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Gymnast Bukin: Belarus itself is cool, it only needs to be freed from the chains of fascism

Talented Belarusians have already shown the whole world what our country is like.

We met Semyon Bukin, a former member of the national gymnast in artistic gymnastics and an artist of the Cirque du Soleil, a few months ago. Then the athlete was just released after an administrative arrest, writes Nadezhda Filipchik for Tribuna.

Bukin, an international judge and ex-head of the country’s men’s national team, ended up behind bars after Sunday’s march on November 8. and it was tough.

The security forces beat him up and doused him with burning paint; for two days he lived without food and a mattress. A gymnast from “du Soleil” went to church, and ended up for 15 days

Semyon left Belarus more than a month ago, now he has a contract with one of the European clubs. But Bukin did not forget about the Motherland. Semyon agreed to talk about security officials and the participation of Belarusian gymnasts in pro-government activities.

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But two weeks later, I received a signal again. you’d better leave, because soon they will really call you. At the same time, information appeared that the borders would soon be closed. As a result, in a couple of days I packed my things and left for security reasons.

At this time, an acquaintance offered me a job in Stockholm, and I agreed. I signed a contract before the end of the summer. I hope that everything will change in Belarus soon, and I will be back.

Prepared documents and moved to Warsaw. After 10 days in quarantine, my relatives left for another country, and I went to Stockholm. I work in one of the largest local gymnastics clubs with children 6-14 years old. While I live with the student’s parents, and since March I have been moving to an apartment that the club will provide me.

Met Sergey Dylevsky and activist and fitness trainer Denis Gutkovsky there.

Despite the fact that I am abroad, I would like to participate in the life of Belarus. If I need to help or do something, I’m ready. I want to help Belarus finally free itself from what is happening in it now.

I don’t know how you can not understand that the elections were rigged. Obviously, it was necessary to show people how the votes were distributed in their areas. Let’s say you thought that 200 votes were cast for Tikhanovskaya, 1000 for Lukashenka. So show people this “counting” leaf, they will look and leave. Why hide this information?

What interests me most is how to get people out of prisons as quickly as possible. Of the rest of the questions, the problem of legality is important for me. why the law does not work in Belarus and how to change it.

After all, our law exists only for the authorities, it does not work in relation to ordinary people who are trying to express their opinion, contrary to the position of the authorities. And this is terrible, this is one of the signs of fascism. It seems to me that as soon as the law works, everything else in the country will also start to change.

Many officials are now skiing or throwing grenades, which is fashionable. Therefore, I think there will be no problems with the audience.

Now, at least in Belarus, a mask regime has been introduced, I heard that they are fined for violating self-isolation, and this is correct. We began to act more adequately in relation to covid. Apparently, someone carried the virus himself and decided that it still exists. If the authorities immediately began to act more decisively, I think this would ensure the support of some part of the population for Lukashenka. I would not support him anyway, but I think the grandmothers would be delighted.

When Lukashenka started calling the doctors names, he said that they themselves were ill and were not yet able to cure the rest, I felt very sorry for them. And then you see how he rewards doctors and says. what a fine fellow you are, you overcame the covid. This causes misunderstanding.

We all know that he is an unhealthy person. I was shocked when [ex-Minister of Health Vladimir] Karanik did not support the doctors and avoided direct questions. We know that morbidity statistics are still falsified. Perhaps the authorities simply did not want to raise a panic, but then they should have worked with specialists, psychologists and sociologists. And just lie. It made it very angry, and people panicked anyway.

Would open communication help to cope with this? Of course. Some people want to live in ignorance, but it’s better to understand the problem in order to know how to solve it.

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Every day I open the news and see how parents with many children and pensioners are taken away, how people are beaten and then they are judged. How is this possible? I can’t understand the security officials, what’s in their heads? They also have families.

And we see that everything is heading towards stagnation in the spirit of the Soviet Union, to the worst that was there. Back in 1996, when the first protests took place, it was understandable, but then we missed the moment and are still paying for it.

A trial is currently underway over the [accused of organizing protests over the streaming of the action] by Belsat journalists [Katerina] Andreeva and [Daria] Chultsova. These reporters are heroes to me. They smile, show the victory sign.

One cannot but admire how strong the girls are. they sit for so long in these inhuman conditions and at the same time behave so positively.

