Nozzle For Remaking A Trimmer Into A Motor Drill

Many people are wondering if it is possible to convert a rubber boat into a motor boat. To do this, mount the outboard motor from the trimmer on it.

Nozzle For Remaking A Trimmer Into A Motor Drill

Advantages and disadvantages of using a trimmer

Consider the advantages of using a trimmer:

  1. Do not have to buy an expensive outboard motor.
  2. An ICE made from a trimmer spends less gasoline than an outboard engine.
  3. The engine from the lawn mowers is more compact than the factory engine for the boat.
  4. The lawn mowing engine has high strength, tight housing, the presence of an integrated tank.
  5. It has all the nodes that are needed to control a homemade motor: starter, gas lever, rod, shaft, fuel tank.

Do not forget about the minuses of such a rework:

  1. The gasoline engine from the trimmer is low-power, and it will be difficult, or impossible, to sail the boat against the tide with it. For the same reason, he could not cope with a heavy ship.
  2. The motor for the boat, made of lawn mowers, is suitable for movement through bodies of water with standing water, which may not be suitable for lovers of active fishing on the river.
  3. Also an important minus is the increased noise level of the trimmer motor, and some models can smoke.

Principle of operation

The motor for the boat from the trimmer has a higher speed of rotation of the blades, which allows you to move faster along the river. When the mower is working while mowing the lawns, its blades are turned in the opposite direction. In the manufacture of a motor for a boat, the engine blades are turned over. Then the engine will work to push the boat. The higher the blades are located to the surface of the water, the faster the speed of revolutions and the higher the speed of the boat.

Ready set of nozzles

Now they sell special nozzles for remaking the trimmer into an outboard motor. This prefix includes everything you need to attach a lawn mower to the motor. The control handle and the switch button are mounted to the rod. The gas handle is made with the ability to switch speeds and is equipped with a ratchet, which secures the required position.

DIY boat motor

You can make a homemade outboard motor from a trimmer. First you need to prepare materials and tools:

  • 3 hp trimmer;
  • 2 mm thick steel sheet for screw;
  • Welding machine;
  • Fastenings;
  • A clamp for installing the engine on board the boat;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Drill.

It is necessary to find out the size of the screw, which depends on the power and mass of the boat with the load. It should be borne in mind that a 3×10 cm propeller mounted on an internal combustion engine can carry a boat with passengers with a total weight of up to 120 kg.

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Stages of work on the manufacture of a motor from a lawn mower:

  1. To make a motor for a boat, you first need to redo the bent shaft.
  2. Then make a screw.
  3. Replace plastic engine cover with switch.
  4. Attach the shaft to the engine from the mower.

Alteration of a bent shaft

First you need to redo the curved shaft. To do this, take a nut 2 cm high in the form of a cylinder with a thread inside. The unscrewed nuts and bolts must be kept, as they have non-standard threads. Then redo the bar with a rigid shaft. The flexible shaft is pulled out of the rod by removing the nut.

The end of the rod has no bearings, they are replaced by a sleeve, so it needs to be cut. Remove the tread. Since the metal pipe is bent, it is difficult to level it, so it will not be used. Instead, you should choose a duralumin pipe of the same diameter, or smaller than the diameter of the sleeve.

A bronze bushing is installed in the pipe. To do this, slightly bore the pipe. Then, gently press the sleeve over the groove with a hammer. It is not recommended that efforts be made so that the sleeve does not deteriorate. The tread is cut to the desired diameter and put into the bar. If the tube has a large diameter and it is difficult to put it in the hole in the head of the engine, then grind it to the required size.

Instead of a flexible shaft, take a steel bar and connect it to the motor shaft. Then screw on the shaft and fasten with a nut. Then it is necessary to fix the rod with the internal shaft to the engine using adapters. They need to be done in a turning workshop. Different mower models may have features to consider.

Using gear from angle grinder

To create an engine for a boat on the basis of a mowing machine, a reducer from an angle grinder is often used. It needs to be finalized. The shaft with the gear must be replaced with a longer one, which will correspond to the rod. The end of the shaft is carried out by analogy with the extracted short shaft so that the same bearings can be used.

In places of installation of the bearing, an oil seal is mounted, which will protect the angular gear from water ingress. The gear housing is twisted with sealant. Grease is poured into the gearbox to cover the gears.

Screw making

To create a screw you need a duralumin strip 100 mm long and 30 mm wide. If you put the screw on the table, then from it to the blade should be 10 mm. The angle of inclination of the propeller blades must be adjusted with pliers. Before this, annealing of duralumin is performed. You can make screws with 2 or 3 blades, of various sizes. The dimensions of the propeller should be selected individually.

