Powerful Cordless Screwdriver Which Is Better

The best screwdrivers for the home. Best screwdrivers: 14 top models

Updated May 10, 2020

A screwdriver is a hand tool designed, of course, for tightening screws and other fasteners. But modifications are available on the market that allow not only, I apologize, “turn the screws”, but also drill holes, and solve other tasks, both domestic and professional. How to choose a screwdriver for yourself and which 14 models are worthy of the title of the best, read this article.

Rating Name Specifications Price
1 Bosch GSB 18 V-EC 06019E9100 Best professional screwdriver 12,154 RUB
2 GreenWorks GD24DD Best Cordless Impact Driver 7 990 RUB
3 Makita FS4300 Best cordless screwdriver 7 840 RUB
4 Makita TD0101F Best Network Impact Driver 5 462 R
five Interskol DA-10 / 14.4M2 Best Cordless Cordless Screwdriver 5 210 RUB
6 Kolner KCD 14.4MA Best Cordless Drill / Driver 3,070 RUB
7 Kolner KCD 12M The best budget screwdriver for the home 1,449 RUB
8 Patriot FS 250 Best Cordless Drill / Driver 1,490 RUB

4. Makita DF330DWE

This new generation lithium-ion drill / driver is equipped with a keyless chuck. Other advantages of the model include:

  • Long operating time without recharging (more than 5 hours);
  • Safety of operation due to the presence of a rubberized handle, which fits comfortably in the hand;
  • Convenient and practical holster included.

The tool is indispensable when performing self-repair, and is considered one of the best options among universal models.

9. Forsage CDA18V-Li-ion

The battery-type screwdriver is designed for assembly and disassembly works of any complexity. The advantages of this device:

  • High performance even in hard-to-reach places due to its compact size;
  • Simplicity, reliability and safety in management;
  • Convenient chuck device (quick-clamping);

The chuck allows you to work with attachments up to 100 mm. Among the shortcomings: the lack of a battery in the device package.

Best cordless drills screwdrivers

7. Makita TD0101F

A compact model with the following advantages:

  • Bit cartridge ¼;
  • Operation from the network at a voltage of 230 V;
  • Convenient cable length 2.5 m;

Small size and ergonomic handle ensure quality and speed of work. The disadvantage can be conditionally called the cost of the device, which is significantly higher than similar models from other manufacturers.

Powerful Cordless Screwdriver Which Is Better

Dewalt screwdrivers

The American company Dewalt remains one of the best brands of screwdrivers, combining compliance with high safety standards, ease of use and versatility. Compact units equipped with a powerful motor help to achieve the required torque values ​​without high vibrations and time losses.

Another positive quality is the presence of lithium-ion batteries. They not only allow to develop the required rotation speed, but also, thanks to the double-sided fan, do not need to be recharged too often. Dewalt screwdrivers have several operating modes, which allows the craftsman to choose his own speed for each type of fastening work.

In addition to multitasking and high power, the devices of this company stand out for their compliance with high requirements for safety and usability. This is what they say:

1.LED illumination, allowing you to work in poorly lit and hard-to-reach places;
2. An automatically locking keyless chuck for quick and effortless change of attachments;
3.Rubberized handle, which makes working with the tool much easier.

Among the model range of the company, the buyer will find both cordless screwdrivers for more difficult areas, and network. While most models work with soft materials such as wood and plastic, there are also percussion models that work with metal and stone. The most popular among them. DCF815D2 and DCF895M2. Models’ high-power open-frame motors help to achieve sufficient speed for numerous types of home and professional fastening applications.

TOP 10 best manufacturers of screwdrivers which brand is better

Manufacturer. One of the main criteria when choosing both a professional and a household screwdriver. And if the buyer is already wondering which company a screwdriver to choose, he is looking for tools from only the most reputable companies. Companies distinguished not only by a wide range of products, but also by high customer ratings.

Among the manufacturers of screwdrivers, we have identified 10 that show excellent results, both in construction and in home fastening work. Here you will find information about each of them.

