Rotak Bosch 32 (Bosch Rotak) – Electric Lawn Mower, Repair

Owners of country houses with a beautiful lawn, which is an excellent facade element, creating the appearance of the whole house, must have a modern lawn mower on hand. It is necessary so that the territory of the site is well-groomed, and the neat appearance of the site pleasantly delights the eyes of the owners and guests.

However, achieving a satisfactory result is not so simple. The platform should be perfectly flat, and the grass is trimmed, as if under a ruler, whether it is real or is it a roll substitute. If you noticed ideal lawns even from afar, then you can evaluate the level of work that needs to be done in order to achieve such an organization.

Thus, the conclusion suggests itself: accuracy in cutting is required, which can only be achieved with the help of special devices. To date, the number of manufacturers of lawn mowers is off the charts, but only exceptional brands can guarantee top quality! Bosch, whose inspiration and creator Robert Bosch is, can boast of it.

About company

The company is one of the long-livers whose creation goes back to the 19th century. In addition, during this period, the entire policy of the company was formed: “spending money is nothing compared to spending confidence. Promises are always more important than immediate benefits. ” And now, after almost two centuries, the company continues to keep its promises in order to maintain its guaranteed reliability, satisfying customer needs.

The main goal of the company to this day is the harmonious merger of technological innovations and a reliable, time-tested system that makes it easier for people to live their lives, turning everyday routine cleaning into a pleasure.

Popular models

I would also like to say about the section of the company engaged in the development and sale of horticultural products, which we will meet with a separate representative today, namely the Rotak32 rotary lawn mower (Bosch rotak 32).

This model of a lawn mower belongs to the category of a rotary battery, and therefore it is immediately worth mentioning the ease of use and the immense freedom of movement.

  • It is the cordless Bosch Lawnmower representatives of the Rotak model that have the Efficient Energy Management system or Efficient Energy Management.
  • This system, as the name implies, allows the owner to increase the duration of work due to new long-term lithium-ion batteries.
  • These batteries charge more than standard, Charging is faster, and therefore the mower’s availability is almost constant.
  • In addition, these mowers have an innovative feature. The presence of guides for mowing at the very edge.

The bosch rotak 32 lawn mower is a vibrant representative of the electric rotary mower for mowing the lawn. This kind of device, like the entire Rotak family, is designed and assembled directly in the UK. A logical question arises: what distinguishes this model from dozens of others? And so: Here, first of all, it is worth mentioning the transmission. Powerdrivetm. Low Belt Drive, during the operation of which the blade rotates at a speed of 3700 rpm, however, the motor is extremely aggressive and is capable of producing even more revolutions.

This system Power Drive boasts and other trump cards in the sleeve. Here it is necessary to understand that in electric lawn mowers the knife is connected directly to the engine, therefore, cutting a wet grass cover increases the likelihood of moisture entering the motor, and, accordingly, its breakdown or damage leading to an emergency stop.

The main advantages of the lawn mower are in the.

The KamAZ 6520 dump truck possesses impressive technical characteristics and reasonable price.

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Do not neglect to read the Stihl МС 660 chainsaw instruction manual. But if you have already thrown this document away, then click here.

This is what allows us to say that repair of the Bosch rotak 32 lawnmower is practically unnecessary. The advantages of this device:

  • A distinctive feature of the machine can be called its lightness, because the device is slightly more than 7 kg of weight, and this, in turn, is 30-50% less than competitors of similar power. The Ergoflex system is fully responsible for this solution, providing ease of use and control of the device in the working position.
  • The mower is easy to move and transport.. In addition, for maximum convenience, the mower is equipped with an additional handle on the body.
  • It is also worth noting the low noise of the mower during the mowing process. This allows you to use the device even in urban environments.
  • And do not forget about the high-precision mowing, which extends close to the very edge of the lawn. This manufacturer’s decision can be called innovative in some way, due to the fact that the guides provide a remarkable high-precision result.

