Orbital Sander Which One To Choose

Top 10 Orbital Sanders An overview of the best orbital orbital sanders. Description of household and professional power tools

Elitech MSHE 0515E. The most powerful

orbital sander which one to choose

The power of the electric motor is enough to perform operations on grinding the bulges of plastered walls, smoothing the putty layer, grinding the surface of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Performs roughing and finishing of wooden blanks. Connecting a vacuum cleaner keeps the workplace clean.

  • Powerful electric motor.
  • Work at a semi-professional level.
  • Long cable.
  • Extra handle is missing.

Enkor MSHE-450 / 150E. The largest fluctuations

It works effectively in rough and medium grinding operations. Smoothes the plastered surface, smoothes the finishing putty. Removes old paint and varnish coatings, rust, scale from metal blanks. The presence of an additional handle contributes to ease of use.

  • Increased diameter of the working plate.
  • Long cord.
  • Endurance.
  • Inefficient dust collection system.
  • The fixing of the grinding attachments quickly fails.

The best in the household series

Despite the shorter motor life, the household tool can handle flat and curved surfaces. To make rough and fine grinding of concrete, plaster, putty. Polishing metal, plastic, glass, natural and artificial stone

Criterias of choice

When purchasing a specific model of grinding equipment, you should take into account the tasks that the power tool must perform in the future. The choice of professional or household equipment depends on this.

Professional wood sanders are ideal for long, active and continuous work. They will cost much more than household tools. For use without significant loads and long-term work, it is worth giving preference to simpler grinders. If the choice is between a professional device and a conventional one, then it is better to purchase the first option, despite its high cost. If the second was chosen, then when working with it, it is recommended to subject the device to higher loads less. You must pause every 3 hours. Only adherence to simple operating rules will extend the service life of the tool.

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It is also important to consider the type of work for which the sander is selected. For smooth surfaces, the best solution would be to buy a belt sander. If there is a need for grinding or polishing decorative wood products, then it is recommended to purchase eccentric models. The ratio of the cost of consumables and the future costs during the operation of the device must also be taken into account.

If you intend to use the grinder indoors, then you should pay attention to the equipment with a built-in dust collector or the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Considering that a lot of dust will form during the sanding process, you need to prepare for its appearance everywhere. Manual cleaning of the premises takes a lot of time and effort.

The length of the cord plays a significant role when choosing a grinder model. Since it is inconvenient to work with the device on a short cord, and an extension cord is not always possible to use.

Battery-powered tools are for sale, which are relevant when working in the country and in houses where electricity has not yet been supplied. The cost of such models is high.

Orbital (eccentric) sander

The principle of operation of this device for processing wood surfaces is similar to the GSHM. The main differentiator is the higher productivity from the orbital sander. In addition, processing is carried out more accurately and delicately thanks to the complex path of the grinding element. Grinding is carried out with discs with a diameter of 15 cm. Abrasive discs of a suitable grain size are molded onto them.

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The disadvantage of an eccentric machine is the formation of an excessive amount of dust. But manufacturers supply models equipped with effective dust collectors that allow work in closed spaces.

Draw frame

In a wood belt sander, the working element is represented by a belt fixed around two rollers. During their movement, the tape, fixed on the sole, is brought into working condition and rotates at the required speed. It is the speed that is considered an important indicator of the operation of this device and it depends on the power, which can be in the range of 500-1200 watts. There are tools equipped with an additional speed regulator, which allows you to select the most optimal option for each type of surface.

The sizes of the belt are different, depending on the modification of the grinding machine. The most functional device has the highest rate. At the same time, the weight and dimensions of the structure will also be significant. When choosing a power tool, special attention should be paid to the grain of the tape used. For the convenience of work, it is necessary to have several types of tapes with different grain sizes. One of the varieties of a belt sander for wood is a brush device that performs the most coarse processing.

The sander consists of the following main elements:

  • The body, which is made of special reinforced polymers, distinguished by wear resistance and high strength. It has a button for turning on the unit.

  • An electric motor that is powered by a battery or electrical network. A fan is used to cool it. However, instead of an electric motor, a compressor can also be used as a driving force. In this case, work will be carried out from compressed air.
  • The reducer is used to reduce the speed. It is housed in a special aluminum alloy housing. The reducer consists of gears placed on shafts.
  • Depending on the type of tool for mounting a disc, grinding plate or other equipment, there is a spindle, the end of which is made in the form of a threaded shaft, into which a nut and a washer are screwed.
  • The handle has a thread that allows you to change its position and fix it.
  • The protective cover is used to prevent sparks, abrasive dust from entering the unit and the user.
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The tool kit may include additional elements that increase the usability and expand the functionality of the device. For example, it can be a dust bag, pad, and so on.


Sander. Types and work. Application and how to choose

A sander is a device designed for surface treatment of parts made of different materials: wood, steel, cast iron, stone, and so on. This tool is used in construction, renovation, sanding, car repairing and many other jobs. This device is especially indispensable for cleaning, polishing and grinding. Often this tool is also used when doing household chores.

Such machines are often used when performing technological operations in order to mount metal structures, during finishing, welding, reinforcement, electrical and other works. With this tool, you can complete the planned work in a short time. For similar work, but manually, it may take at least several hours or even days. Therefore, if you have planned to grind something or clean up something voluminous, then you should definitely purchase such a machine.