Review of power tillers which one to choose. Huter MK-7000 7 liters.с.

Top 20 best power tillers: rating 2021-2022 by price/quality

Single-axle tractor. versatile equipment, which in addition to the main task (cultivation of the soil) can be used to solve other problems on the land plot. The choice of units is now very large, but the risk of encountering a low-quality product is very high. We have studied the recommendations of experts and compiled a rating of the best for 2022 motor blocks, in which we took into account customer reviews, pros and cons of each model, as well as its technical features.

The best power tillers of the heavy class

The best diesel engine blocks

The best budget power tillers

What kind of power tillers and their brief description

All models of power tillers are rated by manufacturers and buyers on their weight, engine power and performance. Distinguished:

  • light versions. not more than 4 liters. с., with ground processing to a depth of 20 cm, weighing 20-30 kg, which makes them suitable for plowing small garden and vegetable plots;
  • medium models. here power. up to 6 liters. с., Processing depth does not exceed 40 cm, body weight. from 40 to 60 kg, so use such power tillers for snow removal, root crops, plowing large plots of land;
  • heavy. capacities up to 13 l. с., with ploughing depth up to 90 cm and weight of 100 kg, such models are universal.

INFO: there is also a division according to the type of fuel consumed. Gasoline tractors are cheaper, although filling them with diesel significantly increases the unit performance and saves fuel, so the higher price of diesel tractors quickly pays off.

Light motor blocks

Patriot Kaluga (42 150)

The single-axle tractor weighs 75 kg and has a 7 hp engine.с.

Its strengths are high torque and a perfectly matched first gear ratio.

But not without disadvantages. weak hitch does not allow you to transport heavy loads on the cart attached to it.

Huter MK-7000 (42,190)

A 72-kilogram single-axle tractor with a 7-horsepower motor is capable of digging up one-meter-wide strips of land. But because the first gear is too high, it’s not so easy.

The coupling device at it is weak too and is on a sump, therefore it is better not to fix a cart to it without modifications.

Aurora Gardener 750 (43,600)

With the weight of 76 kg and 7 hp engine it is capable to pull heavy carts. the hitch is capable.

But to work with heavy soils, it is worth to get a spare strong gear chain. This is, perhaps, the only and rare complaint about this power tiller.

The third group. water-cooled diesel machines

The third group for 2018 also does not shine with a choice.

For the Moscow region we unambiguously recommend SCOUT. There is manufacturer support and the warranty is fulfilled.

Since 2019, the company has had an update of the model range. True motor blocks it affected only in the change of color from blue to gray. But mototractors really have changed a lot.

But in any case, it should be remembered that this technique is for those who can finish, bring to mind, repair, etc.д. with their own hands.

This is compensated by the low price. For understanding, here are approximate figures: a diesel engine 10-15 liters.с. Not the Chinese brand (for example, Yanmar) will cost about 50-70 thousand. rubles. At the same time, the WHOLE Chinese single-axle tractor together with the engine and the mill costs about 100 thousand. (For the most powerful expensive model with electric start).

Мотокултиватор Huter MK-7500-10

So if you agree to get for relatively little money constructor “do it yourself”, which you bring to mind and your own needs. this is your option.

If you like to get for their money all “turnkey”, then this segment is better for you not to consider

Our recommendation: Scout GS 15 DE

First of all because there is practically one manufacturer left in the Moscow region that is focused on this market. And if you decide to buy such a unit, then you just have to choose from the model range of SCOUT. The most popular one we’ve singled out. It is the most powerful from assortment and as usual in Russia they like more powerful.

Our recommendation for the choice of power tillers. Before trying to figure out which one is better, you need to decide what tasks you plan to use it for, and whether you need an attachment.

The choice between diesel and gasoline version for the private user is not very relevant (but for the sake of general development with one of our materials, where we explained in detail which of them is better for certain works). It is easier to operate and in principle cheaper to buy a gasoline. And you won’t feel any difference in torque in normal operation.

Top 4 best lightweight power tillers

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

Among the lightweight class of tractors this model is considered a deserved leader, especially comparing the cost of the machine and its quality.