Sparky screwdrivers

The fourth position in the list is occupied by Sparky Bulgarian screwdrivers. An experienced craftsman will distinguish them from afar due to the inherent red and black colors of the company’s models and an ergonomic shape that makes it possible to work in the most inaccessible places.

Despite the low prices, Bulgarian screwdrivers are not inferior to German and Japanese competitors in terms of safety and quality standards. Experienced craftsmen highlight a number of design features that make fastening work an order of magnitude easier and more comfortable:

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1.Possibility without tool replacement of the nozzle thanks to the keyless chuck;
2. Light weight, ergonomic design and compact dimensions, increasing the range of applicability of the device;
3. The ability to adjust the torque, an order of magnitude higher than the accuracy of work;
4. LED illumination, giving work in low light conditions;
5.Reliable motor and two-speed synchronized transmission, helping to achieve trouble-free operation in the most difficult terrain.

Sparky Bulgarian drills and screwdrivers are capable of handling a wide range of materials. Among the models, the buyer will find both simpler models used for wood and drywall, as well as impact models for stone and metal (such as BUR2 18 Li and BVR 63 E HD).

Among the range of models, you can easily find both network and battery models. If you want fast-discharging batteries not to limit the operating time, the devices use a pair of lithium-ion batteries at once. When one battery is dead. It should be put on charge, quickly replaced with a second one. The device is equipped with energy indicators, so a discharged battery will not be a surprise to the master. So the work with the screwdriver will be continuous.

Makita screwdrivers

Second on the list is Makita, a Japanese company that has been making professional construction tools for 60 years. The range of the company includes both cordless and cordless Makita screwdrivers, coping with such tasks as:

1. Tightening screws, self-tapping screws and nuts into wooden structures;
2. Drilling holes in wooden surfaces;
3.Installation of plasterboard structures.

In addition to the standard models, those who make the Makita screwdriver offer a range of devices equipped with an impact function. If the idle speed of the shockless device reaches 2300 rpm, impact drivers reach speeds of up to 3200 rpm. With such strength, the tool copes well even with surfaces of stone and iron.

With their small size and ergonomic appearance, the company’s screwdrivers operate at high power, reaching high values ​​of torque and working speed. The result is a perceptible vibration that even the ergonomic handle does not completely contain. Despite this, the company’s devices remain one of the most convenient on the market thanks to rubberized handles and LED backlighting.

The Achilles’ heel of Makita devices is a weak battery that needs frequent recharging. Experienced craftsmen advise buying the best network models (such as FS4000 or FS2700), as for a modest surcharge, they significantly reduce time costs. However, if a screwdriver is needed not for professional purposes, but for home fastening work. It’s not that important.

Bosch screwdrivers

Multifunctionality, reliability and quality tested by more than one generation. What makes Bosch tools the market leader. Having been producing construction and household appliances for over 100 years, they do not lose their grip and are constantly improving their numerous assortment. Bosch screwdrivers are no exception.

Professionals highly appreciate the products of the German company, highlighting a number of qualities:
1.Durable motor with high speed and torque;
2. Light weight and compact body, helping to work at height;
3.Selection of modes of rotation speeds.

The screwdrivers of the German company are universal, capable of working both with wood and with drywall and plastic. Individual devices such as the GSB 14.4 V-LI Plus or GSB 10.8-2-LI have the power to cut holes in metal and stone. If we talk about nutrition. Among the devices it is not difficult to find both mains screwdrivers and those that run on batteries.

If you want to distinguish between devices for household and industrial use. You can easily distinguish them by their color. Home tools are green when professional appliances are blue. Although Bosch tools remain among the most expensive on the market, the difference in price is more than compensated for by maintaining high quality standards and ease of use.

In addition to the main device, customers receive a set of different bits and tips to fit all the screws they need. Therefore, whatever the task of fastening is not faced by the master. Bosch devices help you cope with it.

Dnipro-M screwdrivers

The next position in the list is taken by one of the best brands of screwdrivers in Ukraine Dnipro-M. The company’s models are famous for their great popularity among Ukrainians. affordable than imported screwdrivers, they remain suitable for jobs of varying difficulty levels. over, both for home and professional fastening work. The following models of Dnipro-M screwdrivers are most popular in Ukraine:

Cordless screwdriver, which one is better?

