Replacing the Gas Trigger of a Chinese Chainsaw

A chainsaw may be needed in a private home, during construction or major repairs. You can’t do without it in the preparation of firewood for your fireplace, as well as chopping branches and felling. However, before making a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of certain brands of chainsaws in order to eventually get the tool that will be reliable and will last quite a long time without requiring repair. Sturm chainsaws, for example, are today one of the most popular. About them and will be discussed below.

Description of chainsaw brand GC99522B

Replacing the Gas Trigger of a Chinese Chainsaw

This model costs 6,600 rubles, it has a low level of vibration and can be used during construction work, pruning trees in the country or in the garden, as well as for cutting branches. The tool works due to a gasoline two-stroke engine, the power of which is high enough to cope with all the tasks assigned to the equipment.

The fuel priming pump can facilitate starting, because this issue excites not only home masters, but also professionals. An important advantage is the automatic lubrication of the chain.

Model Specifications

Considering the Sturm chainsaws, you should pay attention to several key factors that usually affect the choice of a particular model. For example, professionals are interested in power, fuel tank capacity, as well as noise level. The first characteristic can be measured in horsepower or in kilowatts. In the first case, this parameter is four, while in the second it is 2.9, respectively. If you are interested in a fuel tank, then you should know its capacity. In this model, it is 0.55 liters.

The device will work emitting noise at a level of 114 dB. The tire length may also be of interest to you; it is 45 cm or 18 inches. The engine capacity is 52 cm 3, the oil tank volume is 0.26 liters. This semi-professional Sturm chainsaw, the price of which is reasonably reasonable for the consumer, weighs 6.75 kg. With its help, you can make grooves within 1.5 mm. The chain pitch is 3/8 inch and the number of links is 72.

Consumer reviews about the model

The chainsaw described above has, according to customers, many advantages, namely:

  • A primer;
  • Instant chain brake;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Quick access to the air filter.

Consumers especially note that it is comfortable for them when the chain is lubricated automatically, and there is also a gear stop. The latter fact ensures the preservation of reliable fixation at the time of sawing. Among other things, you can not be afraid that the saw will be dangerous for you, because the manufacturer has provided for protection against accidental trigger pull of the gas. Safety is also provided by an instant chain brake.

User’s manual

Sturm chainsaws, the operating instructions of which are supplied in the kit, should be used taking into account safety measures. This also applies to the model described above, which must be launched only when you are convinced that the workplace cannot cause injuries. To do this, remove all unnecessary items, as well as get rid of dust and debris. Do not use gasoline tools in rooms that are explosive. Flammable and flammable liquids, dust and gases may be present in the room. Such conditions can pose a danger to humans, because the tool creates sparks, leading to fire.

Model Description GC9937B

When choosing a Sturm chainsaw, consumers quite often pay attention to the model that was mentioned in the subtitle. This is due to its low cost, the price is 6800 rubles., As well as many advantages, including safety and reliability.

This tool is designed for sawing wood in a domestic environment. The saw has an anti-vibration system that guarantees more comfortable and accurate operation. In order to make a cold start as simple as possible, the tool is equipped with a primer. The long life of the motor and its reliability are ensured by the chromed cylinder of the engine.


Sturm chainsaws in the modern market have established themselves as tools that are distinguished by outstanding technical characteristics and low cost. For example, you should pay attention to power. In horsepower this value is 2.45, while in kilowatts it is 1.8.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.31 l, the equipment weighs only 4.2 kg. This semi-professional model has a 0.21 liter oil tank. The engine has a volume of 37.2 cm 3. You may also be interested in the parameters of the tire, its length is 40 cm, but in inches this value is 16.

Model reviews

Safety, for example, is expressed in the chain brake, which is activated by a guard located at the front handle. According to customers, one cannot but mention reliability. The equipment is equipped with a chain with a low level of vibration and a reliable tire, the return is reduced, but the performance is at an altitude.