Comfortable in operation, with the engine capacity of just over 7 liters.с., can plow the ground to a depth of 34 cm. Buy this one-axle tractor is for small plots, because it is processed a small strip width. 74 cm.

Special features. forward speed up to 8,3 km/h and reverse speed up to 2,5 km/h.

Moves on pneumatic wheels, the fuel tank holds about 3.6 liters, while the appliance has a modest appetite and requires refueling rarely.

A more, the weight of the tractor is not frightening. only 67 kg. So if you frequently have to load a single-axle tractor in the car, this is a great option.

  • The width of the cultivated soil is 74 cm.
  • The plowing depth is 34 cm.
  • Motor power is 7.07L.с.
  • Number of cutters. 4.
  • The weight is 67 kilograms.
  • economical use of fuel;
  • It starts up quickly;
  • the quality of the assembled housing;
  • easy to get parts and components.

Caiman VARIO 60S TWK

Equipped with six sharp and durable cutters, this model is suitable for cultivating up to 2.5 hectares of land.

The pneumatic wheels withstand the load without getting bogged down or stuck in wet soil when using optional attachments.

a single-axis tractor can be used not only as a power tiller, but also to connect it to a sweeper, snow blower, mower.

In this case, all the necessary accessories are bought separately.

Height-adjustable steering wheel, allowing the operator to find the optimal position for height.

In one pass, a strip of soil up to 90 cm wide and 32 cm deep is cultivated. Reliable chain reducer does not need frequent repairs and indicates a long service life of this model.

  • Width of cultivated soil. 90 cm.
  • Tillage depth. 32 cm.
  • Engine power. 6 L.с.
  • Number of blades. 6.
  • Weight. 72 kg.
  • coulter is adjustable;
  • cutters are separated from the plants by protective wings;
  • Quick start and stable engine operation;
  • easy operation.

PATRIOT Pobeda (440 10 7212)

Gasoline representative of lightweight power tillers with the engine, the power of which is estimated at 7 hp.с. And a manual transmission, consisting of two rear and four front speeds.

Suitable for use on small areas, which have previously been well processed.

The soil is worked on the width of one hundred centimeters, and the plowing depth is 35 cm.

The chain reducer withstands the load well and ensures stable operation for a long time.

The single-axle tractor rides on two eight-inch diameter pneumatic wheels and has a reversing system that protects the tillers from breaking and getting bogged down in plant roots.

  • The width of the cultivated soil is 100 cm.
  • Plowing depth up to 35 cm.
  • Engine output of 7 liters.с.
  • Number of tillers. 6.
  • Weight. 78 kg.
  • powerful engine with a quick start;
  • cutters do not require frequent sharpening;
  • long service life;
  • adequate price.

Mobil K MKM-4 COMFORT MBK0018462

Lightweight gasoline single axle tractor with forward motion of the tillers. Suitable for small plots, because the work captures a strip of soil width of only 73 cm.

Cutters are plunged to a depth of 34 cm, if they get caught up in the roots of plants or stuck in clay, you can use the reverse system, thus protecting the cutters from breakage. 4 cutters included.

Engine has a capacity of 7 liters.с., it is four-stroke, is accompanied by a manual gearbox. Available in four forward and two reverse gears.

The eight-inch diameter pneumatic tires go over any terrain and are not afraid of small obstacles.

  • Working width. 73 cm.
  • Plowing depth: 34 cm.
  • Engine power. 7 liters.с.
  • Number of cutters. 4.
  • Weight. 67 kg.

The following models of power tillers are included into TOP: 1 place DAEWOO Power Products DATM 80110 8 l.с., 2nd place Huter MK-8000 8 l.с. Big Foot, 3rd Champion BC1193 9 l.с.

Heavy power tillers are agricultural machines that can plow through virgin land or clear snow in areas of up to 5 hectares. over, it is possible to connect an adapter seat to these power tillers and work on them from a sitting position.

1 place DAEWOO Power Products DATM 80110 8 l.с.

