Pendulum saw from an angle grinder with your own hands

The bed for cutting sheet steel

The angle grinders, which can be used to cut sheet steel material, are much more complex than conventional pendulum saws. The main difficulty here is that the sheet metal has certain linear dimensions and throughout the mowing line it is necessary to observe the evenness of cutting. Another difficulty here can be considered the effect of heating the cutting area, in which the metal expands and clamps the disk angle grinder in the channel, which is fraught with jamming and breaking the tool with all the ensuing consequences. The main parts of such a machine:

  • The base. It should ideally be no smaller than the sheet that is supposed to be cut with the angle grinder, or allow the entire cutting area to fit on it. Steel should be used as the material of manufacture, so that it absorbs heat, not allowing the mowing line to overheat cutting steel.
  • U-shaped leg. This structural element serves as a guide for pulling the angle grinder. The length of the piece between the legs of the stand must be long enough to put a sheet between them, plus allow the body of the angle grinder to fit freely.
  • The carriage is a movable element that moves on a p-pillar on bearings. The pendulum console and the depth limiter of the cutting disc are attached to it.
  • The pendulum console serves as a mechanism to lower the angle grinder to the level of the working position. Also attached to it is a handle to control the tool.

Pull the angle grinder in the opposite direction to the direction of flight of sparks, otherwise the tool will undermine with a high probability of jamming.

How to turn an angle grinder into a cutting machine

With their own hands you can make a cutting machine from the angle grinder, which will not be inferior to the factory. We will consider each component in detail together with a photo and video.

If you need to frequently perform work on cutting metal pipes and profiles of relatively small cross section without a cutting machine to work hard. You can use an ordinary angle grinder, but when cutting small fragments or the need to make an accurate cut even in the hands of an experienced craftsman, angle grinder does not give the desired result. The most cost-effective way out. to make a cutting machine from the angle grinder with their own hands.

How to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder with your own hands, we will tell you below. Minimum tools and materials required. One thing can be noted. the machine works no worse than an industrial cantilever and in terms of small-scale production or production of individual parts is indispensable in both domestic conditions, and in the metalworking shop or repair shop.

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In addition, self-made cutting mobile machine from the angle grinder (angle grinder) can be carried with them on construction sites, where the installation of metal frames (eg, greenhouses), roofing work, or other activities that involve cutting metal.

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How to make a cut-off machine from an angle grinder with your own hands is shown in the video. This can be done by anyone with a little understanding of locksmith work. If you modernize the design, you can do without electric welding. But in any workshop or shop there is a welding machine, so we will not exclude it from the technological process.

Area of application of cutting machines

Cutting disc machines are widely used in metalworking, mechanical engineering, woodworking and furniture industry enterprises. The units have also found their application in the household: they are used as a handy tool to perform various works in the workshop and garage. Cutting machine is convenient to use for a number of tasks:

  • Separation of metal profile into sections of the required length;
  • cutting sheet metal;
  • Large quantities of identical workpieces can be produced in a very short time;
  • Ceramic tile cutting;
  • cutting parts at any angle, obtaining cuts of required length, depth, etc.

The advantages of disc cut-off machines are convenience and ease of use, high cutting speed and accuracy, and the ability to replace the cutting disc in minutes.

Angle Grinder Sliding Cutting Jig // Kızaklı Avuç Taşlama Standı

Due to their relatively low cost, universal units have a fast payback period, so it is profitable to use them in small production facilities and small workshops.

In the household, the cutting machine is not used regularly, so the purchase of a factory-made tool is irrational. It is better to make a special base for the angle grinder. This will increase the versatility of the angle grinder, turning it into a small-sized cutting machine.

Pressing device

In the front of the machine is placed a clamping mechanism that locks the workpiece during cutting. A simple cross-end stop is sufficient, but a safe and reliable attachment that ensures high cutting accuracy can only be achieved by incorporating a screw clamp into the design. There are three variants of execution of this unit.

The first to use the standard clamping device of the cut-off saw, removed from the donor. This option is good in its simplicity, but to find such accessories is not easy. Nevertheless, if you buy the entire unit, complete with a turntable and a graduated angle scale, the convenience of using a homemade machine tool will be one of the highest.

