Reverse hammer for the spotter with his own hands

What type of power wire to use?

The power cable that connects the transformer and the gun must have a cross-section that is identical to or greater than that of the busbar. It is advised not to use a wire that is too long. Their maximum size should be 2.5 m.

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The core of the working cable that connects the gun and the transformer must be a thermally insulated patch cable. Every time this layer is heated, it will be subject to pulling.

Feature of the equipment

The spotter is a device that has changed all previous ideas about the principle of removing dents. Its application makes it possible to repair dents on the outer surface of the vehicle.

Using the equipment is a kind of machine for welding, which involves the possibility of working with a variety of metals.

The design of the device can have several different attachments, as well as modes of operation. Its working elements can be called:

The basis of the spotter is an inverter welding machine, like a microwave, which is capable of delivering two types of current:

According to the type of movement, the equipment can be of two types:

  • Compact. they are small, so they can be carried in the hand by using a convenient handle. These devices can be classified as non-professional;
  • Portable. this is professional equipment, for the movement of which a special stand with wheels is used.

On the front of the body is a panel, which is used to adjust and regulate the working process. Regardless of the model of the spotter the operator can set the desired level of power and current of the device. For this purpose, there is a toggle switch on the panel with the possible modes of operation indicated on it.

The welding process is the result of the electrical circuit being closed. The repairer fixes the mass on the vehicle’s bodywork surface. It is also necessary to remove the battery from the machine beforehand.

The gun is equipped with a trigger, which, when lowered, closes the electric circuit and thus the current is supplied.

The choice of nozzle that is inserted at the end of the gun depends on the type of operation being performed. The heating of the working surface and, after a short time, its melting. The area is small, but sufficient to be able to repair the existing defect. The surface is not overheated.

Functions and characteristics

A forced cooling system and thermostat turn the machine off when overheated and turn it on for the right temperature for welding.

The main technical characteristics that a homemade spotter from a welding machine should have are the following:

  • Mains voltage must be 220 volts;
  • AC mains frequency. 56. 60 Hz;
  • The maximum allowable power is 10 kW;
  • the maximum operating current. 1300A;
  • voltage for the secondary winding is 8. 9V;
  • Performance. 15%;
  • Traction condition for the needle. more than 100 kg;
  • Traction condition for the puck. 100 kg and above;
  • dimensions of the unit 380 mm x 290 mm x 840 mm;
  • construction weight 32 kg.
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What will be needed for the creation of

The composition of the elements of the puller is so simple that you can make them all with your own hands right at home. So, to make a homemade puller for a spotter you will need to buy:

  • Silicone sealant gun, which will be used as a handle. It is desirable to buy a gun with a thick handle, they are more convenient to control.
  • Sheet metal, 2 mm thick, from which the cone-shaped nozzle with a ring at the bottom will be made.
  • Welding machine.
  • The rod from which the rod will be made. Here you can simply take a metal rod from an already purchased silicone gun.
  • angle grinder.

The puller itself will be assembled from bushings, which must be turned in advance.

At the same time, it is desirable to make two or three more nozzles with different diameters.

How to make a spotter with his own hands according to the drawings

Spotter is a modification of the welding machine, with the help of which the body repair of cars is done. Such work, as a rule, requires special knowledge of the structure of the car. Certain places in it often can not be aligned from the inside. This is where such a device helps. Because of the high cost of factory models, craftsmen are often interested in how to make a spotter with their own hands from a welding machine.

Case and accessories

When creating a homemade device, the selection of the body is made. The dielectric tile acts as the base of the device. Parts made of other materials are not used for this purpose. The dimensions of the base are chosen arbitrarily. It is necessary to consider, that on it it was possible to place all used accessories. At the same time, they should be placed so that during installation and in case of need, they can be easily accessed.

In order not to make a mistake in calculations, a drawing is prepared in advance, including the components to be used.

A suitable option for performing the functions of the housing is an old welding machine. Also a microwave oven is used as a housing. Components must be fixed depending on whether the oven is to be stationary or portable. If the second option is chosen, the components are distributed evenly, and mounted with the help of fasteners. Handles for transportation are installed on the outside of the case.

Given the weight of the equipment, wheels should be placed under the base. This prevents the unit having to be lifted when moving.

The list of additional accessories consists of:

  • gun. the working mechanism of the device;
  • Welding cables. in the amount of two pieces;
  • The inopuller is also known as a “reverse hammer“.

To connect cables to the gun, terminals that are compatible with the threaded connections of the work mechanism are used. The same components are attached to the back of the cables, or a mass is created using quick clamping elements.

