PIT 125 angle grinder with variable speed

PIT PWS125-C4 angle grinder

Angle grinder (grinder) R.I.Т. The PWS125-C4 is excellent for cutting, grinding, snagging and sanding. Sufficient power (850 watts) and speed (11000 rpm) for productive work, and an upgraded motor for stability and efficiency. The housing ensures safety and the handle can be set in any desired position. tool control. Protection against dust is ensured by labyrinth-type openings Ergonomic design is especially noteworthy. Reduced diameter of the body, light weight and textured body ensure full comfort when working. Advantages: Longer gearbox life. Capable of working for 200 hours The new generation is equipped with the proprietary CHL bearing. A leading Chinese bearing manufacturer. It has a longer service life and additional protection against dust Low noise level due to helical bevel gears. Double-lacquered winding. Textured quality plastic housing with laser-etched finish for secure grip and less fatigue The housing diameter has been reduced and fits even small hands Optional removable grille on ventilation slots reduces dust ingress and makes cleaning easier Spindle lock for quick disc changes. Redesigned gearbox with twice the life and quieter operation. stable and more efficient motor. Larger carbon brushes with longer life. Rubber coated anti-vibration additional handle Low weight and easy operation. Versatile tool with a wide range of applications. Safety guard for operator safety. Comfortable, branded auxiliary handle Features:. Voltage (V) 220. Max. Speed (rpm) 11000. Power (wattage) 850. Speed control no. Diameter of disc (mm) 125. Seat diameter of disc (mm) 22.2 Accessories Angle grinder, box, clamping key, hexagonal key, additional handle, dust cover, replacement dust cover, operating instructions

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angle grinder PIT PWS125-C6 Condition: Good Features: Max. disc diameter 125 mm Max. the disc speed 11000 rpm Diameter seating 22.2 mm Spindle thread M14 Features variable speed adjustment Design features additional handle Weight 1.8 Kg Buy any product in Installment For details see ⏱ We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Provide a guarantee We give money immediately! 5 days. 0%

PIT PWS 15 c5 angle grinder Condition: Good ⚙Characteristics⚙Disc diameter 125 mm Maximum disc speed11000 rpm Spindle threadM14 Power consumption1000 watts Weight2.16 kg

PIT PIT angle grinder angle grinder angle grinder PIT PWS125-C6 125 disk 1050W. NEW IN A BOX! angle grinder PIT PIT. Original, has a warranty PIT PIT angle grinder. Great GIFT for your husband, son, brother, friend Also, you can buy other angle grinders angle grinder Parameters :. Type: angle grinder. Manufacturer PIT. Spindle 14mm. Motor power: 1 0 0 2 W. Powered by cord. Speed regulation. Revolutions : 3 0 0 2.1 1 7 1.8 rpm. Dimensions 3 1 0 0 x 1 0 9 x 1 8 5 DELIVERY. in Moscow and Moscow region by courier only 120 min. Happy to answer all your questions between 9:00 and 22:00 any day of the week! Call! Write to avito-chat W v a o e w z e g n t b j g d m 3 / 5 0 0 0

angle grinder 125 angle grinder PIT PWS125-C6 125 disc 1050W. packed in a box! angle grinder 125. ORIGINAL WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY 125 angle grinder. A great GIFT for your husband, son, brother, friend Also, you can buy other angle grinder angle grinder Parameters :. Manufacturer PIT. Spindle 14mm. Motor power: 1 0 1 2 W. Mains. Speed adjustment. Spindle speed: 3 0 2 8.1 2 8 3 1 rpm. Box size 3 8 0 x1 4 0 x1 3 0 DELIVERY. in Moscow and Moscow region by courier for only 2 hours. ☎ CALL NOW. Write in AVito-chat. X l x a y o l l x r e v d i m d 9 / 9 6 4

Angle grinder angle grinder 125mm 850W PIT in stock in Sevastopol from an official representative of PIT in the Crimea. Warranty: 12 months Delivery in the Crimea.

