Pendulum saw for metal with their own hands

How to make a circular saw for metal?

Cutting machine is a useful and necessary thing and, not only in industry, but also in the economy. With this useful tool you can make precise cuts of parts and workpieces. It is achieved due to the reliable fixation of the cutting disc, in the spindle of which not only abrasive discs for metal cutting can be installed. A stationary machine can be used to cut tiles, bricks, marble, granite and other similar materials, while using special diamond-coated circles in the construction of the tool. If necessary, this machine can be used for sawing beams, boards and other wood workpieces.

On how to make yourself a cutting machine from the angle grinder and improvised materials, many people want to know, who have not once faced the need to make a precise cut of the workpiece. Holding the angle grinder in his hands, to make an accurate cut is also possible, but to do it more difficult, because the tool has to be held exclusively with two hands. With a homemade cutting machine you can not only perform, but also simplify such work:

  • To cut sheet material such as galvanized material used for chimney insulation and other purposes
  • Cutting ceramic tiles and tile. remember that the cut can only be made straight
  • Sawing materials at different angles
  • To saw a metal profile, a pipe, a wooden bar, boards, etc.п.

Making a machine from an angle grinder requires an appropriate approach. After all, the tool itself is very dangerous, so the slightest miscalculation can lead to the fact that the master will receive serious injury. The consequences of working with an angle grinder if you do not comply with safety regulations are known, so at first, before you build a self-made machine, it is worth noting the following:

  • Only with the right construction of the cutting stationary machine you can be sure of its reliability and safety
  • If you plan to do it, you need to calculate each step, so that in the process of operation no misfortune
  • Using a machine is in some ways safer than working with a tool, holding it in your hands. But it is necessary to realize that an angle grinder is a mobile tool, and making a self-made one is already a safety violation
  • For the manufacture, it is necessary to use materials of appropriate reliability, corresponding to the power and size of the basic power tool

Once you understand the need for making a machine, you can get down to business.

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This is interesting!If you can not decide what is better. to buy a new machine or make it yourself, then the second option is more preferable, since in the independent manufacture will not need any costs, as an angle grinder is already in the economy, and the component materials can be found in the garage.

Metal cutting disc machine with their own hands

Constant work associated with cutting metals and wood materials requires the use of a cutting machine. With the help of an electric tool, it is possible to qualitatively, quickly perform the cutting of metal structures. Disc cutting machine is used for shaping blanks of profile pipe, channel, bar and other rolled metal parts.

The equipment is used in large manufacturing enterprises, for mass works band saws, hacksaws are used. The complexity of metal construction of special machines makes it impossible to use them in limited places. Cutting machine can be used in all conditions, which makes it popular. The circular saw is responsible for the cutting work.

Principle of the pendulum saw

Pendulum saw, also known as coping saw, is a circular saw mounted on a frame and driven by electric current. Factory-made products have a special pivoting wheel in their design that allows the saw to be used as a jig. However, this function is not always necessary, so the homemade pendulum saw can do without the swivel wheel.

Generally, such a saw is called a pendulum saw because its cutting mechanism rises and falls along the trajectory of a pendulum. That is, during the cutting process, the sawmaker lowers the cutting wheel on the workpiece and then lifts it back up after the cut.

With such a saw, you can saw a variety of materials:

To work with different materials need to use different cutting elements. For example, to work with metal you need to use a special cutting disc, which can be taken from an angle grinder, and to saw wood you need a disc from a circular saw. That is, no additional equipment is required to work with different tools, for example, a pendulum saw for wood is quickly obtained from a metal saw. with your own hands you can replace the cutting element in a matter of minutes.

Pendulum saw for metal with their own hands

Cutting machine for metal cutting with their own hands to make it is not difficult. This requires: an electric motor, a pendulum, a drive, a working table.

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Metal cutting machine. an indispensable tool in the home workshop, a locksmith shop, on the construction site. Many industrial models of these tools are produced, but their price is sometimes not available not only to the private master, but also to a small enterprise. Way out. cutting machine on metal with their own hands to make very easy. It requires only certain skills with a welding machine, locksmith tools, and some qualification of an electrician. Of materials also do not need anything scarce, or unavailable on sale.

Materials and tools

Buy an electric motor will have a capacity of 1.5-2 kW single-phase or three-phase. You also need two sheaves, a shaft, bearings 204 or 205, metal angle, sheet steel thickness of 2-4 millimeters. When all this is assembled, the actual production of the machine begins.

The drawings can be made by yourself using materials from the Internet, or you can use ready-made ones, such as these. But experience shows that it’s best to adapt the drawings to the materials you have available. As a rule, the designs made by your own hands work best when you customize them. Naturally, it is necessary to observe certain rules and requirements that are put forward to the tool of increased danger, which are the cutting disc machine or pendulum saw, both homemade and industrial.

It consists of several basic units:


If you have a three-phase engine capacity of about 3 kilowatts it can be connected to 220 volts, using the circuit “star” circuit “delta” instead. But it should be taken into account that its power will be reduced by 25-30%. The main thing is that the number of revolutions indicated on the nameplate will be maintained.

