Replacement Of Brushes Angle Grinder Bosch 125

What kind of lubricant to use for your Bosch angle grinder

Bosch ear repair will not be of high quality if you do not change the lubricant during its execution. For high-quality lubrication of the components of the Bosch angle grinder, it is recommended to use the lubricants offered by the tool manufacturer. But their high price makes us look for another way out, and there is.

Domestic manufacturers of lubricants have developed special lubricants for gearboxes and units of the angle grinder.

In terms of quality, they are in no way inferior to foreign lubricants, and are much cheaper. The only drawback is that our greases require more frequent changes.

Breakage prevention angle grinder

The service life of the grinder directly depends on the owner’s care for it. Each instrument needs good care, then it will work properly for a long time.

Any angle grinder will warm up during operation, but in order to postpone the repair of an angle grinder for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to some rules in work:

  • Do not overload the tool to avoid overheating and smoke.
  • Do not put pressure on him while working.
  • Timely clean and lubricate the necessary parts inside the case.
  • If malfunctions are noticeable, discontinue use and inspect for faults.
  • Replace wearing parts in a timely manner.
  • If the angle grinder emits smoke, stop working immediately and do not start again.
  • Do not use the tool when processing wood-type material.
  • Hold the angle grinder firmly during operation so as not to drop or damage.

Adhering to the listed simple recommendations and rules in working with a tool called an angle grinder, you can extend its life longer than provided for by the warranty period.

Angle grinders (angle grinder, angle grinder) under the German Bosch brand are of high quality, reliability and durability. The main competitive advantage of Bosch angle grinders lies in the wide use of innovative technologies in the manufacture of products.

But the German quality cannot resist the Russian negligence. Improper use of the tool, untimely replacement of grease, carbon brushes, bearings leads to failure of the tool.

In order to repair the Bosch angle grinder, you can go in two ways: give the angle grinder to a service center or repair the Bosch angle grinder with your own hands.

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The first option is more expensive and not always of high quality. The second option can be implemented only if the consumer has a great desire to figure everything out on his own.

Bosch angle grinder diagram will help you repair yourself.

Bosch angle grinders are conventionally divided into low-power up to 1000 W, and powerful ones over 1000 W are marked GWS 7-125, GWS 20-230 or others.


The first digit 20 or more indicates the power of the instrument is more than 1000 watts. The second number 230 certifies that this is the maximum diameter of the cutting wheel.

The first figure up to 20 indicates the power of the tool up to 1000 W, and the second about the maximum diameter of the cutting wheel up to 125 mm.

Tool required for repair

To repair a Bosch angle grinder, you cannot do without a tool. Let’s make a reservation right away, if you have a screwdriver, then this will significantly speed up the process of disassembling and assembling the tool.

But you can get by with a set of screwdrivers, preferably with a ratchet. You cannot do without an open-end wrench, which you will use to unscrew the nut that secures the leading helical gear.

How to repair Angle Grinder

It is better to have a special puller for dismantling the bearings.

Diagnostics of the electrical part can be carried out using a tester or a short-circuit test device.

It is especially useful in that it allows you to determine the malfunction of the rotor or stator without removing the assembly.

The Bosch angle grinder diagram will help you carry out the repair yourself, and this manual will help you to adequately cope with any problem.

Angle Grinder Restoration Bosch GWS 7-125

Rotor assembly

The assembly of the rotor consists in pressing the bearings onto it, installing the impeller. The lubricated bearings are pressed onto the shaft using a wooden adapter. The bearing near the manifold is covered with a rubber protection. This is the general algorithm for assembling the rotor shaft.

Select models of Bosch angle grinder have their own special features.

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angle grinder and its operation

An angle grinder is called an angle grinder (angle grinder). The name of the tool is due to the fact that it was produced by the “Eltos-Angle Grinder” plant in Plovdiv. It is designed to perform work on grinding or trimming hard material:

Performs well sharpening tools.

an angle grinder in our time is a very necessary tool, so almost everyone has.

There are grinding machines of different power: from 500 W to 2500, depending on the thickness of the wheel. from 115 mm to 230 mm. The most popular in the work is the 1.2 W angle grinder and the most used disc is 125 mm thick.

