Screwdriver Does Not Pinch Bit Reason

Screwdriver Does Not Pinch Bit Reason

The only drawback. This is a backlight, it shines brightly, well, but NOT WHERE WHERE IT IS NECESSARY, because of the volume cartridge and ratchet (force regulator) the light does not reach the drilling point, it is necessary to modify it at home independently.

The battery indicator is fiction, the first goes off almost immediately, the second also does not live long, on the third it works completely, but it is not needed in fact

Ps. You can transfer the backlight to the handle, to the area of ​​the very charge indicator, the native wire inside the screw is more than enough, you do not need to solder and extend it, you only need a three-piece drill (drill a hole for the diode), and a screwdriver, and after 30 minutes you are already a complete unit

If you work without gloves, shifting significant pressure on the screwdriver, there is some discomfort in the grip area of ​​the thumb.

The keyless chuck sometimes does not fully clamp the drill of large diameter.

Really powerful, I just screwed a 100mm4mm screw into a dense tree, so he pressed the head 1cm into the tree, it’s on “18”out of 21 = and without ratchet, the bit began to fly out, on the clutch with the head.

The backlight is strong, it shines in the next room, and decently. “on the head” two protrusions in which “magnets”= It’s very convenient to hold bits there, or a drill during a frequent shift. It sits normally in the hand, Makita is a bit more comfortable, but almost the same. Iron cartridge.

Screwdriver Does Not Pinch Bit Reason

The battery shoots when removed, a spring is built in to meet him. There is no charge.

A magnet with a bat of 45mm = shines nearby, at 10mm. Charge Rate = Divorce! T.K. Brains are designed for 3-4 amperes, like everything on 18V.

All the charms from this toy sometimes disappear when “crunches” reverse. (Back and forth). It doesn’t go well, the button has play, if you don’t press it well = there is an unpleasant crunch that disappears after 0.5 seconds, transmit = also there. Something there pushes back the norms. If this difference “getting closer” = outlive. But if something breaks off, it will redraw all its charms, including the ridiculous price. It’s a strategic mistake to make the outside cool, perhaps inside, but “go to bed” on the little things.

Very disappointed “cheapened” charger. There are 4 indicators on it”network”. Like all 4 = divorce. Tk and the instructions say that the charge level is determined by the lamp “network”. It stops flashing, and is always on. I am not opposed to normal charging if one of the 4 patterns weren’t 100% charged, the second “charge”. Intuitively, I think it does, it means it works. En, net! ) I doubted the charging in general, climbed into the instructions to look for at least Auto shutdown, from overcharging. Well, this, at least, is normal. But why color stickers with drawings, if it’s empty, I don’t understand.

So far, the price for it is 115 = it’s just a gift.
Build china! How important it is = I don’t know, maybe the reverse is buggy, it’s unlikely that American technicians could not come up with a reliable button, though. But basically the assembly of the quality of the impression is very good. Very high quality molded plastic with rubber on the handle.

The third light bulb fell, screws h 15. The second, 30-50. But on the last lives a very long time. I work a little, for 3 days I did not plant. Who knows: the last light will disappear while the battery is still alive ?! Or you need to intuitively how it will cease to correspond to a rattle = then the sense of this is zero.
Charging 40-50 min, approx.