Patriot gasoline flows from the motor unit. Non -mounted equipment

Fuel pipeline leak

Since I took responsibility to tell everything that is happening to the machine, I will describe the incident that occurred last Saturday. To say more precisely, I must write about it. Here is how it was. After a difficult week, I gathered to ride a little on my car, go to the country, maybe in the forest, it will be scattered. He came to the garage, as usual, a runaway examination of the wheels, the key to the castle and the familiar sound of a working engine filled the room. After a couple of minutes I leave and put the car next to the gate. I am jamming, get out to close the gate. The eyes immediately caught a stain on the newspapers remaining on the floor after changing the oil change. Stepping closer and poked a finger, I realized that this is not oil. It was just dug fresh gasoline. Instantly rushed to the car, opened the hood, connecting the fuel trunk, which goes under a gas tank machine and ramp, was in gasoline in gasoline. There was also a spot on the protective screen below. Joy what. Realizing that it was not worth going anywhere further, he began to wait until the engine cools down. Then he drove the horse back into the garage. And thoughts began what to do. What to do!? What to do!? I want to go, but you can’t go with a leak. The first solution was to call an ambulance at home. We had such a service. I rummaged in advertising at the moment I did not find. Just go to the service. And this option with a tow truck. I will not pay for it. Therefore, the second option remains. This is to cancel all things and eliminate the leak yourself. It was clear on the wet hose that it flows from above. So somewhere in the connection of the hose to the ramp. Since I did not see this node in the eye, I did not find the place of connection visually. So, take off the receiver (now I already know that you can try and with your hand this connector is removed from the fitting without touching anything). I went to the store, bought a fuel stake, Swedish clamps and home. At home sat for the Internet and operating instructions. Installed structural elements and analysis procedure.

On Sunday in the morning again in the garage. The work boiled. Receiver, after some time was removed. The nuts to the engine and the bolt are hard to star because of their difficult availability. When removing, as usual, the gasket was damaged. By the way, the edge of the receiver at the bulkhead is the heater hose. After he was revising the fuel chip. The hose is attached to the ramp by the ramp using a plastic connector (there is present in the photographs). This connector from the fitting starred is very easy. Gasoline merged from the ramp for a long time. He just flew off the latches, so it flowed through him. The lower end of the hose was removed under the machine, taking off before that the protective screen. Inspection of the hose showed that he is in working condition. By the way, the main fuel pavement under the machine seems to be plastic. Then again to the store for laying and a new connector. Without a car for a long and not familiar.

After, first of all, I cut off a new hose. Old length was 38 centimeters. I cut off the new centimeter longer. That is 39. I think is normal long. Do not pull. There are no excessive sags. Below the trunk fitting is hard not fixed. During the operation of the voltage engine, there should not be. The lower end was fixed with a clamp to the trunk fitting, the upper with a connector put on and fixed and fixed clamp was inserted to the click into the ramp. I don’t know how the rest, but it seems to me that this design is weak. Although the whole highway in similar connectors. Take at least the fuel filter. It is hard to believe that in the system 4 atm. I know what 4 atm is. The stream of the house in the bathroom pulls the whitewash released from the launch of the washing machine.

The rest of the assembly was carried out on Monday evening. The receiver was put on a new gasket, all sensors were connected, ventilation tubes, air duct were connected. Not twisted, one nut remained, which is the farthest at the stove hose. Then I will twist. All! The key to the castle, a few seconds to feed the fuel and the motor roared. Immediately running with a lantern for an audit to the engine. The hose is dry! So everything is fine! Home by car, it is dark, cold and slush on the street. Now there is a house. Tomorrow I will refue and drive back to the garage. Nothing to get wet in the rain.

patriot, gasoline, flows, motor

P.S. Guys are uazists! Be careful with the fuel system. Not casual sometimes burning cars.

The main malfunctions of the motoblocks

Diesel and gasoline engines have different motorized resources. For the first, a normal figure is 4000 m/h, but the latter can provide only 1,500 m/h. Despite this, diesel models of motoblocks are not in high demand. After all, both when buying and during operation, they are much more expensive. Therefore, most likely, you work with a walk.behind tractor equipped with a gasoline (carburetor) engine.

