Repair Electricians Electric Trimmer Huter 1500 C

Repair Electricians Electric Trimmer Huter 1500 C

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Electric trimmers (electric braids) in Almaty

In hard-to-reach places where it is difficult for wheeled lawnmowers to move, trimmers are used: in small meadows and lawns with a difficult landscape, in gardens around trees, shrubs, near fences and hedges, etc.

The width of the lawn per pass is 26 cm. Weight is 1.8 kg. The trimmer has a D-shaped handle. Brand. German, production. Chinese. The best low-cost trimmer to complement a regular lawn mower: I cut the edges of lawns around trees and shrubs. For my height, the handle is only a little short. An electric trimmer with a power of W in one pass will cover a strip of lawn 20 cm wide.

The device with a prefabricated direct bar has, for convenience, a main and an additional handle. The cutting element is a nylon fishing line with a diameter of 1.3 mm. Max extension cable length 10 A. 75 m, cable is optional. The birthplace of the brand is Germany. Lightweight, comfortable electric trimmer with durable plastic, although the width of the treatment is small, but is great when mowing grass near the fence and in the aisle. The best multifunctional electric trimmers with fishing line and knife.

The powerful W trimmer will do well even with wet grass of varying stiffness on uneven lawns, flower beds, paths, with the cutting of thin branches of shrubs, small shoots. The device is intended for small and medium-sized cultivated areas up to 10 thousand

Combined cutting tool. Head with 1.6 mm fishing line; various sections or three-blade knife f mm are possible. During operation, the length of the fishing line can be increased by pressing the mowing head to the ground.

The W electric trimmer is suitable for mowing soft and hard elastic stems. The cutting tool is a fishing line, 4 mm thick or a knife with a diameter of 23 cm. The double-edged cutting knife can be turned over on the other side, it cannot be sharpened. The handle is J-shaped, the additional handle is set to the desired height depending on the height of the operator.

The rather significant weight of the instrument. 6.7 kg. Makes it a non-feminine option. Permissible extension length. M with a wire cross section of 4 mm. 1 year warranty. Brand country. Usa. Manufacturer. China. I bought an electric scythe for gardening. Tight power button: finger gets tired. The standard belt quickly worn out, I use an old car belt with carabiners from the bag. Otherwise, everything is OK, I’m fine, though it’s impossible.

The best cordless trimmers. The width of the mowed strip per pass is 26 cm. Charging time is 0, 5 hours, depending on the charger in the kit. The service life declared by the manufacturer is 7 years, the warranty is 2 years. A good, but not very powerful trimmer, suitable only for a small amount of work: trimming grass on lawns and flower beds, for mowing fences, trees, around shrubs.

Tall grass should be cut in steps. A popular cordless brush trimmer. Combined trimmer cutting tool. A fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm for grass and a knife-brush cutter in the form of a disk. The cutting line extends each time the tool is turned on, as well as with a light impact with the mowing head on the ground. It is possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the cutting head. A lithium-ion battery type is used for power.

It is rational to have two batteries and one charger. The homeland of the brand is the USA, production is China. The trimmer is good, versatile, and cuts grass and small bushes. Without an electric cable, of course, it’s more convenient. The handle is ergonomic, vibration on the arm is transmitted moderately.

Battery charge. 1.5 hours. The curved rod, according to the manufacturer, provides additional convenience when using the tool. The weight of the device is 4 kg. Warranty. Up to 3 years from the manufacturer. The brand is Japanese, the production is Chinese. Good convenient electric braid, fits in the trunk of a hatchback.

Charging the battery at maximum speed is enough for minutes. This is not bad: we give our hands and instrument more rest. But, nevertheless, we bought a second battery, we charge it alternately. When working with a trimmer, you need to consider: The duration of the battery trimmer depends on the capacity and voltage of the supply battery. Of two batteries of the same capacity, the one with the higher voltage will last longer.

All household electric trimmers are designed to work in alternating mode: min operation. Min shutdown. The different cross-section of the mowing line — a triangle, a star, a circle, a square — is designed for different tasks: round. Universal, multifaceted. Better copes with thick stiff stems, in the form of an asterisk. For mowing a fresh lawn, it is less traumatic for plants, etc.

And in conclusion: Having chosen and bought an electric trimmer, do not forget to purchase eye protection with side shields, boots on non-slip soles, anti-vibration gloves for powerful units and protective headphones. In popularity, electric trimmers are not inferior to gasoline. They are easy to use, light in weight and quiet in operation. However, when buying, the question always arises of how to choose a good electric trimmer among the variety of offers, how they differ from each other, what kind of work they can handle.

For our review, we selected the best electric trimmers for the year, produced by trusted and reliable brands. Among the presented models, you can choose a simple tool for light work or a powerful and productive electric scythe that can cope with any tasks. A limited budget will not be an obstacle to the purchase of good equipment.

