Petrol Hitachi Cg27eas Trimmer

Hitachi CG27EAS. A powerful gasoline trimmer, the capabilities of which are quite suitable for mowing tall vegetation, as well as small bushes. At the same time, the equipment has a convenient design, suitable for use in hard-to-reach places. Due to the presence of additional accessories that come with the kit, the owner of this trimmer will not have any inconvenience even during prolonged and hard work. The Japanese manufacturer Hitachi is famous for the quality of its products, which are manufactured using the most reliable and innovative components that meet international standards. Hitachi GC27EAS model is readily bought by summer residents, gardeners, farmers, as well as utilities. The machine will be indispensable in both household and urban households.

General information

The Hitachi CG27EAS lawn mower is a productive garden tool with cutting elements that provide high precision work. Due to this, you can work even in tight places, for example, mowing grass along fences and walls of houses, as well as around flower beds and trees. The trimmer does an excellent job of trimming the edges of the lawns. In other words, this device can be advised to those who need an auxiliary tool to help a bulky lawn mower. In some of the cases described, the Hitachi CG27EAS may become a complete replacement for the lawn mower. In addition, the trimmer is quite compact and lightweight, does not take up much space and is comfortably held in the hand. Due to its lightness, the technique can be quickly directed in the right direction. Thus, labor productivity and work efficiency are increased.

Petrol Hitachi Cg27eas Trimmer

Based on the foregoing, we highlight the main advantages of the Hitachi CG27EAS trimmer

  • Low weight compared to full-fledged lawn mowers
  • Excellent ergonomics. Thanks to a customizable handle that can be adjusted to fit your height. In addition, all control elements of the equipment are placed on the handle. The buttons are placed on one handle so that they can be controlled with one hand
  • Proprietary S-Start technology. Makes it easy to start the engine even when not warmed up, and in any weather
  • Low fuel consumption, emission levels reduced by 50%
  • The fuel tank is made of translucent plastic so that you can visually monitor the fuel level without opening the tank again
  • Shoulder strap. Included as standard. It relieves stress from the back. Thus, the operator will feel less fatigue during hours of work
  • Excellent sound insulation. Reduces the level of noise and vibration coming from the engine. The silencer works more quietly and muffled
  • All-metal shaft. Thanks to it, the mower is stable and durable, and vibration on the handle is significantly suppressed
  • The high quality of the cutting tools included in the kit is a four-blade knife and a trimmer semi-automatic head with fishing line. Among the design features. Protection against overload, as well as in case of damage in the collision with solid objects
  • The trimmer is produced in factories with modern robotic equipment. Robotics collects equipment by the method of special welding of parts while observing the maximum possible fitting of parts.


The Hitachi CG27EAS trimmer is equipped with a 900-watt gasoline engine. The engine is two-stroke, single-cylinder, with a working volume of 27 cubic meters. Rod parameters: length. 1.76 m, diameter. 2.4 cm. Under high load, the engine develops 11 thousand rpm.

The kit includes a trimmer head and a cutting knife. Up to 0.52 cubic meters is poured into the fuel tank. See gasoline grade AI-95. The mass of the device is 5.1 kg.

The official warranty for the trimmer is 12 months from the date of purchase.

The average cost of the Hitachi CG27EAS trimmer in the Russian market is 9.5 thousand rubles.