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Operating principle of electric sabre saw

The sabre saw (or electric hacksaw) refers to electric sawing and cutting tools. The principle of operation of an electric hacksaw is quite simple and is based on reciprocating movements of the saw blade. In its essence it is similar to the work of a regular hand hoe. Using an electric motor instead of muscle power makes it much faster and easier to cut material.

The rotating rotor of an electric motor drives the gears. A reduction gear helps to reduce the rotation speed and turns it into reciprocating motion. Thus, the frequency of movement of the saw blade is obtained up to 3,000 revolutions per minute. This is quite enough to cut even a metal structure.

Many models of electric sabre saws have a pendulum mechanism, which slightly raises the blade during the reverse movement. Such constructive decision helps to avoid overheating of the material being sawed and the blade, to prolong blade life, to get rid of scale, to reduce amount of sawdust, shavings and dust, and the most important. to increase speed considerably.

Pendulum mechanism is used when working with wood, because in this mode the electric saber saw literally gnaws into the material itself and sawing is much faster. True, the difference in time is only noticeable with a large amount of work. If you use it for household purposes, when you just need to saw something quickly, the difference will not be felt so clearly. When using the pendulum motion, the cut is quite rough. Therefore, if you need to get a neater cut, this mode must be disabled. It also shuts off when making curved cuts. But even with the pendulum mechanism switched off, precision is difficult to achieve. Cutting curves with an electric hacksaw is a bad idea, because the result is likely to be disappointing.

Different sawing tasks require an appropriate approach, but in general, to start sawing material, you must first turn on the electric sabre saw, and then bring it to the workpiece. In order to avoid excessive vibration and impacts from the tool, the guide shoe must rest against the workpiece to be sawn. To understand how an electric sabre saw works properly, a video with detailed instructions is enough. No special skills are required to operate an electric sabre saw. After a couple of hours of practice even a beginner learns how to use the tool quite reasonably. Of course, it is necessary to observe elementary safety precautions. In addition, all particularly important points are necessarily specified in the instruction manual of the tool.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Why make this home-made work when you can simply insert a longer saw into the jigsaw?? How the effort is justified?

Well, firstly, even the longest saw of an electric jigsaw is inferior in size to a saw from a sabre saw. This improvement makes it possible to saw thicker objects. Secondly, sawing thick enough bars is simplified by the fact that this product allows you to saw in the down and away direction, while the jigsaw, for example, can only forward and away.

Of course, this homemade jigsaw has some disadvantages. For example, the small amplitude for a rather long blade of the sabre. The electric jigsaw has a less comfortable handle when used as a conversion equipment.

In any case, if the use of this tool is required only occasionally, then it is quite suitable as a worthy substitute for the original, thanks to which it is not necessary to spend in vain.

How to make an electric saw out of an angle grinder?

To make a chain saw on the basis of the angle grinder, the designer will need:

  • a fully serviceable and maintained angle grinder;
  • metal drive sprocket. it is best to buy a new part in advance;
  • a piece of metal, which will be needed to assemble the bracket. you need it to mount the guide;
  • a new bar and chain;
  • Drill, welding machine and other equipment;
  • a set of different sized bolt connections.

The algorithm of actions during the assembly of the electric saw from the angle grinder should be as follows:

  • First you need to remove the installed cutting disc from the angle grinder and make a small neat hole in the bottom of its protective casing. Next, it is necessary to connect the guard to the bracket;
  • After that, you need to screw the drive sprocket on the shaft of the power unit of the angle grinder;
  • Then it will be necessary to install the cutting elements for the electric saw. They need to be secured behind the bracket ties;
  • After installing and adjusting the chain tension, the fastening bolts on the metal bracket must be tightened securely.

The electric chainsaw made by your own hands from an angle grinder should be thoroughly tested. First of all it is necessary to test the equipment in idling mode. If it does not make strange noises and sparks, then you can start working with thin and medium thickness wood.

During the further operation of the electric saw on the basis of the angle grinder, it is important to remember that this homemade device stands out for the low level of safety for the health of the operator and others. The machine has no mechanism to protect the user from kickback. Because of this, there is always a risk of injury when working with the saw.

In addition, we should not forget that the power unit from the angle grinder often overheats. To prevent this, take a break every 10 minutes and let the engine cool down for 5 minutes.

Delivery set, external appearance

The Skil 4600 Combisaw is available in two packages, the differences in the number of included saws and the presence / absence of the case for transportation. I got the maximum.The case is enclosed in a bright cardboard cover, which has the purpose of attracting the eye of the store customers and contains information about the inside contents.The front shows the hero of the review and the main ways to use it.

The back part contains the same information, but in a more detailed form. The pictograms show the main features and advantages of the jigsaw. Unfortunately, there is not a single word in Russian.

The side edges are unremarkable.

sabre, angle, grinder, their

When you take the cardboard cover off the case, you see a “Chinese” handicraft of pretty average quality. The plastic is horribly processed. Our diplomat copes with its functions, but its appearance leaves much to be desired. In the pictures I tried to choose the best angle, so as not to scare away a potential buyer.

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It is very good that the case has full-fledged (though plastic) hinges. This indicates a potentially quite long service life. Many models have instead of the hinges a simple plastic joint, which after a couple dozen of opening/closing the lid breaks (people have to screw normal metal hinges by themselves).

Inside the tool itself you can find instructions in many languages, including Russian (separate brochure), tips on how to use the device, a set of saw blades, and an Allen key.