Top-7 of the best trimmers included 3 models that are characteristic: affordable price, reliable quality, maintainability, a proven brand. Over, buyers have a choice between powerful and productive or light and maneuverable versions. This category of garden tools is intended for domestic use in the country or in the adjacent territory. This fact should be considered when buying.

This is one of the best electric trimmers at a low price. Thanks to the powerful single-kilowatt engine and air cooling system, the tool can work for a long time without overheating.

The handle is collapsible, which greatly facilitates the transportation of electric braids, and a curved rod allows you to accurately cut grass around flower beds, trees, a fence or beds. The model is relatively light and maneuverable, equipped with protection against accidental start, equipped with a shoulder strap. The trimmer has earned popularity due to a competent combination of technical characteristics and ergonomics. Inexpensive and good electric trimmer. The powerful 1 kW engine is equipped with automatic protection against overheating. This protects the tool from overload.

The bar is straight, collapsible, if necessary, the device can be folded compactly and transported in the trunk of a car. The maximum diameter of the fishing line is 2.0. 2.4 mm, there is also a three-beam disc in the kit, with it even the shrubs or young and thin trees can handle the trimmer. The Bosch lightweight and manoeuvrable trimmer is designed for mowing small lawn grass and treating areas that the mower cannot handle. Around flower beds, walkways, fences, near buildings and greenhouses.

The balance of quality and value is a cross between domestic and professional categories. The electric trimmers of this group are characterized by options and layout comparable to the capabilities of professional models, but performance and power are slightly inferior to them. Tools can be used both for domestic purposes, processing large areas with complex terrain in the country or in the garden, and in industrial conditions, but only for auxiliary work.

Despite the fact that trimmers are produced by famous brands, their are quite acceptable. The tool is equipped with a safety clutch, the height of the handle is adjustable, and the top location of the engine will allow you to process areas with wet grass after rain. Due to the average power, the area of ​​use is predetermined, with a trimmer you can mow soft grass, lawns, not very dense thickets.

It is possible to mow even thicker weeds, but in a small volume, for example, near the fence, or at a slow pace.

Trimmer repair: how typical damage occurs

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Electric trimmer. An analogue of a lawn mowing machine, powered by a power supply network. These units are equipped with an electric motor with a power range from up to watts. Engine power directly depends on the possibility of using different cutting tools and accordingly affects the type of work that the tool will perform. Engine location. Trimmers are divided into two groups: with the lower engine and with the upper. Lower engine trimmers have a number of features and benefits. They are lighter both in weight and in control. Such a tool will become an indispensable tool in hard-to-reach places and in small areas. In their design there is no linkage gear between the engine and the cutting tool. This significantly reduces their cost and increases the reliability and durability.

Electric trimmers

Posted: Tools and Devices, Construction and Repair. Well-groomed and landscaped area of ​​a country house or cottage requires constant attention. The beauty of the site must be regularly monitored, fight against insidious weeds, maintain the accuracy of the lawn. A great help in this matter is provided by such an indispensable tool as a trimmer, with which gardening becomes much easier.

Electric trimmers in Yekaterinburg

Grass trimmers catalog

The Huter GGTSX trimmer belongs to the class of petrol trimmers optimally designed to work on lawns and gardens. The GGTSX model received a two-stroke engine, significantly expanding the capabilities of the device, that is, for example, not tying the lawn mowing to power sources, as is characteristic of electric trimmers. In this sense, the described model can also be used for processing large areas, since the main factors in this case will be: the presence of a sufficient amount of fuel and the optimal technical condition of the device. Therefore, the model can be used not only in cottages and suburban farms, but also in small farms. Ggtsx will perfectly cope with both mowing the grass and tidying up areas with a small shrub. The weight of the trimmer is 6 kg, which, given the presence of a detachable type rod, makes the transportation issue relatively simple, including in an ordinary passenger car. Advantages of the Huter GGTSX The presence of a gasoline two-stroke engine makes the device more autonomous than electric types of lawn mowers.

Different methods are used to control weeds, but one of the most effective is to mow the grass with a mower. Motorized devices are divided into gasoline and electric. By conducting a comparative analysis, the benefits are outweighed in gasoline trimmers. This technique will be discussed in the article. Before you decide on a particular model of trimmer, decide what purpose you will use it for.

Reviews Huter GGT-1900S

Rating of the best grass trimmers 2019. Gasoline and electric

Yes Choose another city. Company Products Support and service. Cart: 0 p. There is no more smell of exhaust gases and engine noise, because each of the trimmers of this model range is equipped with a high-performance electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. Power supply from the battery saves the user from having to pull the wire along, which, in turn, increases comfort and safety when working with the trimmer. The cutting element is a nylon fishing line that can easily cope with grass of any height.

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