Chainsaw Repair: Fuel Supply System

Repair of the Sturm chainsaw may be necessary in some cases. Sometimes the fuel filter is dirty. To fix the problem, remove the fuel hose and check how the fuel flows. If the jet is quite weak, then this may indicate the need to clean the filter. It should be removed through the opening of the tank and cleaned, and if the contamination is excessive, it is necessary to replace the unit with a new one. As a preventive measure, you can change the fuel filter once every three months.

Sometimes it happens that the breather, which is an opening in the lid of the tank, becomes clogged. The check must be carried out by disconnecting the hose, and if a blockage has been found, then it can be eliminated with a needle.

Design features and characteristics of Sturm chainsaws

Each Sturm chainsaw differs from most of its counterparts on the market by its high power and increased engine life. The country the manufacturer of this equipment is China, however, all the saws of this brand are distinguished by proper build quality and high resistance to loads.

Sturm GC99522B. Equipment and applications

The Storm chainsaw of this modification has earned popularity due to its high power, rich configuration and relatively low price. In practice, it shows a low level of vibration even when operating under high loads.

This model has been successfully used for gardening, logging for construction and domestic needs, as well as for lightening the forest. Among the technical characteristics of the tool stands out:

  • Engine displacement. 52.1 cm 3;
  • Power. 2900 W or 4 liters. From.;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 550 ml.;
  • The maximum noise threshold during operation is 108 dB;
  • The volume of the oil tank is 255 ml.;
  • Assembled weight. 7.1 kg.

A great advantage of the saw is the presence of a high-strength tire, 45 cm long, in the kit. It successfully copes with cutting large-diameter trunks. However, using the saw at height is not recommended due to its heavy weight.

The saw comes on sale in this configuration:

  • Chain and tire;
  • Protective plastic cover for the tire;
  • Screwdriver, combination wrench and 2 hex wrenches;
  • Measured tank for cooking fuel;
  • Gear emphasis;
  • User’s manual.

Complete with the tool there is everything necessary for effective work and timely maintenance of the tool. At the same time, the Sturm chainsaw of this model is much cheaper than many analogues in its class.

Saw Sturm GC999502. Distinctive features of the model

This Sturm chainsaw has gained fans almost all over the world due to ease of maintenance, reliability and high engine life. This tool belongs to the class of professional gardening equipment, and is used for felling large trees and sawing large volumes of wood for firewood.

Among the main characteristics of the model, it is necessary to highlight:

  • Engine displacement. 49.5 cm 3;
  • Engine power. 2900 W or 3.8 liters. From.;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 550 ml.;
  • The capacity of the tank for chain lubrication is 255 ml.;
  • The maximum noise level during operation. 105 dB;
  • Assembled weight. 8.8 kg.

A robust tire, 51 cm long, a chain, a cover, an instruction for repair and operation is included in the standard equipment of the tool. The cost of the model is relatively not high, which allows anyone who wants to get a powerful reliable tool to purchase it.

Sturm GC99468. Benefits and Performance

This Sturm household chainsaw does an excellent job with small amounts of work. The design of the tool is closed by a robust robust housing. The model is equipped with an anti-vibration system, a reliable inertial brake and an automatic oil supply system.

Among the main characteristics of the saw you need to highlight:

  • Engine displacement. 45.6 cm 3;
  • Power. 2500 W or 3.3 liters. From.;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 560 ml.;
  • The volume of the tank for chain lubrication is 250 ml.;
  • Noise level during the work. 105 dB;
  • Operating weight. 8.2 kg.

The model set includes a combination key, a tire, 45 cm long, a cover and a chain.

Model Sturm GC99452B. Pros and cons of a saw

This budget model is optimally suited for logging for construction, It is also successfully used for the maintenance of small gardens. The saw has an easy start system, it is easy to maintain and does not require frequent replacement of spare parts.