As for me, the difference between good and evil is that when you cause suffering to a person, it is evil. And if a person does not cause suffering to others, nothing holds him back in development. Talented Belarusians have already shown the whole world what our country is like. How many achievements we have in sports and culture, how creative Belarusians are! You can probably say thank you to Lukashenka for uniting people, albeit against himself. But at the same time, he split society into adherents of the scoop and those who want to move towards a more liberal society, towards respect for rights.

How to cut a plastic pipe straight.

When installing plastic sewerage or plastic water supply (heating), it is often necessary to cut the pipe to dock it with another pipe. Professionals use special scissors to cut water pipes.

  • Simple models make it possible to cut pipes up to 26 mm in diameter. The price of such scissors is 10-15.
  • Shears for pipes up to 42 mm in diameter, the most popular. The price of such scissors is 20-30.
  • Shears for pipes with a diameter of up to 75 mm, can be used for cutting metal-plastic pipes. The price of such scissors is 50-150.

If you are not going to buy such scissors yet, for the simple reason that you need to make 5-10 cuts, then you can do it without scissors, although it will take much more time. To make the cut fairly even and as close to a right angle as possible, stick masking tape around the pipe around the pipe next to the cut mark.

If the beginning of the strip matches the end, then you have glued the tape correctly. If the beginning of the tape and the end are more than 2 mm apart. better to re-glue. The adhesive tape should be glued evenly, without wrinkles and distortions. The wider the tape, the more accurate the resulting line will be.

Before cutting the pipe, it is advisable to fix it to make it easier to cut. If you do not have a carpenter’s workbench (and where does it come from in an ordinary apartment), you can screw two wooden blocks to an old table or to an old stool so that a pipe fits between them. In this case, the pipe will still need to be held, but it will not ride. If you need to make a lot of cuts, then it is better to make special bars and press the pipe with them:

Now you can cut, you can do it in the following ways:

Hacksaw for metal.

The most common way. The only drawback. the cut may turn out to be a curve, in order to avoid this, it is advisable not to cut immediately, but to turn the pipe 3-6 times. It will look something like this:


The fastest and most convenient way after scissors. But the cut can also turn out to be a little oblique on sewer pipes with a diameter of 50 mm. Here, too, it is advisable not to cut immediately, but turn the pipe 2-3 times. If you need to saw off a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm or more, then first you need to drill a number of holes with a thin drill (2.5-3 mm) in order to insert a jigsaw file into the pipe.

need, birch

Hand circular saw.

This method is only suitable for thick-walled water pipes.

If the cut is still not very even or not straight, the end of the pipe can be processed with a sandpaper. And at the end of the sewer pipe, for better joining, you need to chamfer, this can be done with a knife, but it is more convenient with the same sandpaper.

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It is easier to cut off an angle grinder with a 0.8-1.0 mm disc, with its help you can deburr the end face

Note: Your question, especially if it concerns structural analysis, may not appear in the general list or remain unanswered, even if you ask it 20 times in a row. Why, is explained in sufficient detail in the article “Make an appointment with the doctor” (link in the header of the site).

Pipes for free-flow sewerage. high quality and inexpensive pipes in stock.

Now you no longer need to cut the birch

From September 1, 2021, two new SanPins begin to operate. common for all educational organizations and common for all catering organizations, including those working in kindergartens and schools. We understand what has changed in them and how it will affect the work of educational organizations.

SanPiN 2021: what has changed for all educational organizations

Mandatory vaccination. Now teachers and other employees of educational organizations must not only have a completed medical book and undergo professional hygienic training, but also undergo compulsory vaccination. Previously, this was already written in the law on vaccination, but now it is also enshrined in SanPiN.

Mandatory hot meals. From September 1, 2020, junior schoolchildren must be fed hot meals. This is now enshrined in SanPin. It is also said that for everyone who works in organizations for more than 4 hours, the possibility of hot meals should be organized. This does not mean that children need to be fed for free, but it means that not only buffets, but also a canteen should appear in institutions of additional education. At least if children in these institutions are engaged in several sections in a row.

Child labor is prohibited. Children should not be allowed to clean toilets, showers, washrooms, wash windows and lamps, remove snow from roofs and other work with harmful and hazardous working conditions. Now Saturday clean-ups will be held in a different format (if, of course, they remain).

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Requirements for children’s rooms and centers. Now their activities are regulated: they may not have their own territory, but must have a room for staff, a place for washing and storing toys; they can use the toilets of neighboring organizations; should organize access to drinking water; are obliged to prevent children with visual signs of infectious diseases. Children’s centers operating as day care groups must have their own toilet and, if children are engaged for more than 4 hours, meals must be organized.

