Review Of Cordless Lawn Mowers

Robomow RC304u

Review Of Cordless Lawn Mowers

One of the brightest representatives of the new generation of cordless lawn mowers is the Robomow RC304u model. This miracle was invented and made in Israel, but the price of the product is not yet available for mass use. Therefore, the device ranks third in our rating. The robot does everything by itself, from mowing to recharging. The user will first have to work on the fence of flower beds or beds by laying a special wire and installing pegs. If necessary, you can control the operation of the lawn mower via a smartphone by installing a special application.

The robot chops the grass well, can work independently after programming. The disadvantages include chaotic movement around the site, which results in chaotic stains.


  • High-quality mowing;
  • Spacious grass catcher;
  • Wide swath;
  • Acceptable price.

Greenworks 2500407 G-MAX 40V 18-Inch DigiPro

The Chinese mower Greenworks 2500407 G-MAX 40V 18-Inch DigiPro will help to effectively maintain the beauty of the lawn. She is not much inferior to branded models, winning at an affordable price. The machine is designed for work in small areas, the swath width is 45 cm. The manufacturer has equipped his product with a soft grass catcher (50 l). A useful mulching function is provided. The central lever can be used to adjust the cutting height from 20 to 70 mm (7 levels).

Users have tested the cordless lawnmower in practice and identified a number of disadvantages. The model does not cope well with mowing tall grass, the motor often stops (protection against overheating is triggered). When the battery is fully charged, it is possible to mow grass on an area of ​​1.3-1.5 acres.

Disadvantages. Disadvantages

  • Noise during operation;
  • Soft collector.

Size matters

When mowing a lawn, there is always a simple principle: the wider the mower deck, the fewer passes you will have to make to work the area. The current standard for cordless lawnmowers is 51 cm, and there are more and more machines with 53 cm grip.There are also mowers with deck widths of 35 and 40 cm, they are more suitable for those areas where you do not need width, but maneuverability, which often happens in a complex landscape design of the site.

Echo, Greenworks and Kobalt lawn mowers have a 53 cm deck in their arsenal. Even if the mowing grip is only two centimeters longer, this gives an 11% increase in efficiency, while the equipment size is increased by 5%. But it must be borne in mind that the greater the cutting grip, the more powerful batteries are required for the technique. After our tests, it became clear that for lawn mowers equipped with 40V batteries, a 51 cm deck is the limit, because even gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with a maximum of 56 cm decks.

Lawn mowers have the largest working width (53 cm) Echo , Greenworks 80 v and Kobalt.

Collecting, mulching and side discharge

Surely, many of our readers will ask: why do we need side discharge on lawn mowers at all? Indeed, two ways seem to be the most rational: either collect the cut grass in a container (grass collector), or mulch it, turning it into fertilizer. But as it turned out after our tests, the side ejection function is sometimes indispensable. And we realized this when we tried to mow the grass over the area where the septic tank was buried. Above this place, the grass was much higher and harder than in the rest of the territory. The grass-catcher lawn mowers had to be emptied so often that it quickly became annoying, and the machines that tried to mulch the grass went on strike or worked so hard that it seemed that something was about to break. This is where the side discharge comes in handy. On the site above the septic tank, only lawn mowers equipped with this function could work effectively.

Sun Joe cordless lawn mower. The only machine in our group not equipped with mulching function. Apparently, this model was created for small neat lawns, its grass catcher is also small in size, which is suitable for use only in areas up to 10 acres.

When it comes to mulching, it becomes clear that all cordless lawn mowers, without exception, drain their batteries very quickly when this function is turned on. So consider this fact when using mulching, because recharging, depending on the model, takes from 30 minutes to four hours.

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Lawn mowers have shown the greatest efficiency and duration of operation with the included mulching and side discharge. Kobalt and Greenworks 80V.

Cordless lawn mower BlackDecker

  • Model: CM2040
  • Power to weight ratio: 40V; 2.5 Amp / h battery (2 pcs)
  • Coverage: 51 cm
  • Knives: single knife
  • Cutting height: 4-10 cm
  • Mulching: yes
  • Collecting bag: 68 liters
  • Side discharge: yes
  • Edge bevelling: up to 35 mm
  • Declared working time: 30-45 minutes
  • Actual running time: 35 min
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Factory price: 400
  • Warranty: 2 years


The lawnmower is equipped with BlackDecker’s acclaimed AutoSense technology, thanks to which the machine’s electronics finely adjust the power needed for the most efficient operation and maximum battery life. The mower also features EdgeMax technology, which is designed to maximize the mowing performance of the edges. Interestingly, in our test there were models that did not have technologies with beautiful names, but which had a better mowing rate.


Light weight and quality wheel bearings make this lawnmower one of the leaders in pushing ease. One of the testers even stated that sometimes this lawnmower seems to be self-propelled.


During testing, there were several cases of overheating of the batteries, so we had to give the car time to rest.


This lawnmower will do a great job with frequent use, when the grass grows up to 5 cm high. The compact size will come in handy on a lawn with pronounced landscaping. Several girls took part in our test, and from their point of view, the BlackDecker lawn mower has the most beautiful design. Best suited for use on areas up to 10 acres.