All the promos on the Internet said that the kit should include a flexible blade for metal, but for some reason it has been replaced by a wood blade.In total we have three blades for saber saw (two for wood, one for metal) and three jigsaw blades (one for hard wood, one for curved cuts in wood, the third for precision cuts in metal).

Additional markings:HSC (high carbon steel). high-carbon steel, hardness 45-48 HRC, for work on soft materials, such as wood, wood chipboard, wood-fiber board, plastics;BIM (bi-metal). highly flexible, indissoluble connection of HSS (high-speed steel, hardness 61-65 HRC) and HCS.

The jigsaw itself is visually unremarkable.

As we see it was made in China, perhaps this can be attributed to flaws in workmanship (badly processed edges of plastic in the device, and in the protective case, there is a bump at the bottom of the mark on the base of the sole).

On the handle you can find a pictogram indicating the universal functionality of the device, as well as two buttons. the bottom of the trigger on, and the side of his lock in the operating position, so your fingers are not tired during prolonged work. There is no rubber pad on the handle, which is a pity.

Extras: Jigsaw blueprints, templates, stencils for sawing

On the front of the jigsaw, one can see the plexiglass safety guard and the marking of the cutting point on the jigsaw blade.

In the way of universalization, the manufacturer has equipped the device with a normal screw blade clamp. Next to it you can find a nozzle for blowing out chips and shavings.

The jigsaw foot is cast aluminum. There is no adjustment of its tilt.

At the tail end of the power cord there is a compartment (pretty useful) for an Allen key. I advise to set it this way. less chance of losing it.

Just below you find the red locking pin with the lock symbol. It is responsible for raising/lowering the handle, which allows transforming our device from a jigsaw into a saw and back again.

Different from jigsaws

The main and most important difference between electric hacksaw and electric jigsaw is the different purpose of these tools. We can say that electric hacksaw is designed to destroy, and its younger cousin. to create.

Most often the electric hacksaw is used for quick cutting of material, mainly in straight lines. It can easily handle structures of any shape and material. Cardboard, wood, plasterboard, metal, concrete, glass, ceramics. this is just a small list of materials that can be cut with an electric hacksaw. This kind of work is typical mainly for dismantling and other relatively rough repair work.

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An electric jigsaw is more suitable for more precise work with flat surfaces and it is more appropriate to use it in cases where shape cutting is required.

Another serious difference is the shape of the tools, which affects their capabilities. The elongated body of the electric hacksaw and the rather long blade allow you to make a cut in the most inaccessible places, where with a wide electric jigsaw is simply impossible to reach.

Thanks to its design and flexible blade, electric pruning saws can cut through projecting elements flush to the wall, something a rather wide jigsaw cannot boast of. Cutting with an electric hacksaw is no problem when “hanging” while the jigsaw requires a flat surface to ensure firm contact with the material using its tip to prevent tool breakage.

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Thus, when it is necessary to decide what tool is needed: a saber saw or an electric jigsaw, first of all, it is necessary to clearly indicate the intended tasks.

The electric sabre saw is less picky about conditions of use and can work in the most extreme conditions. Even beginners can easily master it. The tool is capable of making fairly straight cuts, but it is more suitable for rough work.

The electric jigsaw becomes the unsurpassed tool for cutting out shaped elements in the hands of the master, but it requires more skill and has limitations in its capabilities.

A sabre saw from a jigsaw with your own hands

Parts and accessories needed for manufacturing

  • The bar is 180 x 70 x 45 mm (possibly a little larger or smaller, depending on the dimensions of the saw and blade).
  • Metal plate for connecting the jigsaw to the jigsaw tube.
  • Metal pipe about 12 mm in diameter and 150 mm long (a little longer is possible).
  • The bar for the handle (rounded).
  • Two flat pieces of wood, which are fixed on the edges of the bar (approximately 140 x 70 and 140 x 50 mm, not more than 10 mm thick).

Assembly steps

  • Begin by bolting the blade to one side of the tube and the plate to the other.
  • For fastening to the jigsaw, drill a hole of proper size in the plate.
  • In one of the wooden parts, drill a square hole big enough for the blade to pass through it easily.
  • Consequently, for the second part, you need to make a narrow slot for the saw and fix a roller stop on it, which will contact with the saw.
  • A saw blade groove must be cut in the large bar.
  • Using self-tapping screws, fix both parts on both sides of the jigsaw.
  • Fix the handle.
  • Attach the plate to the jigsaw with the factory screw.

In such a simple way the electric jigsaw was transformed into a sabre saw, with which you can start working.

Choice of angle grinder for conversion into a chain saw

The most important factor that you should pay attention to when preparing the raw materials for the assembly of the chain saw with your own hands is the power of the angle grinder. The power depends on it, and, consequently, the performance of the future sawing equipment. Consider the purpose of the future tool. If you are going to perform uncomplicated and short household tasks, then the power up to 2500 watts will be quite enough for you.

Experienced users of self-made machines also recommend not to use new angle grinder, and give preference to tools that have already been used.

Makeshift electric hacksaw out of the angle grinder

Angle grinder is probably the most popular tool for making all kinds of homemade machines and devices. With its use of all kinds of attachments a great many. Various devices improve the productivity of craftsmen, especially those who can not yet afford to replenish the arsenal of a richer set of.

sabre, angle, grinder, their

Mechanism angle grinder can be used for the manufacture of electric slicer, which will completely change the functionality of instrument.donor. For you a master class, which will be made with their own hands saber wood saw with a drive from the angle grinder.