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Excellent start-up, quiet, high-quality assembly. Very economical gas mileage. For 6 acres, if the grass is not overgrown, half the tank is enough for me. Cuts grass of varying thickness. The set includes a simple, clear instruction in Russian.

PATRIOT PT 4355 Imperial

The petrol grass trimmer has a comfortable bicycle-style handle. The reliability of the device is guaranteed due to the upper position of the motor. The two-stroke engine uses a mixture of gasoline and oil. This allows you to use the tool for grass of any complexity.

An anti-vibration system is provided, which significantly increases the comfort from work. Cutting elements can be a knife or fishing line. The set includes fasteners, tools, fuel canister.

Mowing width, cm 46
Knife rotation speed, rpm
Power, hp. 2.5

This model has been serving us for over 4 years. At the same time, we regularly mow rather high, hard grass on a plot of 20 acres. It starts up easily, it really costs its money. The engine is powerful, however, the line was changed immediately.


The petrol grass trimmer is suitable for large areas. The power of the two-stroke engine is 2.5 hp. The volume of the fuel tank is 1.2 liters. The control is carried out by a U-shaped handle. It can also be adjusted in height.

The upper position of the engine provides ease of use and guarantees its reliability. This model has an easy start. The cover ensures safety during operation.

Mowing width, cm 42
Knife rotation speed, rpm
Power, hp. 2.5

It is assembled according to the instructions, everything is simple. Starts up easily. Mows the grass very quickly. discreetly and efficiently. Despite the considerable weight, the work is easy and fast, I did not feel tired. Well, the unit itself is inexpensive.

A detailed overview of the device is available in the video


This grass trimmer model is characterized by high traction, quality materials and components, reliability. The device is easy to use and maintain. The engine power is 1 HP, the fuel tank capacity is 330 ml. The device operates from a mixture of oil and gasoline.

Mowing takes place with a knife or fishing line. The weight of the tool is just over 7 kg. The two-stroke engine starts easily. Convenient handling thanks to the U-shaped handle.

Mowing width, cm 55
Knife rotation speed, rpm 7700
Power, hp. one

I have been using this trimmer for about five years now, there are still no complaints. Mows to the fullest. It is convenient that the set includes glasses, because the grass flies in all directions. The expense is quite economical. One liter of a mixture of gasoline and oil is enough for about 8 acres.

A detailed overview of the device is available in the video

It is important to keep the suburban area well-groomed. A neatly mown lawn looks more pleasant and aesthetically pleasing than chaotically growing grass. over, in the summer it grows by leaps and bounds. A grass trimmer helps to cope with the grass in the area.

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This is a device that conditionally resembles a scythe with a motor. The tool comes with a gasoline or electric drive. He successfully removes unnecessary vegetation and is able to gently mow grass in a difficult, hard-to-reach area. Today there are many different models of trimmers, in this article I will talk about the best gasoline.

Huter GGT-1500S

The petrol grass trimmer will keep your lawn and summer cottage well-groomed. It is characterized by ease of operation, reliability and safety. The device weighs 7 kg. The power of the device reaches 1500 watts. You will be able to fully move around the yard with this instrument since it has a rather long wire.

The two-stroke engine is located at the top of the housing. The volume of the petrol tank is 700 ml. Refueling is also easy. U-shaped handle is provided. The shoulder strap allows you to comfortably fix the device while working. Thanks to the cover, the legs are protected from sharp parts.

Mowing width, cm 26
Knife rotation speed, rpm
Power, hp. 2

The scythe for grass is powerful, lightweight, easy to use. Inexpensive, we also snatched it for shares, it justified its price. The unit starts up well, gasoline consumption is economical, one tank is not enough for one time. The grass is not high in my yard, so I think the device will last a long time.

Echo GT-22GES

The petrol grass trimmer is perfect for small and medium-sized areas up to 12 acres. It is compact, light in weight, but at the same time quite efficient, reliable and productive. An anti-vibration system is provided here, providing comfort from work. All controls can be found on the comfortable handle.

The power of the two-stroke engine is 0.91 hp, and the volume of the fuel tank is 0.4 liters. The ergonomic D-shaped handle has a double safety trigger to prevent accidental pressing of the start button. The wheelbarrow can also be adjusted in height.

Mowing width, cm
Knife rotation speed, rpm
Power, hp. 0.91

Starting up the device is really easy. The grass trimmer is convenient for cutting grass under trees, bushes, near fences. The unit is lightweight and easy to maintain. Fuel consumption is economical. Compared to other lawn mowers, this lawn mower is quite quiet. Compact, even fits into the trunk easily.

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Starting the Carver Petrol Grass Trimmer for the first time

The Carver petrol trimmer is supplied unassembled. After assembling and refueling the engine, you can start starting the engine:

  • Unscrew the spark plug and pour a few grams (3-5) of engine oil into the cylinder (this way you can start the engine with less effort);
  • Then, gently pull the starter handle towards you. Repeat the movement 7-10 times. Now all the rubbing parts of the motor will be lubricated, which will increase the service life and facilitate the first start;
  • Install the spark plug in its place;
  • Pour the fuel mixture into the Carver grass trimmer tank;
  • Check the motor housing for fuel leaks. Once again, make sure that all units and parts of the brushcutter are securely fastened;
  • Move the throttle lever to the closed position;
  • Pump up fuel with a primer, make no more than 5-7 clicks;
  • Turn on the ignition (turn the switch to the “Start” position);
  • Pull the starter handle towards you until it engages with the ratchet, then pull it sharply;
  • After the motor has seized, open the throttle valve immediately;
  • Now start the Carver grass trimmer engine again. It will run at increased RPM, so press and release the throttle. After that, the engine (with a correctly adjusted carburetor) will go to idle, the cutting equipment (cartridge or disc) will come to a standstill.
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grass trimmers and brushcutters Carver

Despite its youth, the Carver company is one of the most famous manufacturers of garden and farm equipment. The first products under the Carver logo appeared in 2009. It was then that a small packaging company was created, which soon was able to win a significant share of the market from its competitors. We would like to point out a large selection of Carver equipment. Chain and circular saws, generators, lawn mowers, walk-behind tractors, grass trimmers and Carver brushcutters are especially popular in the post-Soviet space.

