Rating 5 Best Household And Professional Lawn Mowers

Rating 5 Best Household And Professional Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowing. A thing necessary for both gardeners and gardeners, as well as for residents of private homes. Choosing a really good tool is not an easy task, because today lawn mowers are widely marketed, both domestic and professional. Consider the best of them.

Lawn mowing device

Each braid consists of the main elements:

  • Engine;
  • Barbell;
  • Gearbox;
  • Cutting elements;
  • A casing;
  • Lever.

Types of Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowers are divided into domestic and professional. Let’s talk about each species separately.


Household lawn mowers are more compact in size. But they are not suitable for very long loads and are used for small areas. Their power, basically, is not more than 2 horsepower.

Household braids are equipped with a trimmer nozzle and steel knives. They differ in the type of shaft. Flexible or straight. Such braids are equipped with either a curved or split bar. Split bar tools are lighter in weight, simple and easy to handle.


Such lawn mowers have great performance, they work without problems for a long time. They also have high build quality and improved housing ergonomics. These devices are suitable for high loads, so they are mainly used in agriculture, in the communal sphere.

Such lawn mowers are equipped with a non-folding bar, it has a shaft inside it. A drive of the cutting element, because of this professional braids of rather overall dimensions. But such a design isolates the main elements of the braid from dust, debris, dirt, prolonging the duration of its work.

The main criteria for choosing a lawn mower

When buying a braid, you should consider the main points that are important for choosing a really good tool.

Weight of a manual lawn-mowers and features of its engine

The average weight of the lawn mowers is from 4 to 8 kg. By the way, power affects its weight. A more powerful tool will be heavier. That is, the braid of average power weighs about 6.5-7 kg.

Many lawn mowers have two-stroke engines. But today, braids with a four-stroke engine began to appear more and more often. It is more reliable and creates less noise, however, such a device is heavier and more expensive.

Lawn mowers power

Power is determined in watts or horsepower (1 kW = 1.36 horsepower).

For a small lawn with grass, 0.8-0.9 kW will be enough, but for large areas with thickets of weeds, a device of 1.2 kW is needed.

Selection of a cutting element for lawn mowers

In lawn mowers there are various cutting elements. Knives, disks, fishing line.

Fishing line is produced in different diameters (most often. From 2 to 3 mm), it is good for herbs. The knife can be metal or plastic, in addition, it can have several cutting surfaces. They remove hard grass, weeds, shrubs. For areas with dense complex vegetation, it is advised to take lawn mowers with metal discs (preferably with 3 or 4 blades and a large number of teeth).

Many reel units are hooked on both a bobbin with fishing line and knives. When buying a braid, consider this point. Cutting element for lawn mowing. Knife Cutting element for lawn mowing. Disk Cutting element for lawn mowing. Fishing line

The choice of design according to the shape of the rod

For small lawns, the most suitable option is lawn mowers with a direct barbell.

But with a curved one it will be better to process hard-to-reach areas. Between trees, under benches, etc.

How to choose a design with a comfortable handle

The handles of the lawn mowers are D, T / U and J-shaped. The first is good for working at the same level and with a small scope of mowing, the second is suitable for a wide range and on different planes. The J-shape is considered the safest, because when cutting the lawn, you are at a fairly large distance from the cutting object. In addition, this design easily copes with tall grass. D-shaped handle for lawn mowers T-handle for lawn mowers J-handle for lawn mowers

Additional equipment

In addition to a special belt, which helps to distribute the weight of the tool throughout the body, such braids have another additional equipment.

For example, it is very important that the braid be equipped with an anti-vibration system, since prolonged use of a vibrating tool adversely affects human joints.

By the way, there are models where instead of a belt there is a satchel with a belt. This type of unloading is considered the most optimal, since with it the back gets tired less, and the level of vibration decreases.

Some models also come with glasses.

5 best lawn mowers

Now let’s move on to our ranking of the top five domestic lawn mowers.

Echo GT-22GES

This household scythe is an entry-level, but it is suitable for almost all needs for the care of a summer cottage. Its engine power will provide constant mowing of the lawn and weeds, and its curved rod and D-shaped handle are perfect for an area with a difficult terrain. It is light and consumes little fuel, but there is no knife in the kit. User reviews of the benefits of the Echo GT-22GES

The lawn mowing kit included all accessories: a protective cover, a handle, fasteners, oil, a mowing head with a fishing line and a three-blade knife (the latter made me very happy).

After the purchase, I conducted the first tests. I must say that the work is lawn mowing. It’s a pleasure, both in terms of convenience (adjustable control knobs can be adjusted for yourself), and in terms of operation. The tool does its job “with a bang”(where it can’t do it. The knife copes), the engine is economical, easy to start (there is a smooth start), reliable.

The only minus of the Echo SRM 22 GES, in my opinion, is the non-separable bar. This is the loss of additional adjustment and the difficulty of repair, if, nevertheless, the tool breaks.

But, in general, lawn mowing. Excellent, copes with its tasks one hundred percent.