  • Engine capacity: 225 cc. see
  • Engine power: 8 liters.с.
  • Gearbox: mechanical
  • Number of gears: 2 forward, 1 backward
  • Gearbox type: spur gear
  • PTO: yes
  • Weight: 86 kg

Heavy (94 kg) single axle tractor DAEWOO DATM 80110 is a multifunctional high-performance machine, designed for plowing vegetable gardens with any type of soil. over, the 8 sabre-shaped forged cutters can easily cope not only with heavy and clay soils, but also with virgin lands. That makes the single-axle tractor indispensable when working in the fields of farms. It also can be connected to any attachments, allowing the single-axle tractor to be used all year round.

Best in class performance to work an area up to 110 cm wide and 30 cm deep in a single pass.

Especially for single-axle tractors DAEWOO company has developed original engines (225 series) which are characterized

DAEWOO DATM 80110 is equipped with a reliable 8 liter gasoline engine.с., allowing the single axle tractor to work in hard conditions.

Gear reducer in cast iron housing transmits torque to wheels or tillers with virtually no power loss. The gearbox (2 forward speeds, 1 reverse) integrated into the transmission allows the operator to choose the intensity of the work.

IMPORTANT! DAEWOO uses chemical electroplating process for body parts, followed by painting with hammer enamel and baking at 80 ° C. This allows the company to provide a ten-year warranty against rust-through on the metal housing.

The patented design of the control panel, which is adjustable in 2 planes (height and horizontal), is considered the most convenient in its class. In addition, the trigger handle is additionally protected against unintentional activation, which complies with European safety standards.

2nd place Huter MK-8000 8 l.с. Big Foot

  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 л
  • Engine power: 8 l.с.
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Number of gears: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Type of gearbox: rack and pinion
  • Engine type: gasoline, 4-stroke, cylinders: 1
  • Weight: 3.6 л

Updated in 2020 model Moto-Block Huter MK-8000. a heavy unit weighing 130 kg, equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine high power Lifan 170F (8 l.с.). Key engine components that affect its performance are protected by an automatic function that shuts down the engine when the oil level is critically low.

The single-axle tractor handles medium to large plots with ease, making it perfect for the countryside. Its efficient operation is ensured by a reliable transmission unit that includes a disk clutch and a gear reducer. The operator has the ability to select not only the speed mode but also the type of speed (2 forward and 1 reverse).

The main purpose of a power tiller is gardening, cultivating and loosening any type of soil. If an attachment is installed, it can also be used for other household chores.

The single-axle tractor is equipped with an automatic speed control that makes the operator’s work more efficient.

In addition, the single-axle tractor is equipped with a function that allows the operator to adjust the depth and width of the plot. The maximum working width is 100 cm with a working depth of 30 cm.

For easy transport the single-axle tractor can be easily disassembled, so it can be transported in the trunk of a car.

3rd Champion BC1193 9 liters.с.

  • Engine displacement: 270 cc. see
  • Engine output: 9L.с. at 3,600 rpm
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Number of gears: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Gearbox type: Geared
  • PTO connection type: shaft
  • Weight: 132 kg

The Champion BC1193 gasoline single-axle tractor is a heavy-duty (132 kg) single-axle tractor with plenty of power. It has a multi-disc (ceramic metal discs) clutch, a heavy duty timing belt and a three speed (2 forward, 1 reverse) shift transmission. All these features combine to deliver high torque output to the tiller or wheels.

Champion G270HK all-season four-stroke engine with 9 L.с. easy to start at temperatures up to.25°С.

Performance parameters of the walking tractor allow it to work on land up to 3 hectares. It operates with a working width of 1100 cm and a working depth of 15 to 30 cm per pass.

The single-axle tractor is capable of operating a wide range of trailed and hitched implements. If necessary, can carry a load of up to 700 kg at a speed of up to 10 km / h.

Interesting! Top model in Champion line of power tillers is Champion BC1193E diesel model weighing 177kg. Diesel engine power of 9,5 liters.с. All other technical features being equal, this single-axle tractor is more economical in operation, but the diesel engine is not as easy to start in cold weather as the petrol engine.

The following cultivator models made the top list:

1st place Honda FG205DE 2.18 л.с.

