Petrol Trimmer Bort Bbt 2300 Pro Review

Today, your attention is a review of the gas trimmer “Petrol trimmer BORT BBT-2300-Pro, non-separable bar”

With the onset of the summer season, I thought about purchasing a gas trimmer. In principle, most of the vegetation in my area I enjoy mowing with an ordinary manual scythe. I like her more. Silently mowing, warm-up for the whole body and no costs for consumables. But not everything can be mowed with a manual scythe! It is problematic to mow small lawn trodden along the flower beds, grass along the fence and around the poles, as well as hard nasty weed grass around the garden. Here for these purposes and acquired a gas trimmer.

The trimmer was purchased not assembled and looked like this:

Petrol Trimmer Bort Bbt 2300 Pro Review

This is what the contents of the two boxes look like.

  1. The base and heart of the whole trimmer. 2-stroke gasoline engine with a displacement of 52 cubic meters. See, with a speed of 7000. The weight of the structure is 8.1 kg.

2. One-piece non-separable bar.

3. Protective cover.

4. Handles to control the operation of the trimmer.

5. Knapsack belt with a carabiner.

6. A set of tools. Two hexagons, a screwdriver combined with a candle wrench.

7. A set of documents for the trimmer.

8. Spool with fishing line.

9. Three-blade knife.

10. 40 tooth mill.

The bar is mounted on 4 bolts.

Handle bicycle type. Each part (right and left) is attached separately, so they can be customized to suit individual needs.

Good powerful trimmer. I’m glad I didn’t buy another brand. Very pleased with the equipment. Pretty profitable price tag. I can say this with accuracy, as I looked through many other trimmers. I ordered this trimmer, a big advantage for me is the capacity of the tank, 1.2 liters. A belt is also very convenient. So if you don’t want to sacrifice quality and don’t want to throw money away, then take this one and have no doubt.

Gasoline trimmer. A modern gardening equipment for the care of a personal plot. A motorized scythe will quickly cope even with the thickest grass.
The main advantage of this type of technique is their absolute freedom of movement. Such equipment is used not only for “near-house” processing of the territory, but also for mowing grass in remote areas. The range of gasoline trimmers is expanding. Therefore, choosing the right model is now easy.

Varieties of technical means, their features

Gas trimmers are superior in performance to their electrical counterparts. They are not only more powerful, but also more durable, they can easily cut wet grass and they can be used in the rain, which can not be said about electric models. It is not necessary to connect wires to this type of equipment, to extend extension cords. With it, you are completely autonomous, and the duration of the operation is determined only by the volume of the fuel tank.
All petrol trimmers are of three main types, among which the following stand out:

✓ household appliances. They are used for home purposes in small summer cottages. The power of such trimmers. In the range from 0.6 to 0.9 kW.
✓universal. Engine power from 0.9 to 2.3 kW. Suitable for use in gardens and parks.
✓professional gasoline. Hardware with a capacity of over 2.3 kW. Are applied to large working volumes. For example, for harvesting hay, when clearing large areas, etc.

Starting the gas spit is done manually. But to simplify this process, the equipment is equipped with additional elements, including:

  • Primer (a small pump that pumps fuel to the carburetor);
  • Decompression valve (automatically reduces engine pressure).