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Every year the choice for this construction power tool is becoming wider, but the operating rules hardly change. And even if you always adhere to them, sooner or later malfunctions arise in the mechanism that you can try to fix with your own hands, collecting everything you need to repair an angle grinder.

Design features of the Bosch angle grinder

The design feature of the Bosch angle grinder is presented in the application in the gearbox as a support bearing of the driven helical gear of the needle bearing.

Bosch angle grinders of low power, in which spur gears are installed in gearboxes, are provided with the installation of shims. This design allows the contact of the gears to be restored to work, reducing the thickness of the gasket. Helical gears at high tool speeds wear significantly less spur gears.

The working environment of an angle grinder is most often a dusty environment. Dust is the main hazard leading to power tool failure, love and angle grinder.

angle grinder “Interskol” angle grinder-125 / 1100E. Design features

Grinding and polishing work on concrete surfaces is often accompanied by abundant dust emissions, which is very undesirable for a power tool. Dust settling will negatively affect the life of any angle grinder. angle grinder “Interskol” angle grinder-125 / 1100E is assembled in such a way that dust generated during polishing / grinding does not penetrate into the mechanism. This is made possible by guiding the armature impeller, which sends air currents through the front of the gearbox.

In these angle grinders, the gears are fastened with a key connection, they are pressed onto the spindle shaft. The whole mechanism of the angle grinder angle grinder-125 / 1100E is assembled in one body, in the back of which there is a comfortable handle. This angle grinder is a very handy and powerful machine for professional use. Two-handed design (main handle is optional) provides comfort and convenience when operating this power tool.

What is this tool?

Angle grinder “Interskol” angle grinder-125 / 1100E is an electronic device. In everyday life, it is often called an angle grinder and is used to work with iron, stone, concrete and other materials. “Interskol” angle grinder-125 / 1100E. angle grinder using attachments with a diameter of 125 mm, a power of 1100 watts. It is a product of the Russian company Interskol. Working with an angle grinder is not limited to cutting. This electrical device can also be used to grind and polish the surfaces of products. Wide versatility in use is possible due to the design features and technical capabilities of the angle grinder.

How to securely hold the angle grinder?

Comfort during operation is provided by special handles. holders. Each angle grinder is equipped with them. “Interskol” angle grinder-125 / 1100E has one more handle, an additional one. Despite the fact that this electric device is compact in size, allowing it to be held with one hand, an additional handle is included in the kit and is indispensable for work related to cutting metal.

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How to fix?

First, you need to disassemble the angle grinder and remove the faulty stator from the case. You can also check its performance without removing it from the case.

But such a procedure is possible only in a specialized workshop. At home, for such a check, you can use a special control device for short-circuited loops IK-2. It is designed to detect breaks or short circuits in the stator windings, which does not need to be removed from the housing for this. The burnt stator needs a new rewind or replacement.

Technical indicators

  • The power consumed by the power tool is 1100 W.
  • Voltage. 220 V / 50 Hz. Power comes from the electrical network.
  • RPM. from 3000 to 10,000 per minute.
  • Weight is 2.2 kg.
  • The power tool is designed for a circle with a diameter of 125 mm.
  • Main handle. three-position.
  • Smooth start.
  • There is a function of adjusting the frequency of rotation.
  • Fixed spindle available.

When selling Interskol, the angle grinder-125 / 1100E is completed with:

  • additional handle;
  • a set of gaskets;
  • special key for installing discs and attachments.

How to rewind the stator?

If it is not possible to purchase a new stator, then you can fix the old one by carrying out repair measures, which consist in covering the stator with a new winding.

  • from one end you need to cut the old winding;
  • count the turns and determine in which direction the winding was made;
  • measure the diameter of the wire;
  • calculate the percentage of filling the core slots;
  • after removing the damaged winding, it is necessary to check the insulation and clean the grooves, wind the required number of turns;
  • put an insulating wire on the ends of the windings;
  • solder the ends of the windings.

When implementing the stator winding, it is important to impregnate the new windings using alternating current. After impregnation, traces of impregnation are necessarily cleaned, both inside the stator and outside, on its housing. During operation, it is necessary from time to time to check whether the rotor moves freely inside the stator.

In the household and in industrial production, it is often necessary to cut and grind metal, stone or other hard materials. Very effective for these purposes is such a power tool as an angle grinder “Interskol” angle grinder-125 / 1100E.