Patriot lawn mower which is better. Model Overview

Trimmers for grass Patriot (Patriot)

Electric and gasoline grass trimmers Patriot for amateur and domestic use differ from their market counterparts with high traction parameters, good balancing and decent quality of the factory assembly. Patriot brand grass trimmers are easy to care for and do not require frequent repair. This advantage makes it possible to use the well-known brand garden equipment not only for the more experienced, but also for many beginning gardeners.

Patriot. a relatively young brand, which was founded in 2000 in the U.S. Ever since it entered the market, the young company has been developing its own innovative technologies and implementing them in its products. At the time of the formation of the American company did not have its own plant, so since 2003, the brand has established production of its equipment in one of the Chinese factories, which produced the products of many well-known European companies.

Today Patriot actively produces gasoline and electric saws, snow blowers, cultivators, power tillers. The list of products of the company also includes different types of construction equipment: concrete mixers, water heaters. Among domestic gardeners worthy of special attention branded electric and gasoline trimmers for grass American brand Patriot. Among their main advantages, experts emphasize endurance, decent build quality and good ergonomics. Each Patriot model is as simple as possible to operate, which makes it possible for any beginning gardener to start using it without any special training.

What to look for when choosing a machine

Before choosing a lawn mower, it is advisable to get acquainted with the basics of its construction. This will allow you to understand the purpose of the main units and navigate in their characteristics.

Thus, the engine determines the operating potential of the device. The higher its capacity, the greater the temporary load the unit can withstand, and the larger the crop with which it can cope. True, along with the power, the dimensions and weight of the grass trimmer increase. Today there are two variants of the lawnmower motor.


Light and compact motor of simple design, which greatly simplifies its maintenance and possible repairs. Easy to use. The two-stroke motor is high-speed, this significantly increases its performance. The price is not high, the budget varieties of gasoline trimmers are equipped with two-stroke motors. There are also significant disadvantages. The machine is very noisy, emits large quantities of exhaust fumes and does not consume fuel economically. It needs a mixture of gasoline and oil, which you have to dilute yourself before pouring it into the fuel tank. This is not very convenient, but two-stroke units are more in demand. This is because they are less expensive, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


Powerful motor with long service life. Runs smoothly and quietly and saves fuel. Exhaust emissions are much lower than with a two-stroke. Equipped with two tanks, one of which is filled with gasoline, the other with oil. There is no need to prepare the working mixture beforehand.

The disadvantages of four-stroke engines are considerable weight and size. Considering that the user has to carry the engine on him, this is a significant disadvantage. complicated design, so servicing and possible repairs will cost more. And the price of a four-stroke motor is higher. That’s why they are still behind two-strokes in terms of demand. Although in the ranking of the best brushcutters for professionals there are always powerful four-strokes.

What brand to choose for grass trimmer?

The firm often characterizes the price and quality of the trimmer for grass. Some brands specialize in budget string trimmers “for a couple of seasons”, others produce reliable and expensive devices that serve for a dozen years. Below we will tell you what brands of gasoline trimmers will meet in our rating.

  • Husqvarna. Swedish company, known for its professional-level garden equipment (primarily chainsaws).
  • Huter. German manufacturer of power equipment and tools for the garden. Due to the decent quality of budget trimmers it appeared in the rating.
  • STIHL. Brand from Germany, which produces, according to experts, the best string trimmers for semi-professional and professional use.
  • Echo. The Japanese company produces good garden equipment, popular among experienced craftsmen: chain saws, blowers, power drills, sprayers and, of course, gasoline grass trimmers. Brand products will often be found in the rating.
  • Oleo-Mac. The Italian brand produces tools for household and professional use.
  • Makita. Japanese brand produces a wide range of equipment for all customer groups. The catalog includes appliances for repair and construction, gardening equipment, carpentry equipment.
  • Patriot. Almost any rating of budget gasoline trimmers includes tools of this Russian brand. Domestic production models are suitable for the home, but in the agricultural environment it is not accepted to use them.
  • Champion. In the company’s catalog you can find all the necessary garden equipment at a low price, and in our rating the manufacturer marked in the category of trimmers up to 10 thousand.
  • DAEWOO. South Korean company that produces gasoline grass trimmers and other household garden equipment.
  • Caiman. French brand specializes in gardening equipment for professionals.
  • Stiga. The company from Sweden produces domestic and agricultural trimmers for grass. According to our rating, they are well worth considering for their value for money.
  • Ryobi. Japanese company, known primarily for its line of cordless tools with interchangeable battery packs. There is a place in the brand range for gasoline trimmers as well.

