Overview Of Petrol Trimmers For Home

Having a house in the village is not a bad thing: clean air and water, the silence and proximity of nature, as well as the absence of noisy neighbors make this option almost ideal. However, the worries of suburban housing are no less, and even more, than those of a simple city apartment. If in the latter you are worried exclusively about your square meters, then personal farming requires a completely different approach.

Overview Of Petrol Trimmers For Home

To glue the wallpaper inside or to equip the living space with furniture is one thing, but landscaping is a completely different matter. One of the most acute problems facing summer residents and residents of villages is the struggle with vegetation: flowers, tomatoes from the garden are beautiful and good, but the abundance of weeds and grass, which climbs everywhere, will add a headache.

How to be

Humanity has long found ways to get rid of the ubiquitous weed, and they work to this day. However, the technological 21st century can offer something new and more effective. A trimmer. He is able to quickly cope with weeds, unwanted shoots of trees and other vegetation.

Today, there are several types of mowers. Electric and gasoline. That is, in the first case, we have a small motor that runs on the mains, and in the second, an internal combustion engine using combustible fuel.

Electric models are suitable only for small cottages, where land holdings do not exceed an area of ​​five to six hundred parts. They can handle a decorative lawn and small weeds. If you have a large house and a large land, then the best option would be a gas mower (the rating of gas trimmers and are slightly higher), which does not depend on the outlet and works autonomously, as well as more efficiently due to its specificity. We will consider the last type of equipment in this article.

The best models of petrol trimmers (rating):

  1. Stihl FS 450-L.
  2. Echo SRM-330ES.
  3. Stihl FS 250.
  4. Echo SRM-2305SI.
  5. Al-KO 112387 FRS 4125.
  6. Echo GT-22GES.
  7. Patriot PT 3355.

To complete the picture, we will consider each participant in more detail, so that each buyer can draw some conclusions for himself.

Patriot PT 3355

This model was included in the rating of budget petrol trimmers due to its power (1.8 hp), lightness and efficiency. The device copes well with boring vegetation in ravines, pits and other uneven areas.

The model is equipped with a fairly high-quality metal knife and a 2.4 mm fishing line. The first one will cope with weeds on the plot, and the second will cut grass and small weeds. The adjustable housing allows you to adjust the trimmer to fit your height, a well-covered belt will evenly distribute the load on the body, and a collapsible bar will facilitate transportation to the place of work.

  • Collapsible housing;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Comfortable and thoughtful shoulder strap;
  • Than a democratic price tag for the available features.
  • Noticeable vibration during operation.

Estimated cost. About 7,000 rubles.

Echo GT-22GES

This model was included in the rating of inexpensive gas trimmers due to its ergonomics and power. The latter is quite enough for mowing middle weeds and any lawn grass, and a curved rod with a D-shaped handle allows you to work on complex terrain, and with the proper comfort.

If there are no problems with potholes and ravines, but there is a need to process a large area, then you can look at another, more productive on a flat terrain modification. Srm-22GES U-Handle. Although it costs more, it will noticeably quicker process a meadow or field.

  • Lightweight construction;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Comfortable body, handle and belts (you can work longer without getting tired);
  • Relatively low noise.
  • There is no knife in the delivery set (you need to purchase if necessary).

Estimated price. About 10,000 rubles.

Al-KO 112387 FRS 4125

The device got into the rating of the best gasoline grass trimmers due to the fact that it is almost an ideal tool for harvesting hay, that is, high-quality mowing. In addition, the model copes well with weeds, young shoots, and is also characterized by trouble-free mowing of spacious lawns.

It will also be useful to note that the cutting elements are quickly, easily and reliably installed in the receiver, which adds universality to it directly in the field, so the model occupies a leading position in all kinds of ratings of gas trimmers for reliability.

The engine of the device has an electronic ignition system, as well as a quick start function, which makes the trimmer attractive for pensioners and fragile ladies, that is, those who have problems starting the lawnmowers in manual mode (no need to pull the cord to start). The model is also equipped with a decompression device, which significantly increases the operational life of the engine.

