped with an indicator of filling. The case is made of polypropylene. The model performs the function of mulching.

narrow, lawn, mowers, electric, comfort

This lawn mower is rightfully headed by a rating of inexpensive electric lawn mowers, since in addition to a beautiful appearance and a weight of slightly more than 8 kg, it has high qualitative characteristics. Manual tuning of a bevel height has a range from 2 to 6 cm, the width is 32 cm. The unit has a hard collection for waste with a volume of 29 liters and has the function of the rear emission of grass. The model is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 1200 W, and the speed of rotation of the knife can reach 3400 revolutions per minute. The wheels of the model are made of soft material, which allows you to save the lawn in good condition.

The best gasoline lawn mowers

The models working on gasoline are no less in demand. High power allows you to use the unit not only for haircuts of grass, but also for pruning bushes. Autonomy allows you to use the device in conditions where there is no electric network.

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is worth studying its characteristics. Particular attention should be paid to the power, noise level that makes the device and mulching functions. Self.propelled models greatly simplify the care of the lawn, and the options for units, on which you can go riding, allow you to enjoy this lesson.

The best gasoline lawn mowers

The models working on gasoline are no less in demand. High power allows you to use the unit not only for haircuts of grass, but also for pruning bushes. Autonomy allows you to use the device in conditions where there is no electric network.

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is worth studying its characteristics. Particular attention should be paid to the power, noise level that makes the device and mulching functions. Self.propelled models greatly simplify the care of the lawn, and the options for units, on which you can go riding, allow you to enjoy this lesson.

It perfectly combines the price and quality. This is a great option for servicing an area up to 1000 m2. Power of 2.7 liters. With. and the width of the mowing of 41 cm allows you to quickly and efficiently perform the work. The grass can be thrown back, to the side or into a grass collector with a volume of 50 liters. The weight of 27 kg leads to the rapid fatigue of the operator. For processing a larger area, it is worth choosing models with a smaller weight. The advantages of the model include high ergonomics, a reliable metal case and quiet operation.

The model continues the rating of gasoline lawners due to low price and high.quality materials for the manufacture of the case. Power of 5 liters. With. and the width of the mowing of 46 cm allows you to quickly clean the extensive territory of grass and shrubs. The model is easy to control, and allows you to drown the engine with one click on the brake. This function provides additional security.

Such an unit is designed to work at flat sites.

The rear.wire model makes it possible to work on uneven areas with various pits and tubercles. A 60.liter.equipped grass collector and equipped with a special seal allows you to work without stopping for a long time. Power of 5.5 liters. With. makes it possible to process shrubs with hard branches. The mulching function allows you to use mowed grass for economic needs. The only drawback is the weight of 38 kg, which complicates the management of the unit. To simplify cleaning the inside to the body, you can connect the hose.

Large wheels make it possible to easily control the unit. The case and declining made of steel, which increases the life. The grass is thrown into a large grass collector by 50 liters or back. Speasing height can be adjusted in 10 positions, from 2.5 cm to 7.5 cm. The weight of the device does not exceed 24 kg.

This powerful unit allows you to process small and medium sections, which rightfully takes first place. The rear.wheel drive makes it possible to mow grass on an uneven surface. Grass can be thrown to the side, back or a nylon bag with a volume of 70 liters. Engine power 6.5 l. With. allows you to cut grass and shrubs with thick branches. The unit has a capture of 53 cm wide and mowing height from 2 to 8 cm.

Lawn mower-robot

Externally, a robot lawn mower is similar to a wheel: a case, three or four wheels, knives for cutting grass. The wheels are usually plastic, with fairly high soil.bearing so that the mower can overcome steep climbs. Leading can be either rear or front, or all four wheels.

Its main difference is the absence of the control handle, because it copes with its task on its own: it mows, confidently moving forward, when you hit the obstacle, he moves back and bypasses it from the side, and reaching the edge of the lawn, turns around and rides in the opposite direction.

A compulsory element in the design of gazonocosyle robots is a battery that feeds electric motors that rotate knives and mowing wheels. For humans and animals, the battery voltage is completely safe due to its small size. Many models themselves find a charging station when discharge, connect to it and “refuel” with electric shock, then again go to the lawn and continue to work. However, there are already gazonocosyl robots that work without electricity. Lawn mower-robot

The robot acts according to a specific, predetermined program. Part of it is set by the manufacturer, part. the owner. Most often, the owner sets the time frame of the “working day”, the angle of rotation when hitting an obstacle, the height of the mowing. The boundaries of the site are determined by the robot using the grass sensor or using a special cable detection sensor laid along the perimeter of the lawn. The robot, reaching the edge of the lawn, turns around and goes in the opposite direction. Passing through one section at different angles, it creates an almost perfect surface. When overturning or trying to raise the edge of the case, a special sensor is triggered, and the knives stop.

Protection of such a lawn mower from theft is carried out using a pin code. A stranger who does not know the code will not be able to start the robot, t.e. Theft does not make sense. Some models are additionally equipped with a sound alarm: it either works as a car or sends a signal to the owner’s mobile phone. Despite the fact that the price of a gazono-boiler robot is high, the consumer is attracted to the convenience and safety of this automated household appliances for pets and small children.

