Overview drill screwdriver metabo powermaxx bs

Cordless drill / driver Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic (600080500)

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1400 rpm, 360 rpm

Maximum torque:

  • All
  • Bits and attachments
  • Safety helmets
  • Protective glasses
  • Protective shields
  • Tool batteries
  • Drill
  • Work gloves
  • Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic Certificate (600080500)
  • Warranty card Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic (600080500)
  • Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic manual (600080500)
  • Datasheet Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic (600080500)

Single Sleeve Keyless Drill Chuck

A quick and easy change of attachments without the use of additional tools significantly saves the time of the master. The spindle lock button is used for safety. It is possible to work without a cartridge. The clamping range of the chuck is from 0.5 to 10 mm.

Drilling spindle with magnetic bit holder

The magnetic holder helps to insert the bits directly into the spindle. This system makes it easy to screw in and out the screws without using a chuck. over, the bits can be of any length and shape, ranging from a diameter of 6 mm and ending with a length of up to 200 mm. Drilling spindle bearing with steel insert and sturdy aluminum alloy support.

Battery charge / fault indicator

A built-in indicator is designed to monitor the performance of the battery.It shows the state of charge of the battery, one bar notifies about a third of the charge, three indications indicate 100% charge. The indicator will inform the master in case of battery failure.

The speed control is automatically controlled. Smooth set of turns helps in performing precise operations in all operating modes, both drilling and screwdriving. Electronics protected against possible overload problems.

Metabo Ultra-M technology

Full compatibility of the tool with the battery and charger ensures high working efficiency. Improved air-cooled battery charging process complemented by automatic control of individual cells.

Reinforced carbon fiber body

The perfectly balanced tool has a new non-slip material body. The drill screwdriver PowerMaxx BS Basic fits comfortably in the hand, its small dimensions allow you to fully control the work process. Grip design with tapered top edge provides a snug grip. over, the load is distributed over the entire width of the palm. Low weight allows you to hold the tool for as long as you like without signs of fatigue.

2 Li-Power batteries. 3 years warranty

A three-year warranty is not just a timely and affordable service, but also the company’s complete confidence in the reliability of its products. 2 galvanic cells are capable of maintaining maximum power for an extended period of time. High-current batteries can be charged in just 50 minutes.

Illumination of the working area

A high-quality view of the working area is provided by an LED flashlight, which is located in the upper part of the housing under the spindle. Bright illumination does not obscure the work subject and does not cast shadows.

The tool is always within reach thanks to the belt holder. You can attach the drill to your belt without worrying about finding it.


Metabo PowerMaxx BS scope of delivery

When you buy Metabo PowerMaxx BS, you get the best screwdriver in the class of professional machines with a 10.8 Volt battery, which unrivaled combines compact dimensions and excellent technical capabilities.

Main features of Metabo PowerMaxx BS

  • Metabo engineers have made every effort to ensure that the new screwdriver is lightweight, compact and easy to use. The novelty has become, in fact, one and a half times smaller than its predecessor and more than 10% lighter.
  • The technical part was not ignored either. The developers managed to put a rather big performance in such a compact case. The Metabo PowerMaxx BS model develops up to 34 Nm of torque and can screw screws at speeds up to 1400 rpm.
  • Removable drill chuck and the ability to insert bits directly into the spindle.
  • Convenient hook for securing the screwdriver to your belt. The hook can be installed on either the right or left side of the tool.
  • The unique integrated control and monitoring system Metabo Ultra-M which ensures safe and stable operation of the tool even under the heaviest loads. In addition, it is thanks to this system that Metabo provides a 3-year warranty for both the instrument itself and the batteries. Battery warranty WITHOUT charge / discharge cycles limit.

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The Metabo PowerMaxx BS cordless screwdriver is a new version (introduced to the market in spring 2014) of the bestseller Metabo PowerMaxx 12.
When developing a new model, the main emphasis was placed on compactness without losing functionality. As a result, the novelty perfectly combines compact dimensions, excellent ergonomics and excellent technical capabilities and functionality.