Requirements for the organization of distance learning. Mobile phones cannot be used for distance learning. However, it is not known how each student will be checked for a laptop. At the same time, primary school students can use laptops only if there is an additional keyboard to sit further from the screen. Lessons should last no longer than 40 minutes and end no later than 18.00.

SanPiN 2021: what has changed for schools

Requirements for the number of students. Previously, there were no more than 25 students in a class, now their number is not limited. The main thing is that for one person in the class there should be at least 2.5 square meters.

Free amount of homework. In the previous SanPiN, the volume of homework would be spelled out, now it is not limited. But students must have one light school day on Wednesday or Thursday.

Requirements for the exam and exam. You cannot have more than one exam per day. The break between exams is at least 2 days. If students take many elective exams, they can do so every other day. With an exam duration of 4 hours or more, students are provided with meals. Regardless of the duration of the exam, a drinking regimen is provided.

SanPiN 2021: what has changed for organizations of preschool education

The requirements for the area of ​​the rooms have become more specific. In the old SanPin, the norms for the area of ​​play rooms and bedrooms for each child were indicated. Now it has been said about the area of ​​the gym: it must be at least 75 square meters.

In the morning, children need to measure their temperature without contact. Now children need to conduct non-contact thermometry every morning when they are admitted to kindergarten.

The daily routine became freer. At least in the new SanPin nothing is said about him. It is only said that the types of activities need to be alternated, spending time in the fresh air and carrying out outdoor games and physical education.

What has changed in nutrition in educational organizations

Vending machines. For additional food, you can install vending machines for the sale of finished products. They sell juices, nectars, sterilized milk, drinking water, nuts except peanuts, dried fruits and flour products in separate packaging. Products must have quality certificates and storage conditions and periods must be observed. Vending machines must be washed and disinfected as they become dirty, but at least twice a month.

Children on duty. Children can be admitted to the kitchen duty: peeling and cutting raw vegetables, slicing a loaf, serving and clearing the table, washing dishes under adult supervision. Children should work in the kitchen in aprons and hats.

prohibited foods. The list of prohibited products has been expanded. It contains all the products from the old list, as well as concentrated diffusion juices, dishes from (or based on) dry food concentrates, including instant food, potato and corn chips, snacks, curd cheeses, milk and milk drinks sterilized less than 2, 5% and more than 3.5% fat; fermented milk drinks less than 2.5% and more than 3.5% fat, ready-made culinary dishes not included in the menu of the current day, sold through buffets.

The upper classes cannot yet, but the lower classes no longer want

Let’s start with an overview of the mail. The fact is that, without waiting for the announcement of the discussion, our readers literally unleashed a flurry of letters on the editorial board with proposals for reforming the RPL and FNL format. This, by the way, very clearly confirms the obviousness of the urgent problem.
From the entire stream of proposals, we have selected and are submitting for discussion the project of our reader Alexander Bykadorov. It is interesting in that the author, who has worked in football all his life, sees a way to combine tournaments that are different in time (top division and both junior ones), and even organize transitions between them in an unusual way.
This is only the first touchstone in the discussion, during which we hope to develop an interesting and effective format.

We are waiting for your assessments and suggestions for reforming domestic football. Send your letters both to the usual postal address: 197110, St. Petersburg, ave. Dynamo, 44, CSS rowing, the editorial office of the newspaper “Sport Weekend”, and by e-mail: The editorial staff will provide comments from competent specialists. And in the end he promises to convey the essence of your ideas to the RPL and RFU.


“Cut to hell without waiting for peritonitis!” While Russian football has gone on a winter break after the European Cup failure, we are starting to discuss options for strengthening the RPL

