Replacement Oil Pump Saws Stihl 271

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Stihl MS 271 chainsaw (R bus 40 cm, 26 RS chain, power 3.5 HP)

Reliable universal 2.6 kW chainsaw. Fuel consumption is lower by 20%, and the level of emissions of harmful exhaust gases. 50% compared to STIHL two-stroke engines of the same power, but without 2-MIX technology. Long-life air filter with pre-treatment system. Professional anti-vibration system. Conforms to EU II toxicity standards. A practical, versatile tool for farmers, landscape designers, builders and carpenters.

Replacement Oil Pump Saws Stihl 271

Technical details

Displacement cm³

Specific weight kg / kW

Sound Pressure Level dB (A) 2)

Sound power level dB (A) 2)

Vibration level left / right m / s² 3)

Oil tank volume cm³

1) without fuel, without guide bar and saw chain2) K-factor according to RL 2006/42 / EC = 2.5 dB (A)3) K-coefficient according to RL 2006/42 / EC = 2 m / s²

Standard equipment

Precleaned air filter

The intake air with a flywheel moves in a circular path. Due to centrifugal force, larger and heavier particles of dirt are removed to the outside and, in addition, upwards, through the lifting ramp. As a result, air containing no particles enters the air filter through the pre-separation channel.

Carburetor preheater

Stihl chainsaws with a heated carburetor can be relied on even in winter. In winter mode, the carburetor is blown with heated intake air, which prevents icing. Switching from summer to winter is done with a single movement of the hand.

Quickstop brake for instant chain stop

Quickstop chain brake. This is a protective mechanism when working with chainsaws. The chain brake is applied when you press the front palm rest and in a split second stops the saw chain. When the kickback is strong enough, the QuickStop chain brake is automatically applied.

Replacement Oil Pump Saws Stihl 271

Four Channel STIHL Technology

In four bypass channels, the working mixture swirls before ignition. As a result, fuel is optimally burned and engine efficiency is markedly increased. As a result, fuel consumption drops and torque increases over a wide rev range.

Anti-vibration system

Strong vibration in the area of ​​the arms can lead to chronic circulatory disorders in the hands. Therefore, STIHL has developed a highly efficient anti-vibration system (AC). For instruments with AC, engine vibration transmitted to the handles is markedly reduced.


Compensator STIHL. Regulator in carburetor. Provides almost constant engine power, exhaust quality and fuel consumption over time despite the increasing pollution of the air filter. Cleaning the air filter is only required if there is a noticeable drop in power. It becomes possible to work for a long time without maintenance.

Single lever control

Machine functions such as cold and hot start, operation and shutdown are controlled by a separate lever. This makes the operation particularly convenient and safe, as the right palm remains on the handle.

Side chain tensioner

Access to the tensioning screw is provided from the side through the chain sprocket cover. This prevents the hands from coming into contact with the sharp chain and the tips of the gear.

Ematic Chain Lubrication System

The STIHL Ematic system consists of an Ematic guide rail, an Oilomatic saw chain and a variable flow oil pump. The special design of the tire and chain makes every drop of oil get exactly where it is needed for lubrication. This reduces oil consumption by 50%.

Fuel tank with lid openable without auxiliary

Special patented caps for fuel and oil tanks. Tanks, if any, open and close easily, quickly and without tools.

Additional equipment

Durable air filtration system with filter

Stihl MS 261 captivates with its filter, whose service life is five times longer compared to the MS 260. It is equipped with the new HD2 air filter, which filters out the finest dust and is easy to clean. Round filter cartridges are replaced quickly without the aid of a tool. A radial seal minimizes the ingress of dirt into the carburetor.

Hd2 Filter

The newly developed HD2 filter with a polyethylene filter element has 70% smaller pores than non-woven and polyamide filters, which allows it to effectively filter out even the smallest dust. In addition, it has good oil and water repellency and is therefore very easy to clean. Replacing the filter cartridge with PET can be done without the help of a special tool. (example illustration)