Petrol Trimmers Rating

If there is a personal plot, then there is certainly grass, which you need to monitor. Lawn grass must be trimmed, and weeds must be mowed completely. You can do this with an ordinary scythe, but it is not safe to work with it. In addition, this is not a universal tool: it will not work to gently cut the lawn. Supporters of modern agricultural technology use lawn mowers. This device, of course, is better than a scythe, but it can not all.

Petrol Trimmers Rating

The lawnmower is too tough for rough terrain; it cannot defeat grass near trees, bushes and fences. In the 70s of the last century, a solution to this problem appeared: a grass trimmer was invented. They come in many forms. In this article, we will consider in detail the device of gas trimmers and the features of the best models.

About trimmers

In simple terms, a trimmer is a tool for mowing grass, or a manual lawn mower. The purpose of this tool is to fight grass in small areas and in places inaccessible to the lawn mower. There are models with which you can mow hay and cut young trees.

Despite the variety of models, all trimmers have a similar design:

  • A long hollow bar to which all parts of the device are attached;
  • Work head equipped with a cutting line or knives;
  • An engine (electric, battery or gasoline) mounted near the head or at the other end of the rod;
  • A rotating shaft or cable that is located inside the rod and connects the motor to the head;
  • Handle of various shapes;
  • Belt (for heavy models) for fixing the tool in relation to the body.

By engine type, all trimmers are divided into three types:

  1. Electric, powered by the network. This tool is lightweight and easy to use. A low-power engine is attached near the head. The cutting element is a fishing line that can only defeat young grass. The working area is limited by the length of the extension cable.
  2. Rechargeable. The power source is a battery that makes the design heavier. But the tool is more powerful and can handle fairly large areas. The engine is both lower and upper. The set of nozzles for the cutting mechanism includes not only fishing line, but also knives made of plastic or metal.
  3. Petrol, or lawn mowing. The engine occupies only the upper position. A two-stroke engine should be fueled with a mixture of gasoline and oil, and for a four-stroke engine fuel should not be diluted.

Although the lawn mowing is quite noisy and heavy, it still has more advantages:

  • Unlimited mobility, which allows you to handle huge areas;
  • A powerful engine that makes the design more durable;
  • The cutting head is equipped with a wide range of different nozzles, making the lawn mowing machine a universal tool.

The choice of gas trimmer

When buying a trimmer, do not rush so as not to throw money away. First you need to determine the features of your site and care for it:

  • The size of the cultivated area (large or not);
  • Type of mowing vegetation (lawn grass, large weeds, shrubs or hay);
  • Mowing frequency (often, regularly or occasionally).

Then you need to select the tool parameters for the tasks:

  1. Engine. For large areas you need a powerful engine, preferably a four-stroke one. For a small area, a low-power two-stroke engine is suitable.
  2. Cutting tool. The type of cutting nozzle depends on the vegetation in the area. For example, young grass can be mowed using fishing lines of different thicknesses and shapes. Do not waste on knives. And for agricultural mowing, you can purchase a special nozzle.
  3. Lever It comes in many forms. For short mowing from time to time, a handle in the shape of the letter D may be convenient. If you often have to process a large area, it is better to take a T-shaped handle, similar to a bicycle handlebar. It will be more convenient to work with him.
  4. Belt. For a short work with a light tool, you can do with a simple single belt. To make it comfortable to work with heavy lawn mowing for a long time, the best option is a run-like belt, which eases the load on the back and arms.

Having picked up a lawn-mow according to these criteria, you must definitely pick it up, fix the belt and start the engine. Before buying, you need to make sure that the device is weighted, and not too heavy, conveniently secured with a belt and easy to operate. It is worth clarifying whether this model is suitable for different nozzles.