Overview Of Cordless Trimmers

10 Best Electric Trimmers Review and rating of the best electric trimmers for gardening, cottage and backyard maintenance. The best low cost and powerful trimmers from popular brands Bosch, Makita, Huter and DDE.

Monferme 21327M

The convenient and stylish Monferme 21327M trimmer is designed for comfortable lawn mowing. French engineers made the device not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional. The model has a lower engine with a power of 500 watts. A distinctive feature of the trimmer is the 4-position cutting angle adjustment. The manufacturer also provided for the possibility of using the device for people of different heights. The length of the bar can be easily adjusted to fit the most comfortable D-handle grip.

10 best electric trimmers

Feature in the rating

Many owners of private houses and summer cottages carefully look after their personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, there is a need for a special technique. The modern market offers a choice of lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric trimmers. The latter compare favorably with an affordable price, so there is a steady demand for them. Electric trimmers are especially effective in small areas where the extension cord is easy to stretch. But difficulties also arise at the purchase stage. The range of power tools is very diverse, so a few tips from the experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should you pay close attention to?

  1. First of all, you need to determine the performance. It depends on the power and speed of the motor. For well-groomed areas where growing grass will have to be cut, power up to 1,000 watts will be enough. There is no other reason to pursue high performance. The stronger the engine, the greater the trimmer mass.
  2. The location of the engine affects the price and usability. Cheap low-power models have a bottom-mounted electric motor. But this design has serious drawbacks, for example, grass clogging and poor cooling.
  3. For overhead models, shoulder straps will be required. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers with these accessories.
  4. Electric braids and handle shape differ. Lightweight machines are equipped with D-shaped holders, which give the trimmer maneuverability. And more powerful units are controlled by a handle in the form of a bicycle handlebar.

Our review includes the best electric trimmers. When compiling the rating, the following criteria were taken into account:

Best inexpensive electric trimmers

If you want to mechanize your work, but are on a budget, electric trimmers from this category are what you need. All of them do an excellent job with the task, but at the same time they have their own characteristics. Let’s take a look at three popular budget models and decide which one is the best.

Which cordless trimmer is best?

To answer this question, you will need to study a number of the most important parameters of the streamer.

These include:

  • Model power. It depends on it what type of vegetation the garden tool will be able to handle. If the power of the trimmer does not exceed 600-900 watts, then it can only be used for mowing the lawn and combating low young growth. If the power of the scythe is higher, then it is suitable for cutting small weeds;
  • Rod type. If the scythe needs to be frequently transported between sites, then it is better to choose a model with a telescopic or split rod. This will simplify the transportation and long-term storage of the battery trimmer. When buying a scythe, you need to check with the seller the type of battery, the operating time of the model on a single charge, the duration of a full charge, and the presence of a charger;
  • Weight. The ease of use of the streamer depends on this parameter. Too heavy model will be clumsy, which is why the line of the cut of the grass will turn out to be uneven.

Another important factor is the equipment of the model. Typically the trimmer is supplied with a battery, charger, goggles and mowing head. This set is enough to start using the tool in the local area.

Garden battery scythe device

In its classic design, the battery model is a lot like an electric trimmer. The only difference between the two is that the electric garden tool is powered via a standard cable directly from the outlet. At the same time, the cordless garden trimmer runs on its own battery, which needs regular charging.

The main elements of battery models include:

  • Electric motor. The motor driving the trimmer cutters can be attached to the lower or upper end of the boom. Most often, the motor is located at the bottom of it. In this case, the manufacturer does not need to equip the scythe with a shaft to transfer power from the motor to the gearbox;
  • Battery. This is a power supply for the trimmer, which, in most cases, is attached to the standard handle of the tool. Sometimes, in order to reduce the weight of the braid, its manufacturer installs a battery on the belt. In the latter case, the battery is connected to the motor using a cable;
    overview of cordless trimmers
  • Barbell. This trimmer part is necessary to connect the main working units of the garden tool. It can be made of plastic or metal, and be telescopic, split or one-piece. The split design of the boom makes it possible to reduce the weight of the scythe, as well as to simplify its transportation and storage. In turn, the telescopic rod makes it possible to adjust the length of the tool for more convenient use in areas with difficult terrain;
  • Working bodies responsible for cutting grass. Most often battery models are equipped with a mowing head with a fishing line, or plastic knives. Do not install metal cutting blades on a cordless tool, as this will seriously damage the scythe.

Some cordless grass trimmers are equipped with a pair of small wheels that allow the tool to move smoothly around the area, mowing the lawn more evenly and neatly.

