Oil To Saw Stihl Proportions

Proportions of oil and gasoline for chainsaw

Oil To Saw Stihl Proportions

At what concentration, dilute the oil with a Stihl saw. Saw Stihl 180, how much oil per 5 liters of gasoline

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The whole truth about chainsaw and oil. With what 100% I agree. I do not have it, but if it was, I never agreed to a ratio of 1:50. Used before 1:25 for similar (different engines) and everything served. Here is a dug specifically for you:

The most expensive in a chainsaw. It’s a piston, the cheapest in a chainsaw. It is fuel and oil.

Use the brand of gasoline indicated in the instructions

Do not keep the fuel mixture of oil with gasoline for more than a week, it decomposes and loses its properties, the result is a jammed saw, a piston replacement, it is better to breed a new mixture each time before work.

It is advisable to drain the fuel from the tank after work, otherwise a plaque will gradually form in the carburetor.

Do not use moped oils for chainsaws, modern chainsaw engines are more revolving than moped engines, you will shorten the life of the saw by 7-10%.

Use a syringe for a clear dosage of the mixture of oil and gasoline, underfilling the oil instantly kills the piston. Pour oil into gasoline at 10-30 grams per liter more than indicated in the instructions, oils for Ukraine differ in quality from oils for the west, where the instructions were written. The best oils for chainsaws. Jonsered, Oleo-Mac, Stihl. (the last one is of three spills, the original costs 120 UAH more, license 80, high-quality fake 40-60 UAH, but you need to pour it 50 grams per liter, the stronger the crimson color and the less brown, the better the oil), for Motor Sich and old Soviet chainsaws Azmol Start2T.

There is no need to buy special expensive oil for chain lubrication (this is a divorce), the cheapest automobile mineral oil is suitable (just not working out, it will kill and clog the oil pump) and in winter the spindle will do.

Add oil to lubricate the chain at each refueling, if the oil tank is half empty, then the oil pump does not absorb the oil in all positions of the saw, this greatly affects the durability of the tire.

Be sure to lubricate the sprocket bearing at the end of the tire before each work, putting the saw on its side and dripping oil on a special hole in the tire, manually turn the chain along the direction of travel (turning against the motion, cut your fingers on the teeth of the saw). Bearing will fly out. Throw away the tire, and this is not a cheap spare part.

Before operating, check the operation of the chain lubrication oil pump, point the tip of the saw to a light surface and lubricate. An oil stain should appear.

From time to time, lubricate the sprocket bearing, you can grease, or in extreme cases, the same oil that goes to the chain lubrication.

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Gasoline and chainsaw oils.

The quality of these service materials has a decisive influence on the operation and life of the chainsaw engine. A two-stroke carburetor engine and two tanks are installed on any saw (one for filling the fuel mixture, the other for filling the oil to lubricate the chain). The volume of the fuel tank is from 0.3 to 1 liter, and the volume of the oil, as a rule, is 1.5–2 times less. This ratio of volumes leads to the fact that the oil for lubricating the chain and the fuel mixture end approximately simultaneously, namely after 30–45 minutes of operation (at full load).

The need to prepare a fuel mixture is clear to everyone who is familiar with two-stroke engines: the difference between the duty cycle of a two-stroke engine and a four-stroke one leads to the fact that it is impossible to use a system of oil pumps to lubricate all rubbing parts (piston, shaft, etc.) and oil must be added directly to gasoline. All this is quite important, since attempts to work only on gasoline or violation of the required proportions of the gasoline-oil mixture will quickly lead to tool breakage.

The recommendations for the grades of gasoline and oil, as well as for the proportions of the fuel mixture, are as follows. When working with Russian chainsaws, 76th gasoline and conventional two-stroke engine oils are used, which are added to the mixture in an amount of about 4%, that is, in a ratio of 1/25. Foreign models require the use of gasoline with an octane rating of 92 (or higher) and branded oils from manufacturers of chainsaws (the oil content in such a mixture should be about 1/40).

In principle, domestic oils for two-stroke engines can be used on foreign chainsaws, however, two circumstances should be borne in mind. First of all, you must be sure that gasoline is clean. Secondly, if the oils are designed for engines with revolutions up to 8.5 thousand per minute, and for chainsaws of foreign manufacture revolutions can reach 11-14 thousand, then the use of these oils reduces the tool life by an average of 7-10%. Whether the game is worth the candle. Decide for yourself.

With oil for lubricating the saw unit is simpler: in all models of household and professional chainsaws, you can use ordinary Zhiguli oils (for example, engine oils are recommended for Husqvarna models, and transmission oils are recommended for Stihl).

Oil To Saw Stihl Proportions

You should pay attention to the peculiarities of the seasonal operation of the tool. If the saw is used at low temperatures, then even with the right choice of all ingredients, the quality of the oil and fuel mixture may be unsatisfactory (crystallization occurs and viscosity increases significantly). In this case, the saw itself must be adapted for use in such conditions. For example, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of heating the carburetor during operation. In addition, it is recommended to warm up the saw before work (if it was stored in an unheated room). In order to avoid undesirable consequences due to the presence of condensate.