FOOTBALL. REFORM. RPL: Searching for a new format

The thesis that Russian football is in crisis was clearly confirmed this fall. This is now being talked about by both the kaveenschik, who constantly tease the football theme, and the kids of the latest, already “digital” generation, whom dads-moms now bring by the hand to the sports sections. And what else could you expect when we drink the cup of shame in European competitions for two years in a row??
You will not, in your sober mind and memory, consider Krasnodar, which made it into the 1/16 finals of the Europa League, as a reassuring achievement! Our only club out of six that started in European competition survived until spring. this is not a consolation, but a confirmation of the depth of the RPL crisis. And then the team poured the heat into the furnace of fan discontent. six matches without victories, 0: 5 from the Serbs. There is something to bewildered about.
But every cloud has a silver lining. Now our football authorities are backed up and forced to look for a non-formal way out of the situation. RFU President Alexander Dyukov admits that compared to the rest of Europe, our football is now outdated. Not only in the leading football powers, but also in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Holland and Croatia, the intensity is completely different, and at home you can play at a calm pace, allowing yourself a couple of bursts of ten minutes per match. “From the point of view of development, Europe has moved forward. said Dyukov the other day after the final meeting of the RFU Board of Trustees. We have considered several new formats for holding RPL, almost all of them are aimed at increasing the number of matches with greater intensity “.
That is, the ice has broken. At the same time, the President of the RFU believes that there are changes. RPL case: “Within the league, various formats are being discussed, perhaps they will come up with an initiative to change. We are waiting for proposals from the clubs: they spend money and the initiative should come from them, they are interested in sports results and commercial success “.
The words are correct. But they are sure: in the RPL, the main part of the clubs does not need changes, they do not play in European competitions and are used to a quiet life.

Dyukov: 30 games per season. not enough

“We have our own vision of new formats, but we consider it wrong to impose it. the president of the RFU clarified his position last Friday after a meeting of the executive committee. Let’s hope that maybe the RPL format will change. We estimate that 30 games per season. not enough given that there are significantly fewer high-intensity matches. FNL and PFL are ready for reforms. Perhaps some decisions will be made early next year. We see that abroad there are more accelerations, sprints, and more tactical actions per unit of time. It’s not just about intensity. Much depends on how organized the teams are, how they get out of the pressure. This applies to all clubs. Not everything depends on the leadership of the league, it is still the work of the clubs and the work of coaches. It takes some time to change beliefs, principles. Another tool that can help us. format of the competition. We need to increase the number of high intensity matches ”.

Championata format. point one, but not the only one

It is clear that the search for a solution cannot and should be limited only by changing the format of the Champion of Russia. It is important to simultaneously focus on the problems of youth football, the limit on legionnaires, reforms of the FNL, PFL and the Russian Cup. However, in order not to get lost in confusion, we decided to talk about all the problems in order. Today we are starting a conversation about changing the format of the tournament in the RPL.
In this we are not original. Sport Express began a similar series of publications, although the proposal of the former Dynamo general director, now the author of the publication, Dmitry Ivanov, to expand the RPL to 24 teams and the initial division into league A and B (12 teams each) is also far from ideal. Judging not by the name, but in fact, then in fact the top division of Russian football is cut to 12 teams, and a reinforced version of the first division is formed from the four worst RPL clubs and the eight best from the FNL. After all, 24 teams do not play with each other, which means what kind of expansion is this? There will certainly be a tremendous increase in the intensity of the game in the elite group. But if we call a spade a spade, then we are not talking about expanding the RPL, but about reducing it to 12 teams.
We do not criticize the project presented by our Moscow colleagues, we simply participate in its discussion. Any search. it is a choice of several options. Our editorial staff does not yet offer any final ideal option. because we simply do not have it. But we hope that during the winter break we will work out a common solution with the help of our readers and experts and present it to the RFU and RPL.

Example. transitional Champion

We have already seen the division into two groups in our Championate in the transitional season 2011/12, when we had to play an additional 14 rounds after the usual 30. Football fans, experts, commentators noted then a good intensity of the struggle in the Premier League. And something was not heard at all in the lengthened Championate of match-fixing talks. Especially in the first eight. Also, the author of the project proposes to enter the new transition period. since the season 2021/2022.

Why do we need different formulas for RPL and FNL

“Autumn. spring ”in the RPL leaves the teams participating in the European competitions and the players playing in the national teams within the framework of the international calendar. And the FNL and PFL clubs are better off returning to the old “spring. autumn ”, which will greatly facilitate their life. Winter vacation for them is five months. this is generally absurd. After all, the reduction of the first and second divisions clearly demonstrates: changes are ripe. On such a vast territory as ours, with its different climatic zones, it is unrealistic to organize football within one format.

The revolution is not proposed. 16 teams remain in RPL, but the tournament is held in two stages

Knitted sweater for a cat. The work of Svetlana Ivanova

Good day! Such a sphinx cat Apollo, this cold winter, needed insulation in the form of a warm and light vest or sweater. I went through a lot of different descriptions of both vests and sweaters in different ways of knitting on the Internet, but I came across a very easy-to-knit sweater-petal on the site “Russian Toy Nursery Talisman of Love”. I give a link.