All breakdowns that can occur during the operation of agricultural minute can be divided into two categories:

  • Engine malfunctions:
  • starting problems;
  • Dot in work.
  • Malfunctions of other nodes and mechanisms:
  • improper clutch work;
  • breakage in the gearbox;
  • problems with the chassis;
  • control and automation malfunctions;
  • malfunctions of the motor block systems (cooling, lubrication, etc.).

In many ways, the success of the repair of a suddenly failed machine depends on the correctness of the diagnosis. As for maintenance, it is carried out precisely in order to identify small malfunctions, which will subsequently lead to serious.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge, room, tool and materials necessary for the maintenance and repair of the motor, trust the specialist!

First: what gasoline should be used.

We recommend using clean, fresh, unhealthy gasoline with an octane number AI92. Air.cooled engines are not designed to work with fuels AI95 and AI98. In the 95th and 98th gasoline there are additives that damage the engine of the engine piston, which leads to overheating and breakdown.

Do not mix oil with gasoline. This can lead to a malfunction of the engine, which does not apply to the guarantee.

Use fresh AI-92 potatoes with life storage 30 days.

First: what gasoline should be used.

We recommend using clean, fresh, unhealthy gasoline with an octane number AI92. Air.cooled engines are not designed to work with fuels AI95 and AI98. In the 95th and 98th gasoline there are additives that damage the engine of the engine piston, which leads to overheating and breakdown.

Do not mix oil with gasoline. This can lead to a malfunction of the engine, which does not apply to the guarantee.

Use fresh AI-92 potatoes with life storage 30 days.

DIY breakfast elimination

Earlier we examined why the motor.cultivator is not started, and what are the reasons for the lack of spark in the walk.behind tractor. Next, you should consider the moment with the independent elimination of the next series of defects:

  • there is no spark (the problem lies in the candle, breakdown of the ignition coil, in any case, the malfunction can be eliminated independently);
  • programs are not switched (the breakdown is associated with the clutch, or the gears are out of order);
  • The same.based tractor works with jerks (uneven burning of the fuel mixture or overflow of gasoline).

In each individual case, the work is performed with a certain power plant, which is mounted on a single tractor. Here you should take into account a number of nuances and features of the mechanism.

Important! Modern devices are complex mechanisms where a lot of components are present, which is why, before trying to eliminate the defect, you should figure out why it can manifest itself.

There is no spark

Lack of ignition is the most common phenomenon. There may be a lot of reasons for this, however, situations should be disassembled when there is no need to repair the engine:

  • Candle. In this case, the malfunction is easily eliminated. First of all, you should understand why the spark does not pass. To do this, you need to take a new element and check it for ignition. If the spark is present, then you can limit yourself to the usual replacement of this consumable component. Provided that the reason is not in this, it is also recommended to change the oil and the air filter.
  • The ignition coil failed. It is required, as in the past case, on a new candle, check the presence of a spark. If the ignition is absent, then a coil or high.voltage wire could fail. Repair consists in the usual replacement of these components. After installing new spare parts, as a rule, everything begins to work properly.

If the reason is in the candle, then the problem may also lie in the engine itself. If there is a candle in the cylinder, the candle will constantly be thrown with oil, which is why it will have a characteristic black fog.

Important! If the problem of the lack of ignition in the engine itself, then it needs to be replaced or overhaul, this work should be done by a specialist.

Sparks of this walk.behind tract may not be for several reasons

No programs are turned on

If the programs are not included, the transmission does not allow the inclusion of speeds, then there may be several reasons. In this case, it is necessary to consider defects that prevent the movement of included speeds that can be eliminated independently:

  • If earlier the box turned on well, and soon stopped working properly, and a metallic noise is also heard, then the problem is most likely in a lack of lubrication (complex maintenance of the transmission with consumables replacement is carried out);
  • The problem may be associated with the clutch (to eliminate the defect, it is necessary to replace this mechanism on a walk.behind tractor, as a rule, this malfunction is inherent in a long development that is accompanied by an ever more severe switching of the speeds, in addition, when moving to the transmission of the checkpoint can be kicked).

Another common transmission problem is the failure of the gear gears. It is extremely difficult to eliminate such a malfunction, since this requires completely dismantle the transmission, and then subject it to the bulkhead. Just as an option. replacing the transmission, but these are significant expenses.

patriot, gasoline, flows, motor

Important! Provided that there are no skills in working with gearboxes, it is recommended to refuse to carry out the bulkhead independently, since there is a chance to aggravate the situation even more (such a work should be done).