  • Smart nozzles for high-quality mowing of grass (alfalfa, cereals, etc.);
  • Automatic ignition system;
  • Reliable design without a hint of flimsy or backlash;
  • The presence of a decompression mechanism (increased engine life);
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Low price for available features.
  • Noisy apparatus;
  • Heavy.

Estimated cost. About 9,000 rubles.

Echo SRM-2305SI

This model, already of the middle price segment, is included in the rating of the best gasoline trimmers due to its economy, low noise, low weight and, of course, efficiency. The device is equally convenient to work with both fishing line and knives.

Three-bladed fabric easily copes with large shrubs and medium branches. The model is protected from arbitrary inclusion, equipped with competent protection from injury and special complete glasses.

The device is included in the rating of gas trimmers also due to its versatility. The design of the model allows you to install instead of a standard fishing line or knives of various kinds of cultivating nozzles, which greatly expands its scope.

  • Forged shaft;
  • Sensible protective cover, excluding injuries;
  • Chrome cylinder walls;
  • Convenient engine start;
  • Transformation of the structure allows you to adapt the tool for different tasks;
  • Rich scope of supply (glasses, additional casing, devices to facilitate work, etc.).
  • Critical cons were not noticed.

Estimated price. About 17,000 rubles.

Stihl fs 250

The model was included in the rating of gas trimmers due to its speed and ease of use, along with efficiency. A powerful engine and excellent efficiency indicators will become indispensable assistants in the countryside from spring to autumn.

The device was included in the rating of gas trimmers also because it is equipped with an intelligent anti-vibration system, which further increases its ergonomics. We add here the easy start of the engine due to ElastoStart technology, which prevents jerking, and get very attractive equipment for mowing grass of almost any complexity.

  • A very comfortable vest in the delivery, greatly facilitating the work with the trimmer;
  • Start control by one handle;
  • Manual fuel pump (easy to clean and change);
  • Carburetor with compensator;
  • High engine speeds.
  • No fishing reel included;
  • The price is a bit overpriced.

Estimated cost. About 22,000 rubles.

Echo srm-330es

This professional model features a powerful and revolving engine and is able to perform complex tasks for a long time. The design of the device is designed in such a way that significantly reduces the load on the operator: a three-point shoulder strap, an ergonomic handle, an anti-vibration module and competent axle balancing.

Separately, it is worth noting a durable, as well as a reliable engine, where the manufacturer prudently made a high-quality chrome-plated coating of the cylinder walls. You can also not be afraid of the ingress of earth, dust and other dirt: a fine filter reliably protects the engine from particles from the outside.

  • Economical engine with low fuel consumption;
  • Fairly easy and quick engine start;
  • Nozzles can be combined up to cultivators;
  • Long service life of the engine;
  • Even small trees can mow, not to mention large bushes.
  • The straps are not designed for thin (less than 50 kg) operators.

Estimated price. About 22,000 rubles.

Stihl FS 450-L

This is an extremely reliable and very powerful scythe for cleaning the territory from large shrubs and young trees. A strong three-blade knife made of stainless steel is used here as the main tool.

The package includes everything you need to get started: shoulder straps like a satchel, a protective casing, an ergonomic handle and smart glasses for the operator. The model was distinguished by increased convenience, so at one time (full tank), you can cover a significant area of ​​the bevel.

Model Features

  • Copes with any vegetation, up to thin trees;
  • Thoughtful strap design;
  • Rich scope of supply;
  • Easy start;
  • Convenient device for continuous operation.
  • Heavy for people with a slender physique;
  • The price is a bit high for the average summer resident.

Estimated cost. About 45,000 rubles.


As a rule, the documents indicate the weight of the structure without a cutting tool or protective covers and other surroundings, which, incidentally, sometimes has an impressive mass. Estimate, what will be the general load on your shoulders, and think whether you will master all this. This point is especially important when you need to mow for a long time and a lot. It is better for pensioners or women to take the model lighter, because fatigue in the process of beveling is a dangerous business, and let professional mowers chase the capacities.

It will also be useful to find out about the availability of service points for servicing the equipment you like and the availability of spare parts for this brand: any equipment breaks down, and even the most eminent manufacturer is not immune from this.