Rating of the best gasoline trimmers

The absolute leaders in sales are Husqvarna, STIHL and Echo brands. Popular brands, presenting consistently high-quality tools and equipment for the garden, have a large number of positive feedback from users. The question of which gasoline trimmer is better to buy Hitachi or Makita, Husqvarna or ECHO is difficult to answer, because these brands provide the market with the same quality Japanese product with a reliable design and economical fuel consumption. Scope of use. professional.

But in addition to well-known and promoted brands-giants, there are other brands that are not inferior in quality, but cheaper. Let’s take a closer look at gasoline trimmers: what is the best, price, quality, scope.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass

The question of how to choose a gasoline grass trimmer is relevant for all potential users. The tool has a high price, and the unsuccessful version can cause additional maintenance costs. The main focus of the choice is on the type of engine and drive, power, the shape of the boom. The cutting element affects the performance, the scope of application, and the design of the handles. on the accuracy of control.

Type of engine and drive

Inexpensive two-stroke engine is unpretentious, easy maintenance. For refueling they use a mixture of machine oil and fuel, which has to be prepared by yourself. powerful 4-stroke gasoline grass trimmers are high price, high performance. The tool has a large weight, requires difficult maintenance. It is a good choice for professional applications.

Devices with direct drive and flexible drive are available. The technique varies resistance to wear and tear at high loads. Direct drive is more wear-resistant, easily copes with intensive work. Tether has a low price, but wears out quickly.


High-performance motors cope more easily with dense grass, bushes. The disadvantage of high-powered motors is low fuel efficiency, intensive work requires a reserve of fuel in the tank, and this increases the weight. To work on a plot of 6-8 acres, a 1-1.2 liter motor is enough.с. Such a tool will cope with lawn grass on a larger area. If the area is 10-15 hundred square meters, it grows dense grass and shrubs, then you need a technique with power indicators not less than 1.5-2.2 liters.с.

Boom shape

Curved boom makes it easy to maneuver between beds, around trees. These models are equipped with flexible drive, less powerful motors, which narrows the range of tasks. Straight boom slightly reduces maneuverability, but allows you to install a rigid direct drive.

Cutting element

The safest cutting element is nylon cord. Trimmer line is available in various thicknesses, handles grass well, but not small shrubs. Special types of cord with a powerful motor can cut any weed. The more horsepower the tool has, the more diverse the attachments. Two-blade and three-blade knives are effective on areas with a lot of dry grass, young bushes. Only tool steel cutter blades help in thickets.


D-handle and P-handle models are more maneuverable but are installed on brushcutters with small engines. For large areas it is better to choose a tool with a bike handle. Controls can be held with two hands, evenly distributing effort.

Other options

If the weight of the lawnmower seems heavy, you can buy a wheel trimmer for the grass. Gardeners who carry equipment in the trunk, can choose a technique with a folding boom. Recommended for models with carrying straps, otherwise you have to buy an additional accessory.

Rating of Patriot gasoline grass trimmers

To determine which trimmer to choose Patriot grass trimmer, you should first read the rating. It includes reliable universal models that can easily withstand long and heavy loads. Basically all of them are distinguished by quality of assembling, high performance.


If necessary, the machine can be equipped with a brushcutter/lopper. The two-stroke gasoline engine is on top. There is a motor brake, anti-vibration system. Casing and axle are made of plastic. Height-adjustable handle. T-handle (bicycle). Straight boom. Fuel tank capacity. 1,2 л. Cutting width with blade. 25,5 cm. Complete with: 40-tooth saw blade, shoulder strap, blade and 2.4 mm trimmer line.

patriot, lawn, mower, which, better, model

power. 3 liters along with.;

cutting width. 42 cm

weight. 7,7 kg.

PATRIOT PT 553 (11)

Gasoline hedge trimmer with top mounted engine. Fuel tank capacity of 1.1 liter. Straight boom. Height adjustable handle. T-handle. Vibration control system. Cutting width of the blade. 25.5 cm. Accessories: trimmer line (2,4 mm), metal 3-blade blade, shoulder strap, protective cover with locking bar, fuel mixture container, trimmer blade installation kit, assembly and maintenance kit.

power. 3 liters together with.;

cutting width. 44 cm;

weight. 7 kg.