Technical data of the stand for angle grinder PIT P0010004. 100/115/125/150Diameter of angle grinders suitable for the stand, mm

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Makita Makita electric screwdriver Model: electric screwdriver carcass 2290 electric screwdriver kit2700, 3000 The gearbox is made of metal, not plastic, high reliability and durability! For the entire range of electro and benzoinstrumenta warranty! Also in our store at low you can buy Peorator angle grinder angle grinder laser level Parker circular saw tile cutter chainsaw Brands Makita Bosch DeWALT pitched cash and bank transfer Pick up from the store or fast delivery Brands Makita Bosch STIHL Partner DeWALT

New angle grinder PIT (angle grinder) with adjustable speed 1050w, 125 disk. Quick change of counter. See characteristics on the photo. There are other tools, see profile. Kolpino or m. Kupchino Call!

angle grinder RIT PWS125-D1 located at: 3, Kupchino, Moscow, Russia. Perm, st. Himgradskaya 37 Condition is good! docs are enclosed! Item checked the service of the Lighthouse Item: m4/1446 Can be delivered to any region for a minimum price On purchase, please call, and do not write. We cannot always respond quickly to messages. Specialists will answer in correspondence with 10.00 to 22.00 CHANGE / TRADE-IN is POSSIBLE BUYING IN LARGE (processed at the place of sale, in person) IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In Mayak commission of 0% (the lowest in the city!). We try to take everything. Contact. WORKING 24 HOURS A DAY / 7 DAYS A WEEK

Light and compact 125mm angle grinder. Convenient and stable power ensures productivity without great stress for the user. Great for cutting, grinding, snagging and scraping. Accessories: angle grinder, box, clamping key, hexagonal key, additional handle, protective cover, instruction manual Voltage (V). 220 Max. RPM (rpm). 11000 Power (W). 1000 RPM adjustment. no Diameter of disc (mm). 125 Write or call for any questions. happy to answer

The stand is designed for angle grinders with a disc diameter of 100-150 mm. It is used for stationary works. Advantages: Sturdy base Angular vice with adjustment up to 45° Condition. like new. Used a couple of times. Price 1900 ₽

25 mm rotary bolt cutter rating

Good inexpensive 125 mm angle grinder
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Angle grinder (angle grinder), or angle grinder. a special unit for cutting, grinding and stripping items made of stone, metal and other building materials, in which the axis of the motor and disk are placed at an angle of 90 ° in relation to each other (in contrast to the straight grinders, where the working tool is located on the same axis as the engine).

Good inexpensive 125 mm saw blades

Despite the fact that now significantly more expensive equipment, you can find some good and inexpensive grinders at any time. The most affordable models are represented by Russian brands.

Oasis AG-90/125

Angle grinder from Oasis, will amaze you with its quality. This household appliance is designed for processing, slicing, sanding and deburring of stone and metal products. Low vibration, a shroud for protection, and a comfortable handle make customers consider purchasing this model. Also, many people are attracted by the cost of the device and the quality of parts. The effective cooling system of this angle grinder provides long hours of work at the power limit in the enterprise environment.

Nice design.

There is a cover for protection.

There is a dust bag.

Slim and handy body.

Affordable cost.


Model called Patriot AG 120M is compact, and suitable for household tasks, allowing you to perform cutting, grinding of different materials. The mains-powered tool from Patriot with 720 W supports the installation of a cutting/grinding disc with an outside diameter of 125 mm and a planting depth of 22.23 mm. angle grinder, supports fixation of the spindle, so the replacement of the working equipment is carried out quickly.

This model sits comfortably in your hand and is not difficult to adjust to the right angle, so it is suitable for constant use.

Long two-meter cable.

Powerful and efficient drive.

Weighs less than 2 kg.

Victory Angle Grinder-125/1075

The angle grinder from Pobeda operates from the electric network at a power of 1075 W. All this allows you to get the working speed, which is equal to 11000 rpm. angle grinder-125/1075 can perform different tasks, not stopping at one. The device is sold together with a spare handle, and a key for quick disc replacement. M14 threaded spindle locks into place easily. All parts and attachments are well secured in general.

Two-position handle.

Quick start lock for continuous operation.

Compact body.

P.I.T. PWS 125-C4

The PIT PWS125-C4 is ideal for sanding, cutting and sanding work on many surfaces. The equipment is equipped with a motor and gearbox with an extended service life. Cutting and grinding wheels with 125 mm diameter can be used as accessories.

Compact body, textured design and rubberized anti-vibration handle with 2-position setting for exceptional user comfort. Lockable on/off button allows for more comfort during prolonged work.

Two-position handle.

Has protection against unintentional start.