The fuel mixture has the property of oxidizing, so the supply of the mixture should be prepared only for a month. The fuel tank of the chainsaw and canister must be cleaned from time to time.

Before refueling the chainsaw, clean the threaded plug of the filler neck of the fuel tank and the surroundings of the tank so that no dirt enters the tank!

When refueling a chainsaw, make sure that no fuel is spilled and do not fill the fuel tank to the brim.

Do not use four-cycle car oils to prepare the fuel mixture! This leads to the release of their system of parts of the cylinder-piston group

How to use a chainsaw

If you have a chainsaw, then for its long service it would be nice to know how to use a chainsaw. This will be discussed in this article.

One of the main causes of chain saw breakdown is improper preparation of the fuel mixture. The manufacturer always indicates the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw at which the chainsaw should work. When oil is added to gasoline between the piston and the cylinder, excessive friction occurs, which ultimately leads to scoring and failure of the saw. When overflowing, everything is not so scary, but in this case there may be problems with starting the saw, and deposits may also appear, which can also lead to premature wear.

To mix the oil with gasoline, you can use special tanks with divisions that show how much to pour gasoline and how much oil. For even greater accuracy, a medical syringe can be used. In no case do not use containers not designed for gasoline, for example, one and a half cups from under sparkling water or beer. Gasoline corrodes such plastic and everything that it corrodes will eventually fall into the engine and remain there. Use glass or metal containers, or special plastic containers designed for gasoline.

It is better to use oil for the fuel mixture that is indicated by the manufacturer. As a rule, if you use some other oil, then if the piston group breaks down, such a case is recognized as non-warranty. If there is absolutely no way to use the oil specified by the manufacturer, but you need to work, then you can use another oil for two-stroke engines, but in this case it is recommended to fill it with more. For example, if you have the proportion for working with # 171 native # 187 oil 1:50, then with # 171 non-native # 187 fill in the ratio 1:40. However, this still cannot guarantee that the saw from # 171 non-native # 187 oil will not do any harm. Manufacturers say that they only guarantee that the saw will work properly using the oil they point to. How the saw behaves with another oil is unknown.

If anything, a whole bunch of chainsaws for every taste and the wallet is here (click)

Further, answering the question of how to use a chainsaw, we consider an element such as an air filter for a chainsaw. Its clogging leads to overheating of the saw and the inability to give out full power. The filter can be nylon, felt, as well as foam. Nylon and foam filters can be washed in soapy water and used again after drying. Felt filters need to be replaced with new ones.

Now let’s talk about the tire and the chain.

In order for the chainsaw tire to wear evenly, it needs to be turned over periodically, that is, for example, today it was sawed in one position, the next time we turn it over.

Before using a chainsaw, it is advisable to stock up not in one but in several chains. The most ideal condition is if you use three chains alternately. In this case, during the time when the chains are completely worn out, your tire and drive sprocket are completely worn out. And if you use, for example, one chain, then when it wears out, the drive sprocket will still be in good condition, but the groove from the old chain will be knocked out on it, and when you put in a new one, it may not stand up, as it should, as times due to the fact that the old chain was stretched during operation and left behind a groove # 171 for itself # 187.

In order for the chain to serve for a long time, before sharpening it on the machine, it can be edited 8-10 times with a file. Why only 8-10 times? Because, no matter how hard your hands are, the corners on the cutting teeth when cutting with a file you still beat. And just on the machine, these angles will align. Why then you can not constantly grind only on the machine? Because the machine grinds too much from the cutting tooth when sharpening, so if you constantly grind it on the machine, the cutting tooth will quickly erase and the chain will become unusable.

Blunt chain sawing causes an excessive load on the engine. Therefore, always correct and sharpen the chain in time.

After operation, leaving the saw in storage, always loosen the chain. During operation, it heats up and expands. Including because of this, you pull it. After work, it cools, shrinks and begins to pull the drive shaft, which leads to premature bearing wear. If the chain is loosened, then the bearing, of course, is not in danger.

It is advisable to use special oils to lubricate the chainsaw chains. They contain adhesive substances that allow the oil to “stick” to the chain. Thanks to this, such oil will lubricate the entire tire and the sprocket at the end of the tire during operation. Conventional oils, due to the high speed of the chain, almost completely fly out of the tire and chain, without even reaching the sprocket at the end of the tire. Because of this, the tire crashes faster. And in no case do not use “mining”. The dirt contained in such an oil can easily clog the oil channel and the oil will not flow to the chain and tire.

If you removed the tire, before installing it again, make sure that the channel through which the oil for lubricating the chain enters is clean and clean it if it is clogged with something.

During sawing, be sure to give full gas when making a cut. After making the cut, you need to let the saw idle a little. At the same time, the cut time should preferably not be more than 30-40 seconds.

Well, now you know how to use a chainsaw correctly so that it lasts as long as possible.

# 171 How to use a chainsaw # 187 (6:50)

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