To choose the right cordless tool, naturally, you have to start with the battery. The right choice will ensure long-term performance and help save finances when buying. The most important condition is the capacity of the battery. It is very good if the kit includes a spare battery. And, of course, the main thing is how long it takes to recharge. In this characteristic, professional tools win. Their recharging time does not exceed one hour, while household screwdrivers require 3 to 7 hours. The main thing here is to decide which is more important: high productivity or financial savings.

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Battery types

Today, screwdrivers with three types of batteries are on sale.

  1. Nickel-metal hydride.
  2. Nickel-cadmium.
  3. Lithium ion battery.

What are their advantages and disadvantages?

The screwdriver works perfectly. Particularly satisfied with the price-quality ratio

Nickel-cadmium. Their indisputable advantage is their low price in comparison with others. The advantage is also the ability to withstand low temperatures, which makes it possible to work in the cold, and a large number of recharges. Up to 1000. Cons. Large dimensions, the presence of a toxic substance. Cadmium, the presence of a memory effect. Recharging will not work until the battery is completely discharged.

I’m generally satisfied with the screwdriver, it’s a pity only with the charging problem. But working with the tool is pleasant.

Lithium Ion Batteries at the moment the most modern and reliable. They have a large capacity and are very compact and lightweight. They can be charged without waiting for a full charge as they have no memory effect. It is those screwdrivers that run on lithium batteries that are more often referred to as professional models. There are also disadvantages:

  • High price;
  • Poor fitness for work in the cold;
  • Lack of possibility of recovery.

Given all the information, it becomes easy to decide on the choice of a cordless screwdriver. To date, the best tool is considered to be a lithium battery tool, which is very popular among professionals and ordinary users.

The lithium battery-powered screwdriver turned out to be very practical, and most importantly, convenient. An irreplaceable thing for professional needs.

Cordless screwdriver: which one is better to choose?

Today, doing repairs or construction, hardly anyone would think of drilling with a hand drill, or screwing in a large number of screws with an ordinary screwdriver. Undoubtedly, it is better to use a compact and convenient cordless screwdriver. In the construction equipment market, this tool is represented by a large number of brands and models. Which cordless screwdriver to choose and which manufacturers are the most reliable? You can try to figure it out.

Rating of cordless screwdrivers

Makita manufacturers focus on NiCad batteries and produce powerful professional cordless tools.

First place for style and convenience, you can deservedly give the AEG cordless screwdriver, powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Consumers consider a two-cordless screwdriver a very convenient tool. Quality models are often equipped with speed control, air cooling system, special holder and other convenient elements. They have a comfortable grip and a compact body. The set of professional screwdrivers includes an additional battery. The tool with two batteries is perfect for field repair work, as it has a clear advantage over network counterparts. Such a device is an ideal purchase for work at height. The main thing is to charge both sets of batteries.

Cordless screwdriver, which is better

A screwdriver is a practical and necessary thing in the household. With the help of this tool, you can solve a bunch of problems in everyday life, during construction and repair. Its main purpose is screwing and unscrewing screws. But you can also use it to drill a hole or cut a thread. That is why this device is the most demanded of household and professional tools.

Screwdrivers, depending on their purpose and characteristics, are divided into two types: professional models and for home use, rechargeable and powered by the mains. For everyday use, there is no need for a professional-grade instrument. So, for tightening simple screws, nuts, self-tapping screws, a torque of 15 nm is enough, and for professional models it is 130 nm. But, for example, a household tool is not suitable for drilling very hard surfaces. Its power is not enough to solve the problem, and it will fail quickly.

Pay special attention to the engine speed. For professional, it reaches 1200-1300 rpm, and for household. 400-500. An important point is the frequency of use of the screwdriver. With frequent use and large volumes, of course, a powerful professional tool is needed. Well, if it is in operation 1-2 times in six months, then you can choose a household model of good quality. And the price is very different. It is much more attractive for household models.