Cordless screwdriver Metabo PowerMaxx BS

Shurik, of course, is beyond praise. But, there is always, but. The batteries are discharged a little faster than we would like, the bit holder constantly drops out. But all these are trifles, in comparison with its power and compactness! And the bag made me happy, no need to carry a suitcase with you now)

Valentine (11/22/2020)

I bought one from an authorized dealer in Poltava a week ago, in a plastic case with two batteries, for UAH 3099. But only now I noticed that a square label with the letters CAS was glued near the red button of the speed selector, and everywhere on the Internet and, for example, in the Epicenter, there was a sticker with the M logo in white on a red background. This may play a role in the fact that the instrument is not original.?

Metabo Shop’s answer
Good day. The abbreviation CAS means that Metabo batteries can be compatible with other manufacturers’ tools. So, your instrument is original

Alexander (10/29/2020)

The screwdriver is super. Almost 4 years of impeccable work under any load, almost daily for 8-12 hours at the enterprise. If it had not burned out in a fire, I would have worked and worked. If you reimburse the purchase of the same. I RECOMMEND.

Dima (08/27/2020)

Good afternoon, I bought the same. everything is super. But I noticed that through the holes, the two-sided drive goes 1 mm during operation. And when it stops, it comes back. And as if a blow to the hand is felt. Perhaps these are not ground-in brushes. Or is it a marriage

Metabo Shop’s answer
Good day. It’s hard to say so on the move, without seeing the instrument. Contact the service, they will say for sure

Visitor (08/23/2020)

Country of manufacture of the tool?

Metabo Shop’s answer
The model is made in China at the Metabo factory

What Metabo is capable of

Metabo products are manufactured using quality and durable materials. In the production process, certified equipment is used.

Metabo regularly develops unique brand technologies that are not available for products of other brands:

  • Precision Stop. Reliable electronic rotation control for extended tool life.
  • Ultra-M is a technology that is responsible for a well-coordinated and unimpeded communication between the engine, the device battery and the power supply.
  • Air Cooled. cooling by air (positively affects the indicators of autonomy and battery life).
  • Metabo Contact is a technology that ensures safe drilling and reduces the risk of damaging any objects in the process of making holes.
  • Variospeed. synchronization of load and rotational speed of the screwdriver drill.
  • Electronic Single Cell Protection. smart battery monitoring.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS обзор после эксплуатации. (мебель собирать. одно удовольствие)

Metabo screwdrivers

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Which device to choose: from expensive devices to budget models

The Metabo range includes screwdrivers in various sizes. Compact models are great for small jobs in the home workshop. Their operation is appropriate during cosmetic repairs in a house or apartment, finishing work or beautifying home gardens.

Top models weighing less than 1 kilogram are represented in the PowerMaxx line. Among them:

  • BS 12. the device weighs exactly 1 kg with the built-in battery;
  • BS. the total weight of the model is 800 grams;
  • BS Basic. only 0.8 kg.

Super-powered devices are designed to tackle complex challenges. Their place is on large construction and repair sites, as well as in professional workshops for the manufacture of furniture or metal products. Popular high performance models: BS 18 L BL, PowerMaxx SB 12 Set, BS18 Quick.

For aces and novice craftsmen: electric screwdrivers from TM Metabo

If the masters are faced with the question of choosing a good electric screwdriver. they stop at Metabo products. The reasons for the consistently high demand for construction tools from the German manufacturer are the convenience and high performance of the systems. Even the lowest power models do an excellent job.

Metabo screwdrivers are indispensable for any construction and repair site, as well as a professional and home workshop.

Depending on the configuration, branded screwdrivers are divided into mains and cordless. The first ones work only when there is a power source nearby, but at the same time they have high performance. The latter are less productive, but more versatile.

Unpacking / unboxing cordless drill /screwdriver Metabo POWERMAXX BS QUICK PRO 600157500

PowerMaxx. a family of powerful devices

Metabo PowerMaxx is a powerful screwdriver series with intelligent configuration and wear-resistant parts. The main feature of all devices from the line is work on the basis of a powerful brand engine and the presence of a reliable two-stage gearbox.

Advantages of developments from the series:

  • convenient form factor, designed taking into account the anatomical features of the human hand;
  • support for proprietary Metabo technologies;
  • the presence of built-in illumination, which makes the process of tightening screws as safe and comfortable as possible;
  • capacious batteries, thanks to which the household tool works without access to the network.

You can buy equipment that belongs to the PowerMax family, as well as other power tools at an adequate price on our website. A wide range of electrical workshop equipment from the Metabo brand is available for sale.