Cordless Trimmers

Battery-powered trimmers offer a number of benefits such as environmental friendliness and independence from electrical power sources. The battery trimmer can be used almost anywhere in the house area, without the risk of accidentally cutting the cable. At the same time, the operating period of the battery streamer is strongly limited by the volume of the battery. This means the owner will have to take long breaks to recharge the battery after every 2-3 hours of trimmer operation.


I understand that putting this parameter as the last among the selection criteria is a great oddity and a huge mistake from the point of view of those who are confidently oriented in these very technical characteristics. But I am not one of them. I am generally a humanitarian. And to argue from hearsay about what I do not understand, I see no point.

Of course, life made me learn to distinguish between watts and volts, but to figure out, for example, the difference between a brushless motor and a carbon brush motor is already difficult for me. In other words, I still cannot objectively assess most of the technical parameters of a particular model. And many cannot, in fact. Is it really necessary? For example, the author of the following is sure that you need to choose a trimmer for your suburban area, paying attention to just a few characteristics. Whether he is right or not. I can’t judge, but I think it’s worth watching his review:

Trimmer power

Measured in watts; the larger this value, the more productive the model you hold in your hands. Just let’s understand right away: if your physical capabilities are small, you need to forget about powerful battery trimmers. They are heavy. Anything that we can handle from such equipment will not differ in special power. It is worth understanding, accepting and not bothering. Or immediately abandon the battery model in favor of the electric one.

Battery capacity

The unit of measurement is Ampere-hour (Ah). The larger the battery capacity, the longer the trimmer will work on one battery. It is believed that 2 Ah is enough for 20-30 minutes of work; less is just not serious. And yes, it must be borne in mind that over time, the capacity of the battery decreases. The operating time, respectively, will begin to decrease.

Battery charging time

It can go up to 24 hours, and therefore it makes sense to ask about this parameter and compare it with the battery capacity. The arithmetic here is pretty simple and straightforward.

A number of other useful technical nuances can be learned from the following story. He talks about the choice of electric trimmers (talking about battery trimmers starts at 7 minutes), but all that has been said can be attributed to other types of this equipment:

Selection options

To choose, you first need to decide on what parameters to compare, what is important. And what you can sacrifice. I got the following list.

Taking into account the real quality of the tools on the market today, the manufacturer’s warranty period is an important argument. For cordless trimmers, it ranges from 1 to 3 years. Most often. 2 years. My opinion: if the guarantee is less, it is better to refrain from buying: since even the manufacturer himself is not sure of his product, then should we experiment.

Top 7 best cordless grass trimmers for power and reliability

The cordless trimmer is a type of electric scythe that is very simple and easy to operate. Even the most fragile woman can handle such a mower. But it is very difficult to choose a really high-quality tool. To make this task as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the best cordless grass trimmers.

  1. Rating of the best models
  2. Patriot TR 230M
  3. Ryobi RLT36C3325
  4. Patriot TR 340XL
  5. Makita DUR181RF
  6. Bosch ART 26-18 LI
  7. Blackdecker STB3620L-QW
  8. Husqvarna 536LiRX

Husqvarna 536LiRX

A good, reliable, quality trimmer with the ability to install a three-blade grass blade. In terms of power, this technique is already suitable for professional use.

There is a convenient and clear digital panel on the bicycle-type handle. Battery with charge indicators. The trimmer head can be rotated in both directions. The windrower has a SaveTM mode for extended operating time.

The set comes with a grass knife, belt, universal protection, but no battery or charger.

  • Power;
  • Grass knife;
  • Autonomous work up to 60 minutes;
  • Savetm mode;
  • Excellent balance;
  • Comfortable harness.
  • No battery and charging included;
  • High price.

Patriot TR 230M

This trimmer is designed for accurate and precise work. It is convenient to use for cutting and trimming grass in hard-to-reach places. Low weight. 2.6 kg provides comfortable work without straining your hands. A teenager or an elderly person can easily cope with such a device.

The trimmer has a semi-automatic reel with 1.6mm line. When mowing long edges, castors can be used, which are mounted on the cover and take some of the mower’s weight onto themselves.

The rod is straight, retractable, with a D-shaped ergonomic handle. The battery is designed for 30 minutes of autonomous operation, after which it requires charging for 1. 1.5 hours. The lower part can change the angle of inclination.

  • Simple operation;
  • A light weight;
  • The ability to work on wheels;
  • Telescopic handle.
  • Do not mow wet grass;
  • One battery included.