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True, the description of the sweater is given for a toy terrier dog, but our Sphynx practically does not differ in size.
I took the yarn from the leftovers, it will be needed very little, the Angora Rabbit yarn (in 100 gr. 500 m, composition 60% acrylic, 40% rabbit), the yarn is very soft and light. Not all cats put up with the fact that they are wearing something, so I chose this particular yarn. Spokes number 4 and 2.5. I made my own changes to the model, on the back I tied a small imitation of 3 braids (according to the same knitting principle as described in knitting slippers), tied a strip for the chest with a striped one (added a dark gray color of Bambino yarn (Kamtex)) with one “pigtail”.

Just in case, I am giving a description from this site, I will say again that the description is not mine, I just post it for general use.

Taking measurements.
The length of the sweater is determined as follows: you need to put a collar on the dog so that it would be loose on it, and measure the length from the collar to the root of the tail or to the point to which you want the sweater to reach.

Detail one. Upper.

We begin by putting on the needles the loops for the “tail”, which will cover the lumbar region. For this we cast on 22 loops (9cm).
In every second row at the beginning and end of the row, add one loop. So we knit 5-6 cm, depending on how long the dog’s waist and croup are. In our case, these are 10 rows. In the final version, the width of the “tail” is approximately 14 cm. Without breaking the thread at the end of the 10th row, we collect 10 air loops, as at the beginning of knitting. We knit them and, reaching the other side of the canvas, we also collect 10 loops. Thus, we increased the canvas by 20 loops and formed the width of the main canvas. secret: it is better to knit a sweater with an elastic band. This will make it possible not only to make it more voluminous, but also universal, because being dimensionless, it will fit a dog of almost any weight.

We knit the fabric evenly, without additions-subtractions to the length we need, that is, to the length of the measure.
Now you need to shape the throat. To do this, first of all, we subtract 12 loops in one row at once.

secret: since we knit with an elastic band, in order not to disturb the pattern, the loops must be removed in pairs, i.e. we knit together the front and back of the front, then the front and the back of the back, then 4 loops according to the pattern, then we remove 2 loops again, and so on until the end of the row.

another secret: in order not to rush about and not look for a row in which we made subtractions (and we will really need this later), you can tie a string of bright color on the edge loop.

Now we need to make sure that the sweater, when ready, fits well on the chest and does not hinder the movement of the dog. To do this, we knit wedges around the edges.

1.knit 10 loops, unfold the knitting, remove the last knitted loop on the right knitting needle, and knit the remaining 9 loops to the end of the row.
2.knit 15 loops, unfold the knitting, remove the last knitted loop on the right knitting needle, and knit the remaining 14 to the end of the row.
3.knit the entire row to the end
4.repeat the same on the other side of the canvas.

In order for the collar to look neat, it is better to knit it on thinner knitting needles. For this I switched to the needles number 2.5. We knit another 10-14 rows (about 4cm) and close the loops.

secret: after closing the loops, do not rush to cut the thread. It is better to measure 3 lengths of the product and only then cut it off. This thread will come in handy when sewing a sweater.

Don’t knit the collar too long. I do not think that a collar with a bend can significantly warm the dog, but it can create inconvenience when moving.

Second part, Front bar.
This is the simplest part of a sweater. fits without wisdom. We just cast on 10-12 loops (I took a little more), and knit the length of the sweater without the “ponytail”. You just need to take into account that for males this part should be slightly shorter than for bitches.

secret: it is better to knit 2 more rows than came out on the first part. Why? Understand when you collect your sweater

Having tied the desired length, we go to the needles number 2.5 and knit 10-14 rows of the neck (as in the detail).

Well, you are almost there! It remains only to collect the petals into a single whole. and that’s it! We start assembling from the neck. You can collect the parts with a crochet hook, but I just sew with a needle and thread left after closing the neck loops.
Sew the details up to the row in which we reduced the loops to form the collar. Here the thread needs to be secured. This is the beginning of the sleeve. Having stepped back at least 6-7 cm, we continue to sew the details. Don’t try to keep the neckline smaller! You want to make a comfortable sweater, not a straitjacket.!

secret: before continuing to sew the parts, align those edges of the parts that will cover the stomach. Thus, the extra length of the part will go into the sleeve opening and make the sleeve more comfortable.

