Pour Candle On Trimmer What To Do

A gas trimmer is a surprisingly useful tool with which you can mow not only a miniature lawn in front of the house, but also a whole lawn of considerable size. Unfortunately, in this world there is nothing eternal, and therefore you may encounter the fact that gas trimmers do not start.

Pour Candle On Trimmer What To Do

It often happens that users of these machines try to “save” by pouring into the tank not fuel with a normal octane rating, but something incomprehensible that has been in a plastic canister for almost a dozen years.

The main thing. Fuel mixture!

In this case, the remnants of plastic dissolved in an aggressive environment do such terrible things in the combustion chamber that you will definitely not be able to do without completely sorting out the mechanism. But you certainly will forever remember how to store fuel properly.

What to do when the fuel was definitely normal, there is a spark, but the gas trimmer does not start? It’s possible that you just filled the candle with gasoline. In this case, it must be turned out, wiped with a clean cloth and dried. By the way, it’s not out of place to check the candle itself for operability.

Carry out a cold start correctly!

Often, gas trimmers do not start after they are tried to be “put into operation” after prolonged storage. Failure to start in this case is often due to incorrect user actions.

If you are faced with precisely this phenomenon, then during a cold start you need to close the shutter, and then pump a small amount of the fuel mixture into the carburetor. Then pull the starter handle until you feel resistance, and then start the trimmer with sharp and vigorous movements.


There are not only situations when gas trimmers do not start, but there are cases when after starting they work for a couple of seconds and then stall. Inspect the spark plug again: if it is “thrown”, and this situation repeats even after it is wiped and dried, proceed to the “revision” of the air filter.

Most likely, it is completely oiled and needs to be replaced. If everything is normal with the filter, it may become that the ignition coil is out of order.

In the case when the gas trimmers do not start, and you have done all of the above, the muffler may be clogged. It must be dismantled, burned on the burner, after which the entire soot can be easily shaken out.

Well, even if, after such bullying, your trimmer does not start, you can not do without disassembling the carburetor. It may well be that the dropping of the needle in it is to blame. In any case, disassembling and washing this capricious mechanism certainly will not hurt.

In general, when the trimmer began to act up and stall, it is advisable to carry out a complete preventive measure: completely change the fuel mixture, try another oil, and also change the candle without fail. Practice shows that in many cases cheap low-quality candles are to blame.

We examined the most common reasons why the trimmer does not start. If the matter is something more “exotic”, do not pass the trip to the service center. You will probably find smaller and more obvious damage yourself.