You could even say that the electric mower Bosch Rotac 32 is the perfect solution for your wallet, based on the criterion of “price / quality”. However, if you are not yet ready to purchase this unit, we suggest you take a look at the rating of the best electric lawn mowers and perhaps in it you will find the very tool that is right for you.

Lightness, noiselessness, a rather capacious grass catcher that has 31 liters in volume, duration of work, high mowing accuracy, ease of operation, compactness and complete freedom of movement. In addition, Bosch Rotak 32 is an environmental mower, as it does not pollute the air.

It is worth highlighting the professional features of the Bosch Rotak lawn mower. Cleanliness and care when mowing the lawn. Due to the presence of high-precision knives on the mower, as well as the possibility of adjusting the height of the mowing, you can always personalize the tool for optimal mowing of the lawn, regardless of its type. But, if you still want to buy a lawn mower for tall grass and weeds, we recommend that you click here and find out about the most popular models of this tool.

Rotak 32 has a rigid grass catcher, with the corresponding cultivated area volume. Bosch took care of the consumer, thereby freeing him from the need for frequent unloading of grass. A separate word should be said about the reliability of fixing the grass catcher, which is often complained by consumers of other brands of lawn mowers. The manufacturer has foreseen the reliability and ease of mounting the grass catcher on the device. The lawn mower meets all environmental and safety criteria and is not demanding for maintenance.

Rotak Bosch 32 (Bosch Rotak). Electric Lawn Mower, Repair

The reliability of the device is provided by high-strength and durable production materials. The entire range of products passes quality control.

The smooth running of the wheelbase in a compartment with low weight will allow the operator not to physically strain in the process of trimming. In general, I want to note that lawn mowers on wheels are becoming more popular precisely because of the convenience and safety of operation.

It must be said that every year the units are increasingly invading the life of the summer resident, penetrating everyday life and gradually capturing and taking on the difficulties of refining their own site. These devices have become an indispensable part, like a vacuum cleaner or a car.

Device repair

Despite the high level of product quality, the device may gradually fail. The main cause of the breakdown is the fact that over time, debris and grass residues can be brought into the engine compartment by a strong air stream. This, in the end, can serve as a reason for repairing the engine after it is jammed.

Repair of the whole unit, as well as contained, and transmission results in a considerable penny. In addition, the fan impeller often loosens in the unit. To repair a powerful mower engine:

  • Remove the stator, followed by the pulley and impeller.
  • Next, the bearing is removed.
  • Both bearings are replaced (even when the second is completely normal). Only in this case will the long-term operation of the system be ensured.
  • A new bearing is installed.

And it is better to consult a specialist, but there are also minor breakdowns that you can handle with your own efforts, such as the need to replace the fishing line in a lawn mower.

User manual

As Bosch is world famous, backed by centuries of practical experience, and so. This is a technological standard in the production of equipment for the garden, the manufacturer has taken care of the operating instructions properly. The main aspects:

  • Before starting work, you need to make sure that all the component parts are in place and ready for use.
  • Next, check the installation of knives and screws, which requires safety.
  • After a full performance check, you can adjust the cutting height and start the device, moving smoothly, without jerking.
  • After work, remember to clean the unit in a timely manner. If you are one of those who often forget about this procedure, then it is better to think about purchasing an electric mower with mulching, because this device can not be cleaned.

Here is a instruction for the assembly and operation of the mower.


The lawn mower copes with its main task, and the mowing is smooth, allowing you to make household chores a pleasure. Special attention should be paid to the issue of Bosch rotac 32 lawn mower prices. On average this device will range from 8000 to 9000 rubles. But if you look at the functionality that can satisfy the needs of even an experienced user of lawn mowers, then this cost is quite acceptable. If you need a high-quality, economical lawn mower with excellent technical characteristics, then you should pay attention to this model.

And even if, despite all the functionality, you cannot afford this unit, do not be discouraged, because there are inexpensive electric lawn mowers that are no worse, look for details here. Speaking about Bosh, we always mean advanced technologies, material quality and affordability.