Pours A Candle In A Trimmer Causes

Due to soot on the electrodes of the spark plug: there are interruptions in the engine (the trimmer motor is triple), a drop in power occurs, and the engine can start poorly. Assistance to the project. It is planned to spend money on the purchase of a high-quality camera. Privat: 4149439390776312.

Pours A Candle In A Trimmer Causes

Pours a candle on a lawn mowing

It starts up well in the cold, but if you work a little and if you drown it, it starts up right away. The candle was constantly wet and began to throw the fuel mixture into the air filter. on a similar breakdown My second channel, almost every day.

Gas trimmer Wet candle. Engine flooded.

A deposit on the electrode electrodes is formed due to improper adjustment of the trimmer carburetor, if there is a lot of oil in gasoline and when the air filter on the trimmer is dirty. How can “drown” lawn mowing engine, to be inattentive. Just one awkward movement.

A candle pours on a lawn mow

The main thing when installing the spark plug. First you need to wrap the candle several turns FROM HAND, and then take the key. If the candle went by hand easily, it means it is installed correctly and it can be wrapped with a tool (candle key with a screw). If the candle does not want to be twisted by hand, do not force it with a key, since the candle did not go through the thread and the thread in the candle hole of the cylinder will inevitably be damaged and an expensive trimmer motor repair will be needed. A similar is my first channel :.

Why doesn’t the lawn mow / chainsaw start after long-term storage?

If the candle has not turned, then everything is fine, but with subsequent eversion of the candle, one must be especially careful. If the candle is cranked, you will have to install the futurka (repair sleeve). To do this, it is better to contact the workshop for repairing chainsaws and gas trimmers. Assistance to the project. It is planned to spend money on the purchase of a high-quality camera.

The Chinese lawn mowing will not start. This is interesting.

When I disconnect the power take-off, I start looking for everything that works fine! Again, I’m reconnecting, it barely starts up and stalls, and maybe it doesn’t start at all! Spare parts for Chinese lawn mowing Chinese lawn mowing will not start. It is interesting.

# 128295; Why pours a candle in a chainsaw.

If the new candle also does not give out sparks. The problem is in the high-voltage wire or in the failure to connect to the candle. A brief instruction on replacing the membranes in the carburetor of a chainsaw.

Pours a candle chainsaw | Troubleshooting

Inspect everything on the trimmer for cracks, bends, abrasions, skews, tears (especially metal knives at the base of the teeth and at the holes and both protections). Reliably eliminate all malfunctions identified on the lawn mower. If you tighten the fasteners yourself, do not overtighten! Fills a chainsaw candle? We eliminate the cause of the malfunction. Help group VK.

Do not start a lawn mowing.

A cold trimmer engine with a closed carburetor air damper starts up almost normally, runs at high idle, unstable operation is observed when the engine is heated, after which the trimmer motor stalls. Do not start a lawn mowing.

Chainsaw does not start a wet candle

We lay the jammer wire deep in the groove, lay the candle wire in the groove on top of the jammer wire, put it in the clip and press it, we hook the gas cable in two places. Instagram my first channel: Free.

Fills the chainsaw candle

Poured gasoline with oil, oil was a little more than expected. And in the morning I wanted to start it, but as if holding a piston, it spins in jerks. And as I put a candle, the piston in the cylinder starts to slow down, walks tight and jerky. Dismantled the cylinder and removed the piston, from excess oil on the piston head and the cylinder was soot. Write the case here.

Doesn’t start on a cold trimmer. Eliminate the cause

There was a dispute, how to say it correctly: a high-voltage wire of a chainsaw (trimmer), or an armored wire of a chainsaw (trimmer). Which supplies current to a spark plug. The trimmer will not start to cold. Cause. Air leaks that prevent fuel from pumping. Into the camera.

Experienced motorcyclists have come across a problem many times: candles are filled with fuel! For those who first encountered such difficulties, this article is intended. Together we will find out the cause of such an unpleasant phenomenon, and also we will understand how to fix the problem, methods of preventing the re-filling of candles.

Reasons for the malfunction

Due to the flooded candle, the scooter may not start at all or may become unstable. So what could be the reason:

  • Clogged air filter. The insufficient amount of air supplied to the carburetor enriches the fuel mixture. As a result, a large amount of fuel does not have time to burn in the chamber, and the candle becomes dirty.
  • Incorrect carburetor adjustment. A screw on the quality of the mixture on the carburetor gives almost the same effect as a clogged air filter.
  • Defective ignition system. There are several malfunctions at this point: faulty spark plugs. Poor wire. Problems with the ignition coil. Incorrect lead angle (on old technology, for example).
  • Poor fuel. Diluted with another liquid, gasoline greatly affects the contamination of the candle.

Oddly enough, the injector can also fill a candle. This usually happens in winter on worn engines. Since the quality of the mixture is regulated by the electronic control unit (ECU), it would seem that it should not flood the candles.

However, poor compression, a discharged battery, a poor starter, an insufficiently powerful spark, and improper electrode gap do not allow the scooter to start at a negative temperature. In the cold, the computer supplies more fuel to the cylinder, since cold air contains more oxygen than hot.

For a number of reasons described above, the scooter does not start and fills the candle.

Trying to start the engine

So, we figured out: why floods a candle on a scooter. The repair methods and methods below to start the engine apply to scooters with 2t and 4t engines.

  1. The method is suitable in the absence of a tool. If you fill the candle with attempts to start the scooter, then let it stand for about 5 minutes. Then turn the throttle knob all the way and turn the engine on for about 10 seconds. You can use the foot several times if the starter is faulty. Release the throttle and try to start the engine again. It should work.
  2. If there is a candle key, you should unscrew the candle and warm it up on fire, having previously cleaned it of carbon deposits. With the candle removed, “blow” the cylinder by rotating the engine with a starter or foot. Screw in a candle and try to light up. In case of failure, replace the spark plugs.

We eliminate the causes of the malfunction

If the scooter starts up after the completed manipulations, this is good, but you should not relax. Be sure to check for possible malfunctions. What to do to prevent this situation from happening again:

    Clean or replace the air filter. You can make sure that the reason is simply by trying to start the engine with the filter installed, and without it.

  • Adjust the quality of the mixture. Set the quality screw of the carburetor mixture to the optimum position (where the quality screw is located, see this article), clean the carburetor on the moped. If you have a scooter with an injector, monitor the condition of the nozzles. Use a cleaner to clean the injector or carburetor.
  • Having a 4-stroke engine, pay attention to the adjustment of the valves. An incorrect release torque can also cause contamination of the candles.
  • The battery should always be well charged and the starter should be in good condition. After all, often candles are poured in the winter, and in the cold a reliable battery is required.
  • Oil quality in the cold season also affects the success in getting a scooter. The oil should be fresh and of the necessary viscosity for your temperature conditions.


After reading this article, the described problem will no longer be scary for you. Monitor the condition of the components and assemblies of your vehicle, carry out repairs on time, refuel with high-quality fuel, and your scooter will certainly be your reliable companion!