If you are not satisfied with such a large opening, and it seems that half of the dog is left “outside”, tie a small sleeve. Literally 6-7cm length is enough.

Do not rush to sigh with relief and catch your adorable toy for trying on! You are not finished yet. You need to take a needle, rubber thread and strengthen the neck and abdomen area. So, we take a thread, a needle, and sew under the loops two rows in the throat area (where we switched to needles No. 2.5) and two rows in the abdomen. For males, 4 rows of elastic can be made in this place. Instead of sewing with an elastic band, you can thread a string in the throat area, which will not only fix the sweater on the dog’s body, but also decorate it. the ends of the lace can be decoratively decorated, for example, with tassels or pompoms. Now that’s it! It remains to crochet the extra threads and you can call your freezing super-model for fitting!

Secrets of delicious pilaf! Plus step-by-step preparation of Uzbek pilaf!

Carrots should be cut into long strips and never rubbed. Do not be afraid to overdo it with the length, the longer the straws, the tastier the pilaf.
The best dishes for pilaf are a thick cast-iron saucepan, a deep and thick frying pan, and a cast-iron cauldron. Any version with a tight-fitting lid.

Salt and spices are best added in the middle of cooking zirvak (as Eastern peoples call the “dressing” of meat, carrots and onions).
as much as you would like to open the lid and look into the pan, do not do it until the recipe tells you. And in any case, do not mix meat with rice in a saucepan during cooking, just before serving.!

If you are in no rush, wrap the pot of pilaf in a blanket and leave it on for 30-60 minutes. it will taste even better.

Step-by-step cooking of Uzbek pilaf:
1. Put onion, cut into half rings, in hot vegetable oil. Fry until golden brown.
2. Add coarsely chopped beef (diced)
3. Put coarsely chopped carrots (in sticks). Add salt and fry well.

Pour with boiled water, so as to cover the carrots by 3-4 cm. Reduce heat and cook zirvak (the so-called pilaf broth) over low heat. From my own experience, I can say that the longer the zirvak is cooked, the tastier and more aromatic pilaf.
5. Rice is the most important ingredient. You should buy firmer varieties, such as devzira, sunzhara. But, I don’t know if there are such varieties in Russia, so take the long-grain one. It is not necessary to soak it, at least I do not do it, because our family loves crumbly pilaf. Sort it over well and rinse.

Attention! Before pouring rice into a cauldron, try zirvak for salt. There should be more of it than you usually put in your soup. Those. too salty, because rice absorbs salt. Otherwise, pilaf will be bland.
7. Fill in the rice evenly and carefully pour the boiled water so that it covers 2 cm. We make the fire more and wait until the rice absorbs the water. After that we make holes in rice to the very bottom of the cauldron. I make a wooden spoon handle in 5-6 places. This is so that the water is absorbed faster and the zirvak does not burn. We look at the contents in the holes, not forgetting to periodically pierce them. If the liquid contained in them is cloudy, then the water has not completely boiled away, and if the liquid gleams, it is oil. This means that you can safely reduce the heat to a minimum, collect the rice in a hill, sprinkle with zira on top and close the lid.

We set the time. 20 minutes (this is according to the rules). But I let the pilaf stand on low heat for 15 minutes. turn it off, mix it well and let it stand again for 10 minutes now.
And pilaf in Uzbek is ready. Enjoy your meal.

The Secrets to Making the Perfect Fried Potatoes

It seems that there is nothing easier than frying potatoes: they cut them, threw them into the pan and waited until they acquire a golden hue. Only by inexplicable coincidence, in nine cases out of ten, the potatoes will either burn, or stick to the pan, or begin to fall apart, or turn into porridge.

To avoid all these troubles, to cook the perfect potato, with an unsurpassed taste, with an indispensable golden crust, with a crispy center, you need to know some of the nuances that experienced housewives shared with us.

Cooking fried potatoes right

  • Potato variety

Not all potatoes can be fried. There are varieties in which there is increased starch. they are more suitable for mashed potatoes. And no ruddy crust will come out of it. Only the pieces will stick to each other when frying.

If you want not to get into a hole, then it is better to buy pink or yellow potatoes inside. And varieties with a white center will quickly darken after cleaning. And try to choose large potatoes that have dense skin and no visible damage.

If the peel turns green, then such a potato will not work for anything. It contains a lot of solanine, which leads to food poisoning.