  • Engine power: 1.60 kW / 2.18 л.с.
  • Cultivation depth: 15 cm
  • Maximum width of cultivation: 45 cm
  • Gearbox type: worm gears
  • Engine capacity: 49 cc. see

One of the most expensive and at the same time the best models of power tillers in the rating from the well-known manufacturer. One of the leaders in the rating because of its well thought-out design and high manufacturing quality. Four-cycle Honda GXV50 gasoline engine is installed on the machine; Worm gear and automatic centrifugal clutch are used. Unique design of the cutters enables the machine to be used for loosening even difficult soils. High maneuverability thanks to low center of gravity and good weight distribution.

  • Side protection discs;
  • Extensive wings for operator protection at work;
  • Handy carrying handle;
  • The kit includes transport wheels, as well as an attached support wheel, and equipment for tilling;
  • Reinforced design of the handle;
  • Two different types of handle folding. forward or backward;
  • There are three height adjustment positions for the tiller arm;
  • Easy start system;
  • Only one speed and no reverse.

2 place Zubr MKT-150 3 l.с.

  • Engine output: 3 litres.с.
  • Working depth: 25 cm
  • Maximum working width: 45 cm
  • Type of gearbox: chain
  • Accessories: coulter

Robust, lightweight and inexpensive cultivator with high maneuverability, as well as easy operation and maintenance. Belt clutch on cultivator for smooth and jerk-free travel. On the housing there is a protective device to prevent the operator from being hit by lumps of soil. Additional covers are also available to prevent access to the cutters during operation. Torque transmission is provided by a robust chain gear with a robust and hardened shaft.

  • Side discs protect the plants that do not get into the processing zone;
  • Hardened steel cutters with self-sharpening function;
  • Setting the depth of plowing is available;
  • Not designed to work with additional attachments;
  • There is a possibility of folding handles for transportation and storage;
  • There is an auxiliary transport wheel;
  • Only one speed;
  • No reverser;
  • The warranty on the device. 5 years.

3rd place Mobil K MKM-MINI MBK0016682

  • Engine power: 3.54 l.с.
  • Cultivation depth: 25 cm
  • The maximum working width: 42 cm
  • Gearbox type: chain drive
  • Accessories: tillers, coulter

Despite the fact that the previous model is more ergonomic, this machine is notable for its good workmanship and low price. Best suited for tilling 3-4 acres of land, cultivating greenhouses, flowerbeds and seedbeds. Easy to operate and easy to maintain. In their reviews, users say that the cultivator is reliable and has a 2-year warranty, as well as a reliable and powerful 98 cc engine. digs well.

  • Four-stroke gasoline engine;
  • Belt clutch for smooth travel without jerking;
  • Paper filter provides purified air supply;
  • Hardened steel cutters with self-sharpening option;
  • Additional protection that restricts access to rotating parts during operation;
  • Height-adjustable handle;
  • Rubber pads on handles reduces vibration, which reduces operator’s fatigue during long hours of work;
  • Robust chain reducer for long service life;
  • Easy adjustment of plowing depth and width;
  • Supplied with spare protective wings, additional cutters, fasteners.

4th place Mantis Kioritz

  • Engine power: 0.75 kW / 1.02 л.с. at 3600 rpm
  • Cultivation depth: 25 cm
  • Maximum working width: 21 cm
  • Type of gearbox: worm
  • Engine type: gasoline, 2-stroke, cylinders: 1

The rating of the best quality cultivator concludes with the reliable two-stroke Japanese engine Kioritz, which shows itself perfectly at work on both flat surfaces and on sites with a slope. Distinguished from other models by its high quality build. One of the lightest machines. it weighs only 9.5 kg. High torque transmission by steel worm gears enabling high rotation speeds of up to 277 rpm. Suitable for loosening the soil, removing weeds in the greenhouse, in flowerbeds, beds.

  • Nice Japanese-made Kioritz motor;
  • Power Boost Vortex system is installed;
  • Comfortable, anti-vibration control knobs;
  • Electronic Ignition;
  • Easy-Start technology for fast startup in all weathers;
  • Unique serpentine cutters provide the best possible loosening of the ground;
  • Low noise level;
  • Rugged forged steel cutters;
  • Comes with an extended warranty of 5 years.