Apart from dividing into professional and amateur instrument, screwdrivers also differ in the type of power supply. Battery and network. Network ones will be harder and can only be used if it is possible to connect to the mains. That excludes their use in cases where electricity is not supplied to the place of work. The power cord factor deprives the tool of mobility. Rechargeable batteries, in comparison with those operating from the electric network, weigh less and are more autonomous, which makes it possible to use them in any conditions.


Today, as you can see, there are a huge number of excellent models of cordless screwdrivers. And having decided on the choice of a brand, giving preference to a tool that is suitable in price and quality, you can choose a cordless screwdriver for any needs, whether it be household needs or repair and construction work. With the help of a screwdriver, all these operations can be carried out much faster, and most importantly. Better. Maximum efficiency is achieved with minimum effort.

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And the screwdriver can be used not only for its intended purpose, but for example, you can stir building mixtures or make a hole in the ice for winter fishing.!

Choice for the specifics of work

It may seem that a screwdriver is a versatile tool. Actually this is not true.

So, for those who assemble furniture, more compact models are suitable. They are convenient in that they can work even in the most difficult-to-reach places, and the effort and torque are enough for a reliable and high-quality assembly. The drilling mode is practically not used here. So, for drilling, a more powerful cordless screwdriver is purchased. Which is better? Makita provides a wide range of professional tools at a very affordable price. The screwdrivers of this company have high performance and are very convenient.

Also, these tools are used for the installation of plasterboard structures. Here, manufacturers offer two-speed models with a large battery. For this type of work, the weight of the tool is very critical. For work on the ceiling, models with one speed without a chuck based on a collet are suitable.

Power is important in special assembly work. Therefore, they choose a cordless screwdriver, which is better for additional functions. Consumers want the device to replace both a hammer drill and a drill.

Safety clutch

This system allows you to adjust the torque. It is not possible to use the device in the same way as with a torque wrench, and the scale is only conditional. However, if manufacturers indicate data on the dependence of efforts on the position of the regulator, then this tool can be taken into account.


These amateur and professional assistants can be powered by Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batteries. Common lithium-ion batteries are also often used. The first two batteries are even more common due to their low cost, low storage capacity, and low temperature performance.

Ni-Mh batteries drain slowly. This is noticeable when you compare them with the more capacious Ni-Cd.

But the price of such batteries is more expensive. But in charge-discharge cycles, they are noticeably weaker. Up to 700 cycles are allowed here.

Cordless screwdriver. Which is better? Reviews say that standard Li-ion batteries have practically no drawbacks. Here we see a short charging time, and there is no loss of charge during idle. Among the advantages are also higher capacities, lack of memory, operating time. Are also fully consistent with high performance. Such a battery will cost from 3 to 8 thousand.

Brands and models

We reviewed the design, important criteria for the selection of these tools. Now let’s take a look at the most popular models from everything that is offered on the market today.

Platform is an important detail

No, not even the most important one. The platform is one of the most important criteria by which it is recommended to select this hand tool. This parameter can be found out if you know the battery voltage. Today there are about 4 main platforms. Every brand that makes electric or cordless tools works with one platform.

Choosing a platform means finding a compromise between the real weight and power of the device. You will understand which is better to choose a cordless screwdriver.


The convenience of using a hand tool is more than just comfort. Many manufacturers of these devices are constantly trying to constantly improve their ergonomics. There are many different body shapes and lining materials. Many devices differ in the distribution of weight, the location of the controls. So, a cordless screwdriver, which is better, you need to choose according to the hand of the master and the type of work that has to be done. It is best to choose a screwdriver that is convenient in every sense, even if you have to pay for it with other characteristics.

One of the important ergonomic parameters is the angle between the handle axis and the motor axis. Designers, creating, in their opinion, comfortable equipment, sometimes make the handle tilt angle too big back. Because of this, it is not always convenient to use the tool. The hands of the craftsmen are numb or overstrained, and a callus appears between the thumb and forefinger. You need to switch the direction of rotation with one hand, this has to be done quite often. Cordless screwdriver which is better? Reviews will help you decide, but it is best if you yourself hold your choice in your own hands. Also, it will not be superfluous to make sure that the selected instrument is perfectly balanced.