  • Frying pan

To make the perfect fries, you need to choose your pan carefully. The best option is cast iron. With a thick bottom and walls. It will keep warm longer.

If we talk about modern models, then the “Voki” is more suitable. They are hemispherical, warm up quickly and save oil.

  • Cutting

You can cut potatoes in different ways. If made in blocks, then they will look beautiful. They can be served with fish or meat. Rings are most often served with fish, long slices go well with baked chicken, and straws are best served with steak or cutlets.

It is desirable that all potatoes are cut equally. And the same size and shape. Then it will not work that one will cook earlier and the other later.

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If you want to get the crispy crust that French fries have, you need to rinse them under cold water after cutting the potatoes. Then the excess starch will go away. Then the potatoes are dried on paper towels.

You can use absolutely any vegetable oil. It is able to withstand elevated temperatures without altering the final flavor of the dish. Potatoes fried on lard or lard will come out more satisfying. But a slight foreign taste will appear. Not everyone likes it.

Make sure the oil is warm enough. Butter can be added at the end of cooking. this will only enhance the taste.

After the oil has warmed up enough, you need to reduce the intensity of the fire and you can throw potatoes into it. Throw it into the pan. Flatten. Do not pour too much at once. it is better to fry in several passes. And it will be more convenient to interfere.

First, it is better not to interfere with the potatoes. Then a crust will have time to form. And in no case should you cover the pan with a lid. And then the potatoes will be stewed, not fried. When a golden crust appears, slowly turn everything over with a spatula.

After that, you can fry for another five minutes. Then stir again. And this must be done until the crust appears on all sides. To test this, just try it. After that, set the potatoes aside and turn off the heat.

In general, the whole process depends on the stove. the higher the temperature, the faster it will fry. And the variety and the pan also affect. Sometimes potatoes are fried for twenty minutes, sometimes half an hour. If you want softer potatoes, then five minutes before the end of cooking, simply cover the pan with a lid.

  • Add other ingredients

If you like a spicy taste, then you can add onions, black pepper, garlic, dried dill, rosemary. And be sure to remember when and what to put. For example, if you throw a bow immediately, it will start to burn.

Some even fry the onions in a separate skillet and then add them to the potatoes. To enhance the taste of potatoes, it is better to throw a piece of butter on top before the end of frying.

Don’t salt too early. why? Moisture is attracted to the salt, and early salted potatoes will release liquid, after which they begin to stick to the pan.

So now you know how to fry the perfect potato. Although some people consider potatoes to be source of extra calories, they contain an insane amount of energy that our body needs. Our life is nowhere without carbohydrates. Even without useful ones, even without harmful ones. And do not forget to choose the right vegetable oil. not everyone can fry.

RF. Failed Test (Part 2)

So, yesterday was exactly the same situation. It was a test for a sucker or a redneck. over, this was not the first test even in this regard.

The first test failed back in 1999, when the herd swallowed the “successor” appointed by Tsar Boris. Then it became clear that the cattle remained cattle and nothing could be changed.

The second test passed with castling of Vova and Dimon in one direction, and then in another. Swallowed.

But in those three cases, it was a bandit form of transfer of power that the herd took.

Only now Putin has become old and not lucky at all, and therefore he can no longer afford castling. He simply won’t be allowed to live too long if he gets up from the first chair. Therefore, the essence of this test was different.

Now it was not about the illegal transit of power, but, in fact, about its irremovability. In fact, this was the last test. Putin no longer needs anything from this herd.

Now, having eternal reign, he can not embarrass himself in anything exactly until the moment when someone sends his grandfather to the world of eternal storks. And by the way, for the herd this means that now it makes no sense for him to pretend to be Aibolit or Robin Hood.

You will not be awakened by the cry of honor.
Why the flocks need the gifts of freedom?
They must be cut or sheared.
Their inheritance from generation to generation
A yoke with rattles and a whip. “[/ B] [/ i] [/ center]

So, he will now cut or shear. They write that already on the day of voting, housing and utilities rates were raised there. This is with its own gas and oil, which are critically cheaper. In general, this has happened before, but then I had to look back at how the herd would behave in the situation that was yesterday.

No, it was not about the fact that the public would vote against, but that it would rise to a riot and begin to destroy with the same old definition, which has been known for a long time and says that the revolt in Muscovy is “senseless and merciless”.

