Replacing Fishing Line In Stihl Fs 38 Trimmer

Universal motokosa Stihl fs 130 is in high demand among the rural population, which uses a motorized mower for harvesting hay, weeding gardens, mowing weeds and cutting excess branches from trees. The trimmer of this model is intended for professional care of parks, squares and other public places with a large crowd of people. The light weight of the trimmer, competent balance and a comfortable shoulder strap, makes working with a motorized scythe easy.


Replacing Fishing Line In Stihl Fs 38 Trimmer

Powerful and reliable trimmer is able to handle any area sites, cleaning them from unnecessary vegetation. The Stihl fs 130 professional petrol scraper is equipped with a folding bar and two height-adjustable handles. Below are more detailed product specifications:

  • The power of a four-stroke engine is 1.9 horsepower. The working volume is 36.3 cm³.
  • The shaft rotation speed is 9000 rpm.
  • Knife mowing width. 230 mm.
  • Lightweight engine starting system.
  • A flexible shaft is used as a drive.
  • Anti-vibration system.
  • The fuel tank holds 530 grams of gasoline.
  • Weight. 5.9 kg.

The representative of the most powerful class

Universal motokosa Stihl fs 130 is a bright representative of the class of the most powerful trimmers of this brand. The product is equipped with a unique 4-MIX STIHL engine, in the production of which innovative technologies are involved. Due to this, the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is within the normal range. Significant fuel economy is noticeable. An important feature is the simplified replacement of worn parts. The Stihl fs 130 professional trimmer can install any cutting element.

Features of Stihl fs 130 petrol scythes:

  • Double shoulder strap. Long-lasting work is facilitated by soft pads.
  • Multifunctional grip. The engine control unit and keys are integrated into the handle, which greatly facilitates the work with the trimmer.
  • Decompression system. Automatic. It is designed to increase the duration of valve opening during engine start-up.
  • Engine 4-MIX STIHL. It combines the advantages of a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. He does not need to change the oil, and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is reduced to a minimum. Significantly increased torque.
  • The STIHL anti-vibration system is designed to care for crop plants. Rubber stops reduce the vibration created by the engine, as well as rotating cutting elements. Thanks to this system, the vibration on the handles is not reflected, and the work becomes tireless.
  • Ergonomic handles provide easy trimmer movement, and are adjustable with a single screw.

To quickly start the engine, manual pumping of gasoline into the carburetor is provided. This function eliminates starting jerks and starts the motor the first time. Pumping fuel into the carburetor is carried out with a few clicks of a finger on a special device.

Specifications Motokosa Stihl FS 130:

  • Displacement: 36.3 cm³
  • Power 1.4 kW / 1.9 HP
  • Tank volume: 0.53 liters
  • Number of revolutions: 8500 rpm.
  • Sound volume level, with a plastic knife: 108 dB
  • Sound pressure level, with a plastic knife: 95 dB
  • Vibration level left / right with a plastic knife: 4.5 / 3.7 m / s²
  • Volume level with a metal knife: 108 dB
  • Sound pressure level, with a metal knife: 94 dB
  • Vibration level left / right with a metal knife: 4.4 / 3.9 m / s²
  • Total length: 180 cm
  • Cutting Diameter: 420 mm
  • Mowing set: grass knife, Ø230 mm, 2 blades
  • Weight without fuel, mower headset and protection: 5.9 kg

Spit petrol Stihl FS 130

Warranty. 12 months.

Features Petrol Spit Stihl FS 130:

The very powerful Stihl FS 130 petrol scythe is equipped with the 1.4 kW patented STIHL 4-MIX engine. Two-handed handle with convenient adjustment for more comfortable work in large areas.

Spit is intended for professional use and quick and efficient harvesting of hay, mowing shrubs, reeds, nettles, wild bushes and young animals.

Combines the benefits of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Less exhaust gas, does not require periodic oil changes, has a quiet sound. Excellent traction and more torque.

Using a manual fuel pump, you can manually pump fuel into the carburetor at the touch of a finger. This reduces the number of starting movements after a long break in operation.

The decompression system increases the duration of valve opening during engine start-up. It automatically reduces the stress on the cable.

The STIHL anti-vibration system reduces vibration on the braid handles, thereby ensuring comfortable operation. All petrol scythe STIHL are equipped with anti-vibration system: 1 point on spits low power and 4-point on professional trimmers, starting with the STIHL FS 400 model.

All engine controls are integrated into one handle and are at hand. This provides convenient and safe scythe management.

A special lamb screw allows you to quickly and without using any tools to adjust the convenient position of the scythe handle. During transport or for compact storage, the handle can be rotated 90 °.

During mowing, the two-handed grip makes your movements anatomically natural and always the best choice when it comes to large mowing volumes.

When using the oblique, the use of the safety glasses included in the delivery is recommended. They are well ventilated and have wide lateral protection.

A fully sealed electronic ignition system ensures reliable starting and uninterrupted engine operation. High ignition voltage provides reliable spark formation and long burning time. This improves fuel combustion and reduces harmful emissions.

A high quality backpack belt with soft linings in the shoulder area contributes to a more comfortable wearing of the braid, which is especially felt during operation.

Trimmer STIHL FS 130. A worthy representative of its class of garden tools

At the moment, brand products can be found in 160 countries. The enterprise belongs to the family type, therefore the heirs of the creator of the brand are engaged in the development of technical features. They rely on customer focus, improving existing products and creating new ones based on the wishes and needs of people.

Trimmer STIHL FS 130. Vivid proof of the thoughtfulness of brand products

Motokosa STIHL FS 130 has a special handle that can be adjusted in height and location. Soft shoulder straps make it easy to control your garden tool, despite its relative overall dimensions.

Even a novice gardener will cope with the installation of all parts of the unit. It is worth noting that the set includes knives that perfectly clean wild-growing grass and shrubs. The trimmer head will be an ideal assistant if there is a need to cut tall grass.


  • Power: 1400 W;
  • Displacement: 36.3 cm3;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.53 L;
  • Rod Type: straight;
  • Net weight: 5.9 kg.

Over, practical tests demonstrate that with the correct installation of well-sharpened knives, the cutting element can perfectly cut even the roots of trees whose thickness does not exceed 8 cm. The shape of the blades should be changed depending on the type of processed plants.

As for the engine, manufacturers installed a four-stroke 4-MIX engine in the STIHL FS 130 trimmer. It works on a mixture of oil and fuel and during the cutting process produces a minimum amount of annoying sounds.

The tool is equipped with a special pump for manual pumping of fuel, which in different situations can be very useful. It should be noted and considerable environmental friendliness of the device, because the number of harmful emissions is reduced to a minimum.

The handle is not only very convenient, but also practical, because all the controls are competently grouped on it. Over, the specified object can be advantageously folded for compact storage.

It should be understood that while working with the Stihl FS 130 motocosa, it is necessary to monitor the safety of others and not to lose vigilance, since the casing protects only the operator, and the cutting tool can recline garbage and stones at a fairly decent distance.