To be installed on the metal cutting machine, the motor must have a speed of 2500-3000 rpm. This is due to the fact that it is at these speeds that the cutting disc works best.

Metal cutting machine for home-made cut-off wheels have a diameter of 300-400 millimeters. Here, too, production requirements should be taken into account. Do not go too far with the disc diameter. the further away from the center the cutting edge is, the lower the cutting force and the more powerful the motor will be. The optimal ratio of motor power to disk diameter is 2 kilowatts at three thousand rpm and 300 millimeters in diameter.

The self-made metal cutting machine must be safe in the first place. The maximum speeds at which the cutting discs can be operated are stated on the discs. As a rule, it should not exceed 4400 rpm. If you get more than that, the disk may break, which is not safe. If the RPM is under 3000 the cutting speed is not good enough and the blade will overheat and wear out. These are the figures to be taken as a starting point for calculating the power train.


For tensioning the drive belt the engine is fixed at the back part of the pendulum on 4 bolts located in the longitudinal slots. It can be displaced in the direction of the central axis of the machine (perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the motor shaft) by 5-7 centimeters. This will keep the belt at the proper tension and prevent it from slipping. In the same way it will be easier to replace the belt if the previous one fails

Arm (pendulum)

A sleeve-shaft is installed horizontally in the holes in the struts, to which a rocker arm is welded, consisting of two levers, the ratio of one to three. On the short arm a platform for the electric motor installation is welded. On the long arm of the cutting wheel drive shaft. The length ratios of the arms are approximate, it must be calculated so that in the dead position the weight of the motor outweighs the weight of the saw part when assembled (with guards). A small but palpable effort is required to bring the disc in contact with the metal when the machine is switched on.

For ease of operation, a return spring is attached to the lower part of the engine platform and the pendulum upward deflection angle is adjusted by a cable or chain attached with one end to the table and the other end to the lower part of the long lever.

Work table

To assemble a cutting machine of the disk type for a qualified locksmith is not particularly difficult. It is important to adhere to some fundamental requirements:

How to make a saw?

If you need a saw, but the price voiced by the seller “bites”, it is time to think about building the tool with your own hands.

For a saw designed to work on metal, you will need a more powerful electric motor, such as in Makita models, which will also be useful if you are going to saw thick trees.

In the case where you need a more powerful tool, it is best to make a pendulum frame. Pendulum variations are not only more powerful, but also very effective.

To make the frame of the machine stable, you should use steel corners instead of wooden ones.

The frame is the base on which all the cutting and turning mechanisms are mounted, so make sure it is sturdy.

Before you start assembling the saw with your own hands, look at the diagrams with its device: you can be guided, for example, by the machine firm Makita, t.к. It is a quality and functional device for metal processing.

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Each homemade cut-off saw must be mounted on some stable surface, usually a table.

It must be properly secured, i.e.к., If it wobbles, it can not only damage your workpiece, but can also be dangerous for the craftsman.

The table for the tool must be special, and it is also better to make it with your own hands. For the bed you can use an old table from the kitchen, or metal or wooden trestle.

If you have chosen the sawhorse, you need to connect it with a board that has a cross section of 50 mm. On top of the base and have to install the countertop.

The tabletop can be made of 4 mm wide metal plates. You will need two of them for your work. Or you can use thick planks, which should be tied with a lintel of plywood.

When joining the materials, remember to leave a gap of at least 10 mm between them.

The most important thing when working is that the edges of the plate are set parallel to each other, otherwise the end saw will not be able to function properly.

When fixing the tool to the table top, the saw should be in the center of the gap, and on its two sides should be placed sheets. You need to make holes in the table, in which the saw will be secured.

After installing it, you need to secure the motor so that the end saw can work. If you have made a small saw, it will be easiest to attach it to the motor axis.

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However, for cutting thick metal, the tool is not suitable, so if you understand that the low power in the work you will not be enough, then immediately make a more powerful tool.

You can use the spindle from a bicycle as the transmission mechanism for the homemade saw. It includes the bearings and the shaft, which you will also need in your work.

You can cut the spindle off the bike with a hacksaw. A sprocket must be installed on the bicycle shaft. The best way to do this is to use a part belonging to the motor D6 or D8.

In order for it to fit tightly on the shaft, you need to make a bushing for the transition.

The circular saw must be attached to the spindle, but before you do this, you need to decide on the diameter of the device.

The diameter of the bushing should also match the diameter of the other parts, so that they all fit tightly together.

On the spindle housing, you must also install a plate that is at least 5 mm thick. The sprocket is attached to the shaft, which has a homemade saw.

The sprocket should be sized at 2.5 times the size of the spindle.

The saw chain is the last to be put on the frame after all other parts have been installed and fastened correctly.

The price of parts, which requires a cut-off saw, will be much lower than the price of a ready-made saw, for example, by Makita.

The Ultimate Guide To Metal Cutting Saws. From Hobby to Pro!

  • table;
  • Several plates;
  • A few bars and jumper bars;
  • an old spindle from a bicycle;
  • a bushing for the transition;
  • a sprocket;
  • chain;
  • shaft.

Some of these tools are probably already in your garage, while others can be obtained very cheaply.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to buy a ready-made tool.