The robot works according to a specific program set in advance.

Our market will also help you choose a lawn mower with the desired parameters, where goods from the largest online stores are presented. Here you can compare the of different types of lawn mowers described in this article. from mechanical to robotic.

Question answer

Soft allows you to control the filling, has a good capacity. Periodically requires washing. The tough should have a filling indicator. The container of this type is unpretentious to regular care. Both options are well performed by the task.

Self.propelled. more universal, it is easier to manage the technique, but its design is more complicated, which affects the cost. Technique is recommended for even areas with regular care. Non.self.propelled ones. the choice of a summer resident, the owner of the site with complex relief and landscape.

Recommended height-10-12 cm above the maximum settings. If the range of the model is 25-75 mm, then the stems should have a length of not more than 195 mm. Powerful equipment will cope with higher grass.

Which electric lawn mower is better to buy

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to pay attention to the main aspects that relate to the technical parameters of the equipment. The area of ​​the processed area and its features should be taken into account, including relief, vegetation, remoteness from the power source. The type of grass and the frequency of mowing are also important details that need to be borne. Sensitivity to noise and attitude to ecology for some users are also serious components, which is taken into account in premium and middle class models. Experts answering the question: which electric lawns are better, the following lawn mowers are allocated for specific tasks:

  • For mowing complex uneven sections of a small area, it will be appropriate to pay attention to Husqvarna LC 141c. This model can mow even wet grass, it is quite powerful, has a grass collector.
  • For processing medium.sized lawns with any, even hard vegetation, Champion EM 3313 is suitable. It has a good build quality, sufficiently hard, plus protection from overload. The weight of the device is relatively small.
  • To work on the site of 3-4 acres, Makita ELM3320 is recommended, which differs in light control.
  • For advanced summer cottages, it is better to choose the GKE-1700 stavr, equipped with a powerful electric motor.
  • For large areas where there are reliefs, slopes, flower beds and floral stands, Bosch Indego 350 is suitable. It is multifunctional, has intellectual management and is able to work in any weather. Plus Bosch has an option to mulch grass.

Based on this, it follows that the entire presented technique is quite functional and is able to effectively process the sites of different volumes. However, the best lawn mower will be the one that is optimally suitable for personal user parameters.

Criterias of choice

Before choosing a particular model, you need to take into account the following parameters:

  • the amount of electricity allocated to the house (can be clarified in an organization providing resources);
  • the remoteness of the lawn or other green zone from the house;
  • the condition of the internal wiring and extension cords;
  • green Zone;
  • the height and type of grass in the green zone;
  • The relief of the green zone;
  • the desired way of cutting grass;
  • The amount of the budget for the purchase of a lawn mower.

The volume of the selected electricity

For most private houses, the released amount of electricity (power) is 5-15 kW, however, if there is an electric heating, then the released amount of energy can be increased.

If the power of the lawn mower exceeds 1/2 or 1/3 of the assigned power, when all consumers of electricity are turned on, it can be overloaded, which often leads to the house of the house from the mains.

Therefore, the more electricity consumers in the house and the larger their total capacity, the less electricity the lawn mower will receive, which means that this parameter determines the maximum power of the lawn mower.

If you do not know how much energy is allocated to your house, find a concluded agreement with an organization that provides resources, or ask for a certificate, but you will have to pay 1-4 thousand for this.

You can reduce the influence of the prescribed power on the power of the lawn mower by the power of the rest of the electricity consumers, however, if for some reason you forgot to disable one of the consumers, then the probability of a cross is and the subsequent disconnection from the network will significantly increase.

In this regard, law mowers for ordinary residential buildings and summer cottages that consume 1-3 kW are most popular. They have enough power to cut lawns and wild grass, which are not too high or thick, and they also do not overload the mains.

In houses with officially installed electric heating, mowers with a capacity of 2.4-5 kW are required, as they have great power and should be used in the warm season, when the load on electric networks is minimal.

The remoteness of the territory from the house

The farther the site is from the house or from the outlet inside it, the longer the cable should be.

In addition, the cable cross section is of great importance, because the more powerful the mower connected to the network, the greater the cable section should be, which means that the heavier and heavier the extension.

For mowers with a capacity of 1 kW, any cable is suitable, even a very thin and flexible two.core cable, but for mowers with a capacity of 3–3.5 kW, the cable cross section should be 1.5–2 mm2.

An extension cable even 100 m long will weigh 6-15 kg, but it is very difficult to find such a long wire with a finished fork and outlet, because its length rarely exceeds 50 m.

When using several extension cords, the probability of their disconnecting from each other, as well as electric shock, increases significantly.

narrow, lawn, mowers, electric, comfort

In addition to a large weight, a powerful extension cord is also quite hard, so the larger the segment of the outlet will be, the more difficult it will be to work with the mower due to the fact that the power cord interferes with the normal movement that you can confuse your legs or fall under the knife of a lawn mower.