Cordless lawn mowers, large comparison test

Cordless gardening equipment is spreading at the speed of an internet virus this season, and for good reason. The main reason is that this technique does not require either gasoline or oil, hence the significant savings and the absence of harmful emissions. To start the car, just press a button, the recoil starter will be a thing of the past, provided that you do not forget to charge the battery of course. You can also forget about the string of wires and extension cords that you have to drag along with you using ordinary electrical equipment. Other benefits of cordless gardening machines include: lighter, quieter, much easier to handle.

For our test, we got our hands on 10 of the most popular cordless lawn mowers that you can take a closer look at and decide which one is right for you. We will examine the deck width, batteries and technical features of each lawn mower. We will also test the technique in practice, paying attention to the efficiency and quality of cutting, mulching and the operation of the grass catcher.

Voltage or ampere-hours?

A lot of controversy among owners of cordless lawn mowers raises the question: what is more important is the voltage of the lawn mower battery or the number of amp-hours. In fact, the answer is simple: the higher the voltage, the greater the power output of the lawn mower, and the more ampere-hours, the longer the machine will work on a single charge. The Greenworks and Kobalt models relied on 80V, while the EGO lawnmower decided to stop at 56V, but increase the battery capacity to 7.5 ampere-hours. Also, the efficiency of the mowers largely depends on the ability of the electronics to regulate the output power, depending on the mowing conditions, i.E. Increase power on heavy grass and decrease power on light grass, thereby saving battery power.

Test site

To test the battery lawn mowers, we have at our disposal a plot of two hectares. This area may seem too large for a hand-held lawnmower, it really is. For such an area, a powerful garden rider is better suited, but we will have more opportunities for testing equipment. Different types of terrain, grass of different heights, different soil, all this is just the way in our test.

The grass on the site is ordinary field plants, which, unlike lawn grass, are very tough and dense. Leave it unattended for a week in good rain and your lawnmower will hate you. Insufficiently powerful mowers, or machines with blunt blades, after working in such an area will leave behind a lawn that will look something like the overgrown hair of a tramp, trimmed with blunt scissors.

Greenworks 2502907

Another rear-wheel drive self-propelled lawn mower. The main feature of this unit is the high voltage of branded 60-volt batteries. With them, the performance of the mower is almost equal to the capabilities of networked counterparts. Let’s say the mowing width is a very impressive 46 cm, and the mowing height can be adjusted in 7 levels, ranging from 15 to 80 mm. The volume of the soft grass-catcher is 55 liters, the discharge of grass is provided both into it, and back and sideways. A tool worth 28,000 rubles, which clearly proves: the future belongs to battery-powered lawn mowers.

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Benefits of cordless lawn mowers

Cordless lawnmowers use rechargeable batteries that power their electric motors. This approach allows devices of this class to combine the advantages of both networked and gasoline mowers:

  • Autonomy, they are not tied to an outlet and can work anywhere, there would be a charge in the battery;
  • Environmental friendliness no exhaust;
  • Quiet electric motors of cordless mowers are much quieter than gasoline engines;
  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Ease of use and maintenance.

At the same time, battery models cost about the same as they ask for their counterparts. The only serious drawback of devices of this class is not the most outstanding performance, but for most everyday tasks it is more than enough. For use on a garden plot of up to 7 acres or on the territory near a private house, battery models are perfect.

BOSCH Rotak 43 LI (0.600.8A4.507)

Cordless lawnmower from the green household Bosch series. The device fully justifies the reputation of the German manufacturer: it is reliable, efficient and expensive. Powered by branded 36 volt batteries with a capacity of 4 Ah. Provides a cutting width of 43 cm. The mower is recommended for work in areas up to 600 square meters, so it will perfectly cope with a standard garden area. The device is equipped with a rigid collector with a volume of 50 liters. The mower works very quietly: the noise level does not exceed 76 dB. The cutting height is adjustable in 6 levels ranging from 20 to 70 mm. The possibility of installing a mulching nozzle is provided. Comes with a charger and 2 replaceable batteries. All this wealth will cost about 43,000 rubles.

Best Battery Lawn Mowers 2020: Independent TOP

Cordless lawn mowers are becoming more and more popular. It is not surprising, because these are convenient and mobile devices, which in terms of comfort leave far behind network and gasoline counterparts. How these mowers differ from others, how to choose them correctly, and which 5 battery lawn mowers are worthy of the title of the best, we will tell you in our article.

Table of Contents


A rare device among cordless mowers: a self-propelled model with rear wheel drive. The mowing width is 40 cm and the height is adjustable in 5 levels, ranging from 20 to 70 mm. The grass collector is soft, with a volume of 50 liters. Replaceable batteries with a voltage of 36 volts and a capacity of 5 Ah are responsible for performance. Features mulching and simplified lawn edge trimming. The issue price is 38,000 rubles. A versatile solution that can cover any household needs, which is enough even for a large area.

What to look for when choosing a cordless lawn mower

Battery voltage. This parameter allows you to determine the performance of your cordless lawnmower. In a way, voltage is analogous to the power of network models. The higher it is, the more complex tasks the mower can handle. Usually, devices of this type are equipped with 36-40 volt batteries, although 60 and even 18-volt batteries can be found.

