Network Screwdriver Which Is The Best Of The Inexpensive

Stomer SCD-500

Network Screwdriver Which Is The Best Of The Inexpensive

The German manufacturer presented a cordless screwdriver with a high screwing speed and a gearbox in a metal housing. One of the best options for working with drywall.

Stomer SCD-500 boasts the following features:

  • Rotationally adjustable thrust clutch;
  • Depth stop for screwing fasteners to a given depth;
  • Reverse function for easy unscrewing;
  • 4 modes of drilling depth;
  • Lock button for on / off;
  • Belt clip.

Optional accessories: carbon brush set.

Makita FS4300

Another tool designed for working with drywall, now Japanese. The high speed spinning model is available in two versions: 110 and 240 W.

Has an extended list of features:

  • Quick-detachable locator in Makita FS4300 will make the choice of depth easier and increase the efficiency of use;
  • Neither the master himself nor those around him will have to suffer from intrusive buzzing sounds: a silent pin connection will reduce the noise level to a minimum;
  • The aluminum structure from which the screwdriver is made not only speaks of lightness, but also of strength: the material will greatly extend its service life;
  • Ease of use in confined spaces due to compact design;
  • LED work indicator for improved visibility of work;
  • Variable speed;
  • Soft rubberized handle;
  • Strong metal belt clip;
  • High ergonomics thanks to a smooth and lightweight body.

Kit: magnetic bit holder; carbide bits; locator; carrying case.

10 best cordless screwdrivers in 2020

Screwdriver. A reliable assistant who will cope with twisting and unscrewing fasteners of various modifications. With them, you can fasten concrete and plastic parts, screwdrivers work with metal, wood. Most of these tools perform the function of drilling (if there is a special chuck), which means that many useful things can be done with their help at home.

The principle of operation is the same for everyone. But the types of power supply differ: there are battery and mains. The first, as the name implies. Run on batteries, the latter. From electricity. We will consider them.

Makita FS4000

One of the giants of the power tool market introduced an improved screwdriver with a lightweight gear, which had a great effect on its controllability and maneuverability. Like other models, the Makita FS4000 has a fast mounting speed (570 W motor. No joke). The case can easily be called ergonomic: its shape helps to hold the screwdriver for a long time with one hand, without too much straining. Even working at maximum load is comfortable. Lightweight and smooth starting control further minimizes the strain on the hands. Tool weighs 2.9 lbs.

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What else distinguished the model:

  • Lightweight gearbox for easy handling and maneuverability;
  • One-touch locator to adjust drilling depth;
  • Plastic metal clip for easy carrying on a belt;
  • Hex shank ¼ inch to drill any material;
  • Vibration-absorbing soft rubber handle;
  • Speed up to 4000 rpm.

Supplied with locator, magnetic holder, 2 attachments.

Bosch GSR 6-45 TE

Another German manufacturer. Market leader in power tools. Also released a quick and convenient model for professional work with drywall.

  • High-performance motor with a power of 701 W;
  • Electronic switch with lock button for continuous operation;

Advice: Check out the Bosch GSR 6-45 TE if you need to work with wood and metal plasterboard profiles.

  • Reliability thanks to metal gear housing and depth sensors;
  • Precise screwing of fasteners to a given depth, which is ensured by a cut-off clutch;
  • The ability to work for a long time in any position (including with one hand). Comfortable grip design with wide switch
  • Forward / reverse rotation.

Included. Practical strap for hanging the tool.

Dewalt DW268K

This time, the Americans have developed and released a really durable tool: they used steel to make the gear.

Other specs are impressive too:

1.The Versa control system allows for easy torque adjustment, while maintaining the ability to overcome obstacles when tightening fasteners in materials with variable density (wood);

2. Powerful motor provides comfortable work with metals;

3. Ideal for working with plastic;

4. Reversing switch for quick change of operating modes;

5. Soft grip surface on the handle and switch to reduce vibration and increase user comfort;

6. Dewalt DW268K works at high speeds without damaging the fasteners;

7.Ergonomics: lightweight and compact design to reduce user fatigue.

Sturdy carrying case included.

What is the best battery for a screwdriver

The built-in battery plays an important role when operating the instrument. Power, duration of use directly depends on the parameters and capacity of the battery used. Before buying, you need to clarify which is the best screwdriver to choose for homework, its battery power and other parameters.