Another option is to use a bench vice. Thanks to the rotary base, you can even set the cutting angle, and the fixation of the workpiece will be the most reliable. The main disadvantage of this method is the lack of a horizontal plane, the workpiece has to be aligned at each installation or to build a stand by yourself. Also, using a vise greatly increases the height of the workpiece. It can only be compensated for by raising the bracket, in which the swivel joint is attached, to an appropriate height.

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The third way is to make the clamp by yourself. You need a screw with a trapezoidal thread, whose pitch is at least 2 mm, and a nut of the same type, which is welded to the front of the table. As a clamping stop can be used a piece of ordinary angle steel, to which the screw is attached through the thrust bearing or a sliding seat.

Making a drawing

Before you make a stand for the angle grinder with your own hands it is necessary to determine what operations will be performed. On this depends on the size and power of the tool used.

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When making a drawing of the future product should take into account some factors:

It will allow you to create a machine with the desired functionality, to avoid unnecessary alterations and financial costs.

Stitch cutter

Often when laying electrical wiring or cutting out passages in the wall, the angle grinder is used as a stitch cutter. In this case the working comfort and safety leave a lot to be desired.

If you make a nozzle on the angle grinder with a solid base. you can make cuts in the walls, as far as enough disc diameter.

Homemade angle grinder attachment for wall drilling

In fact. it is a sole support, which allows you to smoothly move the angle grinder along the wall, with an even force. When you are going to make this device for the angle grinder yourself. do not spare time, and install a closed cover with a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Equipment description

Cutting machines are the simplest design with a rigid and fixed frame, which is made of lumber or welded angle and movable head with the working body of the circular saw. With equal success, this machine can cope with the trimming of battens, block house, planed boards and thin logs, which allows you to use it for making firewood.

Today you can choose from various types of cutting machines and stationary grinders for metal cutting, which differ in electric drive power, their design, purpose, and a number of other characteristics. The simplest models, which are made on the principle of a rising and lowering circle, can be easily assembled on their own.

Such units, made by their own hands, are not inferior in terms of functionality to industrial models, while they have compact size, perfectly cope with all their functions, and the manufacture of such equipment is not particularly difficult.

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Advantages and disadvantages of homemade units

Planning to make with your own hands a cutting machine from an angle grinder, you should try to assess all the advantages and disadvantages of such equipment. The advantages of homemade units include the following:

pendulum, angle, grinder, your
  • Affordable price.
  • Simplicity of components used.
  • Mobility of equipment.
  • The possibility of making a machine with a different design.

Of the disadvantages of handmade metal cutting saw noted only certain difficulties with the fixation of blanks during cutting, which can lead to a deterioration in the quality of processing wood and metal products.

Materials and tools

The easiest way to make a homemade cutting machine from an angle grinder and grinders that can use wheels of different diameters. Choosing the used angle grinder, it is necessary to remember that models that can work with discs with a diameter greater than 150 millimeters, are versatile in use, and such a machine will cope with the processing of various sized lumber. Optimal power output angular grinder is 800 watts or more.

Bed and bracket is easiest to perform from a metal angle, which is welded or fastened to the rivets. Quality fixation of the angle grinder should be given due attention, because later in processing materials is the available mount has an increased load, which can lead to failure of the pendulum mechanism.

What you can make from an angle grinder with your own hands: self-made ideas

The question of what to do with dried up and cut off branches in the garden, for gardeners is usually solved simply. This “garbage” is simply burned. And at the same time, if you shred the branches, you can already use them in the garden for various purposes. Today’s story, which sent us Vasily A. Kayumov from Timashevsk, Krasnodar region, will tell about how to make with their own hands and at absolutely no cost to make from an angle grinder shredder for branches.

My garden I have a small plot, because most of the territory is occupied by the buildings, including the garage, which is “part-time” a workshop. But the problem of dried branches, which must be cut down, is still quite acute. The thought that burning them is, at least, wasteful has crept into one’s mind. After all, if, for example, turn the branches of an apple tree into wood chips, they are perfect for the smokehouse. With that in mind I went to the shop, where I came across an angle grinder. This is where it all began.