Patriot PT 3355

This lawn mower is light but powerful. It has 1.8 horsepower. Her strength is uneven territory, ravines, pits. It is equipped with a 2.4 mm fishing line and a metal knife. It has a folding bar, an adjustable handle, which helps to adjust the tool for yourself, and a belt for uniform unloading. But its main disadvantage is strong vibration. Reviews from the network about the advantages of the lawn mowers Patriot PT 3355

As a result, I came to certain points that should be satisfied. 1) The trimmer must be gasoline. Ideally, you should also have a second electric one, but the first one should definitely be gasoline 2) There should be an ergonomic fastening on the straps like a backpack, and not just over your shoulder. 3) The shaft must be straight and collapsible. 4) Handles with a cycling grip 5) Power from 1.6 horses, so that the trimmer does not go into the grass. 6) Price up to 9,000 tons

All of the above is in this trimmer. The only thing is that he still gets stuck in the thick grass. There is also an automatic mowing mode at half power without constantly pressing the gas. But the speed is not enough. So, for a young grass will do.

A tank is enough for me to hectare for 6-8 aggressive grasses (young shoots of hogweed, some other grass with a thick stem, if you run it). If you mow every weekend or weekend and work out the tactics, then I had enough tank for 12 acres of young grass

Centaur MK-5236TK

This lawn mowing is suitable for mowing thick and tall grass, bushes, large thickets of weeds, young trees. She has a two-stroke engine. Power. 3.6 horsepower. The volume of the tank is 1.2 liters. There is an air cooling system, which is good for long-term use. A belt in the form of a satchel will correctly distribute the load on a person and reduce fatigue.

The kit includes a spool with fishing line, a knife, a container for mixing fuel and oil, a bag and a set of tools. Additionally, there is a knife with 40 teeth, glasses and a special vest.

Iron Angel BC 35 M

This braid has a powerful two-stroke engine. 3.5 horsepower. With its help, you can mow the lawn without any problems, clean the area of ​​weeds, cut tall grass, thin out the bushes, in addition, it can cut the shoots of young trees. The volume of the tank is 0.95 liters. There is a cooling system that will provide protection against overheating.

Comfort at work will add a direct bar with an adjustable handle, a shoulder strap, automatic adjustment of the length of the fishing line.

Al-KO FRS 4125

Good budget option. This lawn mower can be used to collect hay, against weeds, young shoots, for processing spacious lawns. The cutting element is easily installed and securely fixed. The engine has an electronic ignition system with quick start and decompression device, which increases its life. Anti-vibration system available. User reviews on the advantages of lawn mowers AL-KO FRS 4125

5 best professional lawn mowers

The next top consists of the best professional lawn mowers.

Stihl FS 450-L

Powerful lawn mowing, which is suitable for the liberation of large areas from shrubs and young trees, it has a three-blade metal knife. The kit includes a satchel with a belt, a protective casing, glasses, a handle with a control system. The tool is equipped with an ElastoStart starter, an easy-start system with a decompression valve, a compensator in the carburetor.

Echo srm-330es

Suitable for complex lengthy work, has a three-point shoulder strap, vibration isolator, comfortable handle. The chrome-plated electrolytic coating of the cylinder walls indicates the reliability and durability of the engine, and a fine air filter protects it from particles of earth, grass, etc. The device will overcome even small trees and bushes. It just starts and has a small fuel consumption, but its price is rather big.

Husqvarna 323r

With a small weight (4.5 kg) it surpasses other lawn mowers of this series in power. If you take care of it, it will serve you for a long time, and with a reasonable dosage of fuel its consumption will be quite economical. When buying a braid, keep in mind. In some cases, the kit may not include protection for the face, as well as glasses, headphones or a saw blade. You can install a brush cutter / delimber on this scythe. But still, at such a high cost, the equipment is rather poor.

Video: overview of the Husqvarna 323R lawn mowers, how to mow with a trimmer

Hitachi CG40EY-T

One of the most suitable tools for difficult landscapes. The lawn mower is equipped with an adjustable handle, anti-vibration system, and a satchel belt. She mow grass in areas with different terrain and in any volumes. The complete set has a powerful engine (1.8 horsepower), a three-blade knife, a liter tank. Cons. Considerable weight, “gluttony”. Reviews from the Internet about the advantages of Hitachi CG40EY-T lawn mowers

They didn’t think for a long time. Need a trimmer. Good power. Choose Hitachi. And did not fail!

The primary swath of the 15 hectare site took 2 days. Mowed for 2 hours, then a break. Tired not a scythe. I was tired. On the first pass, of course, I installed not a fishing line, but a knife. Well what to say. Grass. To dust. Bush. Into chips. Birches with a stem diameter of 5-7 cm. Under the root! Mole heaps, bumps and small anthills. Apart! Really powerful tool.

Petrol. 92, mixed with oil for two-stroke engines according to the instructions (I bought the oil with the scythe.). If the weeds are powerful and you need to mow at full capacity, then the tank ends quickly, you often need to refuel. And if you need to trim the lawn grass and there is a trimmer head with fishing line. One refueling is enough.

Scythe is heavy! The kit includes a belt, and a vest, and glasses. I mow very comfortable. But I don’t trust my wife. The back will crack.

Husqvarna 143r-ii

Perfect for working in harsh conditions. It has great power and reliable engine protection. The braid is quite durable, can withstand continuous loads. It is used for spacious lawns, limited areas, in places with difficult terrain. It is possible to install additional equipment. Good against hard weeds, young shoots, shrubs. The main disadvantages are considerable weight, strong vibration.