Battery for screwdriver

The number of offered options for cordless screwdrivers is large in the construction market, several main types of batteries have been identified.

The best 14.4V screwdrivers

The best handheld cordless screwdriver with a voltage of 14.4 V, belongs to the more professional tool.

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The functionality of the device does not differ from a compact drill, and the mobility allows you to make holes where necessary.

  1. Bosch PSR4 Li-2 model is characterized by reduced weight, which makes installation work more comfortable. Battery charging time is short, but the device is equipped with only one battery. There is a charging indicator and backlight.
  2. Makita BDF343SHE has the best characteristics to the competitor, is distinguished by the presence of a second battery in the kit, a fast charging system.

Cordless screwdrivers features and benefits

The specialties of cordless screwdrivers are mobility and many additional functions. It is possible to carry out work far from the power source, but it should be understood that the screwdriver operates from a battery, which can be discharged at the most inopportune moment of production. Electric screwdrivers work directly from a 220 V network and require constant power. The presence of a wire can adversely affect the work, since it is worth considering its length.

How to choose a household or professional screwdriver

The most popular manufacturers of screwdrivers are Bosch, AEG, Makita. The market share for these manufacturers is more than half. Large companies are interested in retaining their customers, so when buying a tool, you can confidently use it in business.

The best screwdrivers with a 10.8V battery

The purpose of the tool with a power of 10.8 volts, the best option is the assembly of drywall structures and furniture.

Several brand models can be considered by functional qualities.

  1. Makita DF030DWE screwdriver is designed for household needs, has a battery capacity of 1.3 amp-hours with a power of 10.8 volts. The maximum torque is due to 24 Nm, the speed is electronically controlled, there is a reverse. The maximum number of revolutions is 1300 per minute. Charging usually lasts more than 5 hours. The kit comes with a replaceable battery for convenient, continuous operation.
  2. Bosch GSR8-Li is equipped with two-speed electronic speed control. The maximum torque is better than competitors in this category and is 30 Nm. The model has a minimum weight, small dimensions. Backlight helps to work in low light conditions.

Cordless screwdriver

A lot of electrical work is impossible to imagine without a screwdriver. Cable laying, installation and assembly of furniture are carried out using a universal tool. The cordless screwdriver has mobility, ease of use. Before choosing, it is worth determining the nature of the work performed and the required power of the tool.

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TOP-11 inexpensive network screwdrivers

Makita TD0101F 99/100

Patriot FS 300 98/100

Hyundai D 350 97/100

Sturm SOFT TOUCH 96/100

Energomash DU-2145P 95/100

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Interskol DSh-10 / 260E2 94/100

Enkor DSHE-2 350ER / 10 93/100

NEXTTOOL DRS-650/2 92/100

Stanley STDR5206 91/100

Kolner KED 240 V 90/100

Hammer DRL320 Premium 89/100

Recommendations for choosing a screwdriver

Every craftsman wants the tool to serve for a long time and be adapted for various types of work. In order not to regret the purchased device, it is recommended to take a responsible approach to the analysis of various aspects at the stage of choosing a model.

Brand selection

Manufacturers of professional and household appliances can be divided into two groups. The first includes world famous companies that have long established themselves in the quality and durability of products. In this case, you need to understand that when purchasing a tool, you will have to pay extra for the brand.

How to choose a screwdriver

Types of chuck for screwdriver

No. 11. Hammer DRL320 Premium

Hammer DRL320 PREMIUM screwdriver is designed for various types of work. It can be used for drilling holes, installing and removing hardware. The efficiency of the work carried out increases the shock mode. The model’s reducer has 2 operating speeds. The torque is adjustable in 16 positions. There is a reverse and a lock start button. Easy to change bits and drills thanks to the keyless chuck. Clamp diameter: 0.081 cm. Includes a bit.

Hammer DRL320 Premium

  • Sufficient power;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Lack of unnecessary noise during work;
  • Long power cord;
  • Democratic cost.

There are defective products, but under the guarantee, problems are quickly eliminated. It is recommended to disassemble the device and lubricate the gearbox before using it, since the manufacturer usually saves on such processing.