PATRIOT PT 443 The One

Top mounted gasoline model. 1.1 litre fuel tank. Plastic body and housing. Straight bar. anti-vibration system. Height adjustable handle. T-handle (bicycle handle). Supplied with shoulder strap, 3mm line and blade.

patriot, lawn, mower, which, better, model

power. 2.50 l together with.;

cutting width. 44 cm;

weight. 7 kg.

PATRIOT PT 5555ES Country

Gas-powered shrubbery cutter with two-stroke engine mounted high up. Engine brake, anti-vibration system. Axle and housing made of plastic. Height adjustable handle. T-handle (bicycle). Straight bar. Fuel tank capacity 1,1 l. Accessories: chase, blade, line for trimmer (3mm).

power. 3 l together with.;

cutting width. 44 cm;

weight. 8.9 kg.


Patriot RT 4555 es with branch remover / brush cutter attachment. Two-stroke gasoline engine mounted high up. There is motor brake and anti-vibration system. Straight bar. Height-adjustable folding handle. Casing and axle made of plastic. Fuel tank capacity of 1.1 liters. T-handle (bicycle). Cutting width of the knife. 23 cm. Includes: knife, 3mm trimmer line, chase.

power. 2.50 liters with.;

cutting width. 46 cm;

weight. 6,6 kg.

PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country

The unit has a two-stroke gasoline engine on top. Branch pruner / lopper can be installed if necessary. Vibration control system, engine brake. The bridge and housing are made of plastic. Straight boom. Handle is height adjustable. Handle is shaped like a T-bike. Fuel tank 0.9 l. Cutting width with blade 25 cm. Supplied with shoulder strap, knife and 2.4 mm wire.

power. 1.80 liters along with.;

cutting width. 44 cm;

weight. 8 kg.

patriot, lawn, mower, which, better, model


Gasoline hedgetrimmer with the possibility of installing a device for delimbing / hedge trimmer. Two-stroke gasoline engine mounted on top. There is a motor brake. fuel capacity. 0,95 л. Height-adjustable handle. T-handle for bike. Straight boom. Casing and axle are made of plastic. Included: chase, 40-toothed blade, trimmer line (3 mm), blade.

power. 2.50 liters with.;

cutting width. 42 cm;

weight. 7.5 kg.

PATRIOT PT 3055 Imperial

Brush cutter/lopper can be mounted on the machine if necessary. Top mounted two stroke petrol engine. Engine brake, anti-vibration system. 0.45 liter fuel tank. Height adjustable folding handle. T-handle for bicycle. Straight bar. Bridge and body made of plastic. Complete set: blade, line for trimmer (2.4 mm), shoulder strap.

power. 1.30 l together with.;

cutting width. 46 cm

weight. 6 kg.


Option of hedge trimmer/lopper, anti-vibration system. Two-stroke gasoline engine mounted on top. The volume of the fuel tank. 1 liter. Straight boom. Height-adjustable handle with T-handle. blade cutting width. 25,5 cm. Accessories: strap, blade, line for trimmer 3 mm.

power. 2.50 liters along with.;

cutting width. 46 cm;

weight. 8,5 kg.


Universal lawn trimmer PT 555 XT with height-adjustable T-handle with high anti-vibration support. Brush cutter / pruner can be installed if necessary. Top mounted two stroke gasoline engine. Of the features: cutting width of the blade 25.5 cm. Fuel tank capacity of 1 liter. Straight bar. Included: blade, shoulder blade, 40-toothed blade, trimmer line (3 mm).

power. 3 liters along with.;

cutting width. 46 cm

weight. 8,7 kg.