Among the most problematic parts of the tool, experts highlight the starter spring. It is made of thin wire and is poorly fixed in its seat, so with frequent strong jerks of the cable, the part just flies out. To prevent this from happening, the cable should be pulled with a short, not strong jerk along the passage of its free wheeling. Another drawback is the lack of an inertial brake. Instead, the saw is equipped with a chain device that does not always work on impact.

The technical characteristics of the model include:

  • Engine displacement. 45 cm 3;
  • Power saw. 3.25 liters. From. Or 2400 watts;
  • Noise level during the work. 110 dB;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 555 ml.;
  • The volume of the oil tank is 250 ml.;
  • Assembled weight. 7.2 kg.

In the standard model kit there is:

  • The tire, 45 cm long and a strong chain;
  • Protective plastic case;
  • File for sharpening the saw element;
  • Beaker;
  • Application guide;
  • Gear emphasis;
  • Wrenches for repair and hexagons for adjusting the carburetor.

Small dimensions allow you to use the tool in different areas of life. Person. In any situation, the saw will show high reliability and durability.

Sturm GC99376. Features and Applications

This saw with low power has established itself as a reliable assistant in everyday life. She successfully copes with the preparation of logs for heating.

It can be used to care for a small garden. Model specifications include:

  • Engine displacement. 37.1 cm 3;
  • Power. 1800 W or 2.3 liters. From.;
  • The volume of the oil tank is 205 ml.;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 315 ml.;
  • The maximum noise threshold at high speeds is 105 dB;
  • Ready weight. 6.7 kg.

Due to its light weight, the saw can be used for work at heights. The tool is equipped with an easy-start system, which allows you to start it directly on the tree.

Saw Sturm GC99374. Design features of the model

Another model that does not have high power. However, this Sturm chainsaw is notable for its reliability, long service life and simple construction.

An inertial brake and a system that suppresses engine vibration are included in the design of the saw.

The main characteristics of the model include:

  • Engine displacement. 37.3 cm 3;
  • Engine power. 2.4 liters. From. Or 1800 watts;
  • The rotation speed at idle is 2650 rpm;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 315 ml.;
  • The volume of the tank for small. 215 ml.;
  • Noise level. 105 dB;
  • Assembled weight. 6.55 kg.

The saw is equipped with a reliable tire, 35 cm long, a chain, a cover and an instruction manual.

Sturm GC99372B. Benefits and Applications

This saw is mainly used for domestic purposes. It is equipped with everything necessary for quick and safe operation. The tool design includes:

  • Automatic lubrication system of the saw element;
  • Starter launch facilitation system;
  • Instant inertial brake;
  • Comfortable, durable anti-slip grip.

All this, coupled with small dimensions, makes the 99372В model a reliable assistant that allows you to cut branches at the very top of trees.

Often, owners use this tool to harvest firewood for the winter or before construction. Key saw specifications include:

  • Engine cylinder volume. 37.3 cm 3;
  • Power. 1900 watts or 2.62 liters. From.;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 545 ml.;
  • The volume of the oil tank lubricating the chain is 265 ml.;
  • Noise level. 110 dB;
  • Ready-to-work weight is 7.3 kg.

The chainsaw is equipped with a durable steel tire, 40 cm long, a protective cover, a chain and an instruction manual.

Sturm GC9912. The pros and cons of the tool

This model is intended for regular maintenance of a small garden and sawing firewood for the winter. Among the advantages of the saw, it is necessary to highlight small dimensions, modest fuel consumption and reliability.

Model features include:

  • Engine capacity. 25.5 cm 3;
  • Saw power. 1200 W or 1.6 l. From.;
  • The volume of the oil tank is 180 ml.;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 235 ml.;
  • Noise level. 113 dB;
  • Assembled weight. 5.1 kg.

The tool has all the necessary elements for comfortable operation: an automatic fuel supply system, an inertial brake and an easy start of the motor.