We’ve previously reviewed:

Top 5 best lightweight power tillers by price/quality for 2021-2022

The owners of small plots do not need to buy powerful and heavy motor blocks. Even lightweight machines can successfully handle the cultivation of the soil, especially since many brands offer decent devices, which successfully combine good technical characteristics with a reasonable price. In 2021-2022, experts have classified five models in this category.

Huter MK-7000

This lightweight and inexpensive single-axle tractor has clever technical features that allow it to be used on any density of soils.

One of the features of this model is its adjustable width of cultivation (from 61 to 100 cm). So it is not only suitable for open seedbeds, but also for tilling in the greenhouse.

The optimal depth of cultivation of 30 cm allows high-quality loosening the soil for further planting of agrarian crops or removing the roots of weeds.

Despite its compact size, the technique is quite productive. The power tiller has a modern four-stroke gasoline engine with an output of 7 liters. с.

It does not require special maintenance, and the fuel tank can be filled with gasoline, so the owner does not have to spend time on the preparation of special fuel mixture.


  • The machine is supplied with 6 tillers, a coulter and a transport wheel;
  • there is a rear gear;
  • easy assembly;
  • high power;
  • quick and easy to start.


Like many other units, this model has a PTO that transmits torque from the engine to the cutters. This increases the productivity of the unit and makes the single-axle tractor suitable for working on any density of soils.

Working width is fixed, 85 cm. It is enough to work in the open field and greenhouses.

Cultivation depth is standard for this type of power tillers. It is equal to 30 cm, so with the help of this technique you can handle any density of soils. High-performance and relatively quiet operation thanks to a four-stroke gasoline engine with 7 liters output. с.

It runs on regular gasoline, and does not require a special fuel mixture, and the two speeds and one reverse gear make the model truly maneuverable.


  • The lightweight housing makes it easy to operate;
  • optimal working width;
  • suitable for loosening any density of soils;
  • modern petrol engine with increased power;
  • simple and easy operation.

DAEWOO Power Products DAT 2000E

This lightweight, inexpensive and compact single axle tractor is ideal for tilling soil in the greenhouse or small outdoor beds.

Even women and the elderly can use this machine because it has a lightweight chassis and is extremely easy to operate.

The working width is only 40 cm, and the depth is no more than 23 cm, so the single-axle tractor is best used in areas with light soils.

When loosening dense soil, the cutters quickly wrap around plant roots.

Unlike previous models, which run on gasoline, this single-axle tractor is electric.

With an engine output of 2.72 liters. с., and there is only one gear. But due to the compact size of the device it does not cause inconvenience, and quickly deploy the technique can even in a confined area.

Technical features:

  • Very compact size and light weight;
  • affordable cost;
  • Decent working depth and width;
  • convenient mechanism for folding the wheels;
  • loosens the soil well.

Zubr MTB-300

This lightweight single axle tractor of domestic production is perfect for owners of greenhouses and small cottage plots.

The technique is designed to work an area of up to 2,000 square meters, and the PTO increases the productivity of the device and allows you to use it to loosen any density of soil.

Another feature of this model. the ability to adjust the working width of 60-85 cm.

The depth of cultivation does not change and is 35 cm. This is quite sufficient for most gardeners.

High productivity and ease of operation is provided by modern four-stroke gasoline engine.

It does not need a special fuel mixture and does not require special maintenance.

Thanks to this, the machine can be called suitable for beginners. Two travel speeds and one reverse gear allow for quick and convenient turning around.

Technical features:

  • The robust cast-iron transmission unit;
  • comparatively low cost;
  • Large wheels provide an increased all-terrain mobility;
  • high power;
  • high-quality domestic assembly.

Champion EC1400

This inexpensive and compact cultivator is ideal for tilling in greenhouses or small open seedbeds.

Ease of operation is provided by ergonomically shaped handle and light weight.

To sum up. A single-axle tractor is a multipurpose agricultural machine which has long ago become an indispensable aid to farmers and owners of homesteads and summer cottages. A modern single-axle tractor with appropriate attachments is capable of performing a full range of farming operations. The use of power tillers dramatically increases labor productivity of rural workers, while turning the hard and monotonous work into a joyful and enjoyable experience.

Мотоблок Huter MK 7000. краткий обзор

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