Next Day Cordless Screwdriver Doesn’t Work

Next Day Cordless Screwdriver Doesnt Work

Why do I need a cordless screwdriver?

Many men use a standard set of tools and do not have difficulties, why do we need a cordless screwdriver? The difficulties of using ordinary screwdrivers are connected with the fact that they work very energy-intensively, a standard screwdriver does not work for several hours a day, and if you conduct such an experiment, then the next day you can say goodbye to your brush.

Cordless screwdriver saves a lot of time and allows you to perform all operations with ease. At the same time, the tool has a large number of bits for working with various fasteners. Another advantage is compactness. Where a conventional screwdriver can not cope, a screwdriver can work in almost any place.

Screwdriver specifications

Before deciding to purchase a particular model, you should carefully consider the main characteristics:

  • Type of tool handle;
  • Power;
  • The material from which the screwdriver shaft is made;
  • Type of battery;
  • The presence of a reverse;
  • Battery charging time.

The handle of a cordless screwdriver can be of two forms. L-shaped and T-shaped. The devices of the first type are excellent for many work and are distinguished by their compactness and lightness. Their shape allows you to work for a long time and does not worry about tired hands.

If we talk about power, it is worth mentioning that the higher it is, the higher the cost of a screwdriver. If you need to tighten a lot of fasteners every day, it is best to choose an expensive model whose service life is increased.

The power of cordless screwdrivers is expressed in torque. If it is necessary to tighten the screws on the electronics, then devices with an output value of 2-2.5 Nm are suitable. The best option to work in everyday life is to buy a screwdriver with a torque of 4-6 Nm. There are also devices with an indicator of 15-18 Nm. But their cost is large, and weight contributes to rapid fatigue during work.

Also, by the cost of the tool, one can also judge the quality of the rod used in it (the main part of the mechanism that provides rotation of the bits). It should be made of high alloy steel, which does not break during prolonged use. The rod is a cylindrical part on which bits are mounted.

The difference between a cordless screwdriver and a screwdriver

If you compare a cordless screwdriver and a screwdriver, then the second device is more functional and allows you to perform many operations. In addition, it can work with both wood and metal. The screwdriver is adapted only for domestic needs. But then why buy it?

The purchase of a screwdriver can be beneficial if it is used, for example, to collect furniture. Using a heavy screwdriver to perform many simple operations is completely inefficient. Over, such products are in demand not only among ordinary users, but also in the construction industry, so you can safely choose it for work at home.

Also, special attention should be paid to the type of handle. The choice depends on what work will be done with a screwdriver. T-shaped tools have greater maneuverability and allow you to work even in hard to reach places.

The main features of cordless screwdrivers:

  1. They are not designed for the use of drills. The cordless screwdriver is for hex bits only. However, you can also find special drills, but their number is limited and does not allow replacing a screwdriver.
  2. Screwdrivers can have different shapes. The screwdriver is presented only in the form of a pistol.
  3. For screwdrivers, the battery is located inside the handle, which is one of the main features. At the screwdriver, this part is located below and is removable
  4. Screwdrivers rotate at only one speed (most often).
  5. Have less weight

Next Day Cordless Screwdriver Doesn’t Work

Cordless screwdrivers MAKITA

Makita screwdrivers are powerful and compact devices for working with fasteners. Some models allow you to use the tool with a l-shaped handle, and in direct form. This is due to the ability to rotate the handle. The coating of the device is rubber, which facilitates its retention in the hand even during prolonged use.

Typically, such tools work on nickel-cadmium batteries, which are light in weight and provide about 5 hours of continuous operation. The devices of this company are intended for domestic and semi-professional use. This suggests that MAKITA screwdrivers are perfect for housework.

Interskol cordless screwdrivers

The devices of this company operate on a lithium-ion battery and are designed with a practical design and a comfortable grip. Like many other similar tools, they have a large number of bits and the ability to rotate in different directions. The light weight of the structure facilitates the installation or removal of screws and contributes to comfortable work.

Especially often they talk about the OA-3.6 model. Compared to other similar devices, this screwdriver charges much faster, and after prolonged inactivity it starts working without loss of efficiency. This was made possible due to the low self-discharge of the batteries. For convenience, the battery parameters are displayed on the screwdriver case, which makes it easy to find out the time after which it will stop working.

One of the advantages of this device is the presence of an adapter for bits, which makes the device more convenient. Also on the case there is a light indicator that contributes to comfortable work in the dark. For convenient carrying there is a special plastic case.

Bison Screwdrivers

The devices of this brand are compact screwdrivers for domestic use. They can also be used for simple drilling. Ease of use is the ability to lock the handle at different angles. Reviews say that Bison screwdrivers are simple and effective devices.

Also, a backlight is installed on many mechanisms, which helps when working in hard-to-reach places.

Bosch devices

Bosch is a well-known company that produces cordless screwdrivers and other home appliances. All brand products are known to almost everyone due to their quality of reliability. Most often, the devices of this company use lithium-ion batteries that do not have a “memory effect”. For convenience, a special indicator is installed on the case of many BOSCH screwdrivers, showing the remaining charge. Thanks to this, the person involved in the repair can not worry that the mechanism will fail him at the most inopportune moment.

On the case of the BOSCH screwdrivers, not only the degree of discharge of the device is displayed, but also the direction of rotation. At the same time, the handle is made of materials that do not allow the hand to slip.


Cheaper and more common are devices from STAYER, which have:

  • Large set of bits;
  • Built-in illumination of the working area;
  • Movement of the work item in different directions.

Reviews say that such screwdrivers are intended for domestic use only and will not work for a professional builder, as they are less reliable than other devices.

Hammer Products

Among the models of this brand, many often distinguish the ACD 3.6c device. This screwdriver is suitable for performing any household work that could be done with such a tool. It allows you to easily mount and unscrew fasteners of various diameters. At the same time, it has a torque adjustment function.

Many note the convenience of the built-in charge indicator. Thanks to him, you can know in advance how much work can be done without connecting the screwdriver to the network. Model HAMMER ACD 3.6c is very compact and therefore it can be used for a long time without fatigue in the hands.

The built-in battery is designed for quick charging, so the owner of the tool can resume work after using up energy after 2-3 hours. In this case, the torque is maintained regardless of the level of charge. This characteristic can be easily changed, which indicates the advantage of such screwdrivers over other similar equipment.

The absence of wires and low weight make the screwdriver maneuverable and indispensable in many situations. The material from which the handle is made does not allow the device to slip out of the hand during operation, and the LED indicator allows you to perform all actions even without lighting.

To choose the appropriate option, it is worth evaluating the characteristics of each brand and choosing what will be more convenient in a particular case.