And now that’s it. The population has undertaken for the umpteenth time to wash other people’s socks. It habitually stands in the pose of a washerwoman, and now it will be used by Putin’s entourage in turn and all together until the washerwoman bends over, or until Putin dies. And what’s the funniest thing is that, having lowered itself, it is also justified.

Here’s the game Reuters dug up:

“I voted for the amendments to the constitution,” said Moscow resident Mikhail Volkov. “We need radical changes, and I am for them.”.

But this position is akin to the one that says: “once is not a pias. But the clear and unclouded voice of the herd looks like this, according to the material of the same agency:

“I haven’t read about the amendments, to be honest,” said another voter, Lyudmila. What is the point of voting if they have already decided for you. It’s always like this in our country. read something and vote. I voted”.

This is all you need to know about Muscovy and its population.

If tomorrow Putin announces a referendum on whether it is necessary to hang one person in each village every morning, they will definitely vote “for”, they will only ask for additional funding for the gallows, rope and soap.


It seems incredible, but with just one simple exercise, you can get rid of wrinkles and gray hair, and even rejuvenate in general. It is actively practiced by yogis, and we know it under the name “birch tree”. What is the anti-aging effect of this exercise based on??


In the yoga literature, one can learn about the Soma chakra, located at the top of the forehead. on the forehead in the “third eye” area. So this chakra secretes the so-called lunar nectar. source of youth and health. This nectar slowly flows through the body in the form of an energy flow to the solar plexus area, namely the Manipura chakra. Since this chakra is fiery, it burns nectar, which leads to aging.


Therefore, in order to prevent the burning of the nectar of immortality, you just need to take an inverted position, i.e. turn the body vertically, and the nectar will not enter the solar plexus, but will accumulate in the head, which will contribute to rejuvenation and the development of extraordinary abilities. In order to achieve rejuvenation in this way, yoga recommends the following asanas: standing on the shoulder blades with the legs raised up (or “birch”), headstand, handstand. All of these asanas are most effective, but the headstand can have unwanted side effects if done incorrectly. In principle, it is enough to perform the simplest of these asanas. “Birch”. It can be done in two ways: Sarvangasana and Viparita-karani.

After performing one of these asanas, you need to move your legs behind your head, and then gently lower yourself onto your back, vertebra by vertebra. It is important that if you are doing “birch”, be sure to do the opposite pose. “Snake”. To do this, you need to lie on your stomach and rise on wide apart arms, as when pushing up from the floor, but bend your upper back, while the pelvis should be on the floor. To avoid health problems, make sure that the time spent in the “birch” must be equal to the time spent in the “snake” position. Different sources disagree regarding the length of time to stay in the inverted position to achieve the desired effect. Some treatises state that you need to stay in this position for at least 30 minutes, while others say that 8 minutes a day is enough. But all sources agree on one thing: you need to start with 1-2 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the exercise (you can add 30 seconds daily).


Here is what they write about this asana in classical treatises: “The practice of Viparita-karani-mudra keeps the body young. The skin does not fade and hair does not turn gray over time. Wrinkles and gray hair disappear in six months. over, hair gradually darkens even in those for whom it has almost completely turned gray. ” Modern medicine has also found many benefits to this exercise. According to doctors, the inverted position of the body relieves some of the load from the circulatory system, creates the need to overcome the force of gravity when blood passes through the lower body. Blood flows to the abdomen and upper body, especially the neck and head. The blood vessels of the legs rest, the brain receives additional blood supply, the thyroid gland is abundantly washed with fresh blood. In addition, this exercise eliminates constipation, poor digestion, anemia, increases appetite and general vitality of the body, and helps to neutralize and destroy toxins. Well, it is not out of place to focus on improving the condition of the muscles of the upper body and flexibility of the spine, on the condition of which the normal functioning of almost all organs of the body depends.


You can do the exercise every morning. You should not have breakfast before this, but you can drink a glass of juice. In addition, this exercise is incompatible with alcohol consumption. the effect of such practice can only be negative. For the same reason as alcohol, it is advisable to remove from the diet all junk food, in particular meat. Women should not do this exercise during pregnancy or menstruation. You also need to be careful with those who have high blood pressure. Relax and close your eyes as you exercise. If you are unable to relax in this position, then you are doing something wrong. Perform the exercise only until discomfort appears and after a while you will notice that you can stay in this position longer without unpleasant sensations.

Prepared by Alla GRISHILO.