How to make a puller

Spotter welding is effective for recreating an even surface on damaged car bodies. But this requires some accessories. One of them is the puller. It is an extraction device that allows a small area of metal to be drawn outward, leaving the surrounding part in place. If you simply weld the sting of the spotter to the dent and pull back, the entire area will yield along with the pothole. You get a bulge on the body. The same accessory allows you to hold the surrounding surface, and pull only the point.

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You can make your own homemade puller from a sealant gun. It is purchased in a construction store. When buying, it is worth choosing a model with thicker handles. к. This will have an effect on subsequent operation and service life. Next, several manipulations are performed, clearly shown in the video, according to the following steps:

  • Disassembly of the gun. The sealant container is removed from it. Unscrew the front limiter and the gaskets under the barrel.
  • From sheet iron with a wall thickness of 3 mm you need to cut several rings of different diameters. To save on material, they are drawn in one circle, in descending order. The ring width varies from 20 to 30 mm. The smallest ring should be set loosely, but without unnecessary backlash, on the receiving socket at the handle of the glue gun and clamped by the factory nut.
  • To the small ring two squares of sheet iron, wall thickness 3 mm and side dimensions 20 x 20 mm are welded. Pre-drilled one hole in each.
  • From the circles of larger diameter are made stops on the body under the indentations of different sizes. To connect them to the main structure, metal strips with the parameters of 15 x 150 mm and a thickness of 3 mm (2 pcs.) are taken. One edge of them is welded to the opposite sides of the large circle, and the other, bent 90 degrees inward. In these edges, holes are drilled identical to the attachment on the smallest circle. The structure is bolted together and resembles a cone.
  • Homemade puller must be attached to the power supply from the spotter. For this purpose a brass cylinder is taken, in which the turner drills out the middle for the exact diameter of the rod from the silicone gun. A hole is drilled and a thread is cut on the side of the cylinder to attach the contact.
  • A welding stinger is fixed on the end of the cylinder.

Puller can be also made from pliers. You need the rod, the ring system to create the stop, and a strong, narrow spring to return the clamped handle. A rod is welded to one of the working sides of the pliers, a spring is put on it, and a stop is attached. The current from the machine can be led through the terminal on the top end or on the side of the brass cylinder. These accessories for the spotter may not look very presentable, but they do their job well.

What can be made into spotters

To make a spotter, old welding machines, batteries and even used microwave ovens are used.

Spotter with my own hands from an inverter welder

Most often, however, an inverter welder is used as the main apparatus for converting the spotter.

The welder has everything you need to operate the unit.

The main thing is to prepare a transformer to create the right amount of current and make a gun.

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If you have a standby welder, we can help you decide to remake it into a spotter. How to make a spotter with his own hands from an inverter welder, see this video.

Spotter from microwave oven

Microwave spotter rebuild with your own hands has its own peculiarities. In general, the scheme and sequence of work is not different from the process of assembling an inverter unit, but we need to configure the device so as to achieve a pulsed mode of operation. For this we need a high capacity capacitor with a control system. Let’s look briefly at the steps of the work.

Illustration How it works
Prepare microwave transformers for work.
Release the primary winding we need.
We need to lay the secondary winding cable in the free housing later.
This is what our transformer looks like assembled.
And this is how the whole transformer network looks like. Now it remains only to connect the necessary elements to the case and connect the power supply.

Обратный молоток из старых амортизаторов своими руками. / Reverse hammer of wear shock absorbers

Spotter with our own hands from an old battery

Battery spotter is a great camping tool. No mains power supply required.

The connection diagram is as follows: The relay housing and the welding wire are connected to the negative terminal. A contact is welded on the end of the wire, which is intended to be attached to the welding part, which needs to be straightened.

Battery spotter schematic

The plus terminal is connected to a relay of your own with a screw. The second bolt from the relay attaches the wire that goes to the return hammer or gun.In addition, the wire from the plus terminal goes to the control contact.

Spotter. what is it, and is it possible to make your own hands

The operation of the spotter is based on such a physical phenomenon as current resistance. In this case, the use of conventional welding consumables (fusing electrodes, welding wires, and others) is not required. Heating and cooling occurs so quickly that the metal has no time to oxidize and react.

Spotter with your own hands from the straightener

Welding from such equipment does not leave deep traces and is easily removed after leveling with an angle grinder. The technology of work is as follows. after processing with a reverse hammer (a nozzle on the spotter) small “hillocks” are formed on the surface of the metal, then an electric current is delivered to them, which melts the metal, creating the necessary strength. Finished samples of spotters consist of the following elements:

Components of the spotter: housing (1), rod (2), cable (3), and electrode (4)

The principle of operation of the unit is as follows: A current is supplied to the spotter via the control unit, which, when it reaches the electrode, activates the reverse hammer. It acts as a reverse bump stop. As mentioned above, it is not necessary to remove the wing or door. The device can be assembled entirely by yourself, and also made from a battery or welding machine.