Although the company has Russian roots, its production facilities are located in the territory of the Republic of China. Carver grass trimmers and brushcutters are produced here in two state-of-the-art factories. Both enterprises are equipped with the latest equipment, skilled workers work here, all production processes are controlled by experienced engineers and technologists. In accordance with the company’s policy, each device undergoes an individual quality control, which significantly reduces the number of defects among finished products. All Carver equipment meets modern quality and safety standards, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.

  • Quality products assembled at the factory;
  • Long service life and high maintainability;
  • An extensive network of service centers;
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

Carver range of trimmers and brushcutters

Today in the company’s catalog you can find two types of trimmers: gasoline (equipped with two-stroke and four-stroke engines) and electric. You can find an overview of the most interesting models in this article.

Carver Electric Grass Trimmers

Carver tr 300. The household electric grass trimmer is designed for shaping small lawns, leveling grass along driveways and footpaths, and is also very convenient when mowing in hard-to-reach places, near walls and fences. The tool is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 250 watts, which develops a speed of 14,000 rpm, which guarantees high cleanliness of mowing. The device is equipped with a straight, non-separable shaft with a D-shaped handle. A fishing line with a diameter of up to 1 millimeter is used as a cutting equipment. Users note the ergonomic design of the brushcutter and its low weight. only 1.2 kg. To buy the Carver tr 300 electric grass trimmer you only need 15-17 USD.

Carver tr 500t. The electric grass trimmer is designed for working in tight spaces. The pivoting body of the cutting unit allows you to mow grass in the immediate vicinity of fences, walls, metal and concrete structures. The advantages of this model include the presence of a limiting device to protect plants from damage. the lawnmower is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 500 watts, the spindle rotation speed reaches 7,800 rpm. Grass trimmer manufacturer Carver has provided a collapsible telescopic boom, and the controls are housed in an ergonomic D-shaped handle. To protect against accidental starting of the motor, a blocking system is provided; the engine body is made of a special high-impact polymer. The Carver tr 500t electric grass trimmer is available from an authorized dealer for 28.

Also available are the Carver tr 400t and Carver 1200S electric grass trimmers.

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Manual of petrol grass trimmer “Foresta”

Basic maintenance of the Carver grass trimmer

Carver Petrol Grass Trimmers

Carver gbc 31f. The grass trimmer belongs to the household class of tools, it can be used for shaping lawns, mowing tall and lodged grass, weed and shrub control. The device is designed on the basis of a four-stroke single-cylinder power unit with an air-cooled function. The working volume of the motor is 31 cm 3. and its power is equal to 1.1 hp. In the manufacture of the engine, chrome-plating technology was used, which significantly increases its engine life. The mower is equipped with a U-handle and the remote controls are conveniently located. The device can be used with various cutting accessories: it is used as a cartridge with a line, and cutting discs. On the official website of the manufacturer, the Carver gbc 31f four-stroke petrol grass trimmer can be purchased for 115.

Carver promo рвс 52. Powerful petrol grass trimmer for cutting grass, bush and weed control. Depending on the type and complexity of the work, a cartridge with a fishing line or a metal knife can be used. The unit is driven by a two-stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 2 horsepower, the spindle rotation speed reaches 7 600 rpm. In the manufacture of parts of the piston group, chromium-plating technology is used, which significantly increases the engine’s service life. The mower is equipped with a U-shaped handle with a telescopic arm. It should also be noted the presence of an improved air intake and purification system and easy access to the air filter. The Carver promo pbc 52 electric grass trimmer is available for 60- 65.

Lawn Mower Fuel and Lubricants Carver

The Carver lawnmower is powered by a single-cylinder, two-stroke combustion engine. Parts of the piston group of such motors are lubricated with oil, which is added to gasoline. Thus, before refueling the grass trimmer, you need to prepare an oil-gasoline mixture.

As a basis for the mixture, we take high-octane AI-92 gasoline and add engine oil for two-stroke engines at a rate of 1 to 50, that is, dilute 20 grams of oil with one liter of gasoline. The modern two-stroke engine of the Carver lawn mower does not require any special break-in. However, company representatives recommend running out two or three tanks of fuel in a gentle mode, without overheating or overloading the device. Also during this period it is recommended to add 10% more oil to the fuel mixture than usual.

petrol, grass, trimmer

Mixing the Carver grass scythe is done in a separate container; do not mix fuel in the mower’s tank. It is not recommended to cook large amounts of fuel. it should be used within two to three weeks. It is also prohibited to use oils that are not suitable for two-stroke air-cooled engines. Use only proven oils.

Recommended engine oils for Carver petrol grass trimmer:

  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T;
  • Echo JASO FD with dispenser;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • Champion JASO FD.

Possible Carver Grass Trimmer Malfunctions and Remedies

Unscrew the spark plug and use the starter to remove excess fuel from the cylinder

Defective starter, socket or plug

Replace the unit, or contact a service workshop

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