Wiring and extension cord

Even small lawn mowers (less than one kW) consume so much current that a wiring malfunction can cause a fire.

After all, any bad contact is a area with high electrical resistance, which heats up when electric current passes through it, and the stronger the current, the more thermal energy will be released.

In addition, household outlets and protective electrical equipment are designed for a certain current strength, so its excess will also lead to overheating and possible fire. The same situation with extension cords, without which it is impossible to use electric lawnmands: any defect can lead to heating with the subsequent fire of the cable or other problems.

Often the condition of sockets or extension cables limits the power of electric lawn mowers or even makes it impossible to use them.

Therefore, when choosing a machine, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the home power grid and cables that will connect the lawn mower to the outlet.

One way to increase the power of the lawn mowing suitable for using is to start a separate fishing line for a trimmer with a dedicated outlet and connect a fairly long extension cable to the coil. This will not only protect you from the fire, but also reduce the negative impact of the lying wire on the movement of the lawn mower or a person around the site.

Land area

Theoretically, any lawn mower can mow grass on any site, but in fact, a lot depends on the width of the mowing (capture), because the smaller it is, the longer the car will process a plot of a certain size.

The longer the engine of the lawn mower operates, the more heat it receives in bearings and windings, so too long work can lead to damage to the engine and it must be replaced or replaced.

Some manufacturers indicate the maximum area of ​​the region that the device can process in one application.

For example, for Makita ELM3800 machine with a cut width of 38 cm and engine power 1.4 kW, the maximum area of ​​the site is 500 m2.

Most of the network electric motors installed on the lawnmands have a time under load of 20-50 minutes, therefore, to determine the maximum area of ​​the site, simply multiply the width of the mowing of the machine by the distance that it will pass.

In this case, the speed of movement depends on many factors, including the density and height of the grass. The higher and thicker, the slower it will need to move the lawn mower around the site to avoid overloading the engine. In most cases, the optimal speed of the lawn mower is from 1.5 to 4 km / h, so any student can calculate the maximum area of ​​the site.

The lawn mower of which company is better to choose

There are several manufacturers of garden equipment. Along with well.known and proven brands, new companies appear that promise the best quality and long service life.

Before buying a lawn mower with an electric motor, you should pay attention to the best brands, according to experts:

  • Woods. The German manufacturer is an unconditional leader in the equipment market for the repair, construction and maintenance of the garden. The brand is in great demand for a large selection, stable quality and better technological.
  • Eltech. The national company favorably differs from competitors with reliability and strict product quality control. An important advantage of the company is an extensive network of service centers and a clear adherence to market trends.
  • Stihl. Another well.known manufacturer specializing in the production of various equipment for caring for gardens and gardens. Many brands include lawnmands in their assortment, but STIHL strictly specializes in this segment, using its own technologies and paying great attention to practicality and effectiveness.
  • Hyundai. The brand has established itself in the development of good technologies at reasonable prices. The company has accumulated extensive experience in the field of technical developments, so all products satisfy the needs of modern users.
  • SAMPLE. A good and well.known brand offers customers affordable and reliable equipment. A wide range of garden equipment will cover the entire range of user needs. And the main advantages were maintainability and unpretentiousness in operation.

Model rating

Among the best models of electric lawn mowers can be called DDE LME3109. This device is equipped with a 26 liter.of. Power consumption reaches 0.98 kW. The rotary cutting system can trim the grass to a height of 0.02 m. At the same time, the highest cut height is 0.06 m. An electric motor can reach 3550 revolutions per minute. The case, although made of plastic, is quite reliable.

Among the high.quality alternatives included in the TOP is Hammer ETK 1000. The four.wheeled device develops a power of 1 kW and can cut the grass to a height of 0.055 m. Thanks to the plastic grass collector, the weight of the structure is reduced to 8 kg.

Patriot PT 1132E consumes 1100 watts. Relatively heavy (10 kg) equipment is equipped with a motor that develops 3,000 revolutions. A cutting node is built into the plastic case, which removes the grass strip 0.32 m wide. The capacity of the grass collector is 35 liters. The system is designed to connect to a household network 220 in.

How to choose for a summer residence?

A number of other models could be called. But it is much more important to know how to make a choice correctly. Non.self.propelled modifications are more convenient in transportation, and it is easier to store them. However, using such devices in uneven areas is very difficult. Jerks negatively affect even the best mechanisms. And therefore the reliability of non.self.propelled devices is quite small.

Self.propelled braids need only the direction of the direction. they will make the rest without human help. Such a device is suitable for owners of any large cottage. It is undesirable to give preference to the most powerful models. All the same, they are needed mainly for the constant haircut of “neglected” lawns. There will be more economical mowers with moderate capacities.

It will only be necessary to check on the documentation, how much time they actually work. For ordinary summer residents, there is enough device that operates continuously for 30 minutes. The width of the kosba strip will be a very important parameter. Inexpensive devices remove grass 0.3 m. In more advanced versions, this indicator reaches 0.4-0.5 m.

You can find out how to choose an electric lawnical mower from the video below.