Saw Chain Oil Supply

For most owners of electric saws, it is not a big secret that the oil used to lubricate the saw chain is one of the main consumables. However, not everyone pays due attention to the quality of the lubricant. And it is completely in vain, since the period of its further operation will depend on how well this product lubricates the working surface of the chain. Therefore, before pouring oil into the saw, it is necessary to pay attention to its technical characteristics.

Why lubricate the chain on the saw

Saw oil is used as a chain lubricant to level out friction forces and reduce heat generation. As a result of this, a quick and uninterrupted operation of the cutting blade is achieved. Sometimes it happens that at some stages of cutting it is necessary to make additional efforts to obtain the required cut, and this directly indicates an insufficient amount of lubricant or its not very good quality. In this case, it is recommended to immediately check the oil level in the tank or simply lubricate the chain to complete the current work.

Most new chainsaw models have a built-in automatic system for supplying oil to the surface of the cutting element, and manual lubrication is necessary only for outdated equipment.

Saw Chain Oil Supply

The main components of the lubrication system

Usually, oil enters the saw chain lubrication system from a special tank, where it is periodically poured. From there it pushes a powerful oil pump, doing this at certain time intervals sufficient to expend the previous injection. The main task of the oil mechanism is to prevent the occurrence of situations when the lubrication on the chain becomes insufficient, and as a result, a strong overheating of the cutting part due to sharply increased friction forces is possible. As a result, the circuit may become dull and malfunction. Therefore, oil must be constantly monitored. Typically, the saw lubrication system consists of the following components:

  • Chain oil tank;
  • Special oil filter;
  • An oil pipe, which is a small rubber hose that serves to supply oil from the tank;
  • An oil pump that provides pumping of lubricant from the tank to the cutting mechanism;
  • Special gear with which the transmission of force to the pump from the electric saw engine occurs.

A tire could also be added to this list, since it has special holes for oil supply.

Chain lubrication principle

As already mentioned, the main link in the lubrication system is the pump. It works as follows. When the engine speed rises, the gear, which is located on the main shaft, starts the pump operation process through the transmission. At this point, the pressure in the oil supply system rises, and it begins to move in the direction of the tire. This movement ends where the saw case is in contact with the tire, in the same place as longitudinal groove, to which when mounting the tire the oil channel itself is directed. This groove is required to supply lubricant to the tire at any tension level of the chain mechanism, i.E. Regardless of the position of the tire when the saw is working, the groove will provide lubricant to it. The next link in the chain is the chain itself. Its links have their own separate groove or hole through which the material is distributed along the chain.

Automatic chain lubrication system

In case of an increase in the engine speed, the lubrication pumping speed also increases. Therefore, pouring oil into the saw is recommended only when the engine is off.

Many modern saw models, for example, Makita, have built-in pumps with additional mileage adjustment, with which you can adjust the amount of lubricant supplied. In older versions of saws, this feature is usually absent. There, the oil is supplied in a constant and unchanged mode or, as in the very first models, the user has to lubricate the chain manually. Those who own obsolete items need to know how to properly lubricate the chain mechanism manually. This is completely uncomplicated:

  • Any old container is taken and filled with oil;
  • The chain mechanism is carefully immersed in this container.

These actions should be carried out periodically as the lubricant is consumed on the chain.

Consequences of a lack or excess of lubricant on the chain

For each mechanism whose operating mode is associated with lubrication based on machine oil, certain parameters must be observed. This applies primarily to the amount of oil necessary for its normal operation. Such problems may occur if not enough oil:

  • Circuit overheating;
  • Premature blunting of cutting teeth;
  • Jamming or breaking the chain;
  • Additional time spent on cutting;
  • Increased wear of the sprocket;
  • Tire failure.

For an electric chain saw, the capacity of the oil tank is recommended to be filled in the following proportion: one full refueling of oil per full refueling of the gas tank, i.E. 1: 1. In some models, for example, the Bosh lubrication system operates in a fully automatic mode and, if the oil on the chain becomes too much or too little, the saw itself begins to regulate its flow. However, if a malfunction occurs, and the oil begins to pour literally from the chain mechanism, then its excess can lead to the following undesirable consequences:

  • Increased oil consumption;
  • Excessive contamination of the tool body;
  • Wide splash of oil from the chain.

Apparently, to critical consequences overabundance of lubricant It doesn’t lead, but its overspending will certainly hit your pocket. Given that the cost of high-quality lubricating oil is high enough, it is better to spend it carefully.

General Guidelines for Choosing Saw Grease

When choosing oil for lubricating the saw, each user wonders which of the options is more profitable and acceptable. Special oil for chain mechanisms or conventional machine oil? If you listen to the experts, then, of course, the first option is preferable, since the oil for lubricating the chains was specially developed taking into account the technical characteristics of the saw.

Under the technical characteristics means a certain temperature and friction of the working parts of the lubricating mechanism.

Although regular motor oil is cheaper than special motor oil, it must be taken into account that it serves completely different purposes and cannot guarantee moderate wear on working parts. So you can win a little in price now, but then you have to overpay for the repair of prematurely worn mechanisms.

Many experts recommend using a special oil grade to lubricate the saw. With letter N. It is a little more expensive, but guarantees a long and trouble-free operation of the chain. Its main advantages include:

  • Excellent biodegradability;
  • Increased adhesive capabilities;
  • The presence in the composition of special additives that protect against premature wear.

Following these recommendations, you can significantly increase the life of the chain mechanism of an electric saw. However, the final choice of lubricant is always up to the user.

Overview of brands from various manufacturers

Today, there are many attractive offers on the market from a wide variety of manufacturers of special oils that can operate at high temperatures and at the same time provide excellent performance for gear lubrication. The most popular of them are presented in the following list.

  1. Forest plus It has high adhesive characteristics and can be used at ambient temperatures up to. 15 ° C. Subject to a number of conditions, the shelf life of the oil is 3 years. Sold in 1 liter and five liter packaging. The cost of 1 liter. 330 rubles, 5 liters. 1140 rubles.
  2. Products Bio plus It is made on a plant basis. When it enters the soil, it quickly decomposes. The oil can be used at temperatures up to. 15 ° C. Packaging. 1 and 5 liter containers. The cost of 1 liter. 360 rubles.
  3. Synth plus It is made on a synthetic basis. It withstands high loads and can be used at especially low temperatures up to. 25 ° C. Packaging. 1 and 4 liter containers. The cost of 1 liter. 790 rubles, 4l. 2970 rubles.
  4. Adhesive oil Champion Designed to work with a wide range of temperatures. It is sold in 3 and 10 liter containers, which is very convenient for use in forestry. The cost of 3l. 490 rubles, 10 liters. 2200 rubles.
  5. Company product HUSQVARNA Vegoil. One of the most economical solutions for the lubrication mechanism of the saw. According to the manufacturer, the consumption of this material compared to others is 40% less. The cost of 1 liter. 390 rubles.

Using special oil to lubricate the chain mechanism of the saw will ensure its uninterrupted operation for a long time. This will allow to carry out work quickly, efficiently and with a high level of security, which ultimately will lead to significant savings on the repair and maintenance of the entire tool.