Saw Partner 350 Does Not Start

When your chainsaw does not start, although you are doing everything right, it causes bewilderment.

However, do not rush to carry it in for repair. The reason may not be so serious and it is possible that you can completely cope with the alleged malfunction with your own hands.

You can find a solution to why a chainsaw is difficult to start hot, in the instructions.

If for some reason you don’t have it, then we’ll talk about the device’s device and possible problems in the first part.

If you do everything correctly, according to the instructions, but the chainsaw still does not start or stalls, then the second section will help you, where you will learn about the most common solutions to this problem.

The most popular and often used by Russian users models of chainsaws are the Urals, Husqvarna, Stihl 180 and Partner.

Although they have their own characteristics, they are generally similar, so we will describe the possible causes of breakdowns and how to eliminate them in general for all tools.

Saw device. Determine the location of the problem

All chainsaws are arranged more or less the same. This applies to both foreign-made devices (Husqvarna 142, Makita, Stihl 180, Partner 350), and Russian (Urals, Friendship).

Therefore, you can easily find the answer to your question why the chainsaw does not start or why it stalls.

Below you can see a photo of the Partner 350 chainsaw.

Saw Partner 350 Does Not Start

Most often, problems in chainsaws arise with the following elements: fuel, lubricants, air, spark.

During operation, these elements come into interaction, and if one of them is broken, then this may become the reason why the chainsaw does not start.

All these 4 elements are located in different areas of the machine: the carburetor is responsible for the air-fuel mixture, lubrication is obtained when gasoline is added, air enters a special air filter, and the quality of the spark depends on the ignition unit.

It is worth starting with the fact that all chainsaws start in different ways. On hot and on cold. At the moment, there are 2 most commonly used mechanisms that are responsible for this process.

First of all, we turn to the instructions. It often says that when you turn on the chainsaw, it must be with the emergency stop brake on.

It is proposed to do this for safety, so that you do not injure yourself with the tool. However, starting a chainsaw in this position is much more difficult, so it is best not to lock the brake.

The likelihood that you will harm yourself is minimal, even if you have almost or completely no experience with this tool.

According to the instructions, there is a fuel tank and an engine inside the chainsaw body, and on the outside there is a handle, starter, tire with a chain (saw part).

When they say that the saw does not start, the following may be taken into account: it starts, but then stops working, loses its power or sawing quality.

Most often, the malfunctions of the saw are in the operation of the engine, however, it is not recommended to analyze it right away. It is better to start searching for the problem gradually, from the simplest.

So, pay attention first of all to fuel. If its composition and method of preparation are not suitable, then even very reliable tools, such as Husqvarna 142 or the Urals, will not work.

The correct fuel mixture is prepared only from gasoline, mixing it with special oil, the brand of which is always indicated in the instructions for the tool.

The problem of oil can be not only improper preparation, but also too long use. If it has been standing in your canister for months, it will certainly go bad, the same fate will await your chainsaw.

Another common problem is that it may flood the candle while starting the instrument.

Inspect the spark plug. If it is completely dry, then something is wrong with the system. Fuel may not enter the cylinder.

Also, during inspection, you can see black soot or too much fuel. All this indicates an incorrect carburetor adjustment.

If the saw starts up, but immediately stalls, then the problem is most often found in the fuel filter or carburetor jet. They are probably clogged and therefore do not work well.

To exclude saloon from damaged objects, you need to disconnect the fuel hose attached to the carburetor and check if fuel is flowing from it.

With proper operation, gasoline must flow from the device in a stable and dense stream.

If the saw does not start up hot, stalls after switching on or quickly loses power, then you need to inspect the muffler.

If the problem is in it, then it will be clogged with deposits remaining as a result of the exhaust, which adversely affects the operation of the chainsaw.

A common cause of chain saw breakage is a small amount of chain lubricant. It can be, if the channels of the tool are blocked or the oil pipe flows.

It is also necessary to examine the places where the pipes are connected to the oil pump fittings. It is possible that they are leaking.

The material below describes the main malfunctions of the Friendship chainsaw.

The most difficult situation arises if the breakdown is located somewhere in the cylinder. To do this, conduct a regular visual inspection.

If during it you discover that a chip or roughness has formed on the device, then the problem has been found.

How to fix a chainsaw

The measures necessary to restore the correct operation of the saw, it does not matter if you have a Ural or any other model, depending on the location of the problem.