Sturm Stein 372XP 20. Specifications and Benefits

Among the distinctive properties of this model, it is necessary to highlight the reliability of the design and high power. It is intended for regular maintenance of the garden, sawing thick logs for construction and storage, as well as for work to lighten the forest. Key features of the saw include:

  • Power. 5.2 liters. From. Or 3.7 kW;
  • Engine displacement. 70 cm 3;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 755 ml.;
  • The volume of the oil tank is 380 ml.;
  • Noise level during the work. 112 dB;
  • Assembled weight. 7.2 kg.

Due to the high power and reliability of the main components, this tool can work under high loads with virtually no interruptions.

Sturm Stein SS 109. Advantages and applications

This model copes well with large volumes of work on lightening the forest, harvesting wood for construction and regular maintenance of large gardens. The design of the saw is characterized by increased reliability, and the main components are hidden under strong protective pads.

Among the main characteristics it is necessary to highlight:

  • Engine displacement. 52 cm 3;
  • Saw power. 3.5 kW or 5 liters. From.;
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 545 ml.;
  • The volume of the tank for chain lubrication is 255 ml.;
  • The maximum noise threshold is 110 dB;
  • Assembled weight. 7.3 kg.

The saw is equipped with an adjustable oil pump and an automatic oil supply system. The starter flywheel is supplied with metal, rather than plastic, teeth, which significantly increases the life of the tool.

Sturm chainsaws: a review of the lineup

Sturm household appliances with full justification can claim the status of the most reliable and durable in operation products for various purposes. All of the above applies to the chainsaw assortment, which is represented on the world and European markets by a large number of models of amateur, farm and professional class.

The Sturm chain saw, popular in the private sector, in various versions and versions has proved to be the best for exploitation in regions with difficult weather and climatic conditions.

Structural and operational properties

Sturm chainsaws, economical in operation and easy to maintain, combine in their concept:

  • Affordable price level with perfect quality of production;
  • High performance;
  • Modern industrial design;
  • Work comfort and safety of sawing work of any difficulty level.

The production of the most popular models of the German brand Sturm is being successfully implemented at Chinese enterprises, which allows us to keep the range of selling for all models within the limits accessible to the mass user.

Production Features

The Chinese manufacturer uses high-quality and durable materials, modern equipment, high-precision assembly and installation technologies in its work.Measures aimed at improving the technical and operational characteristics of new developments are also being successfully implemented. In particular, increasing the efficiency and reliability of component systems and assemblies, extending the overhaul life of branded chainsaw equipment.

The company’s specialists were among the first to take advantage of wear-resistant chromium-nickel coatings, automatic lubrication systems for the saw set, new models of economical diaphragm carburetors.

Operational Benefits

The company catalog includes a wide selection of household and professional models that differ in application features, power of power units, level of technical equipment.

  • In any case, a compact mini-saw and a powerful professional-class tool produce a designated overhaul life with a large margin.
  • Owners are especially appreciated the maintainability of the Sturm chainsaws. Branded spare parts available at a cost allow you to independently restore the functionality of a failed tool with low material costs.
  • The owners living at a great distance from the service centers for the most part carry out maintenance of their tools and simple DIY repairs.

The top-selling popular Sturm chainsaw models deserve a separate review.

Sturm gc9912

The range opens with a light and compact chainsaw series GC9912. Product features are focused on small-scale sawing, gardening, firewood and home building.

Small, reliable and fairly productive Sturm chainsaw with a cylinder capacity of 25.4 cm3 and a power of 1.6 hp convenient in transportation. Therefore, it is often entered into the mandatory list of expeditionary, tourist and special equipment.

Despite the small displacement and budget cost, the saw is equipped with a quick start system and a full vibration damper. The length of the 12-inch saw set is enough for sawing wood with a diameter of up to 250 mm.

Sturm GC9937B

The tool is equipped with a two-stroke carburetor power unit with a volume of 37.2 cm3 and an output power of 2.4 hp Traction characteristics of the engine provide a full drive of a productive saw set 400 mm long.

The peculiarity of this model is in increased adaptation to low temperatures, the tool starts and works without problems in 30 degree frost.

