Oscillatory Plaster Saw

Multi-cutter. tool history

oscillatory, plaster

The multi-cutter is gaining more and more popularity every day. And not without reason, because the tool is really versatile and useful. Many masters already have it in their arsenal, someone managed to try it out, but probably many have heard about it. This short article will tell you a brief history of the emergence and development of the multi-cutter as a tool.


A multi-cutter, a multifunction grinder, a multifunctional tool, a renovator, an oscillatory multitool, or just a multitool. as soon as it is not called, and not surprisingly, this tool really does not fit into the categories we are used to, we have not yet come up with an unambiguous name. I will call it “multi-cutter”. this is already a more or less entrenched name in Runet and, at least, cannot be confused with a multitool knife.

This is not to say that this is some kind of new type of instrument, in the USA and Europe they have been using it for more than two decades. With us, he is only gaining popularity. And then, while a considerable number of masters and traders hear the name, they ask again “u-stsy. what?”.

It looks like something like an “angle grinder“, but the cutting disc (or any other attachment) does not make circular movements, but oscillatory. oscillations with a small amplitude (on average

3 °) and a fairly high frequency (up to 22,000 vibrations per minute).

How the multi-cutter works

Due to the huge number of different attachments, their shape and the principle of operation of the tool, a very solid range of types of work is available to the multi-cutter: cutting, grinding, polishing, working with tiles and tiles, cleaning and removing material, etc.

But it should be understood that this device is intended mainly for small, additional work. where the main tool, such as an angle grinder, circulars, jigsaws, etc. can’t cope. As the saying goes: “it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times”, so if you want to better understand what the instrument is capable of, look, for example, a presentation video from Fein Multimaster:

The history of the multi-cutter

The invention of this instrument belongs to the famous German company Fein (read “fine”). This is one of the oldest companies (even older than BOSCH) working in the field of power tools. Their contribution to the development of the industry is difficult to overestimate, for example, they have the invention of the world’s first power tool (hand electric drill, 1895), the first pneumatic jackhammer (1914) and a huge number of other innovations.

By the way, this is how that drill looked, if anyone is interested (far from what we are used to seeing today, but somehow people also managed with it):

The world’s first electric drill, created by Fein in 1895

And so, back in 1968, Fein patented a saw for removing plaster, which worked on the principle of an oscillator, which made it possible to remove any plaster cast without damaging the patient’s skin. The saw’s stroke is small and the skin, due to its elasticity, moves with the saw without being damaged. Of course, it depends on the sharpness of the nozzle, the frequency and angle of the oscillations, but it will definitely not work to remain without fingers.

To be honest, I don’t think the patients were very happy to see a doctor with a buzzing saw in hand. But it was this device that became the world’s first oscillator tool and the “grandfather” of all modern multi-cutters.

Oscillatory Plaster Saw

Almost immediately, the tool attracted the attention of the auto industry. And in 1985, a plaster saw with a heavy-duty gearbox became a car body saw.

Oscillating body saw

In addition, with a knife of a special shape, the oscillator saw became the first power tool for removing windshields (before that, such work was done purely by hand. with a cable). The tool is still used for this purpose under the name Fein SuperCut.

Special shaped knives used for dismantling car windshields

In 1986, the tool received another function. grinding. In addition to quite good performance, the small triangular sole made it possible to sand in hard-to-reach places where a conventional sander was useless. In the same year, the instrument was patented.

Oscillator sander

So, year after year, the multi-cutter has grown in popularity and new areas of application. In 1995, the Fein MultiMaster was released. the instrument in the form in which we know it now.

Fein MultiMaster 1995

In 2011, the rechargeable version of the Fein MultiMaster was released (before that, it was produced only in network). Unfortunately, I can’t say who was the first with the battery version. So far (for 2014), only Bosch (GOP 18 V-EC aka MXH180BN) and Dewalt (DCS355D1) have released multi-cutters with brushless motors.

Fein MultiMaster cordless version (2011)

Until October 2008 (about 25 years), Fein, owning an exclusive patent on its brainchild without the right to copy, held a monopoly on this market. But after the expiration of the patent, other manufacturers also joined the production of multi-cutters. Now they are stamped by all and sundry. almost every brand, known or not, Russian and foreign, has at least a couple of models in the assortment.

Yes, and Fein themselves do not stand still, in 2014 they released a redesigned and improved version of the network MultiMaster (350 watt motor, unique vibration damping system, oscillation angle 3.4 °, etc., I will not be mistaken if I say that at the moment this is the most powerful and productive multi-cutter).

New in 2014. Fein MultiMaster FMM 350 Q

In terms of quality, ergonomics and performance, the Fein MultiMaster has been and remains the best of its kind. Therefore, if you need a THING for professional work, then it’s to Fein (they make their products while at home, that is, in Germany). The price tag will not particularly please. for the top-end configuration of the network version it is

400 and up, but well worth it.

In general, a multi-cutter is a tool whose performance depends to a greater extent on the quality of the attachments; the tool itself either works or it does not. In other words, even the lousiest of the cheapest, but with normal attachments, will cope with its task in any way. When it comes to professional work, there can be many criteria: battery life, oscillation angle, noise, parasitic vibrations, ergonomics, the ability to quickly change attachments, dust removal system, backlight, charge indicator, accessory availability, etc. etc. And then you have to choose.

Oscillatory Plaster Saw

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Why oscillating multi-tools don’t cut you

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  • Oscillatory Plaster Saw

    It is convenient to use an oscillator saw to remove the plastic cast after a partial rupture of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis has been treated. The patient takes her for an angle grinder and is frightened.

    First, a saw makes a markup where the cut will pass.

    To convince the patient that this is an oscillatory saw, and the saw blade does not rotate like an angle grinder, but vibrates slightly, and that the blade cannot rip the skin, the doctor runs the working saw over his arm and suit. White streaks may remain on the skin. The patient sees that the method is safe and is less afraid.

    A plastic cast is cut along the anterior surface of the lower leg. In the place of the closest contact of the plaster with the leg, in the area of ​​the ankles, during an incision, the patient’s skin may be damaged. The doctor folds back the edge of the cast to increase the distance between the skin and the plastic. Special hydrophobic anti-allergenic cotton wool is cut with beak scissors that glide gently over the skin without damaging it.

    A second cut is made along the front surface of the lower leg. The front of the plastic bandage folds back. This makes it easier to remove the leg from the cast.

    The most difficult stage. release of the ankle joint from plastic plaster. First, the foot is released, then very carefully the bandage is cut to the end on the front surface of the joint. Periodically, the doctor takes Wolf’s beak forceps and tears apart the plastic where there are 1-2 layers of it. If the plastic does not break, you have to use an oscillator saw.

    The plastic bandage is finally cut with atraumatic scissors.

    You can apply and remove plastic plaster, make X-ray control by calling a traumatologist at home at the MosRentgen Center company (X-ray at home) by phone 8-495-22-555-6-8.

    Oscillatory gypsum cutter supply

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