Low.quality gasoline

Fuel may find himself in lubrication due to its own low quality. Why quality matters?

The car owner often buys fuel, which has a variety of added additives (benzene, toluene). It can quickly penetrate into grease thanks to the added substances. Automatically influenced the poor fuel, rapidly worsens its own characteristics. This brings to malfunctions of the fuel distribution unit.

In view of this, to eliminate the problem, sometimes it is enough to simply change gasoline. You need to carefully choose fuel. Replace it immediately if you notice that the oil smelled with gasoline.

Elimination of the problem

When the smells of gasoline in oil are felt, it is usually recommended to go to a car service. If everything has gone too far, there is no other way out.

However, at the beginning, when there are no significant malfunctions of the car, the driver has the opportunity to independently eliminate problems. To do this, you need to quickly drive a couple of kilometers on a car, then make a lubricant drain, check if there is gasoline in oil. If it is not, then you managed to get rid of the smell of gasoline.

Foreign manufacturers recommend this way to diagnose the machine. Often go to the highway to reset excess fuel. Thanks to this, you will be able to get rid of the problem at the very beginning, prevent the appearance of significant breakdowns. Do not have to spend money on expensive repairs.

UAZ Patriot 2011, gasoline 2 engine.7 l., 128 l. With., Full.wheel drive, mechanical gearbox. breakdown

UAZ Patriot, 2022

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Ramp, there is nothing more there. Do you want to sleep calmly. You can yourself or in a proven place, but you need to do it. To make it good to remove the inlet collector, access will be better.

I would pull off the ramp quickly and look, maybe it’s easier to wave the hose because either it or quickly died, and it is plastic.

I had a problem with this hose. But the other. For some reason, weakened on the fittings at the regulator. without understanding, well, it didn’t work out in any way. I had to half the “snail”. It smelled of gasoline constantly. And as it seemed to me for the same reason, gas did not work for me. когда все подтянул машина стала лучше ехать как на бензине так и снова стала переключаться на газ. And how it looks below, I honestly did not pay attention.

On the first photo. oil dreams when replacing the filter.

Recently changed the oil, they said that it was because of this 🙂

Need to observe, maybe let the filter flange.

About tanks. Everyone had it. Who has 2 tanks.

I had exactly the same in the same place, I cut off the torn part of the hose and connected everything as it was. The advice is also free)

“I tried these wet places on the scent. it does not smell like.”. we must still taste to determine))) if sweet, then antifreeze is most likely a thermostat nearby)))

Fuel injector? Fuel regulator? Fuel pump? Learn fuel diagnostics

I had the client who was on the Wolish wheel tasted, thought the brakes, they raised the car. everything was dry, most likely the dog passed by the dog

I had the client who was on the Wolish wheel tasted, thought the brakes, they raised the car. everything was dry, most likely the dog passed by the dog

Why not start a single tractor. we understand the reasons

Before the start of the season, both gasoline and diesel uniform tractor needs to be prepared. To do this, the owner of the unit must make sure that the design of the unit contains all the parts necessary for work, and each of them “sits” tightly in its full.time place.

Often, many motoblocks equipped with a Subaru engine or motors of other known brands refuse to work after prolonged winter downtime. At the same time, incorrectly selected storage conditions of the agricultural machine. if it stood in a cold cheese room, then, most likely, before the start of spring work, it will not start. This is due to a number of such malfunctions:

  • Oxidation of contacts in electrical wiring;
  • Violation of the integrity of the insulation of the wiring;
  • Flooding of oil and fuel;
  • Carburetor’s cluster.

Before you start a single tractor, its owner must carefully examine all the compounds available in the design of the unit. It is necessary to check the course of the cables of gas, reverse and clutch. it should be soft. If you find clamps or twisting cables when examining, then you can’t start a single tractor.

Before the first launch of the walk.behind tractor, you should check the oil level inside the crankcase. If the lubricant is absent, this will lead to severe damage to the piston group. Judge for yourself: at the speed of rotation of the crankshaft in 1400 about./min., He will be enough for a split second to form several burrs on the surface of the cylinder.