PATRIOT grass trimmers. reviews

After one season, after the winter stopped starting, tried everything. plugs, carburetor, oil, gasoline. (In general, it will torture you for 40 minutes and maybe start))) Well, if started mowing, mowing, mowing but have time to podleivat gasoline, it is better not to glitch)))) Read somewhere in the net that they have a problem with the piston, some burrs, I do not know myself and so did not go deep. Service is disgusting, everywhere is sending softly not in plain text. Yes, so as not to be unsubstantiated I have this moochilka three years, so I’m a pleasure to enjoy the nerve racking and pulling the starter ))))

Assembled by the way is not bad, quality plastic and everything around, except that immediately handle mounts broke on the second day, a little they did not think it up at all. My advice: if you dared to take, be prepared for the next season to suffer! (This I read in the internet, all have such a theme with them) Yes, even when I bought it, the price was it in the online store 5400r for everything else and fishing line for the trimmer as a gift gave and now the price is well just a beast, I’m really for such money would not advise anyone! Although the enemy can )))) nerves let him ruin. Now I bought EFCO for the price which now costs this so-called Patriot. Under UAZ his Patriot and with all the speed of 15 times to pass. Well, really a nerve with this scythe, always in turns suffered, my father 30 minutes, my brother 20 minutes and me. Fuck it! Do NOT take it, or take it and see for yourself, maybe I got such a copy, but that’s a fact! I read a lot of reviews on this problem. And most importantly, the service of well damn well that’s a laugh in general. My conclusion: a bit of a poo! Yeah, and what did you get it for? I fell for the 5,400 price. with a straight boom and even 1.8 horses. And in the bag. DECEPTION. Changing the review, made the ignition and has been chopping for two years, Huggarna rests (really in the garage is) Patriot much more powerful and somehow with it more confident are not afraid that something will get under the line for a trimmer. Bobbin of course a drawback, but a couple of times here and there and get used to the fact that not every day it reels. 2017г. I’ve changed the bobbin, rewired the handle to the rod.

  • a portable weed trimmer
  • Gasoline 2-stroke engine, 33 cm?, 1.8 л.с.
  • cutting width: 42 cm
  • included: line for trimmer (2.4 mm), knife, shoulder strap
  • anti-vibration system
  • weight: 7 kg
  • tank at 0.95 л
  • straight boom

Relatively light powerful comfortable backpack strap included saw blade 40 teeth and trimmer blade measured tank for the preparation of the mixture hard shaft comfortable handles and trimmer weighting in general anti-vibration system works well, no shaking hands

The line for the trimmer, included in the kit, is not too bad, I mowed about 7 hectares of dense grass, small trees, the grass winds up on the spool, but it’s the price for versatility, to use either a knife or line for trimmer, it is possible to avoid winding grass, if to mow high grass from above, in principle there are no special inconveniences with winding of grass on a reel, it is written in the manual the maximum diameter of a line of 2,4 mm, in reality I inserted a line for a trimmer of a triangular section of 3 mm., that wouldn’t fit anymore, and that was a pleasure to mow with!, Hot and cold engine startup is perfect, from the first time, I use Ai-95 gasoline, 4 liters were enough to mow 15 acres, after purchase I checked all connections for tightness, lubrication in the gearbox. All was normal, prepared a mixture of 1 to 30 and the idle (sometimes a little nagazovivaya) gave to work (held a hot run-in), then reduced the idle speed, I thought a little high, the noise when working can be tolerated without headphones, power in 1.8 liters.с. more than enough for my household, all that higher power is for professionals, mowing roadsides, will consume a lot of gasoline, noise, weight and vibration. My opinion. This grass trimmer is ideal for household needs. Bought for 7500 for reliability. My opinion: time will tell, I think it will be no worse than analogues, since most brand firms have manufacturing facilities in China, and the assembly takes place there.

  • portable grass trimmer
  • gasoline 2-stroke engine, 25 cm?, 1.3 л.с.
  • cutting width: 46 cm
  • included: trimmer line (2.4 mm), knife, shoulder strap
  • anti-vibration system
  • weight: 6 kg
  • 0.45 л
  • straight rod
  • portable grass trimmer
  • gasoline two-stroke engine, 33 cm?, 1.3 л.с.
  • cutting width: 43 cm
  • included: line for the trimmer, knife, shoulder strap
  • weight: 5.5 kg
  • 0 tank.5 л
  • straight bar

when mowing for more than 2 hours, the gearbox gets warm, you need to give it a rest. The native coil lasts at most 2 seasons. then have to look for a new one. what an adventure. Uncomfortable ergonomics, holding on the native belt is not very comfortable when working. and the belt is uncomfortable. the piston group wore out after 5 years of use. totally replaceable. the price is 2.5 thousand. р. it’s easier to buy a new grass trimmer.

maybe for its money is ok. I think to buy another one with the sight that from the old one I will use parts. probably makes sense. used the grass trimmer 3-4 times per season and the piston wore out in 5 years. quality is a big issue.

patriot, lawn, mower, which, better, model
  • portable grass trimmer
  • electric motor (1200 watt) powered by mains cable
  • Included: line for trimmer, shoulder strap
  • weight: 4.5 kg
  • curved boom

Which Exmark zero turn is right for you?