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Making a mount for installing a motor on a ship

You can install a homemade outboard motor from a lawn mowing with the help of a finished clamp. But if you have an old manual grinder lying around in your garage, making a mount for the engine with which it can be installed on the transom will not be difficult:

  1. Using an angle grinder, cut out the lower part of the grinder and drill a hole with a diameter of 12 mm in the transverse plane of the body.
  2. For a stud with a diameter of 12 mm and a length of 100 mm, flatten one end and drill a hole with a diameter of 6 mm in the resulting plane.
  3. Insert a bolt with a suitable diameter into the hole. A trimmer ring will be mounted on it, originally intended for fastening the belt.
  4. Now, a home-made mount can be connected to the boat transom with a stud and nut. Install motor and secure with appropriate nut.


Sergey Petrovich, 58 years old, fisherman, Saratov.

Made a motor for a boat from a mower. Noisy slightly, the muffler removes the upper frequencies. I’ve been fishing on this boat for 2 years. The motor works reliably, without interference. I have never done a repair. Satisfied with homemade.

Mikhail, 40 years old, engineer, Tyumen.

Made a boat motor from a lawn mower. He made the design exactly according to the drawings. Installed a new speed switch, made a stainless steel drive, used plain bearings. The device turned out to be quite durable. Installed on a rubber boat. Works great. It is not difficult to make such a design yourself. And this gives great savings, since the factory motor is expensive.

Valentine, 43 years old, fisherman, Engels.

Grigory Ivanovich, 49 years old, carpenter, Petrozavodsk.

In summer, we always relax in the country and fish in a nearby river. Last year, he put a motor from a lawn mowing boat. I had to tinker when disassembling and redoing the design. But everything turned out fine. The motor works properly and is no worse than an expensive finished engine. True, there is excess noise, but we are already used to it.

Dear fishermen, how do you like the idea of ​​such an alteration?

The idea of ​​a very light outboard motor for small boats, including the simplest ones. Rubber is of interest to many hunters and fishermen today. It is important to note that the cost of such a motor is quite high and maintenance, however, like the details. In this case, many very often began to use motor trimmers, which are now very popular and common.

  • What is a nozzle for remaking a trimmer into an outboard motor
  • Working principle
  • Is it worth buying a nozzle for remaking trimmer into an outboard motor
  • The benefits of trimmers

What is a nozzle for remaking trimmer in boat engine

Principle of operation

The trimmer has a higher speed of rotation of the blades, which makes it possible to move through the water at a higher speed, which will allow you to start fishing faster than with a motor. Everyone saw how the trimmer works. How the lawn and ordinary grass are cut, but here, its blades are turned in the opposite direction and at the same time, it performs the function of the most economical motor.

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But if the trimmer is lower, the speed will be lower. But the main drawback of the trimmer compared to ordinary boat motors is that they are very loud and should not be used to the full if you do not want to scare away the fish.

Is it worth buying a nozzle for remaking trimmer into an outboard motor

It is impossible to give an unequivocal answer to this question, since someone is very used to the motors on boats, while others have never used them. At the same time, if you want a really powerful boat, then naturally the most profitable and effective solution is to install a standard trimmer. But it is worth considering that this option is universal. As mentioned above. The most important thing is to correctly combine.

Many experts recommend blades similar to the blades of your old motor. It is very important that it is necessary to install in strict accordance with the instructions.

In addition, you should pay attention to the moment that you must take extra fuel with you, as well as a regular lawn mower, you should be given the opportunity to “rest” since due to very long use, the trimmer motor can simply fail directly on the water.

The larger the blades, the more effective the trimmer will be.

Alteration of lawn mowers is as follows:

Initially, there is an alteration of the main bent shaft: first, a regular nut is removed from the bobbin with a special fishing line. It is a small tube, the length of which is 20 mm.

At the same time, the nut must be preserved, since the thread on the lawn mowers is unusual and it is almost impossible to find the same.

Then the plastic pad with the keys is removed. After that, at the very end of the most bent pipe there is a standard bronze bushing (often called a plain bearing). It must be carefully cut out, after that the stern shaft must be removed, the nut and the metal shaft unscrewed.

The most important thing is to choose the right blades. Here, everything directly depends on what dimensions your boat has.

It is very important to pay attention to the factor that the best solution would be to enter “engines on a boat” in the search and go to the website where the engines are sold and ask a consultant who will offer you his help on the first website you get. You say your own dimensions car, and then, when you get a suitable motor, you need to look at the technical specifications and find out the dimensions of the blades.

Trimmer Benefits

Many naturally ask why it is a trimmer. It has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Easy;
  • Convenient;
  • Economical;
  • Very powerful;
  • Has the main controls: starter, throttle;
  • It is supplemented specially by the “foot”, which allows you to adjust the power.