The oil remaining for the winter is one of the main reasons for the unstable operation of the aggregate motor. Make sure that the uniform tractor is bad to start precisely for this reason is quite simple. after starting for a few seconds, white smoke will fall from the exhaust pipe of the car, after which the unit will stall. Do not forget that, both diesel and gasoline uniform tractor does not start due to insufficient oil. Some models of units are equipped with low.level protection, owners of other cars should independently monitor the volume of oil inside the tank.

Another important factor is gasoline that you use to refuel a walk.behind tractor. If you regularly fill the fuel in the wrong brand that the car manufacturer advises, then this can also cause the lack of its launch.

DIY breakfast elimination

Success in the independent repair of a walk.behind tractor largely depends on how correctly you will diagnose the unit. The reasons for the fact that the same.based tractor does not start is hidden as follows:

  • Due to clogging, the air does not pass through the air filter;
  • A hole in the lid of the fuel tank is closed;
  • Garbage accumulated in the fuel supply channels;
  • Carburetor breakdown.

Each of these malfunctions is quite easily and quickly eliminated with your own hands. If the cause of the breakdown is not in this, and the unit is still not starting, then you should unscrew the candle and check if there are oil spots on it. If you find an oil or a thick fog on a candle, then the part must be cleaned and dried. In addition, the drying of the walk.behind trash is required. for this you need to sharply pull out the starter cable several times.

Often it is bad to start a single.axle tractor and due to the lack of fuel in the combustion chamber. In this case, the candle will be completely dry. If the reason for the breakdown is this, then it will be necessary to take the following measures:

  • Completely drain the old fuel;
  • Rinse the fuel tank thoroughly;
  • Clean the air filter from clogging;
  • Blow the hose that supplies fuel compressed air;
  • Blow the carburetor nozzles;
  • Pour fresh gasoline into the tank;
  • Open the fuel valve;
  • Blow the respiratory canal inside the fuel tank cover.

Before the re.launch, you will need to manually pump up fuel, pressing several times on the primer of the fuel pump. Having launched the motor, be sure to give him time to warm up, after which you can start working with a walk.behind tractor.

If all of the above actions did not help, and the unoic tractor still does not start, then check the inlet and exhaust valve-if they do not fit to the saddles, then the details will need to be adjusted by turning the corresponding screws clockwise.

Also, in the event that the one.axic tractor does not start, we advise you to pay attention to its muffler. after prolonged work on its walls, soot accumulates, which must be regularly removed using compressed air.

Features of operation

Manufacturers recommend using HYPOID brand oils for gearbox. For the motor, you can use a lubricant type SAE 10W30. Montana Unoa Patriot tractor works on gasoline AI with an octane number 92.

After the first launch, the one.axle tractor must be running. This is done so that all the driving parts of the motor and gearbox are injured to each other. The processing process lasts about 6 hours. It begins with the heating of the motor, then the unit is experienced at each speed almost without loads, gradually increasing power. At the end of the, the exhaust oil is necessarily drained and the fresh.

Subsequent replacements are carried out after 25 or 50 hours of operation. The instructions describe in detail the correct oil replacement.

Before using the unit is necessary:

  • Inspect it on possible malfunctions;
  • Make sure that the required amount of oil and fuel is available;
  • Make sure the air filter is clean;
  • Check the tension of the drive belt and all bolted joints.

If it is not planned to use the unoic tractor for a long time, it is necessary to cleanse it, grease all the parts with lubrication to avoid corrosion, drain fuel, cover and store in a dry place.


The Unoa Patriot MBP tractor is another model of heavy units equipped with a 4.lifting engine with a capacity of 7 liters.With. Its main purpose is the treatment of soil, but when using a wide range of attachments, its functionality significantly increases.

A hand starter is used to launch the motor. Air cooling, which significantly saves time for maintenance.

Unine.based Patriot tractor MBP

Mills that are in configuration allow you to reach the width of cultivation up to 85 cm. Compared to other models of Patriot cultivators, the MBP has a gearbox with 4 speeds and 2 ago. This allows various maneuvers in small areas

The owners on the forums especially pay attention to the weight of the motor

Patriot MBP is made in the design of the design of this brand. Wide wings protect the operator from dirt and earth, which flies out from under the milling. To facilitate the transportation of the walk.behind tractor, two large pneumatic wheels are provided and one small. Ergonomic handle with rubber overlays on handles, allowing to soften vibration. The weight of the unit is only 95 kg.