Keep in mind that not everything you can fix with your own hands. If the breakdown is serious, then you will have to carry the saw to a specialist.

If you made the first point. Checked and corrected the quality of the oil, but the device still does not work, then you can move on.

If the problem is in the candle, then it is also quite simple to solve. You need to turn out and dry the candle, but do not pierce it, because this will render the candle unusable.

Excess fuel that is inside should be drained through the hole. You need to dry the candle for at least half an hour, then insert it back and try to start the tool again.

In addition to pouring, it may be that the candle just became unusable.

In this case, it’s good to have a spare part (or rather a set) to replace this element and cross it out from the possible causes of the device’s failure.

In addition to the candle itself, the reason that the chainsaw can hardly start up on a hot one or stalls may be a poor contact connecting the end of the candle and the high-voltage wire.

If everything is in order with this place, but there is still no spark, the ignition unit may have broken. You cannot fix it. You have to replace it with a new one.

From time to time you have to clean the air filters in chainsaws. If you have never done this before, the cause of the breakdown of the tool may be that it is clogged with dust.

If you have a Stihl 180, Partner 350 or Ural chainsaw, first check the saloon. A common cause of these models not working properly is clogging.

You can clean the saloon with a sewing needle. There is nothing complicated about it.

Another point that sometimes worries owners of Stihl 180 chainsaws is the frequent idling after the first gasoline tanks are exhausted. However, according to experts, this is not a problem at all.

But if the phenomenon is still worrying, then you can reduce the engine speed with the carburetor screw.

The below shows how to repair a Stihl chainsaw.

You can also clean the silencer yourself. This is not only a Stihl 180 or Husqvarna 142 chainsaw problem. Domestic Friendship and the Urals can also stall due to this problem.

The problem of chainsaw malfunctioning often lies in the carburetor, but it may not work to repair it yourself without experience in this matter.

Therefore, if you have not done this before, give your saw to specialists. Trying to save now, as a result, you can overpay many times more if you accidentally damage some important part.

If you did all of the above, but the problem has not been resolved and your chainsaw stalls or does not start, then the problem may be in the cylinder group.

If chips and damage were found on the nodes of the cylinder or piston, then these elements will have to be replaced or bored for a new piston of a suitable size.

If you looked at the chainsaw chains and saw that they were leaking, it means that the problem with your chainsaw is insufficient chain lubrication.

To remove this problem, you need to replace the tubes and carefully seal the places where they are connected with sealant.

It may also be that the parts your saw is equipped with have reached the end of their life. In this case, you will have to change them to new ones.

You can see the service life of the components in the instructions.

Stihl 180 is one of the most common chainsaw models, so let’s talk more about its problems.

The most common reason why the Stihl 180 saw does not start or stall is because the carburetor is clogged. In this case, it will have to be cleaned. The second most common problem is a clogged fuel filter.

It will have to be changed in case of a malfunction.

Replacing a candle is also a frequent solution to problems with the model 180.

Look also at the condition of the pistons. Perhaps they, as well as the cylinder and gaskets, need replacing.

In general, the Stihl 180 model is quite durable and, most likely, if it does not start or stalls, then the problems in it are not too serious and you can fix them yourself.

The below shows the carburetor repair of the Ural chainsaw.

Almost the same thing can be advised with respect to the Partner 350 and Husqvarna 142 models, Ural, Makita.

First of all, check the air filter. It could become clogged with sawdust and other garbage. Then inspect the carburetor (in Partner 350 it is in the same place as the candle).

The main advice in repairing a chainsaw with your own hands is not to do what you do not know, because it can only aggravate the situation.

If the chainsaw does not start, stalls or does not work well, then check first of all the simplest and most easily accessible elements: it is possible that the oil is incorrectly selected, or it fills the candle, the filter is clogged or the pipes begin to leak.

All these problems are easy to fix with your own hands.

In case of serious breakdowns, if you do not have the necessary qualifications, it is better not to try to make repairs yourself and entrust the work to a specialist.

In any case, the elimination of damage, even with the wrong hands, will cost you less than the new model.

Do not forget to consult the instructions for the tool and timely replace all the parts responsible for its work.

This will help not to puzzle over why the tool stopped working and not waste time analyzing and checking it.

If you still can’t do without repair, then before starting work, watch the on how to disassemble and repair the chainsaw. It will help you.