Punch Work On Weekend

Weekend hammer drill

Is it possible to do repairs on weekends and holidays: make noise and drill

Repair is a troublesome business that takes a lot of strength and nerves. The monetary aspect is also involved: materials for wall decoration, tools are expensive, the owners are always nervous, afraid to make the wrong choice. All this hassle is complemented by chaos in the apartment.

Everyone wants to finish the repair as soon as possible. To do this, you have to work on weekends and holidays. There is a conflict of interest: the neighbors have other plans at this time.

Punch Work On Weekend

Since the layout of any apartment building involves a low degree of soundproofing of the premises, the noise from the construction work will interfere with the neighbors.

Important! If you have received complaints and requests to stop making noise at a certain time, you should compromise. Conflict is a losing option.
The neighbors may have small children who do not fall asleep to the noise and get scared. On holidays, the sounds of a punch and a hammer will upset guests, and will bring down a festive mood.

Situations differ, how to act, everyone decides for himself. In case of conflict situations, there is a set of laws providing for the permitted noise level at different times.

It is worth stopping the work if the neighbors ask you to do it at a certain time:

  • At night.
  • During the holidays.
  • On the weekend.
  • Early in the morning.

The neighbors are not to blame for the fact that the finishing work of your apartment is being actively promoted, and in your eyes it is full of excitement and determination to finish everything right today.

Enter their position, if you were in their place, the situation would have caused you the same inconvenience. Living in a renovated apartment will take a long time, it is better to be friends with neighbors.

What if the neighbors make noise during the repair process and how to achieve silence at the scheduled hours

The arbitrariness on the part of people living through the wall is an unfortunate situation. Repairing your neighbors can poison your life for a long time.

The situation requires a delicate attitude. First of all, you should talk with a neighbor, try to resolve the situation in a peaceful way.

Remember the main motto of all Chinese martial arts: the main victory is not to defeat the enemy, but to turn him into a friend.

If you have long endured a noise, and now the boiling point has reached its peak, do not rush to go into conflict.

Repair is a difficult and unpleasant process, and life in an apartment building requires compliance with some hostel rules.

Think about it, is the noise really bothering you? Can the situation be corrected by music, or by television? It’s not a matter of neighbors’ noise at all, but the fact that you have accumulated stress and are trying to throw out emotions.

Do not make decisions through the prism of emotions. But if the situation deprives comfort, sleep, and nerve cells, drastic measures should be taken.

What to do if the neighbors make noise at the wrong time:

  1. Ask to stop the noise. Do it politely, in the form of a friendly request. Such an approach will succeed in 50% of cases.
  2. If there is a refusal, explain that the situation forces you to turn to a servant of the law.
  3. If you are again refused, return to the apartment and wait half an hour. A neighbor may refuse you, but stop the noise, afraid of punishment.
  4. Is the noise going on? Call the precinct. You did everything you could.

There are cases when noise at the wrong time is allowed by law. The mother of a small child who cries at night will not be fined for exceeding the noise level.

It is allowed to carry out repair and rescue operations when an emergency threatens the lives of citizens, damages property, and damages state property.

In other cases, at night, on weekends and holidays, silence should be observed.

Important! The normal level of noise in the room is a conversation in a calm tone. Stick to this line, including music and TV.

Penalties for failure to comply with the law

The law of different regions provides for punishment for exceeding the noise level at the wrong time in the form of a fine from 500 to 3000 rubles. The exact amount of the fine can be found at the place of residence.

Important! If you plan to repair, try to warn the neighbors in advance that you will soon be noisy.
Explain that if the noise is inconvenient, they can safely knock on your door, and you will stop working before the scheduled hour.
It is better to be friends with neighbors, in a difficult situation they will help. And quarrels will only complicate life, take away nerves and health.

If repairs occur outside the wall and you are afraid that your arrival will provoke a conflict: use the advice of a psychologist.

How to ask a neighbor to stop making noise and not get a refusal:

  • Smile Noise is not the end of the world.
  • In a friendly tone, greet the neighbor, introduce yourself.
  • Ask to carry out the work a little quieter, explain what exactly the sound interferes with.
  • The request implies a friendly tone. Ask as if you are asking for help from your superiors. A person should not feel aggression on your part.
  • Well, if at the end of the day you come to a neighbor with a cake or a drink. This will help you find a common language. During the repair, people are not ready to cook, please them. Then it will be easier for you to turn to them for help.
  • Treat with understanding, do not take rudeness at your own expense, do not enter into conflict.

Remember: all people are different. If you can’t find a common language with your neighbor, just follow the rules of decency, speak respectfully.

For abuse and insults, fines are also provided. Friendliness and kindness are the keys to getting out of any such situation.