I mow once or twice a year for about seven years. Only change the line for the trimmer. I use 2 mm square trimmer line. Reels tightly into the grooves of the spool but mows well. Sometimes the grass is long. I clean it and go on mowing 🙂

  • turf trimmer type: portable
  • Engine power 2.5 л.с.
  • fuel tank capacity 1 l
  • mowing width 46 cm
  • cutting element in the grass trimmer: trimmer line and blade, 3 mm trimmer line
  • boom design: straight
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • shoulder strap
  • Wheel availability: no wheels
  • weight 8.5 kg

Electric grass trimmers

What makes these machines so special is their eco-friendliness. These brushcutters emit no pollutants into the atmosphere.

These Patriot models are powered by electricity and come in two varieties: cordless and electric.

These machines are cheaper than petrol ones. Most often these electric mowers are used in private households, where there is constant access to mains electricity.

A range of cordless trimmers that allow owners to work independently:

Block: 4/11 | characters: 585

Rating of budget trimmers

Asking the question what is the best trimmer to buy for the grass for the home, buyers often look at the price in the first place. We’ve ranked the 6 best brushcutters that are suitable for household chores.

Model Type of power Power (W) Type of handle Drive shaft Cutting element Weight (kg) Average price in Russia (.)
Huter GET-1200SL Electric 1200 D-shaped Hard Trimmer line / blade 5.5 5 890
Huter GGT-1000T Petrol 1000 U-shaped (bicycle) Flexible Trimmer line / blade 8.2 8 090
PATRIOT PT 500 Electric 500 D-shaped Flexible line for trimmer 2.4 3 299
PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country Petrol 1320 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer line / blade 8.05 7 990
DAEWOO DABC 520 Petrol 2200 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer line / blade 8.69 12 990
Patriot PT 555 Petrol 2210 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard line for trimmer / knife / disk 7.7 9 467

Huter GET-1200SL Electric

Opens the rating trimmers for countryside cheap, but powerful enough sample. In addition to the line, the brushcutter can be fitted with a blade.

  • High home-quality power.
  • Tool price.
  • Protection from overheating
  • The cutter bar can be split apart to make the brushcutter easy to transport.
  • Good build quality.
  • Suitable for initial landscaping of neglected sites.
  • Ability to work with different tools.

Huter GGT-1000T gasoline tool

Universal lawn mower of household class, which can cut both soft grass and dense, high vegetation. The only questionable design solution is a flexible drive shaft on a straight bar.

  • Shoulder strap included.
  • Bicycle handle is the best choice for wide areas.
  • Handle bar position can be adjusted to the wearer’s height.
  • Easy to start.
  • Vibration protection.

The electric PATRIOT PT 500

Grass trimmer with D-handle is the best choice for small area maintenance. Can be used as a standalone tool or as an additional tool for mowing grass.

  • Reasonable price: this is the cheapest in the ranking of budget tools trimmer for grass.
  • Gearbox angle with motor and cutting element can be changed, which increases efficiency in hard-to-reach areas.
  • When choosing the best grass trimmers to buy with the ability to adjust the length of the boom for height, pay attention to this model: it is equipped with a telescopic boom.

Petrol PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country

If not the best grass trimmer for dacha, it is certainly one of the most popular models, which were included in our rating. It has everything you need for intensive mowing at home.

  • Solid metal shaft for reliability and long life.
  • Pump pump pump fuel (primer), allowing you to easily start the engine after a long break.
  • Included in the price is a special blade for fighting hogweed.
  • Easy replacement of spark plugs and filters.

Честный тест триммеров. Carver GBC 043M, Huter GGT 1900T, Patriot PT 547. Какой триммер лучше?

Gasoline DAEWOO DABC 520

Quality mower for the home garden. Can be used to cut thinner wood because it is fitted with a saw blade.

  • Rigid drive shaft for high power.
  • Spark plugs for 2-stroke engines from any manufacturer can be installed.
  • Easy start-up.

Petrol Patriot PT 555

Russian Patriot multifunctional mower closes the rating of trimmers for home. The device is suitable for ordinary meadow grass and dense thickets.