Cold start problems are eliminated by the presence of a primer. Safety of complex sawing operations. The minimum response speed of the emergency chain stop mechanism.

The structural advantages of this model are the chrome-nickel coating of the cylinder mirror, the automated cooling and lubrication system of the headset, and the lowest vibration and noise pressure indicators.

Sturm GC99372B

The performance and extensive experience of the previous model became the basis for a more advanced version of the Sturm GC99372B Series saw.

In terms of increasing reliability, the loaded elements of the saw chain drive were reinforced, the manual starter was improved, the designers found reserves for increasing engine power to 2.6 hp. And weight reduction up to 5.6 kg.

The capacity of the filling tanks, respectively, 550 and 260 ml, is sufficient for autonomous operation of the saw for more than one hour.

Sturm GC99374

The semi-professional model in working parameters was created taking into account the requirements and wishes of users for further improvement of household chainsaws of the budget group.

The Sturm chain saw of the GC99374 series is, in a constructive way, a universal tool with a standard carburetor drive of 2.4 hp.The saw with wide operational functionality is focused on a wide range of voluminous and time-consuming work related to sawing wood of different density and purpose.

The saw can be used for felling and sawing of forest stands with a diameter of up to 300 mm. A compact 350 mm tire determines sufficient comfort for working in hard-to-reach places from different positions.

Sturm GC99452B

The model range of the increased power class is represented by the semi-professional chainsaw of the GC99452B series. A characteristic feature of the tool is a large reserve of torque of a power unit with a power of 3.26 hp, which allows you to perform most of the work at economical nominal speeds.

In the design features should be noted:

  • The presence of the oil pump adjustment of the headset lubrication system;
  • Comfortable operation of the vibration damper;
  • Minimum response time of the emergency stop mechanism;
  • Convenient access to the engine air intake filter.

Sturm GC99522B

The operational capabilities of the semi-professional model are expanded by increasing engine power to 4 hp. And installation of a productive 450 mm saw set. Among users, I saw a semi-professional class in good standing. Despite the increased cost, demand for this model has stabilized at a high level.

Carb adjustment

Performance-determining traction characteristics of chainsaws are highly dependent on the proper tuning of the fuel system.

Carburetor adjustment according to average data is made directly on the factory conveyor.

An additional correction of the composition of the air-gasoline emulsion is required:

  • With significant temperature differences;
  • Tool operation with increased loads;
  • After refueling the fuel system with gasoline with a different octane rating.

The system setup sequence is precisely indicated in the instruction manual. There are three screws on the carburetor, by rotating which the engine is brought to the optimum operating mode in terms of fuel consumption and traction parameters.

Adjusting the carburetor will be ineffective with clogged nozzles, the presence of water in the float chamber, or a loose fit of the shut-off valve.

Advantages and disadvantages

In a positive way, it is noted:

  • Smooth start and stop of saw sets;
  • Flawless operation of automated chain lubrication systems;
  • Interchangeability of standardized spare parts with the same branded models;
  • Time-saving maintenance;
  • The absence of winter launch problems typical of budget saws.

Relatively cheap and unpretentious Sturm GC9937B chainsaw was bought on the recommendation of the seller. The tool conscientiously worked for two and a half years, then at the height of work the piston jammed. It turned out that by chance they poured clean gas into the tank. It took two weeks to find the right part, but Bosch repair was three times cheaper. The machine is quite maintainable, with intensive use for uniform wear of the drive sprocket, it is advisable to periodically change the chain.Valera

The semi-powerful Sturm chainsaw has been serving faithfully for the fourth year. There is no instruction on the content, I draw useful information from the Internet. The device is decent in all respects, lightweight, comfortable, not noisy and economical in fuel consumption. I mastered the carburetor self-tuning on the second attempt, it turns out nothing complicated, the main thing is to withstand a certain sequence. For the entire past period, two chains were written off under a clean one, the spark plug and the leak at the outlet of the oil tank was eliminated.Roman Grigorievich