The hood can be adjusted.

Powerful drive.

RedVerg RD-AG110-125

the RedVerg RD-AG110-125 angle grinder is easy to use, medium performance, reliable and designed for a long service life. In this model is inserted a grinding wheel with a diameter of 125 mm. The safety of the device is on a high level. There is a protective cover included in the kit, it excludes injury.

Sturdy and long cable.

Three-position handle.

The device sits comfortably in the hand.

Cordless angle grinder MILWAUKEE M18 FLAG180 XPDB-0 FUEL

Cordless angle grinder Milwaukee M18 FLAG180 XPDB-0 FUEL 4933464112 is designed to.


Cordless angle grinder MILWAUKEE M18 FLAG230 XPDB-0 FUEL

Power supply type: battery, max. disc diameter: 230 mm, design features: spindle lock.


How to choose an angle grinder for the home?

When considering the purchase of a grinder, it is recommended, first of all, to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • power. The amount of work and productivity depends on it;
  • the speed can be adjusted so that the optimum disc speed can be selected for each type of work;
  • the length of the power cable;
  • setting the handle in different positions (two, three) to make it more convenient to grind or cut the material;
  • availability of a cover that protects the user from splinters, dust, sparks;
  • the ability to change the tooling without the use of keys;
  • availability of additional functions, such as accidental start button lock, anti-vibration system, disk jam protection.
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How to work properly?

When working with an angle grinder, it is imperative to observe safety precautions, as this tool is quite traumatic. The basic rules for using a grinder are:

  • Hold the tool firmly so that it does not fall out of your hands or bounce off the material being machined;
  • Only install grinding wheels that are designed for the diameter of the angle grinder;
  • Make sure that the power cable does not get under the rotating disc;
  • Stand as steady on your feet as possible to avoid loss of balance;
  • Include the grinder only if the user is fully prepared to work;
  • Replace the accessories only when the angle grinder is turned off and unplugged;
  • Always turn the machine off after you have done some work, do not move around the room, the room with the included tool;
  • after turning off the angle grinder, include a block of accidental pressing of the “start” button, if the model provides such a function.

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angle grinder P.I.T. PWS 125-C5, 1000 W, 125 mm.

Before you buy an angle grinder P.I.T. PWS 125-C5, 1000 Watt, 125 mm want to read real reviews about it by owners, those people who have already bought and used the product for a while. Read reviews of real customers about the device, see all its advantages and disadvantages. If you own an angle grinder P.I.T. PWS 125-C5, 1000W, 125mm, then share your opinions and leave your review. Every comment sent is reviewed and moderated. Specialists answer your questions about P angle grinder.I.T. PWS 125-C5, 1000 W, 125 mm. Manufacturer: P.I.T

Sergey Kolchanov

Pros: Quality workmanship Price

Review: 18.11.2021 got it for 2.300. Upon opening it up, I realized that there is no speed regulator (it’s in the C6 model). Т.к. I took it mostly for cutting but I`m not too upset 🙂 On YouTube, a lot of reviews on the C6. This model is similar, so detailed inside and outside you can.Significant flaws. stator and rotor windings are not varnished.The grip is comfortable, the cable is not oaky, the power is enough.The question remains about the warranty, if anything. And so all is fine.If you have a bigger budget, go for it.

Edward B.

Pros: It looks well made, for its price seems to me, the best option

Denis Khudyakov

Pros: works great great grip

Olga K.

Alex Sokol

pavel nikolayev

Monster sharpener

Review: I advise you to buy this angle grinder. You will not regret it.) The delivery is excellent!

Nikolay Avankin

Review: It’s not the first tool from this series

Alexey Andryukhin

Pros: Powerful, cuts metal like crazy. Sanding logs with flap discs to 5.All day long and it does not even spat!

Review: Good product recommended. Workhorse

Paul M.

Pros: Excellent quality, simple design.

Cell phones, tablets, accessories, computer equipment, game consoles.

Read product descriptions, look characteristics and parameters, see photos and videos, choose and buy! New products

Angle grinder P.I.T. (PIT/PIT) 611501

Description Voltage 220V Frequency 50Hz Disc diameter 230MM No. of rpm at idle.

Angle grinder P.I.T. (PIT/PIT) 61505

Features: Machine type: angle Power consumption: 1400 W Max. frequencies.