The more so that the price of some Makita models is quite acceptable, and at the same time they have a wide range of functionality.

Before you buy a saw for metal cutting, study the offers on the market and read about the different models of tools.

It is better to choose an already proven machine, such as a Makita saw, which has been on the market for a long time. Price of both circular and pendulum saws is quite affordable for a person with an average income.

Arrangement of a pendulum saw from an angle grinder

Cutting machine from the angle grinder in most cases is performed by the pendulum system. Such a tool is popularly called a pendulum saw.

The principle of operation of such a device is based on the. On the edge of the vertical support, set two metal corners. They should be attached to the hinges strictly in the middle. The assembled device of this kind resembles a child’s swing. In the place where the parts will be cut, an angle grinder is mounted. On the other edge of the pendulum set the weight, which will raise the angle grinder at the end of the cut.

Instead of weight, you can also install a spring that works in compression. The stiffness of the spring is selected in practice.

How to fasten an angle grinder for precise cutting? It is required to unscrew the handle on the tool. And according to the existing holes in the angle grinder drill the same in the angle grinder. It requires two bolts to fasten it.

Next, it is recommended to install the handle of the angle grinder in its place, for the convenience of cutting.

Saw with their own hands

To save money such a tool can be assembled on its own, but it is suitable only for home use. To make it, you need to have an ordinary circular saw and the necessary materials (channel and angle).

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Make the frame by installing two channels, to which the base of the pendulum mechanism is welded. Bearing slots are made in a turning shop for a small fee. It is necessary to make protective covers that can be made of thin sheet steel.

If you are not quite sure of your abilities it is better to buy a new pendulum saw to save your nerves, money and time.

Pendulum saw for metal and pendulum saw for wood practically does not differ. The only difference is in the type of wheel used.

Make a pendulum saw with your own hands

It is not at all difficult to make a pendulum saw with your own hands. The question is whether it is worth it when you can inexpensively buy a finished product. After all, the cost of components, tools for manufacturing, materials can cost more than a branded saw. But for fans of self-made machines, the manufacturing process is interesting, especially since they will be able to make their own improvements to the final device.

Pendulum saw with their own hands. drawing

For the manufacture you will need a sheet of steel with a thickness of at least 12 millimeters. Sheet sizes are arbitrary, determined only by the master himself. The sheet is welded or screwed to two channels. The base of the future machine. A profile tube is quite suitable as a lever. It is welded to a shaft with bearings pressed on the ends. The bearing blocks are fastened to the base.

As a working unit, you can use the well-known angle grinder. For its attachment to the pendulum a special bracket is made. A groove is cut into the steel plate for the circular saw blade. On the base, the stops that determine the angle of the metal are mounted, and a screw clamp with a hinged clamping jaw. And finally the pendulum lever is suspended by a return spring.

A mini circular saw

With the help of this indispensable tool for home construction it is possible to cut any material and at any desired angle. This means doing all the work associated with a rotating saw blade. Now let’s see how to make a mini circular saw with their own hands.

Making the base

The mini circular saw must stand on a stable table, because swaying can be dangerous and very interfere with the work. Before you make a machine from hand tools, you need to build a special table. The frame can be an old kitchen table or a scraper made of metal or wood. They have to be connected with a board with a cross-section of 50 mm. On this base the table is fastened from above. One of the options for the manufacture of the tabletop is the use of 4 mm steel plates in a quantity of 2 pieces. Another option is to use thick bars. They are tied in the middle by the lintel, for which take plywood of 20-25 mm. The necessary gap between the sheets is 10-12 mm.

It is very important to achieve perfect parallelism of the inner edges of the plate. Attachment of the tool from below to the table will be carried out so that the circular saw is between the plates of the table top in the middle of the gap. A mini circular saw is attached to the drilled holes to the table in this position.

Installing the motor

If you use a hand-held circular saw, you need to think about a transmission device from the motor directly to the circular saw. Small equipment can be, and it will be much easier, put directly on the motor axis. But in this case the power of the makeshift saw will be low.

A bicycle spindle can be the transmitting mechanism. This is the name of the housing where the shaft with bearings is located. It is cut from the frame with a hacksaw. A sprocket is not required. It is better to take a sprocket from the motor D8 or D6. To make it fit tightly on the shaft, you need to make a sleeve. Installing the circular saw to the spindle requires consideration of the diameter of the seating hole. Based on this, the outer diameter of the sleeve for the adapter is determined. The bushing is secured to the spindle in several places. A plate with a thickness of 5 mm is attached to the body of the spindle assembly;. A sprocket, 2.5 times larger than the one mounted on the spindle, is attached to the shaft of the makeshift saw. After all the parts are fixed, the chain is put on.

So, to make a circular saw with your own hands, you will need:

  • table;
  • plates;
  • thick bars;
  • crosspieces;
  • bicycle spindle;
  • sprocket
  • Reducing sleeve;
  • shaft;
  • chain.

And the circular saw, made with your own hands is ready. This thing in the household is not so rare and, undoubtedly, useful. It is possible to make a circular saw, having only initial skills to work with metal, the necessary table for the workbench and neatness.