Battery capacity. Measured in ampere-hours. The higher it is, the longer the mower can work on one battery charge.

Mowing width. Determines how much grass the mower can cut in one pass. Wide mowing means high productivity, narrow high maneuverability. Typically 30 to 50 cm.

Cutting height. The wide mowing height range allows you to cut your lawn just the way you want it. This parameter can be from 10 to 150 mm, but the most demanded range is 50-70 mm. The more steps the lawn mower has for this parameter, the better.

Noise level. Battery mowers work much quieter than gasoline mowers, but they still cannot be called silent. It is desirable that the noise level produced by the device does not exceed 80 decibels.

Throwing grass. Lawn mowers can throw grass back or sideways. However, it is not always convenient for the mown grass to remain on the site, therefore, for your own convenience, it is better to immediately choose an apparatus with a grass catcher for at least 30-40 liters.

Mulching. With the help of mulching attachments, mowers can not only mow the grass, but turn it into a highly crushed mulch that helps the lawn grow. If the lawn is dear to you, then it is advisable to take a mower with this function.

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TOP 10 best cordless lawn mowers: rating of 2019 and description of model features

A beautiful, well-groomed plot near a country house pleases the eye and provides a good mood.

A variety of lawn mowers are designed to create the perfect landscape design.

A huge number of such devices are exhibited on the Russian market, and sometimes choosing the right device becomes a problem.

When purchasing a cordless lawnmower, a ranking of the best models helps you find the best option.

Features of devices

The cordless lawnmower is an electric, portable, small mowing machine that draws energy from rechargeable batteries.

Most often, lithium-ion type batteries are used. They ensure the performance of the mower for a certain period, after which the batteries are recharged.

The production of modern lawn mowers has been mastered by a number of well-known companies. The devices differ in appearance, size and layout of the main units.

Any design is based on the following elements:

  • Electric motor;
  • Body, reinforced with a bearing, power frame;
  • Wheels (usually 4 pieces) for moving on the ground;
  • Cutting tool in the form of horizontal, rotating knives;
  • Reservoir (container) for collecting cut grass;
  • Guiding handle that sets the movement for the apparatus;
  • Accumulator battery.

The popularity of cordless lawn mowers is due to the following benefits:

  • No need for electricity or fuel supplies (gasoline, diesel fuel);
  • Lack of an electric cable that limits and interferes with movement;
  • Light weight and small size;
  • Low noise level;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Ease of use;
  • High mowing quality.

Complaints include disadvantages such as limited battery life and increased cost.

How to choose and what to look for?

According to the technical characteristics, when choosing a device, special attention should be paid to such parameters:

  1. Working width, i.E. Strip cut in one pass. It is determined by the width of the mower deck. The performance and efficiency of the device depends on this parameter. For most cordless lawn mowers, it is 42-52 cm.In powerful installations, the width can reach 56-58 cm.In miniature, manual devices, a grip in the range of 32-40 cm is provided.
  2. Developed power. It depends on the voltage of the batteries. Lawnmowers can be equipped with one 60-85 V battery or 2 40-58 V batteries. Small-sized devices have a battery voltage of about 12-20 V.
  3. Time to recharge. The duration of the uninterrupted operation is determined by the battery capacity. The most common models use batteries with a capacity of 2.5-2.6 Ah, which provides 32-38 minutes of operation. A number of mowers use batteries with an increased capacity (up to 7.4-8 Ah), which allows an increase in the operating time to 1 hour or more.
  4. Height of cut grass. Most machines are designed for cutting grass 10-16 cm high, but some of them can easily cut vegetation 35-45 cm high.It is recognized that the optimal cutting height in one pass is 6-8 cm.

The area of ​​the serviced area depends on the specified parameters. For mowers with one battery, it is 350-450 sq.M. When installing 2 batteries, the area increases to 650-700 m2.

When choosing, the design features of the lawn mower are also taken into account.:

  1. Way of moving. In private areas, both manual and self-propelled installations can be used. In the first case, all movements are set by hand, and the electric drive provides only the rotation of the knives. Self-propelled units have rear-wheel drive. This allows the device to move independently, and the direction is set manually.
  2. Handle (rod). This is the longest element, which complicates the storage of the device. Several design options stand out: folding the handle in the forward direction, pressing it against the body; double or multiple (zigzag) folding of the bar itself; telescopic principle. The simplest options do not have a folding handle, but are simply stored upright.
  3. Grass-box availability. The volume of the container for collecting cut grass affects the uptime.
  4. Special grass discharge. When mowing in a neglected area, the container will clog too quickly. A side discharge device is used to increase productivity. It ensures that the cuttings accumulate on one side, making it easier to dispose of later.
  5. Number of wheels. There can be from 2 to 4. This indicator determines the maneuverability of the apparatus, the simplicity and speed of movement over an uneven area.

You should pay attention to the presence of additional functions.. Of interest is a mulching device, i.E. Chopping herbs in a container. It ensures the rational use of the collection box and allows you to turn the grass into fertilizer.