Acts to adjust and maintain the carburetor of the AGRES (AGRO) motoblock (AGRO) are quite simple. Fulfill them in a state.

It is important to comply with elementary rules, that is, to carry out all the work in a clean room, not to allow foreign objects and dirt from entering the device. When tightening the screws and bolts, do not make excessive efforts so as not to damage the thread, otherwise you will need to carry out additional repair of the carburetor.

In addition to the elements of the power system, other details of the cultivator should be cleaned:

Motoboblock adjustment: carburetor, valve, fuel system

This article describes the adjustment of the walk.behind tractor, namely its main parts: carburetor, valves and the fuel system. The process is not easy, so we also attached several photos and videos. Here you can read repair tips.

Gas leak Part 2.

On Friday, when the master called me and specified exactly exactly where I saw the leak, I answered almost literally: “In the engine compartment, on the right side of the engine under the intake manifold is wet gasoline and drips down on a mud.”. Which letter is incomprehensible here? How many gasoshists are there in the motor compartment on the right? Collector node of the oil refinery?Release on Friday: “Take the car”. I am pleased as an elephant. I think, finally, on the weekend, I ride a fresh snowfield. In St. Petersburg, the second snow fell. so specific, well, again suddenly for municipal services, but I’m not talking about that.I come, a car on the street, read in an outfit-order: “Fuel is not found”.”Replacing the tee and nozzle of the wiper washer”.

I am an intelligent person, I do not like conflicts Okay, I think, well, maybe there was not a leak. well, if the temperature mode is not like that but the replacement of the “wiper nozzles” is that this is what is that? This is such a trolling? Like I will not distinguish the smell of gasoline from the smell of non.freezing? For me it may not be visible, but I was not always a programmer. In education and the first places of work, I am still a mechanical engineer and distinguish a bolt connection from a screw can.

I say to them: “You are far from going far, I’ll make a quarter circle now and be back”. I went out into the street, started, bold snow and decided to climb under the hood. It was snowing, it was dark and the pictures were not very.

In my opinion, this is the only dark spot and stains on the right side of the engine under the intake manifold or I’m wrong?


Wet hose. Not very center, It’s not visible with his eyes. just put the phone and took a picture. Clearer of clear, damn it. 100% leakage of washing.

I go back, drive me to the Remzone. A master who examined the car is suitable in the Rembzone. Well, as I understand it, according to his phrases with the master-receiver and his gaze. Yes, I looked more affectionate at the hostel And I had the feeling that he also read some mantras, apparently cleansing.

They decide to drive the car on the lift, look again, did not see the past. Why, I think, to the lift? Maybe they will also bring a bucket to collect gasoline from below? I clearly said that I saw a leak in a traffic jam in the engine compartment. I thought that I only drive a jack with me.But it turns out also a lift in the trunk was lost Well, here I intervene and explain that the lift is not needed. I open the hood, highlight, poke my finger. The master says “uhh”. Well, what else can he say? Unless: “Write out the recipe for glasses.”Or” Damn we hoped you will not see, leave, burn on hell in the field and you will no longer be soggie us “? He’s leaving. I’m waiting I think.

Well, service, damn it, what the attitude? Well, you can somehow humanly? Well, even if you don’t know how to do it, you can at least treat normally Yes, they could also pull out money from me Well, they called and say: “We don’t see leaks, but for your peace we can change the gas mushrooms, it costs 700”. Given how much UAZ eats gasoline, I would not find this money? (by the way, in the way of repair it costs 233.50). And now. where did they go? What should I do? Where I am? Who is there?

Finally returned the master with a flashlight and with a warranty engineer, put the sting under the hood, confer. I hear the master’s voice: “Yes, I myself saw, myself” I guess that the gasoline managed to dry. They refuse to start the engine again for the proposal. Upon learning that my car is less than a year (why is it?) The engineer dating: “Well, the hose is nonsense, we will change it”. Photographs the intake manifold, the Vin-number leaves But if it were not a hose, but a ramp/collector/nozzles, etc.P., what would not have changed? Cross and let go?

In general, I took the car only at lunch on Saturday. Pokatushki canceled on the weekend 🙁

The longer I communicate with our “services”, the more I am convinced that the wrong country was called Honduras.